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8/16/09 TO 8/22/09

$1,000 betting limit 'sick'

Canada - A recovering gambling addict says the Atlantic Lottery Corp.'s decision to up the weekly online betting limit to $1,000 is "absolutely sick." Actor John Dunsworth, best known for his portrayal of Jim Lahey in Trailer Park Boys, has lost thousands to the video lottery terminals over the years. "They admit that close to 80 per cent of the revenue comes from problem gamblers and so they just want to speed up the (addiction) process, The Canada Safety Council has said that problem gambling accounts for an average of 200 suicides in this country each year. Mr. Dunsworth said people are draining their savings and plunging into debt to pay for problem gambling. / By PATRICIA BROOKS ARENBURG and DAVID JACKSON / Aug 22

Australian Online Casinos Scolded on Problem Gambling Enticements

Australia - An Australian online casino affiliate site is accused of using fake websites advertising help for problem gambling to lure players to its site promoting gambling. Fake addresses were designed to target people having trouble with compulsive gambling. / by K.C.Carmichael / August 18, 2009

BC Lottery Corporation faces criticism after increasing online gambling limits

Canada - "It's another cash grab by (a) government that's very anxious about its budget situation," said New Democrat MLA Shane Simpson. And, according to the government, Internet gambling is growing at a rate of 20 per cent a year. The weekly limit is now capped at $9,999. Simpson said to increase the weekly limit with no consultation and analysis was irresponsible. He said people are more susceptible to Internet gambling than other forms of gaming, Campbell [criminologist] said online gambling particularly appeals to the younger generation - kids who were raised on non-gambling video games who are now old enough to have their own credit cards. Irene Tang, a gambling-addiction counsellor, said her clients who gamble online tend to be younger. / The Associated Press / Aug 20, 2009

Father Severs Ties With Debt-Ridden Son

Malaysia - A father... Who is worried over the safety of his family due to constant harassment by loan shark syndicates or "ah long", decided to sever ties with his debt-ridden only son. Son, who is a gambling addict, / BERNAMA / August 18, 2009

Ireland a land of opportunity for online casinos

Ireland - For example if Ireland chooses to make a bid for a piece of a ?44bn-a-year online casino industry what would it take? The 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act is a stumbling block thus far, a dated act that keeps the online gambling industry from entering Ireland. The Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform has described the 1956 Act as a "relic of social history... The Gaming and Leisure Association has been lobbying for the past three years for new legislation and a regulatory framework. / 19 August 2009

Murray Langdon Comment

Canada - The BC Lottery Corporation's decision to up the weekly limit on its Play Now website strikes me as something between recklessness and lunacy. The current cap allows players to deposit $120 per week into their virtual wallet in order to gamble on line. Now, the corporation is boosting that limit - and quite substantially - to $10,000 per week. My concern here is this policy decision might create more problem gamblers or more severe cases. / Aug 19, 2009

Online gambling will hurt families

Canada - When a government chooses knowingly to inflict harm on the public, it has lost its way. The Liberals' expansion of gambling -- especially the latest effort to make online betting into a major revenue stream -- will inevitably cause serious harm to families and communities. That reality has been consistently acknowledged by Gordon Campbell and the Liberals. But they have chosen profits over principle. Research has shown online gamblers have a higher risk of becoming addicted and getting into trouble. A 1999 U.S. study noted "the high-speed instant gratification of Internet games and the high level of privacy they offer may exacerbate problem and pathological gambling." MLA Ida Chong said her research showed "Internet gambling is as addictive, if not more addictive, than other forms of gambling." / Times Colonist / August 21, 2009

Parents Urged to Pay More Attention to Youth Gambling Problem

China - The current efforts to prevent the initiation of youth gambling are possibly being undermined by parents as the majority of parents reported having gambled with their children and do not view gambling as a serious youth issue, according to Jeffrey Derevensky, a child psychologist and professor at McGill University in Montreal, Only 40 percent of parents consider gambling as a serious youth issue, which is far less than drug use (87 percent), alcohol use (82 percent), drink driving (81 percent), unsafe sexual activities (81 percent) and violence in schools and bullying (75 percent). / Xinhua / 2009-08-17

Taxpayers may be down $700m in Crown gamble

Australia - Under Victorian law, a gambler excluded from an interstate casino must not be allowed into Crown, and if they do enter and play, any winnings must be forfeited to the state. Mr Kakavas ultimately lost $20 million at Crown, which he is now suing the casino for - claiming executives lured him there, knowing of his pathological gambling disorder. Crown is countersuing for $1 million. Mr Kakavas... Banned by Crown from entering since 1998. Before that, he excluded himself from Crown and sought treatment through the casino for a gambling addiction. / Kate Lahey / August 20, 2009

Teen gamers at risk of gambling addiction

Australia - Teenagers who play video games regularly are more likely to develop the obsessive and anti-social tendencies that lead to problem gambling. Researchers at the University of Adelaide... Found that 56 per cent had gambled in the past year and 2.4 per cent had already become pathological gamblers, even before they turned 18. That is higher than the 2.1 per cent of adults found to be problem gamblers... / JONATHAN DART and PETER HAWKINS / August 20, 2009

Teens Gambling Goes Beyond Money to Posessions and Sex

Australia - Problem Gambling Service found that teens denied gaming opportunities... Create their own bets on playgrounds and online. Over 62 percent of those 14 and over had gambled at some point. Davidson relayed a story of one girl who lost her virginity over a bet. Others use parents' credit cards, or trade assets like cell phones. / by Matt Miller / August 20, 2009

Website preys on hooked punters

Australia - Problem gamblers who search the web for help from Gamblers Anonymous have instead been redirected to big betting agencies, exhorting them to ''place a bet now''. But instead of finding help, people browsing have up until yesterday been automatically redirected to, a website containing little more than advertisements for Australia's big betting agencies: Sportsbet, Centrebet, Sportingbet and IASbet. Reverend Tim Costello, a problem-gambling campaigner and CEO of World Vision Australia, said the move was ''one of the most socially irresponsible, sinister things I've heard of''. ''It's outrageous - it's really putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank,'' he said. / Asher Moses / August 18, 2009

Young and in debt - because of gambling

Singapore - EDUCATED and in debt from gambling - a sticky situation that more young Singaporeans are finding themselves in. One in four debtors aged below 30 cited gambling as a cause of their financial woes last year... Can owe 12 creditors up to $150,000. / BY KOH HUI THENG / Aug 19, 2009