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9/20/09 TO 9/26/09

'I am hopelessly addicted'

Jamaica - Over the years, Brown has lost millions in gambling, on many occasions, even betting away her mortgage and grocery money. "The other night I lost $50,000, which was, honestly, for my mortgage... But I don't look at it as a loss. They're just holding it for me until I win it back... She admitted to hearing the sounds of the slot machines even when she is in bed at nights. A worker... Told... That casino gamblers are usually big spenders. However, there are those, he said, who have lost their rent, mortgage, children's school fee and even people's partner money to the habit. / September 20, 2009

3.95 Million Gambling Addicts Have Nowhere to Turn

South Korea - Gambling addiction is becoming a serious social problem. According to a 2008 study by the Korea Culture & Tourism Institute, 9.5 percent of Korean adults had experienced trouble as a result of their gambling addiction. Korea's prevalence rate compares to 2.9 percent in Canada, 2.4 percent in Australia and 4.1 percent in Singapore. It is even higher than the 6.4 percent in the U.S. state of Nevada, which includes Las Vegas. Another problem is the proliferation of illegal gambling sites on the Internet and off-line gambling parlors. "Many... Become habituated to gambling through the Internet," Prevention and Cure Center... Has a fig-leaf budget of just W2 billion a year. / Sept 22, 2009

China easing Macau visa rules, casinos eye record Oct -execs

China - China has quietly begun relaxing restrictions for its citizens from Guangdong traveling to Macau, leading to a strong showing for casinos so far this month and big hopes for October... Alarmed that some residents... Were gambling too much in neighboring Macau, China last year imposed a new rule limiting them to two trips per year... / Thomson Reuters / Doug Young / 09.21.09

France Poised to Deliver Jackpot for U.K. Gambling Companies

France - U.K. gambling companies facing a slowing market at home, may get a boost as neighboring France opens its online-betting market to foreign operators next year. "The size of the population and the appetite for gambling, and the group's historically cautious approach to France make this a particularly exciting opportunity for us," Sales from electronic gambling in France will more than double to 671 million euros ($992 million) in 2010 if new rules come into effect... U.K. gambling companies struggled this year... Net income fell by 26 percent... The European Commission has also pressured European Union states to reform gambling markets, threatening to sue France over the issue in 2007. Italy is now implementing rules that allow online gambling, and this month Portugal defeated a court challenge against its sports-betting monopoly by BWin Interactive Entertainment AG at the European Court of Justice. / By Matthew Campbell / Sept. 23

How Addictive is Online Gambling?

UK - A new survey of over 9,000 gamblers in the UK has indicated that gambling addiction is ten times more prevalent in online casinos than it is at land based venues. 'Internet gambling: A secondary analysis of findings from the 2007 British Gambling Prevalence Survey' / By Sharona B / Sep 21, 2009

Macau Seedy Casino Industry a Goldmine

China - Families from Mainland China are flooding the city. "They don't drink and they don't like to waste money on consumption when they could be investing it on the baccarat table," More than three-in-five gamblers in Macau come across the border in mainland China and they're losing money at a rate the world has previously never seen. "September looks like being 30 per cent to 40 per cent up on September 2008," / Sept 21, 2009

N.S. pulls plug on Keno game

Canada - NDP government has pulled the plug on a controversial electronic gambling game... Would be discontinued in about 180 bars and restaurants... "Revenue has fallen 80 per cent below expectations, The Nova Scotia Gaming Foundation... Sounded the alarm, pointing to a 2007 gambling study that found daily versions of Keno, known as Bucko and Salsa Bingo, were the second-most likely category for gambling problems after video lottery terminals. / September 22nd, 2009

No casinos for hubby

Singapore - After years of coping with husband's secret gambling debts, wife gets him banned from entering the casinos... Then money at home started to go missing. He became moody and short-tempered and never seemed to have any cash on him. After some snooping, she discovered he had a gambling debt of $50,000. Tan... A crane operator, agreed to his wife's request to get him banned. He picked up gambling in secondary school, he said, placing small bets on calculator games. / By Lim Wei Chean / Sep 23, 2009

Pokies 'a curse on the community'

Australia - POKER machines were last night described as a curse on the community during a passionate Moyne Shire Council debate.Six of the seven councillors voted to toughen the council's stance on pokies and write to Gaming Minister Tony Robinson and all licensed premises in the shire. ``They are a curse on the community,'' Mayor Ken Gale said. ``I've heard horrific accounts of people addicted to poker machines,'' he [Purcell] said. / BY PETER COLLINS / 23/09/2009

Queensland's most profitable pokies in jobless blackspot

Australia - QUEENSLAND'S most lucrative gaming machines are in Logan - an area facing a surge in joblessness. New figures show Logan's pokies swallowed up an average of $5803 each last month, nearly 50 per cent higher than the statewide average. ''Statistics like this should be ringing alarm bells.'' Average amount taken by each gaming machine in Queensland in August... Logan ----- $5803... Statewide average ----- $3896... / Melanie Christiansen / September 21, 2009

Taiwan county turns down casinos in referendum

Taiwan - Voters in a remote corner of Taiwan rejected by a large margin on Saturday a plan to allow Taiwan's first casinos to be built in their county, snubbing gaming giants like Harrah's Entertainment Inc [HAMLEH.UL] and MGM Mirage... The referendum was the final hurdle for the scheme, and failed after a well-organised opposition campaign. "They didn't want their beautiful homeland to be spoiled," Shih said. "Now you can leave your doors unlocked." / By Ralph Jennings / Sep 26, 2009

Teen gambling on the increase

Jamaica - A study conducted by the Kingston-based Rise... Life Management... Found that one out of every five adolescents in Jamaica is either a problem gambler or is at risk of becoming one. Gambling, defined by the researchers as games played for money, was found to be pervasive in the society and virtually all youth 10-19 years were aware of the practice. The study also found that 10-19-year-old youths spent heaviest at gaming establishments and on horse racing, reporting an average outlay of approximately $900 per person. The maximum amount spent at gaming establishments was $13,400, while a maximum of $10,000 was spent on horse racing. "Games were played for money weekly, from as often as every day to once or twice a week. Poker, gambling on the Internet... And coin games were played every day or almost every day, / Athaliah Reynolds / September 20, 2009

UK Online Gambling Market Worth $1.4 Billion

UK - The nation's online gambling market generated over $1.4 billion in revenue in 2008. The entire UK gaming industry created profits of more than $15 billion, with betting and gambling totals by patrons equalling $134 billion. / by A.J.Maldonado / September 24, 2009

Worries over problem gambling at online bingo and gambling sites

UK - The new report is the result of survey data obtained from a sample of 9003 gamblers from all over the UK, and seems to show that there is a much higher incidence of problem gambling for those that participate in internet gambling whether it be at online bingo sites or poker sites etc., than those that might participate in gambling at high street casinos, bingo halls or bookmakers. The survey by the Gambling Commission was carried out in October 2008 and shows that there is a much higher incidence of male online gamblers than there are women, / by Charlotte Widmore / 21 September 2009