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7/26/09 TO 8/01/09

'Casinos are driving youth to suicide'

India - Ruling party MLAs made a strong pitch on Monday that the state do away with casinos. She [Fernandes, MLA] said that youths were losing their salaries with the lure of earning fast money, ending up in depression and even contemplating on giving up their lives. Our children are losing their money, their salaries and then committing suicide. / 28 July 2009

EDITORIAL: Gambling's slope getting steeper

Canada - When legalized gambling was introduced... The governments claimed there would only be one or two casinos here or there. B.C. residents, on average, lost $436 per person in 2008 through gambling, It's expected to rise to $511 by 2010. It's $436 for everybody, from toddlers in diapers to centenarians. / July 30, 2009

Gambler sues lotteries corp.

CANADA - A Winnipeg woman is suing Manitoba Lotteries Corp., claiming casino staff allowed her to continue gambling for years after she agreed to be banned from the establishments. She was thereafter continually allowed into the casinos operated by the defendant to gamble without any intervention... / The Winnipeg Sun / By DEAN PRITCHARD

High-rollers curb their spending at the world's gambling hotspot

China - Even the global gambling capital is not immune to the economic crisis. For the first time Macau's multi-billion dollar business is suffering. But the financial downturn is not the only reason. Gambling is everything in Macau, the former Portuguese colony, now a Chinese Special Administrative Region. Its 500,000 citizens welcome 30 million visitors every year, most of them from mainland China and Hong Kong. The peninsula in the southeast of China is a huge attraction for one reason: Macau is the only place in China, where casinos are legal. / Author: Patrick Vanhulle / 28.07.2009

Off limits: sights and sounds of gambling

Australia - CLUBS, casinos and gambling venues could be required to undertake significant renovations to make sure children are not able to see, or even hear, gambling. Guidelines drawn up by state and federal ministers say children must not only be kept out of gaming venues but also must not be "exposed to gambling areas within venues". The guidelines also include encouraging breaks in play, banning the service of alcohol to people using a gambling machine and prominently displaying clocks so people can see how much time they have spent at machines. / Stephanie Peatling / July 25, 2009

Online gambling 'timebomb' alert

UK - BOSSES at an addiction charity which helps alcoholics, drug users and problem gamblers to beat their vices have revealed their caseload has DOUBLED in the last year since the laws covering online casinos were softened. The 2005 liberalisation of gambling laws has been blamed for fuelling an increase in gambling addiction. Recent report for the Gambling Commission revealed that one in 20 young people had developed a gambling problem... / Paisley Daily Express / by Andrew Newport / Jul 29 2009

OUR VIEW: 388 years to repay money unacceptable

New Zealand - The case of a Rotorua man effectively being given 388 years to repay the money he stole from his employer raises serious questions about our justice system. He took the money to bankroll a gambling habit. / 30th July 2009

Spain Working Towards Cleaning Up Online Gambling Laws

Spain - There are several countries that have been scolded because of their stances on Internet gambling. Spain was one of those countries, and unlike the US, Spanish officials are moving quickly to correct the discrepancies... Spain has been dealing with the European Commission regarding their online gambling practices. / / By Tom Jones / July 27, 2009

The Lottery is a bad bet for the poor, says report

UK - A newly published report by the thinktank Theos reveals that people in Britain's lowest socio-economic groups are more likely to play the lottery than the more affluent, but are less likely to benefit from lottery funding. Paul Woolley, director of Theos, says the research adds to a "growing body of evidence" showing that Lottery players come from poorer backgrounds and spend significantly more than affluent players. "The old argument that the National Lottery is a 'tax' on the poor for the benefit of the middle classes may have some justification," concluded Woolley. / By staff writers / 30 Jul 2009

Trust stops giving grants to racing industry

New Zealand - A Christchurch-based trust is leading the way, making a decision to stop distributing part of its profits to racing. The foundation hopes it will be an example to other trusts. Pokie machines generate millions of dollars, and part of their profits are set aside for charity. But instead of worthy causes, $25 million of those profits goes to support the racing industry. / By Lachlan Forsyth / 29 Jul 2009

US And China Want Free Trade, Except For Online Gambling

- While both countries claim that compliance is essential, they have not shown as much through their online gambling stances. [US REP] Frank is representing millions of people in the US that want to be free to gamble online legally if they choose to do so. China is in a similar situation as the US when it comes to online gambling laws. / / By Terry Goodwin / July 29, 2009