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National Gambling Crimes

'Family' ties at issue in NJ casino work request

NJ - A construction company owner with family links to the mob is trying to convince New Jersey to let him in on the casino business. His father and cousin... High-ranking organized crime figures. / Associated Press / By WAYNE PARRY / Sep. 21, 2009

Bill Seeks to Prevent, Treat Gambling Addiction

DC - Ryan lost his job, his savings and very nearly his family before he realized he had a problem. Bet on sports every day in 2007 through an online gambling site. It wasn't until he was fired for using his company credit card to cover his gambling debts that he began treatment for his addiction. I started gambling on this specific Web site. ... I would wire $900 into the account every day." He shared his story in Washington on Wednesday to advocate for House Resolution 2906, the Comprehensive Problem Gambling Act of 2009. It would allocate one quarter of 1 percent of the federal tax revenue from gambling winnings to gambling addiction awareness programs, research and treatment. Out of the millions of dollars states reap from gambling winnings - including from lotteries, bingo, casinos and horse racing - little is put toward gambling addiction programs. California, for example, spends $20 per capita on substance abuse programs, $148 on mental health and 8 cents on problem gambling. Left untreated, pathological gambling can lead to suicide. Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., an advocate for mental health research, said gambling addictions are widespread among veterans who seek the thrill of high-risk betting. 1998 - 450 commercial casinos, 160 American Indian casinos... 2008 - 445 commercial casinos, 423 American Indian casinos... Of adults who gamble: 2-3 percent are problem or pathological gamblers... Amount of money per capita set aside for problem gambling funds: From less than 1 cent to $1.65... / By Laura Misjak / September 21, 2009

Bowling alley owner sentenced for gambling

OH - A Piqua bowling alley owner who added illegal gambling machines to offerings because the business income had declined... Maxwell pleaded no contest in July to felony attempted money laundering. He was found guilty. / By Nancy Bowman / September 22, 2009

Casino fined for allowing gambling addict to play

NJ - Self-exclusion list... The state Casino Control Commission fined the Hilton $10,000 yesterday for allowing the woman to gamble while on the list. / AP / Sep. 23, 2009

Cloud accompanies news about gaming revenues

OK - Men and women become problem gamblers and wind up wagering money - sometimes large amounts of money - that doesn't belong to them. A former auditor at a state agency allegedly burned through $1.16 million in royalty payments he diverted from the office. Prosecutors cited a gambling addiction during a kickback case against former state Rep. Mike Mass. A former court clerk in Muskogee... Took nearly $600,000 from her office to pay for her gambling. The Internet... Former head... High school sports... Is accused of embezzling nearly half a million dollars. / The Oklahoman Editorial / September 23, 2009

Ex-cop sentenced in $60K theft, fleeing to Vegas

AL - A former Alabama police officer has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for stealing from his department, faking his abduction and fleeing to Las Vegas. He had debts from gambling... / The Associated Press / Sep. 22, 2009

Former Elk Heating manager admits embezzlement

MO - A former office manager admitted to embezzling from Elk Heating and Cooling... She stole and lost more than $103,000 at the Alton Belle Casino... / St. Louis Business Journal / September 23, 2009

Former Hooters manager jailed for robbing restaurant

PA - A Bucks County man who was a former manager at an Upper Merion Hooters restaurant said living and working in the "fast lane" with drug and gambling addictions caused him to rob the restaurant at knifepoint. / By Carl Hessler Jr. / September 23, 2009

Gambling woman admits on-the-job embezzlement

IL - Sentencing... For a... Woman who federal prosecutors say stole $266,000 from her workplace and gambled away almost half the money. Lost more than $100,000 at an Alton casino... / Associated Press / September 24, 2009

Hooters armed robber sentenced to prison

PA - A former manager at an Upper Merion Hooters restaurant said living and working in the "fast lane" with drug and gambling addictions caused him to rob the restaurant at knifepoint. He filled his life with gambling, drinking, drugs and women. Gilardi used a knife to rob the North Gulph Road restaurant where he had once worked. He wanted a "fresh start" by paying off his debts. / For The Times Herald / By CARL HESSLER Jr. / September 23, 2009

Internet Cafe Raids in the US

- There was one report around a year ago about senior citizens in South Carolina being arrested for gambling online at their local Internet caf?. A similar story also came out of Murray, Utah where police arrested almost 50 employees and customers for participating in online gambling activity. Like the raid in Florida, the Utah raid came after months investigating the establishment. Police suspected the Fortune Cyber Caf? of being involved in illegal gambling online. / by Haylie / September 23rd, 2009

Judge sentences local accountant to prison

SC - U.S. District Judge... Sentenced a Columbia accountant to 52 months in federal prison Tuesday for mail fraud in connection with an elderly couple who were swindled out of most of their $800,000 life savings. Sentencing hearing... Focused on Monahan's chronic gambling addiction. / By JOHN MONK / Sep. 22, 2009

Jury Finds Theft Topped $350,000

WA - A Centralia woman faces up to 10 years in jail after a jury found her guilty of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a "particularly vulnerable" man. She stole about $350,000 from the man... The man, who lives in a... Assisted living facility, Gave some to her boyfriend, who she said had a gambling problem. "the crime was committed against a particularly vulnerable person" / By Andy Campbell / September 22, 2009

Lakeland Woman Gets Prison in $1 Million Fraud Case

FL - Investigators say the 49-year-old Lakeland woman swindled more than $1 million from people seeking to invest in mobile homes. As part of a plea deal, Pitts pleaded guilty to 20 criminal charges, and prosecutors agreed to drop a remaining 19 charges. Records also showed "a large volume of gambling activity" at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa... Charges of exploiting an 88-year-old Lakeland man with memory problems. / The Ledger / By Jason Geary / September 23, 2009

Madison County woman admits embezzlement

IL - A Madison County woman pleaded guilty to federal charges Wednesday and admitted embezzling more than $250,000 from her employer. She also had a serious gambling problem... / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Robert Patrick / 09.23.2009

Man gets fine, time served after stealing from dying mother

MN - Gilbertson II, 31... Told police he used his mother's money because of his addictions to methamphetamine and gambling, Pleading guilty to stealing about $170,000 from his vulnerable mother. His mother... Was diagnosed... With brain cancer and suffered from dementia and aphasia. Gilbertson attempted to cash two of her Social Security checks and withdrew $70,000 from an insurance account... Refinanced his mother's home... / Duluth News Tribune / By: Brandon Stahl / September 21 2009

Pennsylvania gambling regulators allow DeNaples to hand over casino to his daughter

PA - The seven-member Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board voted unanimously to allow Lisa DeNaples to take over Mount Airy Casino Resort as manager of a trust that is expected to expand to include more of Louis DeNaples' children. The board's decision also ends the term of the trustee whom the agency appointed to oversee the casino while DeNaples was fighting perjury charges. / The Associated Press / September 23, 2009

Problem gambling grows as casinos proliferate

OK - Of all the labels that apply to Jackie Borovetz - wife, mother, grandmother, professional - gambling addict might be the last to come to mind. "I started gambling when they first brought them into Muskogee," she said in a telephone interview from FMC Carswell, a prison in Fort Worth, Texas, where she is serving time for taking nearly $600,000 from the clerk's office. "What happened the first time I ever took money from the court, I had gambled my whole paycheck and I had no money. "I think my ex-husband had to bail me out to the tune of $5,000 three times on top of my paycheck," Borovetz said. She admitted in federal court earlier this year that she devised a scheme to defraud the state and Muskogee County of $594,230... -Roger Q. Melson, former director of audits for the Commissioners of the Land Office, was named in a 174-count indictment in June that accused him of taking more than $1.16 million in royalty payments to the office. His attorney has said Melson has a gambling problem. -Danny Rennels, the former executive secretary for a private association that regulates high school sports in Oklahoma, was charged Monday with embezzling $457,500 from the organization. Prosecutors said Rennels indicated he gambled the money away. -Former State Rep. Mike Mass was sentenced last May to two years in prison for his role in a kickback scheme prosecutors said was fueled by his gambling addiction. Such cases help boost awareness of the problem of gambling addiction, Harwell said. / Associated Press / by ROCHELLE HINES / 21 September 2009

Shupe shuffles into legal trouble in Vegas

NV - Former owner of O'Hair's salon, was convicted of one charge cocaine possession in connection with the James Steven Caudillo investigation. He now faces an embezzlement charge in Clark County, Nev. after he admitted to stealing more than $86,000 from his employer. He took the money to pay bills caused by his gambling addiction. / North Platte Bulletin / by Ben Schwartz / 9/23/2009

Slidell woman charged with stealing $287,000 from a New Orleans company

LA - A 60-year-old Slidell woman has been charged with stealing $287,000 from a New Orleans air conditioning and heating company to feed her gambling habit. / By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch / September 23, 2009

St. Peters forger cites gambling addiction

MO - A St. Peters woman admitted Monday to taking out college loans in her two daughters' names to support her gambling habit. For nearly $140,000... Her grandmother and her sister were not financially liable for what happened. "She was just caught up in her gambling addiction." / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Shane Anthony / 09/22/2009

Thorpe Pleads Guilty on Tax Evasion

FL - Champions Tour golfer Jim Thorpe has pleaded guilty to failing to pay more than $2 million in income taxes. The U.S. District Attorney's office also said Thorpe "won and lost at gambling a total of at least $1.7 million'' from 2002-04 and "used his winnings to continue gambling instead of paying the income taxes he owed.'' / September 23, 2009

Tougher Ohio cockfighting laws

OH - Goodwin, Humane Society... A bill in the Ohio House that would make cockfighting a felony but legislation has not been voted on. "It's done just for gambling and blood lust. Every time they raid a cockfight, they find narcotics, illegal gambling, they find gang members. / 23 Sep 2009

Two men jailed after refusing to testify in grand jury probe of alleged online gambling

MO - Two more area men were ordered into custody Wednesday for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury in Kansas City. At least four others previously have been jailed as part of the grand jury probe into alleged online gambling. None has been charged with a crime as part of the investigation. / The Kansas City Star / By TONY RIZZO / Sep. 23, 2009

International Gambling Crimes

'Despicable' mugger gets 10 years jail

UK - VULNERABLE residents have been warned to check the identities of callers after this cowardly robber preyed on a pensioner and disabled woman. Cliff, aged 24, Mugged two vulnerable women in their own homes to feed his gambling addiction. Conned his way into the home of wheelchair-bound Paula Murphy, 34, by posing as a policeman. Claimed to be an electrician to get into the home of 82-year-old... / By Richard Blackledge / 23rd September 2009

90 arrested for gambling in Turbhe

India - Police arrested 90 persons for illegal gambling... 12,800 in cash was seized... / TNN / 20 September 2009

Bloody man found next to dead prostitute

China - A 21-YEAR-OLD suspect has been arrested after being found in bed and covered in blood next to a prostitute he allegedly stabbed dead... Was a former restaurant worker who became depressed after gambling away his life savings of 30,000 yuan (US$4,392), "I wanted to commit suicide but didn't want to be lonely... / Sept 21, 2009

Court told of Middlesbrough man's ?11k overtime fraud

UK - A CIVILIAN security officer fleeced the Ministry of Defence out of more than ?11,000 to feed his grief-induced gambling habit. Cox, 40, claimed for 960 hours' overtime he hadn't worked, illegally inflating his wage by a total of ?11,337, a court heard. He'd developed a gambling addiction and was using the money to fund it, / Evening Gazette / by Gareth Lightfoot / Sep 21 2009

End of the road for Casanova fraudster

South Africa - A former magistrate dubbed the "Casanova" fraudster has been jailed for seven years after conning more than 30 women while romancing them... Fouche's crimes had arisen from a gambling addiction: "It is hoped that during your term in prison, you will undergo the appropriate rehabilitation process that will address your gambling problem, so that you may be safely introduced back into society." / By Sherlissa Peters / September 22 2009

Ex-bank manager jailed

New Zealand - A former Westpac bank manager who stole more than $400,000 did it to feed a major gambling addiction. / The Southland Times / 24/09/2009

Gambling thief lost most of ?694,000

UK - An MP's brother frittered away more than ?600,000 he stole from clients through his work as a financial adviser on a gambling addiction, One of his victims lost her entire life savings of ?226,000. His ill-gotten gains are believed to total around ?694,000. He had spent almost the entire amount he stole on gambling. / September 22, 2009

How the Game Arcade Scam Works

South Korea - Victims can end up losing their shirt, and it isn't because of the gambling machines themselves. The percentage of wins in slot machines is set at 90-95 percent or even above 100 percent in highly competitive areas crowded with competing arcades. The handling fees fall directly to the hands of the arcade owners, who in effect operate the exchange booths. This is why experts say that efforts to crack down on adult game arcades will be cosmetic if no corresponding efforts are made to clamp down on the illegal exchange booths. / Aug. 22, 2006

Indian man gambles daughter away: report

India - A father in eastern India gave away his teenage daughter to a fellow gambler after he lost a card game, Used his 18-year-old daughter as a stake after he lost all his money, The father was a compulsive gambler... / September 20, 2009

MP's brother must pay back ?200k

UK - An MP's brother has been ordered to pay back ?200,000 he stole from clients through his work as a financial adviser... Martin Pearson, brother of Dudley South MP Ian Pearson, is serving a four-and-a-half year jail term after he was convicted of conning seven victims out of a total of more than ?650,000. He had squandered every penny of his ill-gotten gains on a gambling addiction... A tearful Mrs Pearson, who is confined to a wheelchair with rheumatoid arthritis, pledged to stand by her husband. / Sept 23, 2009

PMB con pleads guilty

South Africa - A FORMER relief magistrate in KwaZulu-Natal, Johan Carel Fouche (39), pleaded guilty yesterday to a string of fraud and theft charges and was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, Lawyer... Claims that his crimes were the result of a gambling problem. Dubbed by the media as the "casanova fraudster" Because of his alleged confidence tricks perpetrated on women he'd befriended. 67 counts of fraud and theft... / Ingrid Oellermann / 22 Sep 2009

Postman stole cash to fund gambling

UK - A POSTMAN stole thousands of pounds of customers' cash from Royal Mail to fund his gambling habit. Pocketed ?3,900 from customers to play on slot machines. / Ben Turner / September 23, 2009

Prison Inmates Face Problem Gambling Potential

Canada - Canadian researchers studying inmate patterns have found that prisoners' problem gambling issues can be created or exacerbated while in prison. Found stays behind bars may develop a blooming compulsive gambling issue for inmates upon release. Prison sociologists say gambling is rampant behind bars, with everything from stamps to cigarettes used as currency... Problem gambling issues are often a cause of a failure to avoid future criminal behavior, / By Brian Chan / September 20, 2009

Thieving Shell manager thought gambling would clear debts

UK - A GARAGE boss stole ?20,000 from the station's tills - then gambled it all away in a failed bid to pay off her debts. / By Michael MacLeod / Sept 22, 2009

Violence in Moradabad casino

India - The violence allegedly started in a casino illegally operating in the Prem Wonderland Water Kingdom. Later, it spilled out and casino workers started beating randomly of even those who had come to visit the park. / From ANI / 9-24-09

Woman took ?20k in bid to pay off debts

UK - A GARAGE manager stole ?20,000 in takings and gambled it in an attempt to pay off money she owed her boss. / 23 September 2009