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6/22/08 TO 6/28/08

$48m pokie punt

AUSTRALIA - TOOWOOMBA battlers are pouring more than $48 million into poker machines each year. In August last year, residents put a total of $4,289,000 into the slot machines _ the most spent for a month in the entire year. "It was just late last year when my entire pension was going on gambling [Jenny (not her real name) said]." " It's amazing how quickly you can become addicted; I never thought I would be affected but I was." / By Kerryn Anker / 06/23/2008


UK - A gambling addict pleaded with a court to continue an order banning him from all county betting shops. [He] told the court: "Please, I need help. I don't want the ban lifted." / 06/23/2008

Ahern set to gamble on casinos

IRELAND - JUSTICE Minister Dermot Ahern has indicated he will loosen Ireland's gambling laws by legalising casinos. Mr Ahern also intends to create a new regulatory authority for all forms of gaming. He said existing laws on gambling were "past their sell-by date". / By Cormac Murphy / June 21 2008

Brain Research for Sale? Gaming Industry Looks to Science to Beat Class Action

CANADA - Other experts (who aren't on the casino industry payroll) argue that it's too soon to say whether certain people are predisposed to develop a gambling addiction, and to date no genetic marker has been tied to gambling addiction. But whether or not one exists, a successful outcome for Big Gaming could be setting a dangerous precedent for lawsuits to come: Throw around a few impressive-sounding genetic terms and walk away from your misdeeds clean. / Discover Magazine, NY / by Melissa Lafsky / June 25th, 2008

Bulgaria Agrees On Online Gambling

BULGARIA - Legislators from Bulgaria... Have agreed to regulatory amendments paving the way for licensed and regulated online gambling. / By Staff / June 26, 2008

Church tells Brown to ditch plans for Las Vegas style super-casinos

UK - The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, told the synod that gambling caused "human pollution". He added: "A striking number of people in this country feel deeply uneasy. The utterly extraordinary, not to say ridiculous, claims about gambling as a means for regeneration simply obscure the fact of cost. "Gambling is socially costly and whatever is said about supposed financial benefits, the creation of jobs and so forth in an area, one has to build in the cost. "The gambling industry is profoundly costly, its human pollution in terms of promoting addiction, destroying family life and so forth, is manifest. The gambling industry needs to take responsibility. / 06/23/2008

Council rolls dice on gambling

AUSTRALIA - Anti-pokie campaigner and councillor Chris Darby says the decision to review the policy is a step in the right direction. "Playing the pokies is not about entertainment, it's a family wrecker. It's about people living in hope of winning at impossible odds," he says. "Behind a new pair of children's footy boots funded by the local gaming trust there too often lies a battered mum and a family without food." / North Shore Times / By HAYDEN DONNELL / 26 June 2008

Drug-addicted grandmother sold speed to fund habit

AUSTRALIA - A RAVENSWOOD grandmother sold speed to fund her own drug habit, She also claimed to have a serious gambling addiction... / By ZARA DAWTREY / 28 June 2008

Gambling Site Employee Arrested For Identify Theft

- KALONJI has been arrested for his alleged participation in a large, Internet-based identity-theft ring. KALONJI, who was employed by an Internet gambling website, allegedly served as a source of stolen information for an identity-theft ring... / Technology News Daily / 2008-06-27

Gambling addict stole thousands

UK - A HOTEL manager staged a £15,000 weddings scam to pay for his gambling habit. He was in charge of booking wedding receptions - a key part of the hotel business - with couples paying a non-refundable #500 deposit. But Fryer came up with a fiddle to help himself to the cash. His gambling problem spiralled out of control. / Evening Chronicle / by Garry Willey / Jun 28 2008

Gambling addict who stole from hotel is jailed

UK - A CONVICTED thief who stole money from the Bournemouth hotel where she worked to fund her gambling habit has been jailed for 16 months. "Breaching that trust, you then took monies from customers. I bear in mind that you have succumbed to the evil of gambling. For those who become hooked it is a very costly, dangerous pastime. It has lost you your reputation." / By Julie Magee / 23rd June 2008

Gambling on the Rise in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Ten times more gamblers in Singapore in 2008, a survey finds. / By Daniel O / Jun 25, 2008

Health agencies unite against gambling

NZ - Gisborne and East Coast health organisations are banding together to fight significant adverse effects of problem gambling. "Pokie machines are nearly always in the most vulnerable communities . . . 46 percent of people playing pokies are women and Maori are over-represented." Dr Cramp said in a decile nine community, one of the lowest deciles, there were 75 people for each pokie machine. Yet in a decile one community, there were 460 people for each pokie machine. / By Jessica Wauchop / 26 June 2008

Hotel manager spared jail over #15,000 scam

UK - A SENIOR hotel manager who scammed his employers out of over #15,000 to fund his gambling addiction has been spared jail. Fryer had been recording some deposits in other accounts and keeping the money for himself. Fryer said the reason for this was because he had a bad gambling habit. The court heard that Fryer, now of Hopmeadow Court, Northampton, is attending gamblers anonymous meetings. / 6-27-08

Hotel manager stole #15,000 to fund gambling addiction

UK - A SENIOR hotel manager who scammed his employers out of more than #15,000 to fund his gambling addiction has been spared jail. / By James Moore / 28 June 2008


- The prosecution claims that whilst working in the credit card department of [Costa Rica based online gambling group] BetonSports, Kalonji was part of an identity theft ring and helped to steal personal information of at least 150 clients. / June 24, 2008


- Gaming trade unions from across the world agreed to work together to tackle online gambling which, it was claimed, "threatens jobs, creates new revenue that's not always shared with the workers it depends upon and creates problems of unmonitored, addictive gambling." Mobile phone gambling is also a looming threat, said Bernhard Stracke from ver.di Germany, which strongly supported the legal ban on online gambling in that country. "The risk of addiction is huge and there is no protection for youngsters," Stracke alleged. "This [online gambling] is a real threat, a real risk for all our countries," said Miguel Rodriguez Gomez of FECHTJ-UGT Spain. / June 27, 2008

Local woman in recovery with help from Gamblers Anonymous

CANADA - "I headed out to commit suicide. I hit the corner of Second Line and North Street, and I said, 'Oh God, please, I don't want to die. I just don't want to feel like this anymore.'" Those feelings included both shame and guilt. After long stretches at a casino, as long as 30 hours, Jane said she was left feeling "totally drained, mentally and physically. The shame is absolutely brutal." "The worst thing isn't losing money. It's hurting other people." "I would try to find a way," Jane said. "I am an addict. I am a liar; I am a cheat; I am a thief. I am all of these things when I am in addiction." Based on similar surveys, between two per cent and 3.4 per cent of those gamblers in Ontario are at moderate risk or problem gamblers. And unlike alcohol, drug or nicotine addictions, gambling is tolerated, even encouraged by society and the government, who depend on its revenue. / June 25, 2008

Malaysian gambler drinks weed killer after Euro 2008 match loss

MALAYSIA - A Malaysian man died from consuming weed killer after he lost 90,000 ringgit (26,470 dollars) in bets on a Euro 2008 football match, Her son called her after consuming the weed killer, saying that he could not repay his gambling debts. / DPA / 26 Jun 2008

Man stole $15,000 from firm

NZ - A man took more than $15,000 from the firm he worked for, some of it in a loan, after a bogus claim that his daughter needed an operation. Wilson was a compulsive gambler... / The Press / 27 June 2008

No Gambling In Taiwan For Chinese Under New Tourism Agreement

TAIWAN - Taiwan and China are attempting to mend the bad relations that have existed between the two countries. A new tourism agreement has been put in place, and one of the stipulations is no gambling by Chinese tourists in Taiwan. / By Susan Torres / June 23, 2008

No gambling for Chinese going to Taiwan

TAIWAN - Chinese visitors to Taiwan will not be allowed to gamble or engage in "pornographic activities," China's state news agency reported Sunday. At the moment, travelers from Taiwan to China must transit a third destination, such as Hong Kong. / The Associated Press / Wally Santana / Jun. 22, 2008

No pornography, gambling for Chinese vacationers to Taiwan

CHINA - Chinese visitors to Taiwan will not be allowed to gamble or engage in "pornographic activities," China's state news agency reported Sunday. "Travel agencies are not allowed to arrange gambling, pornographic and drug-related activities, and other activities harming cross-strait relations," Xinhua said. / The Associated Press / June 22, 2008

Online Gambling Scandals Cause Tennis Officials to Tighten Rules

UK - The Association of Tennis Professionals is determined to remove the stink of scandal from its sport after a series of online gambling debacles involving questionable matches, and one step will be the formation of an agency investigating corruption and enforcing strict new rules to curb match fixing. Online bookmakers discovered highly unusual betting patterns in several matches last year, and turned their data over to tennis authorities. / by Tom Weston / June 21, 2008

Online betting illegal

SINGAPORE - MANY tech-savvy gamblers here are taking their habit online, but they may not realise it is illegal. / The Straits Times / By Melissa Sim / Jun 22, 2008

Online gambling addict stole #70K savings

UK - An online gambling addict plundered her grandparents' life savings stealing #70,000 to fund her habit, a court heard. / 06/23/2008

Pampanga governor files plunder vs alleged 'gambling lord'

PHILIPPINES - Governor Eddie Panlilio has filed a plunder case against alleged "jueteng" lord Rodolfo "Bong" Pineda... He said the filing of the case was one of the many efforts being undertaken by the multi-sectoral Pampanga Anti-Gambling Coalition (PAGC) to rid the province of jueteng, a popular form of gambling similar to a lottery. / Central Luzon Desk / By Tonette Orejas / 06/23/2008

Probe into addictive gambling slot machines launched

UK - They are dubbed the "crack cocaine of gambling" - after Gambling Commission figures reveal they are now the second biggest cause of problem gambling. / By Jason Beattie / 21/06/2008

Province not a babysitter for gamblers

CANADA - News broke last week that a $3.5-billion class-action lawsuit is being launched against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. The suit was launched by a problem gambler and his family who allege he has been allowed into some of Ontario's casinos and slots facilities although he is taking part in a voluntary program intended to keep him out. / The St. Catharines Standard / 6-24-08

ATMs Removed From Gambling Areas, Australian Senator Proposes

AUSTRALIA - Australian senator Nick Xenophon, a noted opponent of gambling, has proposed a bill banning ATMs from locations containing gambling machines. / by Ed Bradley / June 22, 2008

Radio station executive jailed

SOUTH AFRICA - The former financial director of Heart 104.9FM, Mario Roos, has been effectively jailed for 12 years on 118 counts of theft and fraud, involving R12,5-million. A gambling addict, he not only stole from Heart Radio but, about five years earlier, stole from the Foschini Group as well... / June 24 2008

Random calls woo gamblers

AUSTRALIA - THE online bookmaking agency Sportsbet has started calling mobile phones randomly encouraging people to bet. The agency admits there is no way of knowing if the calls are being made to minors or problem gamblers, Although NSW has stringent laws on gambling advertising, interstate online betting agencies have interpreted a High Court decision in March to mean they are not bound by them. / Jonathan Dart / June 27, 2008

Ruling due on bingo hall slot machines

UK - An industry source said the government would announce plans to raise from four the maximum number of 500-pound jackpot slot machines allowed in bingo clubs and was expected to choose from one of three options put to it by operators. / By Marc Jones / Jun 24, 2008

Singapore Finds Expansive Growth in Illegal Online Gambling

SINGAPORE - More and more young people in Indonesia are gambling online... The number of online gamblers among young adults has grown tenfold in the last three years. / by Julie Wong / June 22, 2008

Singapore Goes for High Stakes

SINGAPORE - The Singapore government is set to bite the bullet and legalize casino and online gambling operations, / By Nigel K / Jun 27, 2008

Wary Wimbledon takes the safe bet and steers clear of gambling

UK - Having a bet on a major sporting event is as British and traditional as strawberries and cream. But not at Wimbledon, where the organisers' attitude towards betting is not dissimilar to one their ancestors took to homosexuality. It is something people do but they should do it out of sight. The ATP is investigating 45 matches, including eight that took place at Wimbledon. / The Guardian / Greg Wood / June 26, 2008

What about pokie machines and loan sharks?

NZ - There is one pokie machine for every 465 people in a high income community but one for every 75 people in a low income community. There is no doubt who these machines are designed to suck money from. 47% of pokie venues are in the poorest one third of our communities. An estimated 50,000 New Zealanders now suffer from severe problem gambling. 88% of people referred to problem gambling organisations have pokies as their addiction... More than one billion dollars is lost from New Zealand communities each year from pokies. Communities lose $3 for every $1 given in community grants. / 24 June 2008

Wimbledon Gambling Scandal: Fixed Matches Revealed

UK - In a shocking revelation this weekend it was revealed that as many as eight matches at Wimbledon have been reported to the tennis authorities on suspicion results have been fixed by professional gambling syndicates. The Wimbledon gambling scandal continues to unravel as the championship play gets under way. The Wimbledon gambling scandal first unfolded last year when the New York Times reported that at least a dozen ranked players have said they were asked to throw matches or have heard of similar approaches to others. / Publisher / Christopher Costigan / June 22, 2008

Wimbledon: Day One - Talk of illegal gambling, strawberries and the roof

UK - There's alarm among the crowd on the green and pleasant well-manicured lawns of Wimbledon that illegal match-fixing may have infiltrated the 122nd Championships. Foreign gangsters, working in syndicates, are suspected of planning tennis gambling coups by bribing certain players to throw games. In last year's tournament eight matches were deemed suspicious with four involving male players who lost in three straight sets. / By James Borg / June 23, 2008

Xenophon eyes ATM bans from pokie venues

AUSTRALIA - Anti gambling advocate Nick Xenophon will move a private member's bill banning ATMs from pubs and clubs with poker machines as one of his first acts as a new senator. "He knows what the impact is on families, he knows what it does to families, and I'd like to think that there'll be bipartisan support for some measures to tackle this head on." / June 22, 2008