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A casino coming to your neighborhood?

- The Obama administration, ever eager to expand government... Professor John Warren Kindt, professor of business administration... At the University of Illinois and the foremost researcher... On the economic impact of gambling, has proven for years that the direct costs of casino expansion outweigh any revenue increases... By a two-to-one margin. The most authoritative and specific example involving tribal casinos is a 1995 Wisconsin report which concluded that "[w]ithout considering the social costs of compulsive [addicted] gambling, the 'rest-of-the-state' areas lose - or, transfer in - $223.94 million to the local gaming areas. Considering the lowest estimated social costs of problem gambling, the rest of ? [Wisconsin] loses $318.61 million to gambling." This report also concluded that without casino gambling, many local citizens would have increased participation in other "outside" activities. "More than 10 percent of the locals would spend more on groceries if it were not for the casino, while nearly one-fourth would spend more on clothes. Thirty-seven percent said that their savings had been reduced since the casino had opened. ?"(emphasis added, Kindt; Testimony Before the Committee on Resources United States House of Representatives) Dave Welch... / September 22, 2009

At the slots, life isn't always a line of cherries

CA - You can still smoke in parts of the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage, a place where time travels in reverse, sin is celebrated and inhibition does not exist. You can light one cigarette after another while you gamble away your Social Security check and miss payments on the oxygen tank, and it's nobody's business but your own. But their friend Sandy, 70, is an Agua Caliente devotee. A local resident, she gambles so frequently and unsuccessfully that all her food and show tickets are comped by the casino. Sandy said she hasn't hit a decent jackpot in two years, for all her trying. She used to ring the bells more often, back in the day, but now she's playing more like Ben, who lost prolifically. "At Ben's funeral, the head of the poker room gave the eulogy," Sandy said. "We were always treated like family here. Everything is comped. They roll out the red carpet when I come in." Serious gamblers are given house credit cards for all their gambling and other purchases. It goes from gold to platinum to black to red for the really big spenders, Jan explained. She and Ralph have black cards, which means they're dropping roughly a couple thousand dollars a month at the Spa Resort. Sandy holds Agua Caliente's red card. So what's she dropping each month? "Every bit of five," Sandy said, meaning $5,000. Lots of seniors are addicted, she said. You come into the casino in the middle of the day and see them with their "wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, the whole megillah." But at least Sandy knows why she does it. "Because I'm hiding and I'm lonely," she said. / By Steve Lopez / September 27, 2009

Atlantic City Casino Gambling Competition Just Keeps Growing

NJ - Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are both moving closer to expanding their gambling options, and it could cripple what is left from a once-proud industry. Pennsylvania has already cut into AC casino profits with their new casinos... Earlier this year, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun teamed up for a billboard add along the New Jersey Turnpike encouraging gamblers to come North to do their casino gambling. / / By Terry Goodwin / September 23, 2009

Atlantic City Takes a Beating

NJ - Is it possible to find a bright spot amid the drumbeat of dreary data for Atlantic City's casinos, hit by a prolonged slump that led to a 15.1% drop in revenue for the first eight months of the year versus the year-ago period? Collective revenue from the city's 11 casinos dropped 16.3% in August, affecting the many privately held properties, including four owned by Harrah's Entertainment, as well as three owned by the... Trump Entertainment. Atlantic City faces challenges from neighboring states, especially as Pennsylvania adds more gambling sites, / By Robert Steyer / September 22, 2009

Buffalo Grove board votes to ban video gambling

IL - Tired of waiting for rules from the state, on Monday the Buffalo Grove village board passed an ordinance prohibiting video gaming in the village. The state video gaming act legalizes the use of video gaming terminals in specific locations in Illinois. A section of the act allows a municipality to pass an ordinance prohibiting video gaming within its corporate limits. / Daily Herald Staff / By Steve Zalusky / 9/22/2009

Cape Girardeau man still hoping for casino license

MO - The Missouri Gaming Commission ruled that the license for the President Casino, operated by Pinnacle Entertainment in the old Admiral riverboat on the St. Louis waterfront, isn't transferrable. Because the process remains undefined, at least three groups are hoping they can persuade the gaming commission to grant them the available license. They are: * Knight and his Cape Girardeau partner Jim Riley. Knight, owner of Ole Hickory Pits, and Riley, owner of Red Letter Communications, own or have under option land along North Main Street for a project they call DREAMbig LLC. * North County Development LLC, which is undergoing the plan approval process in St. Louis County for a 377-acre development just south of the Columbia Bottoms Conservation Area at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. * Sugar Creek, Mo., in eastern Jackson County, near Kansas City, which was in the preliminary stages of seeking a license when the moratorium was imposed. A study conducted last year concluded that most markets where casinos are already operating are near saturation and new casinos would likely split the take, not increase it, from gamblers. But a casino in Cape Girardeau was shown to have some of the best potential for increasing the overall take to the casino companies or the state. / Southeast Missourian / By Rudi Keller / September 21, 2009

Casino Gambling May Increase Further With New Obama Tribal Laws

- The Obama Administration appears set on helping American Indian tribes through these tough economic times. One way that may occur is by allowing the tribes to build casinos farther away from their reservations. The Bush Administration created a law that claims that Indian casinos can only be built if they are in commuting distance from a tribe's reservation. Any change in the laws would ensure that more casinos would be built. / / By April Gardner / September 21, 2009

Casinos in lead but not a safe bet

OH - They've said ''no'' four times since 1990, but this year, driven by a promise of new jobs to combat a slumping economy, Ohio voters may be ready to approve casino gambling. The Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio Newspaper Poll released today found that 59 percent of registered voters across the state support Issue 3 on the Nov. 3 ballot. Another 38 percent planned to vote ''no,'' with 3 percent undecided. Casinos and problems Sarah Yocis, 21, a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati, said it's hard to say ''no'' right now to promises of new jobs but she's against Issue 3. ''I personally don't see casinos as a good thing,'' said Yocis. She thinks problem gambling will increase in the state if casinos are more conveniently located in Ohio rather than requiring people to leave the state to gamble. ''You wouldn't want a bar next door to someone who is an alcoholic,'' she said. / Dayton Daily News / By William Hershey and Laura A. Bischoff / Sep 26, 2009

City's casino prospects clouded

MA - As it becomes increasingly likely that expanded gambling will be debated and approved this fall, the current lack of details is creating a little anxiety in SouthCoast. "Everybody's still trying to figure out where the (Mashpee Wampanoag) are at with the issue," he said. "They don't want to authorize three commercial casinos and find themselves facing a fourth Indian casino." The tribe, which was granted federal recognition in 2007, has applied to put 539 acres in Middleboro into federal trust as the site for a planned $1 billion casino, but its efforts were thwarted by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior does not have the authority to take land into trust... / September 23, 2009

Corzine Under Fire For Hedge Fund Connection To Harrah's Casino

NJ - Republicans in the state of New Jersey have dug deep enough to uncover a connection between Governor Joe Corzine and an Atlantic City casino. A hedge fund that Corzine has invested in is tied to the group that owns Harrah's Entertainment. Harrah's owns a casino in Atlantic City, and that creates a conflict of interest, according to certain Republicans. "This seems to be much ado about nothing," said CGW Legal Analyst Bob Brice, With Corzine not profiting from the casino, it really becomes a non-issue." / / By Larry Rutherford / September 21, 2009

Critics: Gov shouldn't have linked capital bill to gambling

IL - Bill... To allow some 45,000 video poker machines in restaurants, bars and fraternal organizations... It's in trouble out of the gate," said John Kindt, a national gaming expert and professor of business and legal policy at the University of Illinois. "(Quinn) should never have tied a capital construction bill to gambling. / BY AMY LEE / September 23, 2009

Disgust with the NFL? You betcha

- The game is packaged and presented for the benefit of the gambling industry, with the NFL eager to please Las Vegas bookmakers along with the loan shark huddled in the dark booth at the back of the bar. It's for them that nuisances like weather and field conditions - factors that may help an underdog slip through or at least keep things closer than expected - have been neutralized. It's for them that clock-expiring, game-winning touchdowns are followed by meaningless extra points, with the point spread and over-under the only uncertainties hanging in the balance. It's for them that booth reviews bog down games with endless replays of the convergence of foot and sideline to an audience that, for the most part, would rather just move on to the next play. And it's for them that the game has become something resembling business rather than fun. Big money's at stake, and the NFL is not about to upset its most important customers. / By MITCHELL NATHANSON / Sep. 21, 2009

Dorgan introduces fix to land-into-trust ruling

ND - A fix to the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Carcieri v. Salazar. Dorgan's legislation ensures all tribes, regardless of the date of recognition, can acquire land. / September 24, 2009

Editorial: Casino gambling wrong way to fix economy

MA - The casino debate is about to heat up... Fueled by House Speaker Robert DeLeo's announcement last week that he now strongly supports the construction of resort casinos in Massachusetts. It's about "jobs, jobs, jobs," he said. We beg to differ. Foxwoods Resort Casino reported that slot revenue dropped 13.3 percent in August and jobs at casinos are far from the sure-bet they once were. Going after gamblers is a sucker's bet. Crime, corruption and gambling addiction among those who can least afford it, to name but a few. Gambling will prove much more costly to the state. We think DeLeo is jumping on a train to nowhere. / By The Republican Editorials / September 21, 2009

Ex-FBI agent says NJ Merlinos are not mobsters

NJ - FBI agent... Testified this Merlino and his mother had no ties to the mafia. The New Jersey Merlinos are seeking a license... To do work for Atlantic City casinos. / Associated Press / By WAYNE PARRY / September 25, 2009

Fairmount betting on Internet gambling to generate revenue

IL - A decision to reduce the number of races next year at Fairmount Park may not be as detrimental to the track considering online betting could infuse millions into Illinois horse tracks. "ADW" is the horse racing industry's shop talk for advance deposit wagering: a network of Internet gambling sites that accepts wagers on horse races online once the bettor's account has been funded. Last month, Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill that legalized online wagering on horse races to allow bettors in Illinois to set up accounts to wager from their personal computers and hand-held devices. / News-Democrat / BY WILL BUSS / Sep. 25, 2009

Florida Expanding Their Lottery Gambling With Vending Machines

FL - Lottery vending machines have been placed in locations around Florida... "People who already have gambling problems and are sometimes embarrassed to buy their tickets at the counter, will now be free to buy their tickets without having to interact with anyone," Gaming expert Brad Dawkins, "This could create a new wave of problem gambling in Florida." / / By Tom Jones / September 20, 2009

Florida Senate chief: Indian gaming session unlikely

FL - Florida Senate President Jeff Atwater says a special legislative session is "highly unlikely" next month on whether to expand gambling at Seminole Indian casinos... "This is a complex issue and conducting a thorough analysis will take time," Atwater wrote in his memo to senators. "We have a responsibility to exercise due diligence to ensure we understand the long-term ramifications of the proposed compact." When Crist signed the deal Aug. 31, Rep. Bill Galvano, a Bradenton Republican who chaired a special House committee on the gaming compact, said the difference over how far to expand the card games was a "red flag." / AP / By Bill Kaczor / 9-23-09

Galvano against new gaming terms

FL - State Rep. Bill Galvano, chair of a House committee that last spring helped craft a new $6.8 billion gaming measure for the state, will recommend against its ratification, But Eric Eikenberg, Crist's chief of staff, defended the agreement reached over the summer with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, saying he hoped lawmakers would approve it. "By and large, you're talking about making Florida a full-on gaming state, and at the same time, giving an absolute monopoly to the Seminole tribe in exchange for an amount of money that is maybe one-tenth of what could be earned if we didn't give that full monopoly," Galvano said. / By SARA KENNEDY / Sep. 22, 2009

Galvano: Seminole hearings on hold, deal might not be possible

FL - In another blow to the prospects for quick approval of Gov. Charlie Crist's Seminole gambling deal, Rep. Bill Galvano has scrapped an October hearing on the issue and is instead initiating a broad-scope look at gambling in Florida. That makes a November special session to ratify Crist's compact unlikely. Galvano said today he has serious doubts about whether the gap between lawmakers and the tribe can be bridged. The proposed compact would give the tribe the sole, exclusive rights to blackjack and slots outside Broward and Miami Dade, If the Legislature or voters approved casino-style gambling beyond those two counties, the tribe's deal with the state would be voided (along with the guaranteed $150 million a year). / by Josh Hafenbrack / September 22, 2009

Gambler is dealt a bad hand from Detroit judge

MI - A judge says a 19th-century Michigan law that appears to allow people to recover gambling losses doesn't apply to casinos. / The Associated Press / By Ed White / 9/25/2009

Gambler loses lawsuit against MotorCity Casino

MI - Italo Parise, the Macomb County man who sued MotorCity Casino to recover his gambling losses, has lost again. This time in court. Wayne Circuit Court Judge Michael Sapala denied a motion by Parise to order the Detroit casino to repay him $673,854 in gambling losses. / The Detroit News / Jennifer Chambers / September 25, 2009

Gambler wants casino to return his losses

MI - The 61-year-old professional engineer indulged his appetite for cards, slots and game tables at MotorCity Casino in Detroit for a decade, losing $673,854 of his own money. Parise is suing MotorCity Casino to recover his money, claiming the gambling house had a duty -- under an obscure Michigan law -- to stop him when he was down. The statute -- called "gaming: action by loser" -- has been on the books since 1961 and remained there after the passage of Proposal E, which established non-Indian casinos in Michigan in 1996. Maintains he has a viable case against the casino and has set up a Web site, With a page on how to sue casinos to recover gambling losses. / NewsDetroit / Jennifer Chambers / September 20, 2009

Gambling Law Expert Gives Online Casino Bill Big Odds to Fail

- Cabot... An online gambling expert, told the... Gaming Law conference... That factors influenced by timing make the passage of Barney Frank's bill or any other that introduces licensing of online casinos very unlikely. Despite the fifty-plus cosponsors of the Frank bill, Political considerations are decreasing the chances of the bill advancing. / by Joshua McCarthy / September 26, 2009

Gambling Lawyer Pessimistic On Barney Frank Gambling Bill

- Speaking at the International Masters of Gaming Law conference in Amsterdam this week, the respected Las Vegas-based online gambling legal expert Tony Cabot appeared pessimistic on the prospects for success of attempts to legalise online gambling and poker by Congressman Barney Frank and Senator Robert Menendez. "Nothing is going to happen this year," Cabot predicted. "Barney Frank has already pushed his [legislative proposal HR 2267] back, and once we get into next year we will be into an election cycle. The Democrats in particular are under a lot of stress at the moment and the last thing the Democrats want to get involved in is an unpopular fight because the Republicans would be all over it." Cabot assessed the chances of success for the bill at around 5 percent. The legal expert raised the interesting prospect of what he referred to as an unholy coalition of cross party opposition to the legalisation of online gambling. "We have the conservative republicans and the Ralph Nader Democrats who oppose the bills - so it doesn't even break on party lines. / 9/25/09

Gambling fever starting to ease

CO - "As expected, the enthusiasm surrounding the advent of new games, higher bet limits and longer hours is softening, but the gaming industry in Colorado continues to perform better than the industry in most other states," Amendment 50 allows casinos to stay open 24 hours, raise the maximum bet from $5 to $100, and allow craps and roulette. The measure went into effect at 12:01 a.m. on July 2 this past summer. "Addiction is stooped in denial," he said. "By raising the stakes and increasing the hours, more people think they can gamble their way out of a hole. Realizing you have an addiction usually comes after that doesn't work." / DDN / Gene Davis / September 23, 2009

Gambling revenue falls nationwide

- "...Income from casinos fell 8.5%, while revenue from pari-mutuel wagering, which includes dog and horse racing, sank nearly 15%. / 22 September 2009

Gambling, the IL GOP Platform, and the Illinois Family Institute

IL - While state house Republican minority leader Tom Cross might not demonstrate good sense when it comes to gaming, many at the local level realize that expanding gambling is a sure loser. "We call on the Governor and the General Assembly to balance the state budget and provide for a responsible capital development program without resorting to the expansion of gambling, which harms Illinois' families and our state's business climate and presents costly challenges for both law enforcement and social service agencies." "Every video [slot] gambling machine takes $60,000 out of the consumer economy." "When the money is not spent on cars and refrigerators and is instead dropped into a slot machine, it leaves the [local] economy." "A shrinking economy means lost sales and lost jobs." / By John Biver / September 18, 2009

Get ready to ante up to Congress

- Internet gambling, which was dealt a body blow by the GOP-controlled Congress in late 2006, may be making a quiet comeback, thanks to the lure of tax revenues in an economy that is still struggling to regain its footing. At least three bills have been introduced that would, to varying degrees, lift the virtual ban on Internet gambling that went into effect three years ago when former President George W. Bush signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UNIGEA). Reportedly, even casinos that have in the past strongly opposed online gambling are starting to realize that if Internet gambling is even partially legalized, the entire gambling industry stands to profit. The two primary weapons in the federal government's war against Internet gambling are the 1961 "Wire Act" (which addresses telephone or telegraph-based gambling) and UNIGEA, which updates the 1961 law to include the more modern mode of communication. Neither statute outlaws gambling outright. Rather, the laws combine to make it illegal for businesses to transfer or retain funds derived from or related to gambling activities. / By Bob Barr / September 21, 2009

Jell-O Shots in Adolescence Lead to Gambling Later in Life

- To get the rats drunk, the researchers borrowed the tried-and-true approach of frat boys everywhere-they fed them Jell-O shots. The rats went on a 20 day bender and were tested for risky behavior 3 weeks later, when they were adults, using a gambling task. The abstemious rats who had never consumed alcohol learned to game the levers depending on the payout rate to consistently get a consistent reward. However, the rats that essentially got drunk during adolescence were much more likely to push the lever... The researchers say that their study... Supports the idea that drinking alcohol at an early age leads to risk taking behavior later in life. / Sept 22, 2009

Locals form an anti-casino group

WV - A citizens group has formed in Jefferson County to oppose the passage of a referendum allowing casino-style table games at Charles Town Races & Slots. "Citizens of Jefferson County voted down table games for Penn National once and our organization is preparing to repeat that defeat," Joe Brand, vice president of the group, said. "We want to provide citizens with information which is not covered with Penn National's self-serving spin." / September 26, 2009

Longtime gambler wants losses from casino

MI - A 61-year-old man says he wants a Detroit casino... To return the $673,854 he lost at the site during a decade of regular gambling... Suing the MotorCity Casino for allegedly failing to stop him from gambling once he endured significant losses. / September 20, 2009

Mass. leaders lining up behind resort casino push

MA - Massachusetts' top political leaders are lining up behind a push for resort-style casinos... State Sen. Susan Tucker, D-Andover, a longtime gambling opponent, also said she was confused why any state lawmaker would support new casinos at a time when existing casinos are laying off workers. She called proposals to build resort casinos "reverse Robin Hood," because they would take money from those with gambling addictions in poor communities and give it to rich developers. "We can't gamble our way out of the recession," Tucker said. "Building casinos, slot machines and more racing tracks moves Massachusetts in the wrong direction." / AP / Steve LeBlanc

Miss. casino revenue fell in August

MS - Revenue for Mississippi's 30 state-licensed casinos fell 9.1 percent in August as compared to July. / AP / September 22, 2009

Mohegan Sun: Palmer or bust

MA - A representative of Mohegan Sun, the group that wants to build a $1 billion casino off Thorndike Street in Palmer, faced questions from senior citizens Monday, telling them the company is firmly committed to the site. The Mohegan Sun proposal calls for the casino to be on 152 acres between Thorndike and Breckenridge streets. Thomson of Brimfield, a member of the group opposing casinos, said she believes businesses near casinos in Connecticut had lost business after the casinos opened. Thomson said the casino would increase the number of people who are addicted to gambling and who would become impoverished. / By NANCY H. GONTER / September 22, 2009

NASCAR Fans in Delaware Denied Sports Betting by NFL

DE - NASCAR may be one of the few US sports leagues to realistically address the issue of sports betting, acknowledging that fans like the option and that integrity of results is unlikely to suffer. But the lawsuit by the NFL and other sports leagues which prevented Delaware from accepting single-game gambling also keeps NASCAR bets from being played. / by A.J.Maldonado / September 26, 2009

New ND push for electronic gambling machines

NC - A new study is giving North Dakota charities the chance to convince lawmakers that they should be allowed to replace paper pull tabs with machines - something legislators and voters have long resisted. Electronic pull tabs, which are offered in Mississippi bingo halls and recently were approved for Virginia's charitable gambling industry, are easier to manage and audit than the paper tickets that are common in North Dakota bars and fraternal clubs, industry officials say. Pull tabs are paper tickets that a player buys and opens to see whether the ticket offers a prize. They account for a majority of the wagers at North Dakota charitable gambling outlets. "People who manufacture electronic gambling devices would like to see a move toward electronic gambling devices. / Associated Press / By DALE WETZEL / 09.21.09

New US Government Task Force Shows Need For Online Gambling Regulation

- The US attorney's Office in Baltimore, Maryland has set up a new Assets Forfeiture and Financial Crimes task force that will go after online gambling operations running in the country. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has made it even more difficult for people to understand online gambling laws in the US. The law was aimed at eliminating online gambling in the country, "Seizing and forfeiting ill-gotten gains enables us to take the profit out of crime and use the proceeds to compensate victims," said US Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein, / / By Larry Rutherford / September 21, 2009

Odds could improve for Texas casinos

TX - Indian gaming may be about to gain a major legal toehold in Texas. The state over the past decade has been successful in closing casinos run by the Tiguas of El Paso and the Alabama-Coushatta of Livingston, and gambling at a tiny casino run by the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe in Eagle Pass has been limited. Now, the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma is poised to take possession of an existing horse racing track in Grand Prairie. The tribe runs one of the biggest Indian casinos in the United States, just across the Texas border. The Chickasaw Nation has put more than $362,070 into state political races since 2006. Chickasaw ownership of the track also could be significant under the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The tribe could enter into a compact with the governor to cover other forms of gambling allowed under state law. Senators in California, Arizona and Nevada are fighting to block tribes in those states from using the process to build casinos. / AUSTIN BUREAU / By R.G. RATCLIFFE / Sept. 23, 2009

Ohio court says gambling plan subject to referendum

OH - A plan to put video lottery terminals at Ohio racetracks is subject to a statewide referendum, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled... That vote may not come until November 2010, which would delay any potential competition for Kentucky's racing industry if it passed. [GOV] Strickland issued an executive order in July for the slot machines at the same time the legislature passed a budget bill that authorized them... That bill stated that the expanded gambling proposal was not subject to referendum. / By Gregory A. Hall / September 21, 2009

Oklahoma casino revenue up

OK - Casino revenue was $81.4 million in 2008, $46.8 million in 2007, Treasurer Scott Meacham says tribal gaming has done so well that it may be pulling lottery revenue down. / AP / September 22, 2009

Online Casinos Now Capable Of Billing Cellular Phones For Deposits

- While there has been the ability to deposit into online casinos using a land based phone like, players have been in an uproar over the lack of a cellular phone option. I-Point is a Casino deposit method like no other and players are finding a number of I-Point Casinos... Available to them. The use of I-point means that you can deposit into your casino account just by using your cellular phone and a text message. / Casino News / Written by Glen / September 23rd, 2009

President Casino owner appeals state ruling to take its license

MO - Last month, the Missouri Gaming Commission essentially put the President Casino's valuable license up for grabs. Now the company that owns the aging downtown riverboat is crying foul. Pinnacle Entertainment Thursday filed an appeal in a Kansas City court asking judges to review the Gaming Commission's ruling, saying it "in effect revoked" the President's license, one of 13 allowed in the state. / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Tim Logan / 09.25.2009

Protesters dog Longwood greyhound-racing track

FL - Local activists hope the national decline in dog racing continues in Central Florida, and if it does, Sanford Orlando Kennel Club's days are numbered. About 10 people picketed outside the Longwood track to discourage people from betting on greyhounds. They held signs to alert customers about greyhound deaths and injuries. Tracks have folded steadily through the years, unable to compete with casinos and slot machines. Animal-rights activists also have pushed to shut them down, arguing the animals suffer broken limbs and, in some cases, die or are killed because of injuries. Want to adopt? Several agencies help adopt retired greyhound race dogs. Among them: <>... <>... / Sentinel / By Elo?sa Ruano Gonz?lez / September 20, 2009

Pull Tab Gambling May Give Way To Electronic Machines In ND

ND - The state of North Dakota is looking into the possibility of changing the way that their charitable organizations offer gambling in the future. "The pull tabs are just outdated," said CGW Gaming analyst Brad Dawkins, "Electronic machines make more sense because they are easier to keep track of and easier to operate than the pull tabs. / / By Terry Goodwin / September 21, 2009

Reality of gaming

CT - The report released Monday by The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government concludes that gambling revenues from existing operations tend to grow more slowly than state tax revenues, except in the recent recession when tax collections declined more sharply. Given the findings, it appears states would better serve constituents by finding other ways to fund programs and services than ever-expanding gambling. Lotteries in particular, take advantage of the poor, many of whom could better spend their dollars on a gallon of milk. / Editorial / 9/24/2009

STATE BUDGET More gambling

PA - Is this a repeat of 2004 ... a conference committee, a late budget and more gambling? Gamblers are once again treated like fools. They are expected to be losers to provide profits for the "fleecinos" and the hidden taxes for the state. Now, they are expected to subsidize the very low wages of dealers for table games with their tips. Of course, citizens are expected to pick up the tab for the negative socioeconomic costs. There should be total outrage about elected officials deliberately and knowingly dumping more harm on citizens by legalizing more gambling, breeding more gambling addiction, plus exploiting gamblers. Government's role is to act in the best interest of the health, safety and well-being of its citizens. Legalizing gambling fails this test. / CasinoFreePA / Dianne M. Berlin

Saunders: Dems can deliver the votes for pari-mutuel special session

FL - Tracks and jai alai frontons, facing eroding revenues, are asking legislators to put into law no-limit, 24-hour poker operations and a lower tax rate on voter-approved slot machines in Broward and Miami-Dade counties, among other things. A pari-mutuel special session might seem unlikely politically, but Saunders noted the state is starved for cash. In the House, he said Democrats could probably deliver 40 votes, meaning only 25 or so Republicans would have to be in favor to get something passed. / by Josh Hafenbrack / September 22, 2009

Senator Withdraws Internet Gambling Health Care Funding

- A US Senator decide to drop a thoughtful plan to fund health care through taxing Internet gambling, as lawmakers linked to vested gaming interests objected at linking the two proposals. Senator Ron Wyden dropped his amendment funding health care subsidies from revenues collected by regulating Internet gambling. "Changing the laws regarding online gaming is a significant detour from health care, / by Joshua McCarthy / September 23, 2009

Shanda Games IPO gets tepid reception

MO - Shanda Games, a spinoff of the leading Chinese online gaming company, Shanda Games said it plans to use the proceeds from its IPO for capital expenses and investments such as acquisitions and joint ventures. The bulk of its capital expenses go into its network infrastructure - servers, software and equipment required to run the games. / The Associated Press / Sep. 25, 2009

State Ready To Roll Dice On Casino Gambling?

MA - Both House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray expressed their support for resort-style casinos in Massachusetts. Critics warn that this is not a silver bullet for the state's economic woes. "I would think one of the most important things to consider is are we able to do this in a way that is going to not only maximize the benefits that might come from it, but are we able to do it in a way that really minimizes the harm to people who are really vulnerable to gambling problems?" said Kathleen Scanlan, Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling. / September 21, 2009

States: No luck from gambling

- Recession-weary Americans aren't gambling the way they used to -- and that could be a problem for many U.S. states already struggling with record budget gaps due to the weak economy. State revenues from all sources of authorized gambling fell 2.8% in fiscal 2009... Lottery income... Fell 2.6% Income from casinos fell 8.5%, Pari-mutuel wagering, which includes dog and horse racing, sank nearly 15%. Race tracks that also host electronic gambling... Increased by 6.7% / / By Ben Rooney / September 21, 2009

Taubman to relinquish Pier Shops to lender

NJ - When the $200 million Pier Shops at Caesars opened in summer 2006, with stores and restaurants touting signature names such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Buddakan, it was supposed to usher in a new era for Atlantic City as a high-end shopping and dining mecca.But the city's foray into the luxury retail market - to fortify itself against growing gambling competition - hit a significant snag yesterday when shopping-mall heavyweight Taubman Centers Inc. announced it would no longer provide financial support for the Pier. Taubman said it was no longer able to make payments on a $135 million mortgage. / Inquirer / By Suzette Parmley / Sep. 23, 2009

Tracks and frontons seek special session

FL - Pari-mutuels want a November special session of their own... Tracks and jai alai frontons, facing eroding revenues, are asking legislators to put into law no-limit, 24-hour poker operations and a lower tax rate on voter-approved slot machines in Broward and Miami... / South Florida Sun-Sentinel / By Josh Hafenbrack / September 21, 2009

Tribal Casino Rules Revisited

- The Obama administration may make it easier for Indian tribes to build casinos on land far from their reservations, a move likely to spur a wave of new casino development. "Some governors have embraced this as a way to close their budget deficits," said Larry Rosenthal, a partner at Ietan Consulting LLC, a lobbying firm that represents Indian tribes. The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs of Oregon wants to develop a casino along the Columbia River Gorge, and the St. Regis Mohawks has plans for a site in the Catskill Mountains, about 350 miles away from the tribe's reservation -- not within the required commuting distance -- but less than a two-hour drive from New York City. Indian casinos can be particularly problematic when they run into financial trouble. One example: Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut, which is in talks with lenders to restructure an enormous debt load. Moody's Investor Service has warned that lenders have limited recourse because, under U.S. law, they can't seize Indian casino assets in the case of a default or bankruptcy. Revenue from Indian gaming operations has almost tripled over the past decade. / By A.D. PRUITT and PETER GRANT / SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

Tribe members question finances

MA - Several members of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe hand-delivered a request to the tribe's headquarters yesterday seeking more information on how the tribe's money is spent. They argued that the new leaders, including chairman Cedric Cromwell, have not been open enough about the tribe's finances. Cromwell was elected in February. In the past, a financial report was given to members at a monthly meeting. But that stopped when Cromwell took over, they claimed. In May, investors stopped monthly payments to the tribe. Those funds were being used to pay the administration's operating expenses and pursuit of a casino in Middleboro. / By ROBERT GOLD / September 23, 2009

US Considers Support for Health Care Reform from Online Gambling Taxes

TX - The U.S. Senate Finance Committee is being forced to consider all options to support the Obama administrations' health care reform, one of which is to regulate online gambling... / by Rebekah Lillias / 22nd September


WV - "Citizens of Jefferson County voted down table games for Penn National once and our organization is preparing to repeat that defeat. We want to provide citizens with information which is not covered with Penn National's self-serving spin" states vice-president Brand. Brand said that citizens can find information on the Vote No Table Games website located at: www.VoteNoTableGames.ORG... "We want to get the documented facts out to local citizens about the adverse impact of a huge casino in our neighborhood," said spokesman Brand. "Despite the rosy picture the gambling interests spend millions to present; this is not a good deal for our prosperity or quality-of-life in Jefferson County."

Video gambling takes a beating

IL - Opponents of video gambling say it would enrich few people, ruin lives, destroy families, create false hopes for independent wealth and harm youth. "This would make few people rich," said Dr. C. Alfred Patten of St. Charles, a retired senior pastor of Baker United Methodist Church in St. Charles. It looks like economic rape, "Gambling is an enterprise run by people who are gangsters and criminals or by people strongly connected to them. Since the job of government is to protect the weak members of society from such criminals, it is a conflict of interest to earn money through their enterprises," he [Pastor Augustine] said. / Sun-Times News Group / By LINDA GIRARDI / September 24, 2009

Washington Closer To Realizing Online Gambling Is Profitable

DC - One Senator, Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) has introduced the idea of using Barney Frank's Internet Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act (H.R. 2267) to help fund the health care reform. The money would primarily be used, he suggests, for low income subsidies, as provided by the America's Healthy Future Act of 2009. / Gambling News / Written by Glen / September 23rd, 2009

Webster Countians still betting on lottery in recession

MO - In 2009, the state brought in nearly $30 million less than it did the year before on lottery tickets. Webster County lottery ticket sales, however, were about $55,000 more than they were in 2008. Missouri Lottery spokeswoman Susan Goedde said Webster County sales may increase again, since a Strafford construction worker won $88,000 last month on a $5 scratch-off ticket he bought... Combined, the $10 and $20 games in 2009 were down 10 percent statewide. While Missouri instant-win games were down in 2009, According to the state gaming commission, Lumiere Place, a St. Louis casino, saw sales increase by 37 percent over last year. Of 11 casinos, eight were up in revenue; two of those three had slight declines and are in the Kansas City area. / By Linda Greer / September 22, 2009

iMEGA Faces Danger of Losing NJ Gov Jon Corzine

NJ - With just a few more weeks until the elections, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat, appears to be in serious danger of losing. Corzine offered up his support of a suit brought forth by the powerful Internet grass roots trade organization, The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association... That sought to legalize sports betting in New Jersey and bring the activity onto the World Wide Web. Republicans say he's breaking the law because he has a stake in the state's casino industry. Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie says it's a "colossal error in judgment." A ruling is yet to be handed down in this matter. / Sept 21, 2009

line Casino Patrons Confused by Legal Illinois Internet Gaming

IL - But still [tracks] express excitement at future betting revenues as online gambling on horse racing may bring huge new sources of income. US online casinos players are confused as to how the tracks conduct Internet gambling openly even as the US Department of Justice says all online gambling is illegal. / by Tom Weston / September 26, 2009