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6/29/08 TO 7/5/08

AG's Office stands by opinion on gambling devices

GUAM - "We went to court yesterday and the court said that they were not to use those gambling devices until the court made a determination on whether they were entitled to or not. That's all been reversed now by the acting governor. Our investigation shows that these are gambling devices... So we intend to pursue what we think is the enforcement of Guam's laws against gambling and force the department to abide by those laws, He [Deputy AG] commented. Either way the AG's office stands by their decision and opinion that the amusement devices are illegal gambling devices... / KUAM News / by Mindy Aguon / July 01, 2008

Assault on woman, 76, puts focus on casino

AUSTRALIA - A 76-year-old Ashby woman was assaulted and robbed of several thousand dollars in a carpark at the Burswood Casino in a shocking incident which has again highlighted the growing problem with violent crime at the entertainment precinct. / RONAN O'CONNELL / 4th July 2008

Benefit worker's gambling habits ends in court

UK - A BENEFIT agency worker who took out over #20,000 in loans in his fiancEe's name to fund his gambling addiction has been spared jail. Smith pleaded guilty to obtaining money transfer by deception and fraud by obtaining a loan last month and appeared for sentence at Newcastle Crown Court today. / 4th July 2008

British holidaymaker plunged to death after losing poker game in Majorca

UK - A British holidaymaker has died after falling 40ft from a hotel during a forfeit for losing a game of poker. Police sources revealed that after losing a game of cards he was dared to strip off and run along a hotel corridor in just his socks and underpants. But he lost his balance at the end of the passageway and smashed through a fifth-floor window, falling to concrete below. He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics shortly after 8pm. / By Richard Edwards / 30/06/2008

Christopher Ronald Fitzsimons sues Graham West, TAB and Tabcorp

AUSTRALIA - A former Sydney solicitor who gambled away $10 million, used his daughter's Visa card to guarantee a secret credit betting account set up for him by the TAB, the NSW Supreme Court heard yesterday. Fitzsimons, 62, is suing the Minister for Gaming and Racing Graham West, TAB Limited and Tabcorp Holdings for almost $3.25 million in gambling losses he blew between April 2003 and June 2006. The court heard Mr Fitzsimons placed 7291 bets worth $4,749,324.00 between April 2003 and June 2006. Of those bets, 6246 were made when the account was in overdraft, which Mr Alexis said was a breach of TAB's ethical responsibility to its clients. / By Larissa Cummings / July 01, 2008

Czech municipalities want to limit gambling - minister

CZECH - Some 80 percent of Czech municipalities would like to limit gambling on their territory, Dzamila Stehlikova, minister for human rights and minorities, told journalists today, referring to a survey she ordered. A working group recommended that the new law on gambling, currently drafted by the Finance Ministry, limit gambling to special premises "to protect adolescents and people from socially excluded communities from the offer that is everywhere, in cafes, restaurants, hotels, at train stations and many other places," Stehlikova said. / 6-30-08

Don't bet on the recession to cure our gambling addicts

IRELAND - As you walk down the street of any Irish town, you will note that a lot of places are closing down. And if you make a connection between this and the overall national mood, you might even get the impression that Ireland itself is closing down. Except for one thing. Gambling dens are still opening up, while everything else has been closing down. During a recent stroll down the town of Arklow, for example, I counted nine gambling dens of various kinds, including one which had opened in the last six months. Which is nothing really. Slot machines, a form of gambling which is purely and horribly addictive, and, frankly, horrible in every way. / Declan Lynch / June 29 2008

Former government employee Oates sentenced to 15 months for fraud

CANADA - Oates used a complex scheme of bogus companies and fake invoices to receive hundreds of government cheques totalling more than $460,000 over the course of 5 1/2 years. In some cases, Oates laundered the money through charities with which she was involved. "To say this was a well-planned and well-executed crime is an understatement ...," Gunn said, reading her decision aloud in court. "There can be no question that she appreciated the seriousness of what she was doing and yet she persisted." The money Oates stole was primarily used for gambling, and Gunn said she accepted a psychologist's diagnosis that Oates is a pathological gambler. / July 04, 08


CHINA - 40 police officers raided four underground betting rings... Betting slips with a value of 6,58 million yuan ($960 000) were seized, Police have estimated that more than 30 million yuan was wagered... / July 02, 2008

Gambling addict's robbery bid

UK - A desperate gambling addict who was being threatened by loan sharks over four-figure debts tried to rob a woman outside Bradford's Law Courts. Miller was jailed for 27 months after pleading guilty to attempted robbery, taking a vehicle without consent and two burglaries, including one at the premises of his employers. / By Jenny Loweth / 1st July 2008

Gambling crackdown brings big revenue drop in South Korea

SOUTH KOREA - Slot machine revenue on U.S. installations in South Korea has dropped by millions of dollars since rules to prevent illegal gambling were introduced in January. In a January series on gambling abuse and illegal slot machine use at overseas installations, Stripes learned of numerous incidents of illegal gambling by South Koreans without status-of-forces agreement access to bases on the peninsula. Servicemembers and others citing those incidents also claimed there were cases of loan sharking to gamblers needing money. On Jan. 20, U.S. Forces Korea began mandatory identification card checks and increased random police checks, along with other measures to stop illegal practices. / Stars and Stripes Pacific edition / By Erik Slavin / July 6, 2008

Game over for gambling addict

CANADA - A high-rolling former civil servant is going from a casino floor to a jail cell after stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Saskatchewan government to feed her gambling addiction. Brenda Oates, who was an executive assistant in a branch of the Environment Department before she was fired, was sentenced Friday to 15 months behind bars for fraud and ordered to repay almost $434,000 to taxpayers. / The Canadian Press / By JENNIFER GRAHAM / Jul 5, 08

Grandmother jailed for fraud

CANADA - A crippling gambling addiction has led a 65-year-old grandmother to a jail sentence. For defrauding her employer, Pierre Gagne Contracting, of $673,185. Flontek was the firm's office manager and bookkeeper. / By Sarah Elizabeth Brown / July 5, 2008

Heroin dealer jailed

UK - The 19-year-old... Admitted to having a drug and gambling addiction... / By Elaine Okyere / Jul 4 2008

Holland Casino Braces for Impact of Dutch Smoking Ban

NETHERLANDS - All fourteen Holland Casinos will open today as smoke-free zones following the introduction of a national smoking ban on the hotel and leisure industry. / 01 July 2008

Ireland To Legalise Casinos

IRELAND - In Ireland, the Justice Minister has revealed that he will loosen the nation's gambling laws by legalising casinos and creating a new regulatory authority for all forms of gaming. Casinos are illegal in the Republic under the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act but up to 50 private members' clubs currently offer roulette, blackjack and other games. / 01-07-08

Largest Sports Gambling Bust In Macau History Takes Place

CHINA - Macau has built themselves quite a casino gambling empire. That did not stop the recent actions of authorities in Macau. The biggest sports gambling bust in their history took place this past week. The operation is thought to be worth $64 million. / By Susan Torres / June 30, 2008

Man arrested for killing wife

VIETNAM - Killing his wife and dismembering her body. Because of a gambling problem. / by Truong Dinh / July 3, 2008

Man stole $47,000 from gas bar

CANADA - A 35-year-old man who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $47,000 from a Sakimay First Nation business was handed an eight-month jail sentence... Banin was supposed to make night deposits from the gas bar, but took the money instead. [He] spend the stolen cash on cocaine, alcohol and food. He then went to a casino to attempt to recoup some of the losses. / Leader-Post / Heather Polischuk / July 05, 2008

McFadden calls for debate on gambling addiction

IRELAND - The Senator made the request for an urgent debate after Deputy Ahern was put "on the record as saying he intends to liberalise our gambling laws, especially those concerning casinos". Gambling has been proven to be highly addictive and can have a devastating impact on individuals and families," said Senator McFadden. / by Martina Nee / 04/07/2008

McRobber jailed for knife attacks

UK - A gambling addict has been jailed for three years for a string of crimes including an armed robbery at McDonald's... He raided shops, a petrol station and McDonald's in Shenley Road to feed his gambling addiction. Prosecutor Heather Shimmen told the court Mears had gone into McDonald's at 10.40pm, carrying a knife and said to the manager, Moin Qureshi, "Give us your money or I will chop your hands off" / By Janaki Mahadevan / 7-4-08

Mercy for dad who took #55k

UK - [HE] stole more than #55,000 from Snow Hill train station... Abaca took the cash during a six-month spell when he developed a gambling addiction while he worked in the ticket office... He was also given an 18-month supervision order and told to complete 200 hours of unpaid work and a programme for gambling addicts. / By Nick McCarthy / Jul 5 2008

Newspapers blamed for rise in gambling by Hong Kong youth

CHINA - Newspapers have been blamed for a rise in youth gambling, especially on football matches, a media report said Monday. As a result, newspapers should run betting coverage in separate supplements rather than include it as part of their sports sections to reduce youngsters' exposure to gambling, the South China Morning Post said, quoting a survey. / DPA / 30 Jun 2008

Olympic Entertainment Group opened 22nd casino in Kyiv

UKRAIN - Ukrainian subsidiary of Olympic Entertainment Group opened its 22nd casino in Kyiv... / Juhan Tere, BC, Tallinn / 03.07.2008

Opposition blasts move toward Vegas-style casino sports gambling

CANADA - Opposition critics are blasting a proposal that could see Las Vegas-style sports gambling in casinos. It's just another distraction by the Ontario Liberals who have done nothing to lift the province out of its current economic downturn. / THE CANADIAN PRESS / 7-4-08

Over $15 mln gambling bets on Euro 2008 in Thailand

THAILAND - Ruangsak [police spokesman] called on indebted football gamblers to come forward if they received threats from gambling operators. Some gambling operators showed up at a Bangkok school to demand money from a schoolboy. "They threatened to assault the boy if he failed to pay the gambling debts," Some children have reportedly run up nearly 100,000 baht (3030.3 dollars) in gambling debts. / Wang Yan / 2008-07-01


PHILIPPINES - Suarez proposes the creation of a National Gaming Commission that would oversee the supervision of government-sanctioned gambling and gaming operations in the country to maximise the government's earnings from all legalised gambling, reports the Philippines News Agency. / June 30, 2008

Police look for casino thief

AUSTRALIA - The man then attacked [a 76-year-old woman] from behind, grabbing her handbag and stealing thousands of dollars that she had won at the Casino. / July 3, 2008

Problem gambling put back under spotlight

AUSTRALIA - PROBLEM gambling will once again come under the Productivity Commission's microscope with the economic think tank to update its landmark 1999 study that found 2.1% of Australian adults were addicted to the pokies. Under pressure from anti-pokies activists, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has already signalled that Canberra will take steps to curb addiction to poker machines. Several states, including Victoria, are moving towards bans on ATMs in gaming venues. / Katharine Murphy / July 4, 2008

South Africa: Research Into Problem Gambling Bears Fruit

SOUTH AFRICA - IN [South Africa], as elsewhere, whenever there is public debate about the regulation of commercial gambling, whether gambling at casinos or online, one of the topics that receives central attention is problem gambling. This year, researchers in the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town (UCT), along with colleagues at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and others based in the US, are conducting the most thorough study of gambling behaviour yet done in . After the results of that work are in, we should have a much clearer idea of the extent and nature of the issue here. / Business Day / Don Ross / 3 July 2008

South Korea Following The Money

SOUTH KOREA - In South Korea, lawmakers are considering plans from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism that would regulate online gambling by further limiting the amount of cash transactions a person could place over the Internet each month. / 03-07-08

Sports betting a sure thing

CD - Excuse the pun, but it's a safe bet that it's only a matter of time before sports gambling becomes available to the good people of Ontario. A published report says the federal and Ontario governments are moving toward allowing gamblers to wager on individual sports games in casinos in a bid to boost sagging casino revenues. / 7-4-08

Stiffed: Online Gambling Outfit Won't Pay Out

UK - A [gambler] is claiming that he has been robbed by British online gambling firm, Punter Kim Gulliver expected #100 after getting odds on a football team to be promoted. But Betfred said their cashier should not have accepted the bet. And the gaffe turned Kim from a winner into a loser, reported the Sunday Sun. / Christopher Costigan / June 29, 2008

Swedish FA Would Seek to Operate Betting in Deregulated Market

SWEDEN - The Swedish Football Association said on Monday that they would be interested in launching their own betting company should the Swedish government decide to deregulate the national gambling market. / 02 July 2008

Thai Police Prosecute Gamblers to Save Them from Gambling

THAILAND - In Thailand, police are distraught over the explosion of popularity of soccer gambling, particularly in relation to the recently completed Euro Cup 2008. Law enforcement officers arrested 1098 gamblers and bookies for wagering on the soccer matches, demonstrating their determination to shut down this evil flow of massive revenues. / By Brian Chan

The spread of gambling

CANADA - As reported in yesterday's Star by Robert Benzie and Richard Brennan, the proposal comes in the form of a letter from the province to the federal government asking for a change in the Criminal Code to permit Las Vegas-style "sportsbooks" where casino patrons could bet on individual football, baseball, hockey, soccer and basketball games. / Jul 04, 2008

Thieving bookmaker had a 'long-standing gambling problem'

UK - A TRAINEE manager at a Boston bookmaker - who had a 'long-standing gambling problem' - has been ordered to pay more than #2,500 for his part in a theft from his employers. He committed eight acts of theft in one night... / By Staff Copy / 02 July 2008


UK - Knife-wielding William Mears, 19, of Regent's Park, Exeter, was sentenced to three years after he pleaded guilty to carrying out two armed robberies in Exeter and attempting another. Mears raided shops, a petrol station and a McDonald's to feed his gambling addiction, / 01 July 2008

US Recession Hits Gambling Patterns

- Traditionally, gambling establishments such as large casino and bookmaking operations, had weathered the economic boom and bust. Professional investors would incorporate casino stocks in their portfolios as a more or less safe bet. Recent reports have begun to question the wisdom of such blind faith. The casino business downturn has not just affected the United States. In the United Kingdom, a European gambling haven, bookmaker giants William Hill and Ladbrokes have reported significant year on year losses. Barring continued growth in specific locations such as Macau, the downturn effect is global. / By Nigel K / Jun 30, 2008

Virgin launches casino TV channel

UK - / By James Walker / 3rd July 2008

Wedding money thief 'almost ruined hotel'

UK - A HOTEL boss has told how an employee who stole more than #15,000 to fund a gambling addiction could have ruined the business. The 29-year-old, who worked at the Little Haven Hotel, in South Shields, stole more than 30 deposits, totalling #15,959, paid to the hotel for weddings. / 30 June 2008

Woman terrified by casino robbery

AUSTRALIA - An elderly woman has told of how she feared she would suffer another heart attack after a "terrifying" attack outside the Burswood Casino in which she was robbed of thousands of dollars worth of winnings. / RONAN O'CONNELL / 3rd July 2008

World Gambling Revenue Forecast for 2012

- The Asia-Pacific region was identified as the fastest growth market, with new casinos in the Chinese Special Administrative Region of Macau, as well as in Thailand and Singapore... / By Nadav S / Jul 05, 2008

Young men focus of gambling campaign

AUSTRALIA - The New South Wales Government says young men are at the heart of its latest campaign to address problem gambling. "About 40 per cent of all problem gamblers are in that age group," he said. / Jul 3, 2008