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Banks preparing to block online gambling transactions (UIGEA)

- Letters have been sent out by the banks will serve as a warning to the penalties that will come in to effect in December due to the UIGEA(Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) The act only states that it is illegal to send deposits from banks to internet gambling sites and does not include the withdrawals made from the sites to the banks. / 09/01/2009

Casino Unions Battling Each Other In Atlantic City

NJ - Casino companies and their employees need to be working together... Read a flier handed out by Local 54 members to casino employees, But the UAW's tactics of scaring customers away from our town is bad for the unionized building trades and casino workers." / / By Tom Jones / August 30, 2009

Casino industry divided on online gambling issue

- Harrah's Entertainment and MGM Mirage have expressed interest in Internet gambling. / AGA SmartBrief a G2E production / 09/03/2009

Casinos earn coin from penny slots

- The penny slot machine, once a joke among serious gamblers, is the hottest form of betting during this recession. Even casinos that cater to wealthy gamblers are replacing $1 machines with video slots that accept bets one cent at a time. "You can play longer with less money on penny slots," Revenue from every form of gambling has fallen... Except penny slots. Penny slots are a hit because they're video terminals - full of visual glitz and betting variety... / USA TODAY / By Dennis Cauchon / Aug 31, 2009

Civics class: why the airport seeks slot machines and racing

FL - Our airport it's trying to bring us not only horseracing for your parents to bet on but also lots of shiny slot machines that everyone who passes through will have fun dropping their money into." Government believes in gambling as long as it's someone else's money - and with the county, it always is. So today, the county is trying to convince the state that it's able to start designing a horse track at the airport by next month." "Actually, Maria, the county doesn't want to build a racetrack there, or anywhere. The people who run the airport actually asked the state for approval to build the racetrack. They just don't want to ever build it. They really plan for someone else to run its races two days a year on a track that's already built. But the state won't let the airport hold races somewhere else until it can prove that it can hold the races right at the airport." "Miss Jones, that sounds stupid." If the airport doesn't hold horse races the state won't let it put in slot machines. / By Michael Lewis / Sept 3, 2009

Court limits Delaware betting plan to NFL parlays

DE - A federal appeals court on Monday dealt another body blow to Delaware's plans for a new sports betting lottery, saying it must be limited to parlay bets on professional football games. That lottery allowed only parlay bets, which means bettors had to pick the winners of at least three separate NFL games in a single wager. "Thus, any effort by Delaware to allow wagering on athletic contests involving sports beyond the NFL would violate PASPA," Judge Thomas Hardiman wrote for the court. "This case is a perfect illustration of the well-known admonition that what individual legislators say a statute will do, and what the language of the statute provides, may be far apart indeed," Hardiman wrote, / Associated Press / By RANDALL CHASE / 08.31.09

Crist, Seminoles have deal to expand gambling

FL - A key lawmaker spotted "red flags" and others expressed concern about giving the tribe a statewide monopoly - outside Broward and Miami-Dade counties - on lucrative slots and table games, including blackjack. The pact between the governor and tribe, however, strays from the blueprint approved by legislators in May, casting doubt on whether it will ever become law. A major change: The tribe's competitors - pari-mutuel facilities such as dog and horse tracks - would be locked out of the casino business. Any pari-mutuel outside Broward and Miami-Dade counties would be barred from blackjack or slots. Crist was forced back to the drawing board when his original 2007 deal with the tribe was voided by the state Supreme Court. The deal does include financial sweeteners for Florida's $1.3 billion pari-mutuel industry. Gambling sites could offer around-the-clock, no-limit poker games. And South Florida pari-mutuels would get lower taxes on slot machine profits, a key concession. / Tallahassee Bureau / By Josh Hafenbrack / August 31, 2009

Derby Lane: Proposed gambling deal is a dud

FL - People who earn a living at the Derby Lane greyhound track hoped the state's new gambling deal would toss them a bone. Instead, they say, the struggling St. Petersburg track came away with just a few crumbs. "They're [Seminoles] getting everything they asked for,'' said Derby Lane spokeswoman Vera Filipelli. "It's about not being able to compete with them.'" / Times / By Steve Huettel / September 1, 2009

Do the Seminoles have a big-money loophole?

FL - Do the Seminoles have an out that will keep the tribe from paying the state billions? The tribe gets to stop making payments if its competitors, excluding existing pari-mutuels in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, get slots or table games. But one paragraph -- Section 5B(4), -- could let the tribe stop making some some payments even if only South Florida tracks get casino games, pari-mutuels lawyers say. "The problem is, the three pages (detailing the revenue sharing agreement) are convoluted, it's difficult for me to tell what happens," said Marc Dunbar, a lobbyist for Gulfstream Park. / by Josh Hafenbrack / September 1, 2009

Does gambling deal include exception for tribe or ax for Miami airport?

FL - Gambling watchers took a deeper look into the compact signed by Gov. Charlie Crist and the Seminole Tribe... Marco Rubio called it a "a backroom secret, one-sided deal with the Seminole Tribe." The former House speaker said it "is a worse deal than the original compact. It creates a loophole where they don't pay anything for their Broward casino, which is their most profitable one." Is that a big loophole carved into the agreement to benefit the tribe's Broward facilities? Or is it just a poorly written exception that is designed to mute the impact to the whole state if there are new games... / by Mary Ellen Klas / September 02, 2009

Editorial Calls for Legalized Sports Gambling in US

- The Los Angeles Times calls for legal sports betting across the US. Yet the leagues insist legalized gambling on their events would create a loss of public confidence in integrity, something the mass of illegal gaming somehow avoids. The participation of US sports leagues in fantasy sport gambling and lottery sales shows that gambling is becoming a part of their everyday operations. / by Matt Miller / August 30, 2009

Filing asserts Penn National against Ohio slots

OH - The state on Tuesday submitted an affidavit it says indicates gambling giant Penn National Gaming is underwriting an effort to overturn racetrack slots legalized by lawmakers and Gov. Ted Strickland in July. Penn National issued a statement Tuesday saying it "feels compelled to categorically deny" the claims made in the affidavit, which was submitted to the Ohio Supreme Court. It described the affidavit as "patently false and potentially libelous." / AP / By JULIE CARR SMYTH / Sep. 01, 2009

Fla. gov. and Seminoles agree on new gaming deal

FL - He said he thinks it's close enough to win lawmakers' approval, however. They could vote on it at a special session expected to be set for October. / The Associated Press / Aug. 31, 2009

Foxwoods charging customers 7 percent sales tax, Mashantuckets pocket extra 1 percent at hotels, stores

CT - Foxwoods Resort Casino and MGM Grand at Foxwoods have begun collecting a 1 percent sales tax on goods sold at all retail outlets and on hotel room bookings in addition to the required state sales tax. The change has prompted the promise of an immediate review by state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who also said the new policy may lead to an investigation by his office. Most people seeing the word 'tax' would assume it's imposed by the state, but obviously they've added a surcharge that has gone to the tribe. We want to know how it is represented and how the tribe justifies calling it a tax." Foxwoods is seeking to stabilize its crumbling financial situation with a restructuring of $2.3 billion in debt. / Norwich Bulletin / By ADAM BOWLES / Sep 02, 2009

Gambling: MGM Foxwoods launching free mobile games

CT - In what could be a useful practice run for the future, the MGM Grand at Foxwoods is gearing up to launch a branded iPhone application that includes a resort tour and play-for-free casino games.

Gambling's Going to the Dogs

FL - Those who want to make money from gambling have spent a lot - several million in the last two election cycles. Which then prompted the Seminole Tribe to ask for more gambling at its Broward casino, which prompted Gov. Crist to give it to them. / by Opinion Staff / Sept 2, 2009

Gaming Foes Say Seminole Deal is 'No Slam Dunk'

FL - Similarly, the governor's U.S. Senate aspirations could emerge in the gambling session as a political target for Democrats and conservative Republicans to shoot at, Gelber acknowledged. And that's already started, with Crist's GOP primary opponent in the Senate race, Marco Rubio, criticizing the deal. Rubio, however, has long been opposed to it, and led an effort to sue over the first version of the compact in 2007. Rubio and the Legislature were successful in that effort, with the courts agreeing that Crist didn't involve lawmakers in talks over the compact. "Gov. Crist's newly finalized agreement with the Seminole Tribe repeats many of the original compact's unconstitutional mistakes by straying from the Legislature's deal and amounting to little more than an Indian gaming stimulus package," Rubio said in a statement Tuesday. / News Service of Florida / Sep 2nd, 2009

Gaming industry steamed with Seminole compact

FL - That would give the tribe a 20-year monopoly on casino games in the rest of the state. Locked out: the pari-mutuel industry, which has deep roots in Florida and employs almost 25,000 people. "The governor's my friend, but they've given away the farm, as far as I'm [lobbyist Book] concerned." / Tallahassee Bureau / By Josh Hafenbrack / Sep 2, 2009

Greenbrier on tight deadline for gambling operation

WV - State Lottery Commission members are expected to approve a license this week for The Greenbrier to operate casino-style table games, / By Phil Kabler / August 31, 2009

Greyhound track: Gambling deal a losing hand

FL - The owners of the Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track in Bonita Springs blasted the agreement, saying it would end up costing the state millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. But thanks to a new deal signed by Governor Charlie Crist on Monday, slot machines and blackjack would only be allowed at Florida's Seminole casinos. "The revised compact will cost thousands and thousands of Floridians their jobs and the state and local governments will lose hundreds of millions of dollars." / September 1, 2009

Harrah's Is Trying Damn Hard to Get the Gay Gambling Business. Will You Pull Their Handle?

- The owner of Caesars Palace, Bally's, Flamingo, Harrah's, Paris, and the Rio came out swinging for the gays... Earlier this year when it called on Gov. Jim Gibbons to pass a civil unions bill. (He declined... But legislators overrode his veto... Harrah's provides things like health care benefits to the partners of its gay employees, something it's not required by law to do. / Aug 31, 2009

IMEGA Claims Victory In US Appeals Court Online Gambling Ruling

- One would think that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act had been overturned. Even after the 3rd US Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia rejected IMEGA's arguments that the UIGEA violated privacy rights and was too vague to interpret. Today's ruling... Could also possibly help Representative Barney Frank's attempt to overturn the UIGEA. Frank could argue that the UIGEA is a useless law if it only covers six out of fifty states. / / By Larry Rutherford / September 2, 2009

In Seminole deal, Dems have crucial voice

FL - If there's a special session to approve, or modify, a Seminole gambling deal, Democrats will have a rare, important role in the vote. If Gov. Charlie Crist... Wants to get something passed, the math doesn't work without the votes of the minority party. A bill needs 61 votes to pass the House, so that means a gambling deal will need a coalition of Ds and Rs. They're [pari-mutuel] going to be negatively impacted by this," said House Democratic Leader Franklin Sands, D-Weston. / by Josh Hafenbrack / September 3, 2009

In a challenge to its conservative image, revenue-hungry Kansas will own new casinos

KS - Kansas is poised for an unlikely distinction: It's about to get into the casino business, not merely by blessing gambling and taxing the profits but by becoming the legal owner of the casinos themselves. Kansas is believed to be the only state with such an arrangement. "It's terribly ironic, and disappointingly so. I never dreamed that Kansas would be the first to try this experiment," said House Speaker Mike O'Neal, a Hutchinson Republican... Developers will build the casinos, install slot machines, set up tables and manage dealers, all under contract with the state lottery. / Associated Press Writer / JOHN HANNA / September 1, 2009

Latest Seminole gambling deal could be a tough sell

FL - The deal was signed behind closed doors... Among the ``red flags'' Galvano cited in the new agreement: The tribe will operate blackjack and other banked card games at all seven of its casinos, instead of the three... The Department of Revenue would be the oversight agency, not an agency determined by lawmakers, The tribe would have exclusive operation of all slot machines outside of Miami-Dade and Broward... Last week, Galvano and Senate President Jeff Atwater suggested the tribe be allowed monopoly status only within 100 miles of its seven casinos. The tribe rejected that condition... The new agreement lasts 20 years. Legislators wanted the power to renegotiate after 15 years. From Florida-based parimutuels and those who have been long-standing business partners with the state of Florida, it is a step backward in a big way,'' he [track lobbyist] said. / Herald/Times Tallahassee Bureau / By MARY ELLEN KLAS / 09.01.09

Machines will soon sell scratch-off Florida Lottery tickets

FL - That's why state leaders are making the instant... Gratification of scratch-off tickets even more instant -- installing 1,000 ticket vending machines at lottery retailers across Florida, primarily supermarkets. Though the new lottery machines might look similar to those that dispense soda and candy bars, the state says it will make sure children -- a key consumer for those other machines -- stay away from lottery games. By law, lottery players must be at least 18 to purchase scratch-off games. Florida's new vending machines will come equiped with a remote control switch that allows store clerks to shut off the machine if a minor attempts to use it. Of the lottery machines, Adkins said, ``We're going to have a grocery clerk watching while she's also doing cashier duties? That's a joke.'' Rhode Island-based GTech Corp., which will lease the vending machines to the state at a cost of nearly $4 million a year. GTech's lobbying corps includes Brian Ballard, a past fundraiser for Gov. Charlie Crist. Though not often thought of as ``hard-core'' gambling, lottery games are indeed a problem for gambling addicts. After slots and card games, the lottery ranks third among addictions reported by callers to the state's compulsive-gambling help line. Pat Fowler, head of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, said her organization has fielded calls from lottery addicts who ``buy so many tickets that they actually go from location to location because they're embarrassed to buy them all at one location.'' / Miami Herald / BY MICHAEL VASQUEZ / 09.05.09

Man commits suicide off Greektown garage

MI - A 28-year-old West Bloomfield man committed suicide by jumping from the parking garage of the Greektown Casino garage this morning, / FREE PRESS / BY TAMMY STABLES BATTAGLIA / Sept. 3, 2009

Miami International Airport lays plans for horse racing track - needed or not

FL - To mount a campaign for slot machines, a quarter-horse racetrack at Miami International Airport could open as soon as July 28 next year - if it must. Conceived as a way to boost revenues in the face of ascending debt service and operating costs - the county department had to first apply for a quarter-horse racing permit... Races are a must if the county wants to install slots, but the state doesn't require both on the same site. It is the county's intention that for at least the first 12 months of racing and for an indeterminate period time thereafter that racing under its quarter-horse permit will be conducted at another licensed racetrack in either Miami-Dade or Broward counties... The feds also said the track shouldn't be a problem, so long as the county follows federal and local guidelines should it gallop ahead with construction. / By Risa Polansky / Sept 3, 2009

National Council on Problem Gambling Comments on Menendez Bill

- Menendez's measure calls for the licensing and regulation of internet games of skill like online poker in an effort that is narrower than Congressman Barney Frank's (D-MA) HR 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act. At the end of Menendez's legislation, $14.2 million per year over a five-year period is prescribed for problem gambling awareness, treatment, and research. The Poker Players Alliance... (PPA), the 1.2 million member strong lobbying group, was one of the driving forces behind the introduction of S 1597, Much to the delight of online poker players, Menendez's bill specifically identifies the game as a legal activity. It defines "internet skill games" / POKER NEWS DAILY / By Dan Cypra / August 31, 2009

No slots of any kind for Palm Beach in new gambling deal

FL - The $12.5 billion deal Gov. Charlie Crist and the Seminoles signed today takes slot machines off the table for the Palm Beach Kennel Club. The tribe also gets to keep its blackjack games at all of its seven location although lawmakers had wanted that limited to the Broward County facilities and another near Tampa. / by Dara Kam / August 31st, 2009

North Carolina Governor Open To Expanded Casino Gambling

NC - The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians have a vision for the future of their North Carolina casino that includes full-scale Vegas gambling. On Monday, they found out they had better move quickly with that idea after Governor Beverly Perdue said she would be open to expansion. / / By Terry Goodwin / September 1, 2009

North County does not want or need a new river casino

MO - Shame on north St. Louis County officials for endorsing the rezoning of property on Columbia Bottoms Road for the purpose of building a casino. Other casinos don't want this because three of the six already have reduced revenue... County... See big dollars at someone else's expense. It's the lower economic people who come back time and time again. This will not help our area. / 09/04/2009

OK, it's a deal -- but let's rein in casinos

FL - It's not the best enterprise for Florida to encourage. But that battle was pretty much lost in 1986, when voters approved the Florida Lottery. Instead, his pitch hearkens back to the Florida Lottery campaign. We were told the proceeds would be a windfall for schools. Instead, for every lottery dollar that went into the education pot, the Legislature pulled one out to spend somewhere else. School spending did not increase. And now Crist is resurrecting this scam, proclaiming the Seminole deal would pump almost $150 million a year into education. The tax proceeds reaped at the Hard Rock will be counterbalanced by loss of sales taxes collected at The Cheesecake Factory... Crist's deal with the Seminoles gives the pari-mutuels even more, the one part of the deal I don't like. They would be allowed to have no-limit poker games, operated 24 hours a day, with nearby automated tellers so gamblers could wipe out the family savings account. / Mike Thomas / September 3, 2009

Ohio Says Penn National Playing Dirty Pool Casino Games

OH - Penn National Gaming was accused by Ohio state lawyers of funding a lawsuit to block slots at race tracks so as to shut out competition for a potential Penn casino. "Penn... Supports the authorization of video lottery terminals at Raceway Park... ," said a written statement... When a plan was proposed for a single casino which would not have involved Penn as an operator, the gaming company contributed heavily to defeat the issue. / by Ed Bradley / September 2, 2009

Ohio Track Slot Gambling Facing Lawsuit

OH - Governor... Gave an executive order... To start installing slot machines at state race tracks to generate revenue needed to fund the budget. But church groups and lobbyists paid by out-of-state gaming interests have filed a lawsuit to prevent the gambling expansion. / by Virginia Maddox / August 30, 2009

Online Casinos Illegal Even If No Law Says So, Claim State AGs

- "A lot of attorneys general would say internet gambling is illegal even though there is nothing on their state's statute about it," said Kelly. "If I was in internet gambling I would think twice before I set up my headquarters in one of the states which has not outlawed internet gaming." Massachusetts is not one of the six states having outlawed online casinos. / by Matt Miller / September 4, 2009

Oregon The Next State To Allow New Gambling Choices

OR - The Oregon Lottery has decided to add hundreds of video lottery machines - or slots... - to the different purveyors of alcohol, also known as bars, These lottery terminals are a new initiative to add to the state's revenues, as Oregon is also suffering from the recession. While the economy grows weaker, more states re turning to gambling as a bail out. / Gambling News / by Glen / August 31st, 2009

Pari-mutuels vow to fight Seminole gambling deal

FL - The pari-mutuel industry's long reach in the Republican-controlled Legislature shouldn't be underestimated. Gambling interests have spent at least $5 million lobbying state officials since 2008 -- about five times more than the Seminoles... Lobbyist financial disclosure forms show. A legislative rewrite is "more than plausible, it's the only logical way to go," said Brian Ballard, a lobbyist for Palm Beach Kennel Club. "If the compact is ratified, it essentially ends the pari-mutuel business in Florida -- over a long period, but it in essence ends it." / Tallahassee Bureau / By Josh Hafenbrack / September 2, 2009

Paterson issues order to preserve NYC Off-Track Betting Corp. with possible reorganization

NY - Gov. Signed... Order that could send... Off-Track Betting Corp. to bankruptcy court. Taking in $1 billion a year... OTB has consistently posted losses. / AP / September 1st, 2009

Poker > Gambling > Kentucky Appeal Date Set

KY - Kentucky vs. online gambling dispute over an attempt to seize international domains will again rear its ugly head... As Governor Steve Beshear attempts to justify his actions before the Kentucky Supreme Court. / 9/5/2009

Proposed legislation is poker players' dream

FL - For poker players, Senate Bill 788 is the legislation of dreams, though it will go into effect only with an approved Seminole Tribe compact. It abolishes the $5 bet limit. Takes away the $100 buy-in limit. Lets poker rooms stay open 18 hours most days, 24 hours on weekends. Finally, you'll get a poker game like you'll find in Las Vegas, Biloxi or Atlantic City. / By Scott Long / September 4, 2009

Seminole compact skirts DBPR oversight

FL - The new gambling pact... Contains an easily overlooked coup for the tribe: Seminole gambling operations will be monitored... By the state's revenue office. That's a huge change from the approach taken by the Legislature, which set the Department of Business and Professional Regulation as the agency responsible... But the new compact between the governor and tribe switches that responsibility to the Department of Revenue, which doesn't have much gambling experience - / Tallahassee Bureau / By Josh Hafenbrack / Sep 2, 2009

Seminoles pact, expanding gambling closer to Treasure Coast, may need reshuffling, local legislators say

FL - State Rep. Ralph Poppell, R-Vero Beach, who sits on the House Select Gaming Committee, said at first glance the 20-year deal fails to meet many of the conditions designed to protect the state's pari-mutuel industry that were sought by lawmakers last spring. "It looks as though (the Seminoles are) trying to almost get an exclusive on certain gaming and that's just not, I don't think, in the cards," Poppell said. The Republican-dominated House generally has been opposed to expanding gambling and was hesitant to allow blackjack at all in the last session. Also, the deal would prohibit Vegas-style slot machines at dog and horse tracks, and at jai-alai frontons, / By Jim Turner / September 1, 2009

State Of Kansas To Control Odds At Four Casinos

KS - In Kansas, the state will be the first in the nation that will own their own casinos. Part of the advantage of owning a casino is that the owners will have the right to set the odds for the slot machines. Kansas officials will have full access to the software that sets the odds, and some people are concerned about that fact. / / By April Gardner / September 1, 2009

Study: Sports reporters who gamble admit objectivity suffers

- Sports reporters who gamble on sports are more likely than those who don't to say sports journalists should operate according to more lax ethical standards their newsroom colleagues, and they are also more likely than other sports reporters to admit that gambling hurts objectivity in coverage, according to a new survey. Gambling on sports by reporters who cover them is banned by the ethics codes of some news organizations, including The New York Times, because of the potential conflict of interest, The study found that reporters who embraced a public-service function for sports coverage were also more likely to reject behaviors like gambling on sports or taking free tickets. / September 2, 2009

Survey Reveals Sports Reporters Gamble On Sports They Cover

- A survey conducted by the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism... Has revealed that forty percent of reporters they surveyed have gambled on sporting events. Some of these reporters even admitted to gambling on sporting events they were covering. It likely influences the ways they covered stories," said Marie Hardin... / / By Terry Goodwin / September 2, 2009

Texas Candidate Kinky Friedman Proposes Casino Gaming

TX - Humorist Kinky Friedman is running a serious campaign to be elected governor of Texas, and one of his prized ideas is bringing casino gambling to the state. "Do it all with casino gambling," Friedman told the station. / by Matt Miller / September 1, 2009

Texas woman accused of embezzling millions

TX - Woman accused of embezzling more than $3.6 million from her former employer has pleaded not guilty... Gambling trips to Louisiana and Las Vegas. / The Associated Press / Sept. 2, 2009

Tribe's money troubles cloud casino effort

PA - The tribe, which has run the Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Conn., since 1992, is struggling with $2.3 billion in debt and facing such a bleak future that tribal leaders ousted their chairman on Tuesday. The Pequots' unraveling finances will, at the least, complicate an investor group's efforts to build their new casino. "Will the tribe be able to run the operation, especially if their dollars continue to sink up in Connecticut?" Rep. Paul Clymer, a Bucks County Republican member of the state House Gaming Oversight Committee, asked in an interview yesterday. The Foxwoods investors have committed $160 million to the project, including the cost of a license, $50 million; and 16 acres on Columbus Boulevard, $65 million. / Inquirer / By Jennifer Lin / Sep. 3, 2009

US Open Officials Ban Twitter

- The popular social medium Twitter has been banned by the US Open, which cites that Tweets translates into Cheats. The underlying concern, however, is that players may utilize Twitter as a means of gambling, according to a New York Post report. / / Dan Shapiro / Sept 2, 2009

US Senator Voinavich Blasts Ohio Governor's Gambling Stance

OH - That, however is not the opinion of Senator George Voinavich. The senator laid into the governor of Ohio for switching his position on the issue. Voinavich has been opposed to gambling for a long time. / / By Terry Goodwin / September 5, 2009

US appeals court upholds Internet gambling ban

- A U.S. appeals court upheld an Internet gambling ban Tuesday, rejecting a challenge from an association of off-shore bookies that the federal prohibition was too vague and violated privacy rights. The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia rejected arguments from Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association in New Jersey, which had filed the lawsuit hoping to legalize online betting in that state. Congress passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006 to ban online gambling that would be illegal in the state where the individual or gambling business conducts the transaction. / Associated Press / By MARYCLAIRE DALE / Sep. 01, 2009

Updated: Crist urges Legislature to approve casino deal with Seminole Tribe

FL - Attorney General Bill McCollum said he still considers the card games and slot machines illegal, despite the $6.8 billion compact worked out between the governor and tribal elders. McCollum said he stands ready to advise the Legislature, which is expected to take up the compact in an October special legislative session. Earlier today, a major pari-mutuel executive warned that the Seminole compact will wipe out jobs in the dog-racing industry, which has been already hard hit by casino competition. State Rep. Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton, a key committee chairman in the House, said he saw "red flags" that might send the compact back to Crist and the tribe's leaders. The biggest potential problem is a provision allowing the tribe to have black jack and other "banked" card games at all seven of its casinos. Legislative guidelines sought to limit the games to three South Florida tribe casinos and one in Tampa. / Florida Capital Bureau / By Bill Cotterell / September 1, 2009

gambling opponents' message goes unheard

IL - Armed with stats from university studies and findings from congressional panels, Prosapio and Darnell ask to appear before village boards and city councils. They hit them with the numbers: For every dollar spent on gambling, three dollars leave the community. In municipalities with government-sanctioned gambling, membership in Gamblers Anonymous jumps by 300 percent. They come with stories of seeing lives lost in the chase for a buck. They invite our elected leaders to visit their Web site - to learn more. Prosapio... Started playing the odds in the third grade... When he reached adulthood, Prosapio was a full-blown gambling addict. "My bottom came when I borrowed money from somebody in the Mafia," He left a message with my wife to tell me he thought my son had a beautifully shaped head." Prosapio envisions restaurants where children are side-by-side with problem gamblers strung out when they're playing, screaming obscenities when they're losing. / By Guy Tridgell / August 30, 2009

'Mini casinos' coming to restaurants, bars

IL - Law... Allows up to 5 video gambling machines in local establishments where liquor is served. A leading study... Concluded that for every 80 video gambling machines, $2 million was drained from and "damaged the local economy" each year. Impossible to monitor to prevent underage gambling. 7 percent to 11 percent of the teen population are already compulsive gamblers. / By David E. Smith / September 2, 2009