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8/02/09 TO 8/08/09

Casino Succession in Question

China - HONG KONG -- The ailing health of Macau's 87-year-old gambling tycoon Stanley Ho raises questions about who will take over his casino empire and inherit his substantial fortune. The openly polygamous Mr. Ho has 17 children, Casinos affiliated with the Ho family controlled about 53% of gambling revenue in Macau, which totaled about US$14 billion last year, making it the world's largest casino market. He is the driving force behind a rare alliance among Macau's six casino operators, formed to dial back industry competition on the commissions that operators pay to the intermediaries who bring in high-rolling patrons. Mr. Ho has come under scrutiny in the U.S. In 2005, New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement reviewed MGM Mirage's Macau joint venture with Mr. Ho's daughter, Pansy. It submitted a report to the state gaming commission noting that "over the years there have been numerous public allegations suggesting that Stanley Ho, the father of MGM's joint venture partner Pansy Ho, has ties to Asian organized crime." / By JONATHAN CHENG / AUGUST 7, 2009

Chile: Gambling shooting up

Chile - As reported by El Mercurio: "Chileans are gambling at casinos more often and are spending more money during each visit, according to the latest figures from the Superintendent of Casinos and Gambling (SCJ). / 5 August 2009

Ex-AFL player banned over gambling vice

Australia - Former AFL player Damian Cupido has been stood down from his South Australian football club because of a gambling addiction. / August 5, 2009

Gambling Companies Could Leave Costa Rica if Taxed

Costa Rica - Following news over the past two weeks that the Government of Costa Rica is considering taxing online gambling firms operating in that country, operators have told they would leave if push comes to shove. Finance Minister Guillermo Z??iga announced that the Finance Ministry will introduce a bill in the Legislative Assembly to impose a special 2 percent tax on gambling revenues - online and offline - earned in Costa Rica, according to the Tico Times. "The principal idea of the bill is to regulate activity," / Aug 2, 2009

Italy Is a 'Mad House' for Lottery

Italy - Neophytes do it. Financially pinched town councils do it. Even people who usually shun gambling as a cunning ruse for the state to raise taxes do it. With a record ?119 million jackpot at stake in Italy's state lottery, millions have been gripped by lotto fever. The economic crisis and growing unemployment seem only to have fueled dreams of instant wealth. "It's been shown statistically that numbers of bettors increase in times of economic downturn," said Silvana Mazzocchi, who has written two books on gambling and its addictions. "Gambling takes advantage of weak people," added Rolando De Luca, a psychotherapist specialized in gambling addiction. / By ELISABETTA POVOLEDO / August 5, 2009

Kyrgyzstan may build gambling hub for Russian casinos forced to close

Kyrgyzstan - The ex-Soviet state... Building a gambling resort after Russia banned casinos... / AGA SmartBrief / 08/06/2009

Online Casino Regulation Needed In South Africa

South Africa - The main concern among many in South Africa is the growing number of underage online gambling players. With technology at its all-time high, many young people are accessing the web easier and that means online casinos as well. / 8-4-09

Online Casinos Leaving UK Has Sports Leagues Worried

UK - The sports bodies are worried that new operating bases mean that such books... Will no longer be under UK regulations, which require the online gaming sites to share information and disclose suspicious betting patterns. But gaming experts point to the international cooperation given tennis in its fight against gaming corruption, and say it is in the sports books' best interest to work with sports associations to prevent fixed games. / by EdBradley / August 4, 2009

Teens, tweens rolling the dice online

Canada - According to one researcher, teens and tweens are logging on to Web-based casinos and lottery sites in huge numbers, "There's a lack of general awareness that gambling can become a problem amongst teens," said Dr. Jeffrey Derevensky, co-founder of McGill University's International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems. "A study conducted in Nova Scotia as to the prevalence of youth gambling found teens were gambling online at three times the rate of adults," / The Gazette / By MONIQUE MUISE / August 6, 2009