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National Gambling Crimes

2 Arrested, Accused Of Running Illegal Gaming Room

OH - Police seized gaming machines, $1,900 in cash, and ATM machine, suspected narcotics and other items... / July 24, 2009

Bookkeeper admits to theft

WA - The 67-year-old former bookkeeper for the Porthole Pub Bar & Grill in Ocean Shores has admitted embezzling more than $80,000 from the establishment during three years of work. Casino records indicated he had lost more than $148,400 during six years between 2002 and mid-2008, court records stated. He later admitted a gambling addiction to investigators. / The Daily World / BY JACOB JONES / July 28, 2009

Cocaine and Free Gambling at Gulfstream Park

FL - For some employees, Gulfstream Park was a hell of a place to work, full of cocaine and free gambling. When the scheme was finally discovered in 2007, hundreds of thousands of dollars had been stolen from the casino and taxpayers, and now the "family-friendly" racetrack is left with a potential public relations nightmare. According to investigators, the park's employees and their friend, a cocaine-slinging ex-con once convicted of murder, ripped off nearly $289,324 in slot winnings. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined the Hallandale Beach casino now owes $144,662 in taxes on that ill-begotten money. The ring of employees, which included highly placed supervisors, clearly acted in rogue fashion. "I've looked at the documents, and I still can't figure it out," says Mardi Gras Gaming President Dan Adkins, who received a copy of the investigation. "There has to be more to the story." In the end, not a lot of punishment or blame has been meted out for theft of at least $300,000 that should have been earmarked for education. / By Bob Norman / July 28, 2009

DCF employee investigated for possible theft of funds, court papers say

FL - Authorities have seized the personal computers of a Department of Children & Families employee as part of an investigation into whether she was taking money set aside for needy Florida families and children, court records show. One former DCF supervisor is serving a 17-year prison sentence for looting $1.54 million she largely spent to feed a gambling addiction. Another former employee is awaiting trial, accused of stealing more than $34,000. The inquiry into whether Dees abused her position began last month after she was arrested on suspicion of breaking into her mother-in-law's house and stealing $2,000 in jewelry and $200 in cash, according to court records. / South Florida Sun Sentinel / By Jon Burstein / July 24, 2009

Danville woman, dad accused of bilking investors

CA - A Danville woman and her father have been indicted on charges that they bilked investors of a children's software Internet startup they ran. Stole nearly $3 million... Gambling, cars and home mortgages... / AP / July 28, 2009

Denver Kalkofen of New Holstein sentenced in Calumet County to seven years in prison for theft and securities crimes

WI - Victims of a financial adviser who stole $2.25 million by selling fictional investments say their trust in others was taken alongside their hard-earned savings. Investors included a 91-year-old woman who gave nearly $300,000. Defense attorney Jeffrey Brandt said Kalkofen's crimes were a symptom of a gambling addiction. / Post-Crescent / By Jim Collar / July 28, 2009

Former Morristown attorney accused of stealing $200,000

NJ - A disbarred Morristown attorney who went to prison in 2002 for stealing $507,000 has been newly charged with swiping more than $200,000 from a business in Haskell for which he prepared tax returns. His partners learned he was stealing around April 1997 and offered to support him if he underwent therapy for compulsive gambling, but they ousted him from the firm when his pilfering continued. / By PEGGY WRIGHT / July 30, 2009

Man Finally Charged In Illegal Gambling Operation Case

UT - With the authorities cracking down on bars and convenience stores for gambling activity, it was only a matter of time before they caught up to the Internet cafe's. One of those cafe's, the Fast Cation Internet Cafe in Salt Lake City was the focus of an undercover investigation last October. The owner of the business, Frank Musil, was finally charged in the case. / / By April Gardner / July 30, 2009

Md. man admits robbing senior of $10K at casino

NJ - A 31-year-old Baltimore man has admitted he mugged and robbed an elderly man of $10,000 after following him out of an Atlantic City casino into a parking garage. / The Associated Press / Jul. 29, 2009

Metro: Prostitution activity found at topless Rio pool

NV - Metro Police officers made arrests for "prostitution-related activity" Saturday at the Rio's Sapphire Pool, police said, which resulted in the hotel-casino's decision to close the pool. / by Our Partners at the Las Vegas Sun / 29 July 2009

Michael Vick in Albuquerque? Dogfighting and Cockfighting in NM

NM - In a June 19, 2009 article, Mr. Ruiz reported that the New Mexico Court of Appeal upheld the state law banning cockfighting... An organization called the New Mexico Gamefowl Association has filed a seventy-seven million dollar class action lawsuit in Federal District Court in Las Cruces, basing a claim on the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. They allege that cockfighting is a part of their cultural heritage. Dog fighting is distinguishable from cockfighting in New Mexico as it is not claimed to be a part of the New Mexico regional cultural heritage. There are no dog fighting lobbying group... / July 28

Pakistani executive of US firm faces charges

CA - A former Pakistani-American top executive at a major electronics company, who was arrested in California December 19 on charges of allegedly embezzling more than $65 million to pay off his huge gambling debts in Las Vegas, now faces five lawsuits, according to American news media. Once he lost $8 million in a day. / July 29, 2009

Pinellas County Clerk's office says cash for jurors stolen

FL - For years, Deborah Haugabook has been a favorite at her job as a court supervisor for the Pinellas County clerk. Crying, and with her adult son by her side, Haugabook admitted to stealing $8,500 from cash used to pay jurors, She even tried to return the money by gambling, but she failed. / Times / By David DeCamp and Kameel Stanley / July 26, 2009

Police Bust Canary Fighting Ring In Shelton

- Multiple state law enforcement agencies busted up a bird fighting ring in the town of Shelton Sunday morning. "It's looking like animal cruelty and illegal gambling. They [officers] have found a large amount of currency also at this scene." / Fox 61 / Nick Caito / July 26, 2009

Police arrest 19 in Connecticut finch-fighting ring

CT - Police arrested 19 people and seized 150 birds in a house raid on an alleged bird-fighting operation involving saffron finches and canaries. Seized $8,000 in alleged betting money. / The Associated Press / Jul. 27, 2009

Police bag robbery suspect at golf course

MN - An unemployed golfer with a gambling problem stashed cash from a bank he held up in St. Paul in his golf bag and was arrested at a nearby course on Monday, according to charges. Turner told police that he has been unemployed since February and had racked up $3,500 in gambling losses in the past five months. / Star Tribune / July 30, 2009

Police Believe Gambling Motive for Shooting

MN - The 17-year-old arrested in... Shooting... Could face attempted murder charges. Allegedly shot Michael Mills in the face and the shoulder. / KAAL-TV LLC / By: Mary Taing / 07/28/2009

Prosecutors: Wiretaps show mobster still dangerous

IL - Even at age 85, reputed mobster Sam Volpendesto clearly has a soft spot for the days when Al Capone was boss in Chicago's ruthless mob scene. He seems to delight in telling how he lived among "very dangerous people" and watched one mobster put a human body through a meat grinder. Prosecutors argued that Volpendesto is still a dangerous man, and only six years ago set off a pipe bomb that demolished a video poker company in Chicago's suburban Berwyn. No one was injured, but prosecutors said it was a warning to stay away from the mob's gambling monopoly in the area. / AP / By MIKE ROBINSON / Jul. 27, 2009

Rap sheet isn't automatic ticket home

NY - She has 13 felony convictions, a 50-page rap sheet and spent at least 21/2 of her 20 years in the United States behind bars. While her convictions led to a deportation order last year, Shoumin Chai, a 55-year-old native of China, has been allowed to remain in the country. She is in jail again, this time facing more than 100 charges in an alleged ATM scam at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem in which authorities say she stole as much as $10,000 from two dozen patrons last month. On June 19 and 20, Chai stood near Sands patrons as they used their ATM cards.Before they completed the transaction, she told them they had to insert the card again. The victims didn't know inserting the card a second time made another ''window'' appear behind the screen they were looking at. Chai then peeked over their shoulders as they entered their personal identification numbers. After the customer left, Chai would then use the PIN in the second window to get into the bank account. / OF THE MORNING CALL / By Kevin Amerman / July 26, 2009

Seminole Tribe police: Man robbing, battering elderly at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino caught

FL - Seminole Tribe police say they've caught the culprit behind three robberies in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino parking garage in the last month. The elderly woman had been sitting in her car at 5:16 p.m. when a man approached and grabbed her purse. Then he punched her in the arm to loosen her grip on the steering wheel and snatched the purse, / Times / By Robbyn Mitchell / July 31, 2009

Tropicana Entertainment's $100,000 Check

NJ - Last year, when Tropicana Entertainment started the process of persuading New Jersey gaming regulators it had severed all ties with ex-chief William J. Yung III, it did so with an application accompanied by a $100,000 check, which was signed by William J. Yung III. It was a major oops for a gambling company that lost its New Jersey license and its Atlantic City casino and was pushed into bankruptcy and split in two, all as a result of Yung getting on the wrong side of the state's Casino Control Commission, at least in the view of bondholders. Yung's foray into gambling drew slams from New Jersey regulators who found him unworthy to hold a license. / Associated Press / By Peg Brickley / July 27, 2009

International Gambling Crimes

'Revered' Surbiton accountant stole ?300,000 from hairdressers

UK - A "revered" Surbiton-based accountant who stole close to ?300,000 from hairdressing chain Headmasters to fund his gambling addiction was jailed for three years at Kingston Crown Court on July 22. Ellis' embezzling was on such a grand scale that he effectively prevented the company opening a new chain, costing up to 40 jobs by stealing the money over the course of 36 separate incidents, the court heard. / By Mike Didymus / 27th July 2009

A fifth of children are illegal gamblers according to study

UK - The study found that 21 per cent of 12 to 15-year-olds were betting. More than 52,000 in that age group - or 2 per cent - are becoming addicted. 525,000 youngsters between 12 and 15 had gambled in the past week. One third of gambling websites allowed under-18s to bet. / Daily Mail / 29th July 2009

David Vincent jailed for two years over $1 million charity theft

Australia - A former Wesley mission employee who stole over a $1 million from the charity to feed a gambling habit, will spend at least two years in jail. / LiveNews / Gil Taylor / 30 July 2009

Ex-royal officer jailed for fraud

UK - A former royal protection officer has been jailed for six years for masterminding a ?3m be"tting and property scam. Paul Page, 38, of Grays, Essex, conned 57 victims - including family and colleagues - over three years to fund a life of luxury and a gambling problem. Page set up a bogus property company to con colleagues, friends and family out of savings, redundancy cash and pension payouts. Some not only lost six-figure fortunes but their homes and marriages, his trial was told. His wife Laura, 42, was cleared of helping her husband launder the proceeds and intimidating and threatening to kill one of their victims after he spoke to police. / 30 July 2009

Gambler banned from betting shops

UK - A GAMBLING addict who was caught at night carrying a 'burglar's kit' has been banned by a judge from entering betting shops. Hill's criminal record of 68 previous offences included many for burglary and theft. Gambling was his vice and he spent his time at bookmakers. / By our court reporter / 28 July 2009

Gambling addict jailed for raids

UK - A gambling addict who carried out a string of armed robberies at bookmakers across south Wales in a bid to clear his debts has been jailed for 10 years. Cardiff Crown Court heard Morgan, who lost ?47,000 in three years, was desperate for money. The court heard Morgan covered his face and brandished a large kitchen knife before forcing staff to hand over around ?11,000. Four bookies were attacked on consecutive nights from 16 January, all at about closing time. The court heard Morgan's wife had begged the people who were lending her husband money to stop but they did not. / 27 July 2009

Gambling den kingpin, aide hacked to death

India - In an act of revenge a kingpin of a gambling den and his assistant were hacked to death in the wee hours of Thursday by a group of people. Mohammad Shafi Mohammad Hanif (40), who ran a gambling den, and his assistant were attacked by 20-25 persons over professional feud. Sources said, Mohd Sajid, who was arrested by the police, was Shafi's brother-in-law and had fallen apart after heated arguments with the former. Shafi had sacked him. / TNN / Vaidehi More / 31 July 2009

Leamington woman who stole to fund gambling habit goes to jail

UK - A Leamington travel shop clerk has been jailed after stealing more than ?100,000 to fund her gambling addiction. "The sums were taken for the purpose of feeding your gambling habit, both online and by the use of fruit machines. / Jul 27 2009

Macao Croupiers arrested for alleged casino chip theft

China - Worked for different casinos in Macao, / 27 July 2009

Police seek public help after woman punched in face, robbed

Australia - Vicious robbery at Southbank in which a woman's life was threatened. The victim, 60, was followed from Crown Casino to the Power St walkway where she was set upon by the thug at 5.25am on July 17. / Mark Buttler / July 28, 2009