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8/09/09 TO 8/15/09

'Tremendous persuader' pleads guilty to fraud

Canada - To his new friends, Rick Nguyen looked like a successful wheeler and dealer, a man who bragged about the condominiums he owned and drove around town in a shiny BMW. Nguyen said he owned a company called CRS Investments, the motto on his company letterhead: "Tradition of Trust." Nguyen, 28, pleaded guilty yesterday to defrauding four Winnipeggers of $130,000 in cash and merchandise. Nguyen used the money to feed his gambling addiction. / The Winnipeg Sun / By DEAN PRITCHARD / Aug 7, 2009

Bookmakers Bank on $1.6 Billion Internet Bingo Sales (Update1)

UK - Revenue from online bingo will rise more than 20 percent both this year and next, totaling about $1.3 billion by the end of 2009 and $1.6 billion in 2010, according to data from H2 Gambling Capital, William Hill said net revenue for online bingo and "skill" games like backgammon rose 50 percent in the first half of the year. Sales at its outlets fell 1 percent... Meanwhile, U.K. bingo club revenue will probably fall 17 percent to 2 billion pounds this year, hurt by the economic slump, an indoor smoking ban, and a tax increase introduced in April, The growth of online bingo has spurred expansion and consolidation in the gaming industry. Online bingo marketing has tended to focus on women... / Bloomberg / By Matthew Campbell and David Merritt / Aug. 11, 2009

Greyhound racing is cruel to the dogs

Philippines - Would you like to have a new gambling system in the Philippines that would result in the killing of tens of thousands of puppies and adult dogs every year and have thousands more kept in cramped cages almost 24 hours a day? That is what is going to happen here if two new bills are passed by Congress to give a franchise to a private corporation to operate a greyhound racetrack in Cebu. Dogs want nothing more than to snuggle on the couch and be part of a family, but the world of racing greyhounds is reduced to a tiny cage and a lifetime of servitude. Thousands of puppies that breeders think would be too slow to win races are killed each year. Adult dogs have been shot, bludgeoned, or simply abandoned to starve to death. "Thousands of greyhounds considered too slow or too old to race are being killed and dumped by their owners," said Dr. Hugh Wirth, president of the Australia RSPCA. Recently 10,000 dead greyhounds were found in a killing field. This cruel gambling habit has no place in the Philippines. / Philippine Daily Inquirer / By Neal Cruz / 08/10/2009

I was losing $1K a week on races, Damian Cupido reveals

Australia - FOOTBALLER Damian Cupido has revealed he lost more than $1000 a week at the peak of a gambling addiction that controlled his life. The former Brisbane Lions and Essendon forward broke his silence this week, vowing to kick the "illness" and return to football next season. / David Hastie / August 09, 2009

Keno's future in Nova Scotia still up in the air

Canada - Finance Minister Graham Steele... Hasn't made up his mind yet on whether to keep Keno in Nova Scotia, Gambling awareness groups who claim it will increase problem gambling. / METRO HALIFAX / August 14, 2009

Online Bingo Industry Suffers as Players Turn to Free Bingo Rooms

UK - UK Online Bingo monitoring service reported today that UK online bingo sites offering free bingo rooms are causing a shift in player behaviour leading to a potential drop in player loyalty across many of the well established brands in the market. The data, released today, shows that free bingo rooms across all online bingo sites in the United Kingdom accounted for 31% of all player activity in July. This is up from only 3% in January 2009. / Aug 12, 2009

Online Casinos Foresee Expanding European Bingo Market

EU - Bingo will be a major growth source for online casino operators in Europe, William Hill has reported revenue generated by bingo to be up by 50 percent over the first two quarters of the year. Online casino bingo operation had grown by 30 percent while land-based sales declined 7.4 percent. / by K.C.Carmichael / August 11, 2009

Sports lose all Eureka grants

New Zealand - The Canterbury-based trust, which has allocated over $3.5 million to sporting organisations since its inception in 2003, has halted grants to non-charitable amateur sports bodies. Eureka Trust funding was suspended after the Problem Gambling Foundation challenged the legality of their deed to make grants to the racing industry. However, the issue has also spilled over into sport with the trust now unable to fund non-charitable amateur sport, according to their lawyers. There were several other gaming trusts who made grants to the racing industry and he was not sure why the Eureka Trust had been singled out. / The Press / By GEOFF LONGLEY / 08/08/2009