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6/22/08 to 6/28/08

$285,000 missing from Oneida firm

NY - Police say a Pratts Hollow woman told them she gambled away more than $285,000 of stolen company money from Gary's Autoparts in Oneida, where she worked as an office manager for eight years. "Once I started it, I just didn't realize what was happening and I couldn't see the big picture," she said. / By LEAH McDONALD / 06/24/2008

'Net gambling foe applauds

DC - Congressman Spencer Bachus... Issued the following statement: "Today's vote was a victory for young people because illegal Internet gambling brings the casino into their bedrooms and dorm rooms, sometimes with tragic consequences. Illegal Internet gambling is a federal crime and a crime in all 50 states. Its most vulnerable victims are the young people who by the tens of thousands have been exposed to the risk of becoming compulsive, addictive gamblers. / by Rick Alm / June 26, 2008

3 Shot In Opa Locka

FL - The three people shot -- two men and a woman -- were playing slots. / June 22, 2008


DC - The defeat of Barney Frank's attempt to halt the implementation of the UIGEA regulations dominated Thursday's mainstream press headlines around the world. The bill would have prohibited the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve from proposing and implementing much criticized regulations to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, Most vociferous in opposition was Republican Representative Spencer Bachus of Alabama, a longtime opponent of Internet gambling who characterised the pastime as "the fastest growing addiction, more so than drugs" and went on to explain that "problem gambling doubles within 10 miles of a gambling facility. The closer you get to a casino, the more problem gamblers you have. Well, the Internet puts the casino right in the home." He also invoked the rather weary but catchy slogan: "You just click your mouse and you lose your house." Bachus raised concerns over youth gamblers, saying: "The banks have decided that this is a financial burden. We have decided, on the other hand, that our children are worth protecting." / June 26, 2008

Amid the glitz, blackjack's in the cards

FL - The tribe [Seminole], which is headquartered in Broward County, bought the Hard Rock chain last year for $965 million and was able to broaden its gambling empire with the addition of house-banked table games as part of a gambling agreement signed by Gov. Charlie Crist in November. And last week, the tribe announced a partnership with the New York Yankees to open a Hard Rock Cafe in the team's new stadium... As part of its agreement with Crist, the tribe must pay at least $100 million to the state in exchange for the right to run table games. Two lawsuits have been filed -- one by House Speaker Marco Rubio and other legislative leaders, the other by competitor Isle of Capri -- challenging the agreement. The cases have not been resolved. The Pompano Beach casino claims the gambling compact signed by the governor and the tribe is invalid because it violates the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which allows tribes to play only games already authorized in Florida. / BY AMY DRISCOLL / Jun. 23, 2008


MA - Boston police detective David Annis (33) was in a world of trouble this week as he faced indictment on charges of online sportsbetting, exacerbated by the alleged abuse of his official powers to dig up dirt on his bookie in order to persuade him to clear his $5 000 tab. / June 27, 2008


MA - During the trial at Middlesex County Superior Court, which lasted almost four weeks, prosecutors alleged that Entwistle killed his family because he was... Deeply in debt for gambling. / By Joanna Walters / June 26,2008

Barring veto, you can soon have a pull tab with your pint

IN - Indiana is one step away from allowing taverns across the state to offer paper pull tabs and other low-stakes games. Taverns could start offering the games July 1 if Gov. Mitch Daniels signs off on legislation passed by the Indiana General Assembly today. But House Minority Leader Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, urged lawmakers not to approve another expansion of gambling. "It is a ridiculous proposal that did not receive the appropriate scrutiny in this body by the author or others," Bosma said. "I understand their desire to try to help the tavern owners, and to do something reasonable is perhaps appropriate. But to create 6,000 potential minicasinos in this state is a huge step in the wrong direction." / By Bill Ruthhart / June 24, 2008

Big ante for addiction

MA - The Bay State would spend nearly $50 million a year to treat gambling addiction and related problems if plans to legalize casinos pass muster on Beacon Hill. Still, gambling critics are unimpressed. "If you divide $50 million by 250,000, it equals $250 per problem gambler," said Doug Bailey, a spokesman for Casino Free Mass, referring to the number of Bay State problem gamblers estimated by the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling. "That will do as much good as putting Scotch tape on the water leaks in the Big Dig tunnels." / By Scott Van Voorhis / June 24, 2008

Bill For California-Only Online Poker Introduced by Levine

CA - [AB2026] would order the California Gambling Control Commission and the Department of Justice to study the federal law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) that attempted to ban Internet poker for US residents, and to explore whether a California-based online poker service might be legal. If it is legal, then California would be able to regulate it and presumably get revenues from it. "Our understanding of the law is that so long as the player and server (hosting the online game) are in California, it would be legal. But that's what we are trying to find out," said Levine in the Capitol Weekly, California's newspaper that focuses on California state government and politics. / Capitol Weekly / by Anthony York / Jun. 27, 2008

Blagojevich vows $2B in cuts unless Madigan caves

IL - In a Chicago news conference, Mr. Blagojevich, as he has for several weeks, charged that the Legislature passed him a fiscal 2009 state budget with a $2-billion hole. He again blamed House Speaker Michael Madigan, who has refused to sign off on plans backed by the Senate to privatize the state lottery, authorize three more casinos and tap unreserved state funds. / By Greg Hinz / June 24, 2008

Borgata fined for minor's play

NJ - His regular patronage earned him in excess of $1,000 worth of complimentary goods and services. And when he first walked through the doors of the youth-oriented casino in 2005, he was just 19 years old - in a state where the legal age for gambling is 21. He was 20 when state gambling regulators finally caught up with him in 2006, and yesterday, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission imposed on the Borgata the highest underage-gambling fine ever on a casino: $105,000. The Borgata was not the only casino that got into trouble yesterday for allowing underage gamblers onto its premises. The commission also fined the Trump Taj Mahal and Tropicana... "Of all the gaming casinos down here, Borgata is the one that participates with our responsible-gaming programs the least," said Terry Elman, acting executive director for the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey... "They do not support the school curriculums that we pass out. They have not attended any of the underage-gambling committee meetings we've held." / Philadelphia Inquirer / By Suzette Parmley / Jun. 27, 2008

CURRAN: Let's not gamble our future

IN - Why is it better if gambling is only legal for the privileged few allowed to profit from it in the specific areas allowed to have it while we pay the state to tell us it is bad for us? If it is good for Harrah's why isn't it good for the guy down the street running a poker game? If you can have pull-tabs in bars why not Cherry Masters? Why can't I have a bingo parlor? You can't reason with addicts, and the elected leaders of Indiana and the lobbyists who influence them have become addicted to gambling. They're blind to how irrational it is to promote something, tell you it is bad, allow it, regulate it and then also treat the problems they created. We all pay to support their habit. So how do we coordinate the intervention? / By KELLEY CURRAN / June 24, 2008

Cappelli vows to open resort in two years

NY - Concord owner Louis Cappelli says his plans for a $1 billion racino/convention center/ hotel on the former Concord property are a go. But questions remain. How will he pay for it? When will he build it? And who is working with him? His friend and partner Donald Trump? / By Victor Whitman / June 24, 2008

Caregiver accused of stealing $42k

OR - Police said they arrested a caregiver who stole nearly $43,000 by taking checks from an 87-year-old man she took care of and forging them. Roberson's motive for the theft appeared to be gambling and video poker. / Jun 20, 2008

Casino Financing In Question, Some Workers Walk

PA - KDKA has learned there's been a serious setback for the construction of Pittsburgh's first slots casino. Some workers have walked off the job complaining that they are not being paid. It is just the latest problem for developer Don Barden, who is struggling to secure the financing needed for the Majestic Star. / Jun 24, 2008

Casino exec in election cash controversy

KY - A wealthy casino operator is defending an eye-catching $1 million contribution to a political group that worked to elect a pro-gambling governor in Kentucky. Beshear is proposing an amendment to the state constitution that would allow up to seven casinos to be built at Kentucky horse tracks and five others in communities along the state's borders with Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. The proposal is a long shot in a Bible-belt state where lawmakers have rejected numerous other casino proposals over the past decade. If it passes, Yung would open a casino on a northern Kentucky site he bought just last month for $7 million. Yung may have worsened his odds with the land purchase and the political contributions, including a $10,000 donation to help pay for Beshear's inaugural party on the Capitol grounds. Casino opponents seized on his investments, claiming he is using his riches to buy his way into a new and potentially lucrative market. / By ROGER ALFORD / Jun. 27, 2008

Casino robber sentenced to 20 years in prison

MT - A man who pleaded guilty to robbing a Butte casino last summer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay $4,300 in restitution. / The Associated Press / Jun. 27, 2008

Casinos to Nutter: No dice

PA - Mayor Nutter's call for a local design group to study plans for two riverfront casinos drew protests from the developers yesterday, with one threatening to take its complaints - again - to the state Supreme Court for relief. The court in April ruled that City Council used delaying tactics to keep Foxwoods from being built and ordered the city to immediately approve zoning changes needed for the project. The court issued a similar ruling for SugarHouse in December. / Philadelphia Daily News / By CHRIS BRENNAN / Jun. 28, 2008

Congressional Committee Reaches Stalemate on New Regulations to Enforce Internet Gambling Ban

DC - An amendment to develop new regulations to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was defeated today in a tie vote in the House Committee on Financial Services. / June 26, 2008

Delaware legislature sees jackpot in slot machine revenue

DE - Legislators are eyeing slot machine revenue from the state's three horse tracks as a potential source of income to close a budget shortfall of $217 million just a week ago. Currently, the state gets about 36 percent of slot-machine revenue, but the proposal would increase the state's share to 50 percent. / By Kevin Spence

Dogfighters and spectators can be prosecuted under new state law

GA - "Dog fighting is an activity that we will not tolerate here in Georgia," said Governor Sonny Perdue. "The new law makes dogfighting the felony it deserves to be... A spokesman for the humane society defined dogfighting as "a sadistic 'contest' in which two dogs - specifically bred, conditioned, and trained to fight - are placed in a pit to fight each other for the spectators' entertainment. Illegal gambling is standard at dogfights, with spectators and dog owners wagering thousands of dollars on their favorites. The spokesman for the humane society went on to add, "The injuries inflicted and sustained by dogs participating in dogfights are frequently severe, even fatal. / June 26, 2008

Drive to boost lottery sales under way

CA - SACRAMENTO - The state lottery is switching its advertising pitch on nearly two dozen billboards throughout the state, a modest attempt to boost ticket sales. The governor has argued that the state lottery has underperformed compared with other states. The California Teachers Association did not support the 1984 initiative [to approve the lottery] and always has had a love-hate relationship with the lottery. The union feared that lottery sales pitches would lead people to believe schools are adequately funded. / By Ed Mendel / June 24, 2008

Dunwoody man convicted in $29M scheme used for gambling

GA - A former mortgage company president was convicted Friday of racking up more than $29 million in fraudulent investments and using a chunk of the money to feed his gambling habit. Christou used more than $7 million of the fraudulent investments to fund his gambling in Nevada, Mississippi and New Jersey. / Atlanta Journal Constitution / By BILL RANKIN / Jun. 27, 2008

Estimated 1.5 million people in state addicted to gambling

CA - An estimated 1.5 million people in California are addicted to gambling... The rate of problem gamblers - normally 4 percent of the population - doubles within 50 miles of a casino, Roberts said. "The more opportunities for gambling, the more compulsive gamblers there will be," he said. / BY VALERIE GIBBONS / June 28, 2008

Ex-worker at Pechanga casino charged seeking bribes from applicants

CA - A former Pechanga casino employee is accused of requiring job applicants to pay thousands of dollars in order to get hired. Authorities believe she extorted applicants out of $3,000 each and then lied to investigators about it... He was unsure how many job applicants paid the bribe... / The Press-Enterprise / By MICHELLE DeARMOND / June 20, 2008

Florida may slash arcade winnings

FL - Metzger, 85, was at the Viva Las Vegas arcade Monday afternoon in Fort Myers, where the largest payout has been $2,000 - all in gift cards from places such as Publix and Wal-Mart. This afternoon, the Senate Committee on Regulated Industries will discuss a $5 limit for each prize in an effort to regulate these adult arcade businesses. More than 30 of these arcade amusement centers have opened in the county in the last four years, letting customers - most of them seniors - spend as little as 5 cents a spin for a chance to win hundreds of dollars in gift cards. / Ryan Hiraki / Jun. 27, 2008

Former Anna, Ill., lawyer pleads guilty to theft

IL - Patrick Cox of Anna, Ill., a former lawyer and public defender, pleaded guilty to a felony charge of theft... Admitted to taking between $10,000 to $100,000... The Illinois state attorney general's office conducted an investigation and traced receipts to several casinos in Illinois and Missouri, indicating that Cox may have had a gambling problem. / Southeast Missourian / By Bridget DiCosmo / Jun. 27, 2008

Foxwoods lays off 200

CT - Almost 200 middle-manager and some hourly employees were laid off Thursday at Foxwoods Resort Casino as part of a "strategic organizational review" process begun in January, according to a spokesman for the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, the casino's owners. The economic downtown sent revenue into an eight-month slide at Connecticut's casinos. / Norwich Bulletin / By ERICA JACOBSON / Jun 27, 2008

Gambling Issues Could Be On Nov. OH/KY Ballots

OH - The battle to be first to bring casino gambling to Ohio or Kentucky heated up considerably Monday. An organization called opened a kiosk at Tri-County Mall to get signatures on petitions to let Ohio voters decide whether to build a $600 million casino/resort in Clinton County. David Miller, of Citizens for Community Values, said his organization will fight such an effort. "There is a huge impact on families when you look at all the problems that come with pathological gambling," he said... / WCPO / by: Tom McKee / Jun. 27, 2008

Gambling Rehabilitation Center Opposed By Residents in Virginia

VA - Problem gambling can come in many forms and sizes. It can hit the best of us. even the most adamant of supporters must agree that gambling could become a problem if not carefully watched. / By Terry Goodwin / Jun. 27, 2008

Gambling Relief Could Be on The Way For Indiana Bars

IN - A new proposed Bill is on the table that would allow bars to offer small stakes gambling, and also sell paper pull tabs. The House has already approved the Bill by a convincing 62-36 margin. It is now up to the Senate Appropriations Committee to vote. / By Larry Rutherford / Jun. 27, 2008

Gambling bills dealt setback: Belmont panel gives thumbs down to expanded gambling

NH - The possibility of expanded gambling in Belmont, or in Berlin for that matter, appears dead for another year. By votes of two in favor and three against, the state Senate Ways and Means Committee on Tuesday effectively ended the forward progress of Senate Bills 306 and 330. "It seems to be a foregone conclusion each and every year," said [Belmont Selectmen Chair Ron Cormier], that any legislation to expand gambling is killed in committee. / Laconia Citizen / By JOHN KOZIOL / June 24, 2008

Gambling cash should cut debt

WV - The other point of view is that this shows how dependent state government has become on encouraging people to engage in risky, self-defeating behavior. Gamblers pony up 13.4 percent of government revenue in Nevada and nearly 9 percent of the revenues for West Virginia's state government, according to the Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York in Albany. / June 23, 2008

Gambling take drops nationwide, study says

IL - A report by the Rockefeller Institute of Government shows revenue growth from gambling across the country has slowed down over the last three years. / 23 June 2008

Gaming Panel: No dice on more casino licenses for now

IA - A decision on whether Iowa should have more casinos has been postponed until at least March 2009 by state gambling regulators, who believe the issue requires an in-depth economic impact study. The five-member Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission unanimously decided today not to immediately invite communities to file applications for state gambling licenses. The proposed study will examine the impact that granting additional casino licenses would have upon existing casinos and consider whether there are "underserved" pockets within Iowa's gambling market, [Commission Chairwoman Kate Cutler of Council Bluffs ] said. The research won't examine the social ills caused by gambling addiction in Iowa, although it will explore potential negative impacts of gambling upon other Iowa retail businesses, such as Main Street restaurants in communities with casinos, she said. / By WILLIAM PETROSKI / June 24, 2008

Gaming reforms weighed

PA - Accusations of impropriety fly as efforts to reform the state's gaming law are gaining steam in both the state House and Senate. Sen. Jay Costa, D-43, of Allegheny County, wants to create and independent gaming enforcement agency to do the criminal background investigations of applicants. But he didn't think the gaming board acted inappropriately when it asked the Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement to revise a report on Louis DeNaples, eliminating potentially inflammatory information because it couldn't be proven. "The public's perception is that there is too cozy a relationship between the board and the Bureau of Investigations. We have to re-establish the credibility of the gaming control board in terms of the information they are receiving. DeNaples' gambling license was eventually suspended, and he was barred from any involvement in Mount Airy, after a Dauphin County grand jury indicted him for lying about criminal associations during the license hearings. / By HOWARD FRANK / June 22, 2008

Greektown lays off 89 workers

MI - Greektown Casino, which filed for bankruptcy in late May, laid off 89 employees... Casino spokesman Roger Martin could not say if more layoffs are expected this summer but that "additional cost-savings will be announced." / The Detroit News / Jaclyn Trop / June 23, 2008

House rejects Michigan casino bills

MI - The House soundly defeated a plan Wednesday that would have advanced two proposed Indian casinos in Michigan, as gambling opponents and interests protecting Detroit's casinos rallied to scuttle the bill. / The Associated Press / By KEN THOMAS / 6/25/2008

House shoots down bill allowing Port Huron, Romulus casinos

DC - As reported the Detroit Free Press: "The U.S. House defeated a bill today that would have allowed new Indian casinos in Port Huron and Romulus, after a fiery debate among Michigan's congressional delegation. / 26 June 2008

ICE attorney arrested for alleged immigrant bribes

CA - [they] were arrested Thursday at the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, where authorities believed they were accepting such a bribe... The egregious acts of corruption alleged in this case are extremely disturbing to those of us who have sworn to serve the United States... / The Associated Press / Jun. 27, 2008

Illegal lottery smashed in Rockland

NY - Law enforcement authorities in Rockland County Thursday arrested eight people and broke up a multi-million dollar illegal lottery operation being run out of a number of storefronts in Spring Valley. Seized during the investigation were betting records, betting slips, fax machines, cellular phones, vehicles and over $200,000 in cash. / Mid-Hudson News / June 27, 2008

Immigrant faces death sentence if convicted in mob gambling case

NY - Everything came up snake eyes for Abid Ghani when he got busted for repairing mob-run Joker Poker gambling machines. The legal Pakistani immigrant was hit with a felony gambling charge. But he will face a harsher sentence than Gambino crime family big shots - deportation back to his homeland. "It will be like a death sentence," "A person like me will be shot for sure. / NY Daily News / June 23, 2008

Indian gambling fight spreads to East Texas

TX - Cleveland City Council waded into a statewide fight recently by unanimously passing a resolution supporting the Alabama Coushatta Tribe's push for a gaming license on its reservation. "We're trying to get local support from the city councils before the '09 session," said Carlos Bullock, the tribe's spokesman on gambling issues. Bullock explained that in the 2007 state legislative session a bill was introduced by Representative Norma Chavez (D-El Paso) that, if passed, would have allowed the Alabama-Coushatta and the Tigua tribes to have casino style gambling on their reservations. / By ALEX WUKMAN / 06/23/2008

Indiana Allows Bars Bingo-Based Gambling

IN - Faced with the stark realities of economic conditions and competitive circumstances, Indiana lawmakers have voted to enact a law which goes into effect Tuesday allowing low-level gambling games at local bars and pubs. / by K.C. Carmichael / June 28, 2008

Indiana's riverboat casinos suffer economic woes

IN - Indiana's riverboat casinos are feeling the sinking effects of an economic downturn. During the eight months between September and April, gambling revenues at the state's 11 casinos declined for the first time in 13 years of riverboat wagering. The state's casino industry has never experienced more than two consecutive months of year-over-year declines, The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Ky., reported in a Monday story. / The Associated Press / June 23, 2008

Internet Gambling Bill Shot Down

DC - The House Financial Services Committee rejected a bill Wednesday that would have prohibited the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve from proposing and implementing regulations to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. / Christopher Costigan / June 25, 2008

Jockey Jeremy Rose suspended for 6 months

DE - Jockey Jeremy Rose apologized... A day after he was given a six-month suspension at Delaware Park. He struck the mare on the side of her head and the horse had some hemorrhaging around one eye. / June 25, 2008

Judge Doubts NBA Request for Restitution From Ref

NY - A federal judge cast doubt Wednesday on the NBA's demand that disgraced referee Tim Donaghy pay nearly $1.4 million in restitution, saying he might not have to foot the bill for an internal review of refereeing done in the wake of the league's gambling scandal. The allegations -- contained in court papers arguing that Donaghy deserved leniency for voluntarily disclosing corruption -- include one instance in which referees rigged a 2002 playoff series with bad calls to force it to a revenue-boosting seven games. / 25 Jun 2008

Judge dismisses gambling charges against Galena barber

KS - Galena police Chief Larry Delmont said Wednesday that he takes responsibility for any police mistakes in gathering and storing evidence in the case of Gary Chatterton, a Galena barber who was accused of running illegal poker games in his shop. Cherokee County District Judge Kent Lynch recently dismissed charges against Chatterton, 64, who had been bound over for trial on a charge of felony commercial gambling at the end of a preliminary hearing on Sept. 5, 2007. / By Roger McKinney / June 25, 2008

Judge freezes Cisco's assets

FL - Chief Superior Court Judge James Tuten ordered a receiver to take control of the bank accounts, fuel stations and other property of Fairley Cisco and 11 others named as defendants in a civil racketeering complaint filed Tuesday by District Attorney Stephen Kelley. The complaint also says Fairley Cisco and Althea Cisco Moore, his daughter, "did operate illegal gambling machines in Cisco Vegas Paradise" in Yulee during 2004. / The Times-Union / By Teresa Stepzinski / June 24, 2008

Judge sets hearing in DeNaples case

PA - A... Judge will hold a hearing Monday on whether a special prosecutor should be appointed to probe alleged illegal leaks from a grand jury investigating Mount Airy Casino Resort owner Louis DeNaples. He is accused of lying to the state Gaming Control Board about his relationships with four men -- two reputed mobsters and two men at the center of a political corruption scandal in Philadelphia. / The Associated Press and The Morning Call / By Tim Darragh / June 28, 2008

KS Supremes: Gambling Law AOK

KS - Kansas' new law authorizing state-owned casinos and slot parlors is constitutional, the state Supreme Court said this morning. Plans can proceed for a casino in Wyandotte County and slot machines at the Woodlands. / by David Klepper / June 27, 2008

Kan. Court: Gambling Law is Constitutional

KS - The Kansas Constitution allows a state-owned and operated lottery. In 1994, the Kansas Supreme Court said that the term "lottery" can include slot machines and other casino games. / 27 Jun 2008

Kan. Supreme Court: Gambling law is constitutional

KS - In an unanimous ruling Friday, the state's highest court put to rest the question about last year's Kansas Expanded Lottery Act, which calls for casinos in Cherokee, Ford, Sumner and Wyandotte counties, plus slot machines at the Woodlands in Kansas City, Kan., and Camptown Greyhound Park in Frontenac. Millions of dollars in profits for casino managers and revenue for the state were in the balance until the ruling. Eleven casino corporations are vying for the casino management contracts. / By CARL MANNING / June 27, 2008

Kansas Supreme Court upholds stupid gambling law

KS - The Kansas Supreme Court has upheld a gambling law that will drain money from the state's residents while sending millions to out-of-state casino owners. What a "victory" for Kansans. / Kansas City Star / By Yael T. Abouhalkah / June 27, 2008

Kansas bill is all smoke, no fire

KS - Lighting a fire under a Kansas smoking ban is proving about as hard as rubbing two sticks together. Legislative opponents have placed so many exceptions into the bill that even supporters don't like it. Those exceptions include casinos, bars, cigar bars, nursing homes and tobacco shops. Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, a supporter of the ban, expressed disappointment last week about the lack of progress. "Passing a smoking ban that really isn't a smoking ban is really a waste of time," she said. / The Kansas City Star / By JIM SULLINGER / June 24, 2008

Kansas casino ruling Friday

KS - The Kansas Supreme Court said today it will issue its ruling Friday on whether the state's expanded gambling law is constitutional. / by Rick Alm / June 25, 2008

Kansas high court upholds gambling law

KS - The Kansas Supreme Court ruled Friday that "state-owned and -operated" casinos - just like the state-owned Kansas Lottery - are constitutional. Lawmakers debated casino gambling for 14 years before finally passing a bill last year that now stands as state law. When the first Kansas casinos start opening by late 2010, they will be the first publicly owned Las Vegas-style gambling resorts in the nation. House Speaker Melvin Neufeld, an Ingalls Republican who opposed the gambling law, said he was disappointed with the ruling. "It is disingenuous to think when Kansans voted in 1986 to create a state-owned and -operated lottery and allow the sale of scratch game tickets, they were voting to allow casinos in our state," he said. "I was in the Kansas Legislature in 1986, and I can assure you that was not the intention of the amendment voters approved. "There is a tremendous difference between a scratch ticket and a slot machine." "It seems like quite a stretch that casinos costing $600 million or $700 million are going to be 'owned and operated' by the state of Kansas, / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM and DAVID KLEPPER / Jun. 28, 2008

King County hit-run suspect had been in casino dispute

WA - / June 26, 2008

Ky.: Slots Proposed Instead of Casinos

KY - With a contentious proposal to legalize casinos stalled in the House, a lawmaker is floating a compromise measure that would allow slot machines and video poker to be placed at horse tracks. Early indications suggest most don't want such an amendment, said House Speaker Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green. John Mark Hack, head of the antigambling group Say No To Casinos, called slots the most addictive form of gambling. "It has been widely labeled the crack cocaine of gambling," Hack said. "And we don't need to subject Kentucky to another form of addiction, especially not one in which the government is a partner. We don't want the slot machine industry, period." / The Associated Press / By ROGER ALFORD / June 24, 2008


NY - While lottery sales statewide jumped 26 percent between 2002 to 2007, sales in Cattaraugus County - home of the Seneca Allegany Casino - plunged 7 percent, representing one of the biggest drops in the state. Lottery sales in Niagara County, home of the Seneca Niagara Casino, dropped after the casino opened in 2003 and have been generally flat ever since, up just 1.5 percent over the five-year period. Whatever the reasons, whether casinos or the economy, the lottery business decline is evident in much of Western New York, raising questions about whether the region has hit a saturation point - and what portion of gambling revenues end up with the state Lottery Division, / By Susan Schulman and Patrick Lakamp / 06/24/08

Las Vegas company cleared to offer second casino plan

KS - The Las Vegas Sands Corp. was within its legal rights to seek a casino license in Kansas City, Kan., without city approval, Attorney General Stephen N. Six said Thursday. But in a formal opinion requested by the city, the state's top legal officer also said Wyandotte County's Unified Government is within its rights to decline the company's plan a second time. City officials were noncommittal Thursday on their next step. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM and MARK WIEBE / June 24, 2008

Legislators place their bets on gambling

FL - Florida legislators will head into the 60-day session this week with a shrinking budget and a raft of gambling bills. Up for consideration: expanding slot machines across the state, lowering industry taxes, regulating ''gray market'' arcade-style adult games that contribute little in taxes and creating a new Department of Gaming Control to oversee it all. Gov. Charlie Crist apparently has the fever, too. His budget proposal relies on driving up state lottery ticket sales and using new income from a still-disputed gambling deal he struck with the Seminole Tribe to expand games at its seven Florida casinos. Speaker Marco Rubio, a West Miami Republican, is staunchly against expansion and the two men designated to be House speakers after him, Rep. Ray Sansom of Destin and Rep. Dean Cannon of Winter Park, are equally fervent opponents. They won't support a budget that relies on increased gambling money, they say, but they face a budget that may be $4 billion lower than the one approved last year. ''If they spend it on a slot machine, all they're doing is transferring it from one part of the economy to another. . . . No one's talking about that part,'' Rubio said. ``Seventy percent of Americans live within three hours of a casino. No one is going to get on an airplane to come to Florida to play at a dog track or a horse track.'' / Miami Herald / By AMY DRISCOLL and Mary Ellen Klas / June 24, 2008

Lieutenant Governor Says Ballot Initiative For State Lottery Advances

AR - Enough petition signatures have been turned in to bring a vote on a state lottery to the Arkansas ballot. / Jun 27, 2008

Local Postal Worker Accused Of Stealing Thousands

CA - He's accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars from the government. Martin allegedly admitted he gambles almost everyday... / Jun 27, 2008

Man with gambling habit convicted of bank fraud

MI - A man with a weakness for casino slot machines altered his Social Security checks to defraud four banks of close to $58,000... / The Detroit News / Paul Egan / June 27, 2008

Massachusetts Governor to Criminalize Internet Gambling Even While Pushing for Casinos in Boston

MA - As part of a law intended to bring three new casinos to Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick has included a provision to criminalize all Internet gambling, drawing accusations that he is attempting to create a gambling monopoly in the state. Violators could serve up to two years in prison and pay up to a $25,000 fine. / by: David Gutierrez / June 22, 2008

Mexican national accused of stealing ID to get A.C. casino job

NJ - A Mexican national has been charged with stealing an Arizona man's identity to get a job in an Atlantic City casino, authorities said today. / The Star-Ledger / by MaryAnn Spoto / June 26, 2008

NBA News: Point Shaving Extends Further Than Donaghy

- Who has the biggest betting influence on the games while making a relative pittance in salary? Obviously it isn't the players nor is it the referees. It's an official fans take for granted and never think about, yet they can stop time. A corrput official timer can be the most influential person on the court from a gambling perspective. Taking or adding a minute or two of game time by either delaying the start or stopping of the clock makes minimal difference in determining who wins and loses if done in a systematic way. For bettors though it can turn a 50/50 proposition into something with a high positive expectation. When you consider NBA games average about four points per minute, a skilled clock operator adding or subtracting 90 seconds on average could create about a six point edge for a total bet. As a result these bets should have close to a 60 percent chance of winning. / Wild Bill / June 23, 2008

NJ casinos to stay open if government shuts down

NJ - Barring a natural disaster or some man-made calamity, Atlantic City's casinos will always be open. That's the practical effect of a law signed Friday by Gov. Jon Corzine allowing the city's 11 gambling halls to stay open if there is another state government shutdown. The law permits casinos to temporarily police themselves without state inspectors. / By WAYNE PARRY / June 27, 2008

NV legislators agree on budget cuts

NV - The casino lobby successful killed a bill aimed at guarding more than $100 million in tax revenues already collected by the state. The issue arose out of a March Supreme Court decision ruling the state had wrongly been collecting taxes on complimentary meals provided to employees at casinos. The legislation, which passed the Assembly, would have clarified the intent of the tax law with an eye toward bolstering the state's case when the court reconsiders the ruling. Faced with stiff opposition from the gambling lobby, Republicans in the Senate killed the vote in committee. / The Associated Press / Jun 27, 2008

Nevada contingent helps House reject Michigan tribal casinos

NV - The House soundly defeated a plan Wednesday that would have advanced two proposed Indian casinos in Michigan... Gambling opponents joined with Nevada gaming interests such as MGM Mirage, which operates a Detroit casino, and some tribes to beat back the measure. The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, which runs one of the nation's largest tribal casinos in Mount Pleasant, was among the opponents. Nevada lawmakers joined the Michigan fight after being lobbied by MGM Mirage, whose casino would have faced competition from new Indian gaming. / THE ASSOCIATED PRESS / By KEN THOMAS and STEVE TETREAULT / Jun. 26, 2008

New laws to take effect Tuesday in MD

MD - VIDEO BINGO: Defines types of illegal gambling machines to crack down on proliferation games that resemble slot machines. Violations are punishable by up to one year in prison and a maximum fine of $1,000. / 28 Jun 2008

News: Trying to Deal Cincinnati In

OH - With Kentucky lawmakers considering a plan that eventually could allow casinos in Covington and Newport, Cincinnati officials are waging their own political battle to bring gambling to the Queen City -- though the odds are stacked against them. Cincinnati City Councilman Jeff Berding recently introduced a resolution that asks the Ohio General Assembly to place an amendment on the statewide ballot in November that, if approved, would allow full casino gaming in any Ohio county that borders a state where any type of gambling is allowed. Berding's proposal has the support of a city council majority. That's the easy part. It will be much more difficult to get the Ohio General Assembly to accept and approve a bill in the tight timeframe needed to make the November ballot, to say nothing of trying to avoid a possible veto by Gov. Ted Strickland, who generally opposes gambling initiatives. / BY Kevin Osborne / June 24, 2008

Newsmaker: Two decades 'chasing bad guys'?State's Attorney Dave Nelson talks about how the city has changed

SD - EB: I'm trying to gauge what gambling has done to our criminal justice numbers and the types of crimes that we are seeing. How has that changed? Nelson: I don't know if I can tell you numbers, but I can tell you that, in my opinion, video lottery has put people into the justice system as defendants who probably would not otherwise have been there. And those are people who typically are charged with bad checks. We have a really significant number of employee thefts that, in my opinion, are tied directly to video lottery - embezzlement - that are tied directly to one's addiction to video lottery. We have attempted to do some things in our office that have not been popular with some of the retailers. A long time ago, I became very uninterested in prosecuting bad checks passed to casinos. When a casino would accept five or ten or twelve checks in a single day from the same person for $100 each - sort of a red flag there! / June 22, 2008

No special deals for tribal casinos

MI - Would like to add a few points concerning the upcoming vote in Congress on legalizing off-reservation casinos in Romulus and Port Huron... Under the established procedures for considering permitting a tribe to build an off-reservation casino, distance from the reservation is a major factor weighing against approval, because the detriment to the tribe is more likely to outweigh any benefit... Michigan voters approved a referendum in 2004 to limit the spread of casinos in their state. These bills would legalize new casinos in defiance of the express wishes of Michigan voters. / John Conyers Jr. / June 24, 2008

Numbers game

MD - Back then, George W. Bush and Al Gore frequently lobbed accusations of "fuzzy math" when attacking each other's proposals for health care, taxes and Social Security. Now, as voters prepare to head to the polls for the November slots referendum, the pro- and anti-slots camps are having a similar dispute over the amount of money slot machines would generate. In the November referendum, voters will decide whether to amend the Maryland Constitution to authorize 15,000 slot machines in five localities: one each in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Cecil and Worcester counties. Legislative analysts said the daily take would average $250 per machine. Opponents contend that slots would bring increased crime and gambling addiction, and lead to more personal bankruptcies and higher unemployment - problems that all come with a price tag. They point to research by Earl L. Grinols, author of Gambling in America: Costs and Benefits, who found that the state can expect $3 in costs for each $1 in benefits. / Baltimore Sun / By Laura Smitherman / June 22, 2008

Nutter commissions study on casinos

PA - Casino foes are urging the city to enforce every last rule and regulation in an attempt to thwart or at least further delay construction. "Licenses and Inspections knows how to lose files for a long period of time," said Casino Free Philadelphia spokesman Daniel Hunter. He and other casino opponents hope that the political climate in Harrisburg will change to the point where the legislature will consider moving the two Delaware River slots parlors to another part of the city, as proposed in a bill introduced by State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo (D., Phila.) in late April. / Inquirer / By Patrick Kerkstra / Jun. 28, 2008

Odds are against using gambling revenue

IL - We have a long history of urging caution about expanding gambling and great concern about the social costs it generates as addicts struggle and face financial ruin. Now comes a third-party study that underscores that concern. The Rockefeller Institute says states should quit relying so much on gambling as a revenue growth stream. Its study found Illinois, at 4 percent, is nearly twice as likely as the average state to rely on gambling for its revenue. It would seem Illinois budgeters already have a gambling addiction of their own. / Daily Herald Editorial Board / 6/26/2008

Open forum: Gambling would be counter productive for state

MD - The argument that slots will generate outsized revenue is popular, Gambling industry experts and Wall Street ratings agencies all say that the revenue estimates provided by the pro-slots lobby are overstated. / Aaron Meisner / June 25, 2008


NY - Poorer neighborhoods tend to be popular spots for the lottery. Statewide, communities with median household incomes below $30,000 spent almost twice as much per adult on lottery tickets as communities with incomes exceeding $50,000, The News found. Buffalo's East Side is no exception, with 10 lottery outlets per square mile - more than any other part of Buffalo or Erie County. What that means is the poorest among us not only buy a disproportionate share of lottery tickets, they lose disproportionately as well. Lottery officials say they are aware that poor, minority neighborhoods tend to play more daily online games, and therefore generally win less. / By Patrick Lakamp and Susan Schulman / 06/24/08

Panel Will Take Up Requests for More IA Casinos

IA - The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission will discuss at a meeting in Johnston whether to take applications for gambling licenses. Representatives of the existing casinos, including four that have opened in the last two years, countered that revenues at individual operations have been flat, although overall numbers are up. They blamed a slowing economy, cold weather and competition from other casinos. / The Associated Press / June 24, 2008

Paper aims to quash subpoena

PA - Calling it an intimidation tactic, attorneys for Times-Shamrock Newspapers will file a motion today seeking to quash a subpoena directing journalist Dave Janoski to testify at a court hearing about alleged leaks during the Dauphin County grand jury probe of Louis DeNaples, owner of Mount Airy Resort Casino. / The Times Tribune / BY ROBERT SWIFT / 06/24/2008

Penn National: The Nail-Biting Continues

PA - With BCE in flux and Huntsman in litigation, it is no wonder investors-particularly merger arbitragers, who bet on deals closing-are panicking about Penn National [tracks], whose stock has fallen to new lows for the year. Penn National's board is expected to meet this week, and investors are on tenterhooks to discover what the board is thinking and whether the deal's future is at stake. / by Heidi N. Moore / June 24, 2008

Poll shows support for Illinois smoking ban

IL - Anti-smoking advocates pointed to a statewide survey Thursday to declare Illinois' six-month-old ban on public smoking a success. The telephone survey found that 73 percent of the respondents think the state's ban on smoking has been beneficial. Will continue to try to get some waiver for the casinos... / By Kartikay Mehrotra / 06/27/2008

Public won't get to vote on state gambling expansion

IL - In a 16-4 vote Wednesday, the House Gaming Committee shot down an attempt fueled by Lt. Governor Pat Quinn to put the question [of expanded gambling] on the ballot for residents to consider on Nov. 4. "It's disappointing that they had such a lopsided vote against an issue that is very front-and-center in Illinois," Quinn said. "If we're going to have a massive expansion of gambling, I think the people ought to at least have a way to advise legislators where to go." / By Andrea Zelinski / June 24, 2008

Push to block new rules on Web gambling stymied

DC - Any chance of Congress rolling back an Internet gambling ban this year died Wednesday when a House committee deadlocked on an amendment to prevent federal agencies from drafting regulations to enforce the ban. Lobbyists for Internet gambling companies appeared stunned. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By TONY BATT / Jun. 26, 2008

Race tracks: State lost at slots

MA - As another vote in the Legislature looms, Plainridge Racecourse in Plainville and the state's three other racetracks are stepping up their campaign to add slot machines by appealing to local officials desperately seeking new revenue for their communities. The Senate approved legislation allowing slots at the tracks two years ago, but it has been vehemently opposed by House Speaker Sal DiMasi, who says expanded legalized gambling would hurt the state's quality of life. / The Sun Chronicle / BY MIKE KIRBY AND STEPHEN PETERSON / JUNE 24, 2008

Racetracks up ante on slot machines

MA - Track owners have sent out hundreds of letters to mayors and town managers across the state in a bid to drum up public support. "As you are faced with the prospect of layoffs in schools, public safety departments and municipal agencies . . . nearly $500 million in untapped annual revenue languishes on Beacon Hill," the track owners write. / Boston Herald / By Scott Van Voorhis / June 24, 2008

Racing must have national regulation

KY - The big business of sports is an incubator for corruption. You don't need to do a Google search to know that players have taken drugs and thrown games or fights, that schools have committed recruiting and academic violations and that illegal gambling on sports is rampant. / Jun. 22, 2008

Rod Watson: The real lottery: Poor people, poor schools and poor chances

NY - Thank goodness for the poor - and the poorly educated. Instead of being a drag on society, they're actually fueling the economy - at least that part of the economy that relies on suckers who think the lottery is a good bet. More than half the Erie County census tracts where lottery players fared worst were in the city of Buffalo. More than a quarter were in the poorest East Side neighborhoods where the most popular games are those with the lowest odds of winning. / By Rod Watson / 06/26/08

Scottsdale bar seeks dog racing wagering

AZ - Anderson is asking the Scottsdale City Council to change the city code to allow him to apply for a license to hold off-track dog racing wagering at his downtown Scottsdale sports bar. The City Council is tentatively set to vote July 8 on whether to start the process that would allow off-track dog race wagering. / Tribune / Brian Powell / June 26, 2008

Senior center thief sentenced

MT - The former manager of a senior living center in Missoula who stole $52,000 from the center and its residents by gaining their sympathy and trust - in some cases by pretending to have cancer - was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison with 20 years suspended. When Nelson was finally arrested, he told police he'd suffered a business failure and developed an addiction to gambling and drinking. / By TRISTAN SCOTT / Jun. 27, 2008

Smoking ban not doing all the banning its sponsors hoped

NV - Dozens of establishments across the Las Vegas Valley continue to ignore the ban, known as the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act. Among other places, the ban prohibits smoking in bars and taverns that serve food. Over the past 18 months, 4,022 complaints have been made to the Southern Nevada Health District. And how many resulted in citations? Nil. None. Zero. The Health District is working with local justice courts, hoping they soon will accept the citations. / By Mike Trask / Jun 21, 2008

Smoking fines don't deter casinos

CO - Two casinos in Cripple Creek continue to allow smoking indoors despite receiving citations last week for violating the statewide ban. Police said they will not continue to ticket the casinos until a decision on whether they are exempt is made at a July 17 court hearing. "What's alarming is here you have a casino industry out there that is, in a sense, dictating to the Police Department how laws should apply to them," she said. / The Denver Post / Christopher Sanchez / 06/27/2008

Sneak peek: Rick's Tuesday gambling column

KS - Imagine nearly six square blocks of downtown Kansas City, Kan., as a sprawling casino... Documents obtained by The Kansas City Star from the Bureau of Indian Affairs regional office in Muskogee, Okla., spell out the tribe's apparent long-term intent to acquire almost every parcel of land between 6th and 9th streets, and between State and Ann avenues, and place it in federal trust "for gaming purposes, or purposes for which the Wyandotte Nation deems appropriate." The tribe's trust request was filed with the federal agency in April 2006 but only recently surfaced as part of a parallel and equally ambitious tribal request to also place in trust land it owns in Park City, Kan., near Wichita, also for a tribal casino. The state, which has been fighting the tribe in court for years over the legality of its 7th Street Casino, objected "strenuously" to the Park City plan on several counts, not the least of which was that Sedgwick County voters rejected state-owned casinos at the polls last year. / by Rick Alm / June 23, 2008

South Florida Casino Lays Off 120 Employees

FL - "Mortgages are going up, interest is going up, gas food, you know everything is going up," said Annie, a local casino patron. "So by the time you take care of your household needs, you don't have anything left." The lack of disposable income for many across the area creates a problem for some casinos, which have to lay off employees when less money is being taken in. / June 24, 2008

Stalemate over 'Net gambling ban

DC - An amendment to develop new regulations to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was defeated Wednesday in a tie vote in the House Committee on Financial Services. The amendment to the Payments System Protection Act, H.R. 5767, offered by Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), would have required the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve System, in consultation with the Attorney General, to develop new regulations to implement UIGEA that are less burdensome for U.S. financial services companies. / by Rick Alm / June 26, 2008

State lottery estimates vary by $40 million

AR - Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families also said a lottery would add more unfairness to the state tax system, do little to improve access to higher education and "prey among those who stand to lose the most from gambling." The eight-page re port - "Gambling On Our Future: Why a State-Sponsored Lottery is Still a Bad Bet for Education & Families in Arkansas" - echoes the group's 2002 finding... / BY MICHAEL R. WICKLINE / June 26, 2008

State postpones decision on expanding gambling

IA - The commissioners said they were worried about a sluggish state and national economy. They also cited a decrease in gambling revenues at some Iowa casinos following the opening of four new gambling operations the past two years in Waterloo, Emmetsburg, Riverside and Worth County. I think we have learned some lessons that Iowans don't want a casino in every county and in every corner," [Vice Chairman Gerald Bair of Ankeny] said. / By WILLIAM PETROSKI / June 24, 2008

Statewide ban on smoking remains best choice

KS - Last Thursday, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman signed into law one of the nation's toughest smoking laws. It will take effect in June 2009 and prohibit smoking in workplaces, restaurants, bars and casinos. / June 24, 2008

Study urges wariness of state gambling revenue

IL - A report by the Rockefeller Institute of Government shows revenue growth from gambling across the country has slowed during the last three years. In Illinois, proponents of a statewide construction plan, including Gov. Rod Blagojevich, want to pay for it with the help of a land-based casino in Chicago. The study says states shouldn't rely on gambling as a growth stream. / Tribune / By Ashley Wiehle / June 22, 2008

Sumter authorities bust illegal gambling operation

SC - Authorities seized 12 illegal poker machines, chairs, tables, fans, refrigerators and $5,966 in cash, all used in the gambling operation... / June 20, 2008

Supreme Court Decision: Plains Commerce Bank v. Long

DC - The Supreme Court on Wednesday restricted the ability of Indian courts to hear lawsuits involving non-tribal members. The 5-4 decision in favor of the Plains Commerce Bank came in a dispute involving the Long Family Land and Cattle Co. Inc., an Indian-owned business on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. / June 25, 2008

Supreme Court reverses tribal jurisdiction ruling

DC - The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota does not have jurisdiction over a non-Indian bank doing business on the reservation, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today. / June 25, 2008

Tempers flare over gambling bill

FL - A plan to cut the tax rate on slot machines to encourage more gambling in South Florida turned tense at a legislative committee Thursday as gambling lobbyists turned on each other and a Republican senator accused a Democrat of drafting a proposal that was ''inappropriate'' and ``not believable.'' Sen. Ronda Storms of Valrico doubted Geller's rosy view of less taxation for more gambling. She also objected to Geller's plan because he had the committee vote on a hand-written amendment that was filed the morning of the meeting and was so tough to understand that even a gambling lobbyist balked at it. / Miami Herald / BY MARC CAPUTO / June 24, 2008

Temptation - Gambling on revenue stream addictive

WV - West Virginia's share of the budget generated by gambling also grew more than any other state, including Nevada, from 1998 to 2006, Bottom line: Gambling dollars totaled close to 9 percent of the Mountain State's general budget in 2006. We urge officials to resist the temptation to become addicted to gaming dollars. While there is no doubt gaming in West Virginia is contributing a substantial chunk to the state budget, leaders must be wary of putting too many eggs in one economic revenue basket. / Bluefield Daily Telegraph / June 20, 2008

Texas Police Raid Online Operation

TX - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Special Investigations Unit detained Justin Franciscotty along with wife Ana and sister-in-law Stephanie Useltonon Tuesday in the town of Magnolia and have charged all three with money laundering, a second-degree felony that is punishable by up to 20 years in prison along with a fine of $10,000. / 26-06-08

The education reform gamble

MA - Given the continued phase-in of costly healthcare reforms and a questionable economy, it would be "exceedingly difficult," said Birmingham, to fund [Governor] Patrick's ambitious plan simply by cutting the budget elsewhere. That leaves new taxes - or casinos. Patrick was a big loser after his proposal to license three casinos went down to crushing defeat last winter. / By Joan Vennochi / June 26, 2008

The odds might favor a shake-up

WA - "Because there may be little to no difference between marketing and advertising strategies directed at teenagers under 18, and those 18 and 19 years old, I ask that you refrain from using tools that entice those young adults to play," Gregoire wrote Christopher Liu on Feb. 10, 2006. "My concern is that, by following such a path, we would increase the likelihood of younger teenagers becoming involved in gambling at an age when they do not fully understand the risks involved," Gregoire wrote. / THE NEWS TRIBUNE / PETER CALLAGHAN / June 22nd, 2008

Thousands come out for union rally in A.C.

NJ - Shouting "Negotiate!" as they made their way through the streets, about 3,000 newly unionized casino workers and their supporters staged a rally... It's way past time to negotiate a contract that delivers good wages and decent health care." / The Associated Press / Jun 21, 2008

Three get probation, fines for illegal gambling ring in Washington County

PA - They conspired to conduct an illegal gambling operation and to engage in money laundering... / Pittsburgh Tribune / June 23, 2008

Trainer Dutrow faces ban for horse's positive test

KY - Rick Dutrow is in trouble again. The outspoken trainer of Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Big Brown is facing a 15-day suspension by Kentucky racing officials after another horse he trains exceeded the allowable limit for a drug that enables horses to breathe easier while exercising. The news of the possible suspension comes just days after IEAH Stables, co-owners of Big Brown, stepped forward and said it would take all of its horses off steroids entirely and shy away from trainers who continue to use the drugs to maintain their horses. / By WILL GRAVES / Jun 25, 2008

Tribe denies 50 members profits from casino

CA - A long-simmering dispute within a North County Indian band boiled over yesterday when the tribe withheld casino profit checks from about 50 people, claiming that one of their ancestors was adopted and that as a result, they're not really Indians. / UNION-TRIBUNE / By Onell R. Soto / June 28, 2008

Tribe hopes bingo will be winner

IL - Those who oppose the casino, like Dordal and other DCTAC members, have said the gambling facility will taint their small town, bringing traffic, low-paying jobs and addictions to the rural community. "Everyone who lives here does because they want to (live in a small town)," Dordal said. "Having a casino will completely change the fabric of the community." While the concept of bingo seems fairly innocent, DCTAC has described the electronic form of the game as "completely unlike traditional bingo" and "virtually indistinguishable from slot machines." DCTAC said what makes it legally "bingo" is only that a microchip plays an instantaneous bingo game against other players in the room and awards winnings based on that. / By Erika Wurst / June 24, 2008

Tuesday Crucial Day for Online Gambling

DC - The US House Committee on Financial Services is to vote to dissolve the... Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act... (H.R. 5767) would prohibit the Department of the Treasury and Federal Reserve System from proposing, prescribing or implementing any regulations related to the current ban on internet gambling. / June 23, 2008

Two Between the Buns restaurants pay fines in gambling case

IN - Two area restaurants cited in illegal gambling on Super Bowl Sunday have paid their fines... It is unclear how many people had signed up to participate in the gambling, but a list of those people was found inside the restaurant, police said. / South Bend Tribune / June 24, 2008

Two Canonsburg men guilty in Washington Co. gambling ring

PA - Authorities say they seized $385,000 in cash and U.S. Savings Bonds, and 10 high-end vehicles as part of the investigation. / The Associated Press / June 24, 2008

Two MD Officials Speak Out On Opposite Sides About Slots

MD - State-run slot machines could soon be ringing throughout Maryland. That's if voters give their approval in November. "It's a shady, sleezy industry that preys on people." "It's the wrong direction for the State to go in . . . Why would they want to fund education off of people's gambling addictions." / By ELAINA ATHANS

Type II gambling to be permitted in Indiana bars

IN - The new law passed by the Indiana General Assembly specifies that "type II gaming may be conducted by taverns that are issued a retailer's endorsement that is affixed to the tavern owner's alcoholic beverage permit." This allows the sale of pull tabs, punchboards and tip boards which will be exempt from the state gross retail tax. All three types are games of chance and are similar to scratch-off lottery tickets or other cardboard lottery games. / IDS / Brian Meredith / 6/27/2008

U.S. casino shares slump as airlines cut capacity

NY - Shares of casino operators tumbled to new lows on Thursday as investors assessed the impact of airline schedule cutbacks and new Las Vegas Strip resort capacity. "Gaming stocks are very much out of favor," said Robert LaFleur, an analyst at Susquehanna Financial. / Reuters / By Deena Beasley / June 26 2008

US Research Calls End To Poker Boom

- A report... Charts a precipitous decline in interest in online and terrestrial poker among young Americans... Prohibitive legislation has already had a positive effect on youth and problem gambling in the US. / Bill Spain / 27/06/2008

Washington State Lottery Uses Candy Logos, Drawing Minors

WA - The Washington State Lottery, in its over-zealousness in promoting its product, has once again brought shame upon the state and the governor. The Lottery has entered into an agreement with Hershey's, using the logos of popular candies such as Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Jolly Ranchers to sell scratch-off tickets. State Representative Dan Roach asserted, "The state is grooming kids to be habitual gamblers.' / by A.J. Maldonado / June 22, 2008

Water Club leads new trend of non-gambling hotels

NJ - It's got tons of marble, an $18,000-a-week floral budget, five swimming pools and a spa-in-the-sky. About the only thing you won't be able to do in The Water Club is gamble. "The Water Club will launch Atlantic City into the next wave of new investment as it continues to evolve as a destination resort." That has been the city's mantra in recent years as it struggles to get away from its three-decades-old business model built around day-tripping gamblers who ride a bus here, play the slots for a few hours (expecting a free buffet), then go back home. / The Associated Press / By WAYNE PARRY / June 27, 2008

What's the interest on $236 million?

KS - Kansas Lottery officials said the 11 developers seeking to become state-owned casino managers met June deadlines and have now paid in full their combined $236 million in mandatory "privilege fees" required to keep their applications alive. The Review Board is currently scheduled to make its final decision on the Wyandotte County casino on Sept. 26. / by Rick Alm / June 26, 2008

Why a sports lottery is a bad bet for Delaware

DE - Backers of legislation that would authorize a sports betting lottery in Delaware are trying to sell Delaware voters and legislators a bill of goods. They are trying to convince the state legislature that legalizing sports gambling would be the answer to Delaware's $150 million budget deficit with baseless projections of $71 million in revenue to the state's coffers. We beg to differ. Our two studies, released yesterday, show that proposed sports lottery betting in Delaware will - at best - bring in $3 million in state gaming tax revenues. That difference is too large to ignore in this time of financial crisis facing the state - and its taxpayers. Permitting legal sports betting, even under the best of circumstances, will do very little to generate general fund revenues. / By William R. Eadington, William Latham and James Butkiewicz / June 23, 2008

Woman robs store to cover gambling losses

NM - A 52-year-old woman admitted to police that she robbed a gas station and convenience store on Tuesday in order to hide gambling losses from her husband. / Eyewitness News 4 and Reed Upton / By: Cris Ornelas / Jun. 27, 2008

Woman sentenced for embezzling

MT - A 24-year-old woman who embezzled nearly $29,000 from her employer to fuel a gambling addiction was sentenced Monday in District Court. / Gazette News Services / June 24, 2008

WyCo delays review of Las Vegas Sands casino proposal

KS - The original Sands proposal for a casino near Interstate 435 and Leavenworth Road failed to get planning and zoning approvals, and it didn't get required local endorsement from the Unified Government before Dec. 31. But state lottery officials then changed their reading of the rules, saying proposals only needed local endorsement before going on to the review board. / Kansas City Business Journal / June 24, 2008

Yonkers business agency secretary admits embezzlement

NY - An employee of the Yonkers South Broadway District Management Association pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $70,000 from the agency to feed a gambling habit... / The Journal News / By Phillip Bausk / June 25, 2008