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8/30/09 to 9/5/09

National Gambling Crimes

AG has concerns over indian gaming contract

FL - McCollum still insists that until an agreement is approved by lawmakers, the Seminoles are operating cards games at their casinos in violation of state law. The tribe has continued... Games and... Slot[s] Even though the Florida Supreme Court threw out the original compact with the state that permitted them to operate those games. The justices ruled... Crist lacked authority to enter that agreement without legislative approval. / APTN / September 01, 2009

AG: $36K Insurance Scheme Intended To Cover Gambling Debt

PA - A former nurse submitted false insurance claims indicating she and her husband had cancer, and used the money to cover a gambling debt, 29 false medical insurance claims worth $36,000... / August 31, 2009

Bellagio: Indicted billionaire owes $258,480 gambling debt

NV - Billionaire R. Allen Stanford is escorted into a federal courthouse Monday, June 29, 2009, in Houston. Stanford was indicted on charges alleging he swindled investors out of $7 billion. One month before his financial empire was shut down by regulators, Texas billionaire Robert Allen Stanford was running up a quarter-million-dollar gambling debt in Las Vegas, a lawsuit filed by a casino shows. Stanford was indicted in June in what the U.S. Justice Department called a $7 billion global investment scheme to defraud investors. / By Steve Green / Sept. 1, 2009

Cherokee County Investigators Confiscate 23 Gambling Devices

TX - An evidentiary search warrant executed by the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office Monday resulted in the seizure of 23 electronic gambling devices and more than $1,500 in cash. Anyone promoting gambling, operating a gambling facility, possessing gambling devices or communicating gambling information can be arrested on a Class A misdemeanor, according to the sheriff's office. / September 02, 2009

Cops: Man brings tot to Ameristar Casino, drops boy, attacks man

MO - Toting his son who is wearing only a soiled diaper, walks over to a set of elevators and shakes down a man in his 70s and his daughter for money. Wormley drops his son onto an industrial sized floor sweeping machine... Toddler gets hurt... / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Joel Currier / 09.02.2009

Ex-accountant given 5 years in nearly $1 million Tucson museum theft

AZ - Sons was indicted in May after authorities came to believe she had been stealing money from the museum's payroll and operating accounts, gift shop account and petty cash. Investigators have said Sons apparently lost the money gambling. / Arizona Daily Star / 09.03.2009

Father is charged with endangering child at casino

MO - 4:30 a.m. [he] attacked a man and woman... And dropped the boy wearing only a dirty diaper onto a commercial floor sweeper before fleeing the casino without his son. / 09/02/2009

Former Fort Worth police officer who was indicted turns himself in

TX - A former Fort Worth police officer who was indicted Friday on a bribery charge turned himself in to authorities Monday morning. He is accused of scheming with representatives of Aces Wired, Four executives of Aces Wired... Pleaded guilty... To charges stemming from running an illegal gambling operation. / By MELODY McDONALD / Aug. 31, 2009

Internet Cafes Continue to be Busted for Illegal Gambling

UT - The Murray incident was perhaps a bit more brazen than others. The Fortune Cyber Cafe was permitting customers to play at games that contained poker, Keno, and slot games. Police, who arrested almost 50 employees and customers, / by Preston Lewis / August 30, 2009

Internet Gambling Cafe Raided In Utah, Fifty People Arrested

UT - Murray police raided an Internet Cafe where they allege that illegal gambling was taking place. Customers would buy Internet time, then would be issued a card that they could put into the computer. That gave them access to slots, keno, and poker on the Internet. / / By Terry Goodwin / August 31, 2009

Largo police seek public's help after robbery of casino patron at his home

FL - Police are searching for someone who they say shot and robbed a man who was followed home from the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa. / Times Staff / By Kim Wilmath / September 2, 2009

Legalized video gambling in bars remains in limbo

IL - Local officials say the state's gaming board still hasn't worked out necessary details by drawing up the rules that would govern video gambling, so it could be a long time before you can legally bet at the corner tavern. In 1995, an Edwardsville man was shot and killed outside Vanzo's Taproom in a dispute over a video poker payout. According to police statements at the time, Joseph Pelan, 59, was accidentally overpaid $100 for video gambling winnings and refused to return it. A bar regular, James Dodson, intervened to help the bartender get it back. The altercation then went outside, where Pelan allegedly retrieved a gun from his car and shot Dodson twice. The bar paid a $3,000 fine and had its liquor license temporarily revoked for illegally paying out on video gaming. Democratic force Amiel Cueto, went to prison two years later after being convicted of trying to torpedo a federal investigation into Venezia's illegal gambling operation. / News-Democrat / BY SCOTT WUERZ AND ELIZABETH DONALD / Sep. 01, 2009

Man gets 55 years in fatal 2008 robbery attempt

IN - At his South Bend gambling hall in July 2008. Duke was shot during the botched robbery... / Associated Press / September 3, 2009

Online Poker Players Dealt A Blow To Gaining Their Gambling Funds

- Online poker players who have had their winnings held... By the US government, were expecting that they would be receiving those winnings soon. The process may be delayed by a couple of years. They [government] then moved quickly to indict Douglas Rennick, from Account Services, on money laundering, bank fraud, and illegal gambling charges. / / By Larry Rutherford / August 30, 2009

Online Poker: Barney Frank Appalled by US Attorney Actions

DC - Congressman Barney Frank has expressed outrage over actions taken by the US Attorneys Office in the Southern District of New York... That office seized nearly $40 million in funds from two of the world's largest online poker rooms. "Sometimes when I talk about trying to appeal this (online gambling prohibition), people say, 'Oh well. What are you worried about? They're not enforced.' [Frank] Douglas Rennick, the Canadian owner of Account Services, a processor whose funds were among those seized, was indicted last month for alleged money laundering. / Publisher / Christopher Costigan / Aug 31, 2009

Pair charged with robbing man, 72

FL - Two Pensacola men were arrested Wednesday and charged with robbing a restaurant [72-year-old] employee... One of the males opened the passenger door of the victim's car and grabbed some money bags that were inside. The money also was used to pay bills and for gambling at a casino. / September 3, 2009

Police Break Up Russell Co. Gambling Ring

KY - Illegal video... Gambling machines, as well as evidence of illegal poker games were seized. Officers also seized over $7,000 of suspected gambling proceeds. / Sep 1, 2009

Police Seek Man In Assault, Car Theft

OK - A man who left a casino early Friday said his passenger assaulted and robbed him and then stole his car. / September 4, 2009

SPRINGFIELD, ILL. > Cueto suit is dismissed

IL - Cueto went to prison in 1997 on convictions for obstructing justice and conspiracy related to his defense of a client, Thomas Venezia, in a gambling racketeering case. / 09/05/2009

Sarasota man charged in $36.5 million Ponzi scheme

FL - He gave them incentives to invest more and paid bonuses to those who brought him new investors. At the end of 2? years, when everything came apart, Diamond had taken more than $36.5 million from 200 investors, according to a criminal complaint. He also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars gambling in Las Vegas. Now Diamond, 31, faces charges of fraud and money laundering. / The Tampa Tribune / By ELAINE SILVESTRINI / September 3, 2009

Undercover Footage of Va. Cockfighting Pit Released

VA - The investigator claims to have seen illegal gambling and animal cruelty while at the now-defunct Stanley club. / September 4, 2009

WM woman charged with insurance fraud

PA - Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has filed criminal charges against a West Mifflin woman who is accused of submitting nearly $36,000 in fictitious cancer treatment claims to her insurance company. Stanesic allegedly contacted insurance company Aflac by e-mail on May 8, 2008, and "revealed herself as a compulsive gambler with financial problems and admitted submitting fraudulent claims." / Daily News / By ERIC SLAGLE / 09/01/2009

Woman accused of stealing $45,000

WI - A 45-year-old Nekoosa woman officials say stole more than $45,000 from her sister's business is facing a felony charge... While going through bank records, Miller noticed numerous transactions at the Rainbow Casino in Nekoosa, including $34,303.47 in debit card transactions, $8,961.81 in credit card... Transactions, $4,923.45 in unauthorized online account transactions and $2,564.11 in unauthorized checks... / Daily Tribune Staff / September 3, 2009

International Gambling Crimes

B.C. lotto retailers ripping off customers: document

Canada - B.C.'s lottery corporation has caught at least eight lottery retailers ripping off customers over the past two years, including one employee who pre-scratched more than 100 scratch-and-win tickets before putting them up for sale, In two unrelated cases in Surrey, pub employees stole customers' winning Keno tickets, worth $400 in one case and $419 in another. And in one case, the retailer didn't steal a customer's winning ticket, but instead used the customer's credit card to buy one of his own. Ontario's lotto retailers suffered a black eye over allegations of fraud, and the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation said it had paid out more than $198 million to insiders - $92 million more than it had originally suspected. / Vancouver Sun / By Chad Skelton / 9-1-09

Disbarred Halifax lawyer pleads guilty to 34 theft charges

Canada - A disbarred Halifax lawyer has pleaded guilty to 34 charges of theft involving clients' trust funds. Mr. Pillay is free on a $50,000 bond with conditions that he not gamble or go to any casinos. Found him guilty of stealing $1.3 million from the trust funds of 14 clients. / By STEVE BRUCE / Sep 5

Duty manager stole more than ?13,000

UK - THE duty manager of a supermarket stole more than ?13,000 from the safe and used some of the cash for gambling. Jackson, aged 20, admitted theft and was given a two year community order with 200 hours of unpaid work. / 30th August 2009

Ex-state cricketer avoids jail term

Australia - A former Redbacks cricketer has been given a suspended jail sentence for stealing $50,000 from his employer. To feed a gambling addiction... / Sep 1, 2009

Hackers Attempt to Block Traffic to Australian Online Casinos

Australia - Online casinos... Have been hit by a series of hacker attacks which paralyze site traffic, considered a prelude to probable extortion by the hackers. Thought to be Russian in origin, are using zombie computers to hit... With a massive influx of Internet traffic, Preventing them from taking bets at prime wagering times, / by Tom Weston / August 31, 2009

Killed over a gambling affair

Malaysia - They had a heated argument when the friend, a lorry driver aged 55, accused Tan of cheating during gambling session earlier. / September 4th, 2009

Man who killed doctor wife jailed for life

UK - A man who murdered his doctor wife in an unprovoked attack at their home was jailed for life today. She was a very gentle person and the irony is that her end should be so violent and so gruesome. Two children were in the house at the time of the attack. "impossible" to know what psychological harm had been caused to the youngsters. The court heard that Khan had a gambling habit and that he had lost ?17,000 in spread betting. / heraldscotland / 31 Aug 2009

Ontario lottery board resigns amid spending scandal

Canada - The board of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation resigned en masse Monday as lavish expense claims by senior executives at the troubled agency surfaced. Over the last two years senior staff at the government-owned corporation billed taxpayers for, Expensive bottles of wine, a Weight Watchers membership, babysitters, luggage replacement, credit card fees, and a cloth grocery bag, Man who was cheated out of a $250,000 lottery prize... The OLG failed to act on Edmonds's complaint and he finally sued. Between 1999 and 2007, the ombudsman found 247 major lottery wins ranging between $50,000 and $12.5 million by lottery retailers, their employees and their families and OLG employees. / September 1, 2009

The OLG scandal: Audit opens door to several inquiries

Canada - What makes the entire sordid affair even more shocking is that McDougald and the board had been installed to clean up the agency's act after a 2007 auditor general's report accused the lottery corporation of letting unscrupulous retailers get away with collecting tens of millions of dollars in "dishonest" winnings. Documents emerged showing the value of untendered consulting contracts -- some of them to friends and associates of senior agency officials -- was in the tens of millions. / The Windsor Star / September 1, 2009

Travel agent's dishonesty brings jail term

New Zealand - Travel agent Dennis Alan Price faces six months in prison and a big reparation bill for using clients' money to pay for his gambling. He must also pay his former employer for "consequential losses" she assessed at $32,547. A total of about $80,000 was diverted by Price into the Visa accounts of himself and his partner. / September 03, 2009

Woolworths workers swipes $90K in supermarket sweep

Australia - A 22-year-old woman was behind "an elaborate system of deception" involving the theft of $90,000 from a Brisbane Woolworths supermarket, She claimed she was addicted to poker machines and would spend $4000 on a machine at a time. / September 4, 2009