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6/1/08 TO 6/7/08

Beware newest check scam

MO - LeBlanc, vice president and chief compliance officer for Branson Bank, said one of the latest scams arriving in mailboxes across the nation has taken Branson Bank's logo and routing number to make fraudulent cashiers checks. With the checks are instructions asking the recipient to deposit the check, spend a certain amount shopping and wire a large portion back. So far, all the checks have been in the amount of $4,998. By the time the checks are found fraudulent, it is too late. The victims are responsible for those funds. / By Mindy Honey / June 5, 2008

Casino will still do its VooDoo

MO - Will a wee-hours free-for-all between dozens of dance clubbers and police that even made Fox News nationally spell doom for Harrah's Saturday night DJ blowouts? For the time being, the answer appears to be no. The casino will stay the DJ course. Did programming dance and hip-hop music attract the wrong element? "I don't know if 'wrong element' is the word I would use," she says. "I mean, we absolutely didn't want to play all hip-hop music all the time, but we didn't want to play wedding music all the time either." / Jun. 03, 2008

Caught on Tape: MO Casino Scuffle

MO - A fight involving... [30] people inside a Missouri casino was caught on tape. / Jun 05, 2008

Debate begins over Show-Me racing

MO - "A couple of the commissioners feel strongly that if racing comes back in Missouri it would have to be in a racino setting," "You have to have a casino in the track," said commission member Charles "Herb" Butler... "It can't be a separate place, or it will go broke," he told the Associated Press. / by Rick Alm / June 3, 2008

Gambling blog comes to

MO - The seven-member Kansas Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board is set Sept. 19 to pick the "best" casino proposal for Wyandotte County. Five developer groups are vying for that plum contract. The Kansas Legislature set a minimum state casino tax of 22 percent, then sat back and smiled as applicants bid up the tax rate they were willing to pay. Last week, most applicants submitted sliding-scale bids up to 28 percent at the top revenue range. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / Jun. 02, 2008

Gambling in Decline

MO - The rising cost of food, gasoline, and other necessities could make trips to the casino and powerball tickets completely expendable, and convenience stores are getting hit the hardest. As fuel and food prices continue to rise at convenience stores everywhere, customers are forced to choose between filling up, or scratching off. Lottery tickets come at a high price and low profit... / by: Chelsea Brooks / June 2, 2008