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615/08 TO 6/21/08

Scorecast Man who stole #1m has appeal rejected

UK - A 33-year-old gambling addict... Stole nearly #1million from his employers... Mason admitted the charges and had confessed to his employers... / 18 June 2008

China arrests fake terrorists

CHINA - Three men who reportedly posed as terrorists to try to extort more than $300,000 (#150,000) have been arrested in the Chinese Olympic city of Qingdao. [he] devised the scheme after he lost all his money gambling. / 20 June 2008

City Council approves anti-gambling ordinance

PHILIPPINES - Mayor Constantino Jaraula earlier said police officers involved in video karera machines operate through their wives or partners to avoid being caught. He estimated that nearly 80 percent of the local police force is engaged in protecting illegal gambling machines and other illegal acts. "The corruption is already deeply rooted in our police force. It was existing before we came into office," Jaraula told Sun.Star. / June 17, 2008

Former radio man guilty of theft, fraud

S AFRICA - He told the court his gambling addiction was all-consuming and that his gambling began in casinos but later progressed to online gambling where he could gamble into the early hours of the morning in the comfort of his Constantia home. / June 20 2008

Gambler carried out betting shop raid

UK - [He] has been jailed for four years today after he tried to rob the bookmaker's where he had just lost all his money. The burly 41-year-old waited until the shop was empty before storming in armed with a baseball bat and with a scarf covering his face. But the masked raider left empty handed after manager John Clithero shouted and screamed as he resisted the terrifying attack. Alex Daymond, defending, said his client had lost his job as a taxi driver and was worrying about how he was going to live and repay his large debts. "As is often the case with people addicted to gambling he thought he could bet his way out of trouble," he said. / By Craig Evry / 13 June 2008

Gambling Arrests Up During Euro 2008

- Nearly 100 gamblers were arrested during the first five days of Euro 2008, officials said. / June 15, 2008

Hawthorn players owns up to gambling breach

AU - A HAWTHORN player has taken a potentially explosive gambling matter to the AFL. The AFL has launched an investigation and would not comment last night. The AFL announced a crackdown on betting in football by players and officials in 2007. "If a player places a bet on an AFL match from today, he will face suspension." / Mike Sheahan / June 19, 2008

IDF officer charged with stealing LAW rocket, selling it to criminals

ISRAEL - According to an indictment filed by the Military Advocate General's Office, the officer, a commander of an anti-aircraft battery, [was charged with stealing weapons and selling them off to criminal elements.] to pay off a $120,000 illegal gambling debt he had accumulated. Many of the weapons have yet to be retrieved. / Ynetnews / Hanan Greenberg / 06.17.08


UK - British Sky Broadcasting has announced what it claims is a new way to play bingo with the launch of Sky Bingo Interactive, allowing viewers to play bingo and watch their favorite Sky shows at the same time. / / June 20, 2008

LV-based company asked to find casino operator

MOROCCO - The quest to find the next lucrative international gaming destination has landed in the Northern African desert of Morocco. Moroccan developers of a nearly 1,000-acre lakefront site near the city of Ouarzazate have asked Las Vegas-based Global Gaming Group of CB Richard Ellis to help find a casino operator for the location. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By HOWARD STUTZ / Jun. 15, 2008

Last man in armed robbery arrested

VIETNAM - Armed robber Nguyen Tien Nam gave himself up to police Thursday after he and another man - who was arrested at the scene - bungled a jewelry shop hold-up in Ho Chi Minh City on Wednesday. An anonymous source said the two robbers were gambling addicts who often visited casinos in Cambodia. / June 20, 2008

Mums fury over judges decision on sons killer

UK - GRIEVING mum Wendy Comins can't believe the thug who stabbed her son to death will be walking the streets soon thanks to a lenient judge. In November 2000, Fields, now 26, was given a seven-year manslaughter term for knifing her youngest son Troy in an alleyway in Whitstable. That sentence was reduced to five years and he has since had a year inside for affray. Sentencing Fields Judge Michael Lawson Q.C. said the thug had to cure his alcohol and gambling addictions which he hoped the probation service would sort out. Judge Lawson refused to impose a harsher sentence because he didn't consider he was sufficient danger to the public. Wendy said: "What planet is this judge on? "Fields stabbed my son. I've got the life sentence - not Fields. This creature will be walking the streets soon. There's no justice." / 6-20-08

New Online Casino Viva Macau

- Mong Ha Media has announced they will open a new online casino in an effort to target gamers who would rather play online then head to a land-based casino and deal with the large crowds. / News / 17.06.2008

New casino opens amid study on addictions

CD - The Alberta government has launched a survey to determine the extent of problem gambling in Alberta, as the new Stampede Casino opened Thursday. There are now eight casinos in the Calgary area, including new casinos on the Tsuu T'ina and Stoney reserves. The two-month study is part of a bigger $685,000, two-year socio-economic study on the costs and benefits of gaming. "We know about a third of the revenue comes from problem gamblers, if the revenue is going up there then that is not a good thing for society." Some gamblers say they've seen a rise in the numbers of people hitting the slots that has accompanied the growing availability. Still, those with gambling addictions typically keep their problems to themselves. / Calgary Herald / Sean Myers / June 20, 2008

New pokie card allows gamblers to count the cost

AU - GAMBLERS are being issued with limit-setting stripe cards to help them control what they pour into poker machines under a Queensland trial. The cards allow players to pre-set how much they are prepared to lose each day and ensure they get regular reports on how much they have gambled. "It is a breakthrough," he said. "We see the problem at the coalface. We have people coming to us who have lost their houses, lost their wives or husbands... / By Melanie Christiansen / June 21, 2008

Norway Gets Tough On Gambling Machines

NORWAY - All gaming machines... Will only be accessible to pre-registered users via prepaid cards... 'There will be limits on how much an individual can lose, they will be closed at night and there will be a cooling-off period after one hour of continuous play,' / 19-06-08

Norwegian Sports Association Calls on State to Launch Online Poker

NORWAY - Norway had been expected to introduce a ban on financial institutions from processing transactions to and from foreign online gambling operators in April. A decision on this has now been delayed until after the summer. / 20 June 2008

One third of Hong Kong parents have gambling habit, says survey

CHINA - One third of Hong Kong parents have a gambling habit and regularly bet on horse racing and soccer matches, a survey published Monday claimed. The survey, carried out by an education concern group, also found that two thirds of the 864 parents interviewed believed the gambling problem in the former British colony to be serious. / DPA / Mon, 16 Jun 2008

Operator condemns lotto plan

AU - THE arrival of Greek firm Intralot to the Victorian gaming industry will mark the end of an era for at least one Wimmera lotto outlet next month. Donald Newsagency owner Kevin Anderson said he would be forced to scrap the sale of scratchies, Wednesday Lotto, Tatts 2 and Keno games because Intralot's $10,000 establishment fee and ongoing fees of more than $100 a week were out of reach for the small business. / BY MICHELLE DRYBURGH / 16/06/2008

Packer to invest in Philippine casino

PHILIPPINES - Australian billionaire and gaming tycoon James Packer is expected to invest $1.5 billion in a hotel and casino resort on Manila Bay in the Philippines. / / June 16, 2008

Pitfalls of dating a problem gambler

AU - Dr Patford said her study was the first she was aware of that focused on male partners rather than female. "Gamblers' marital and de facto partners are obviously likely to be affected by problem gambling, especially when they are financially and emotionally dependent on the gambler. "However, findings indicate that men are likely to be both victims and the enablers of their partner's gambling," Dr Patford said. / University of Tasmania / 20 June 2008

Police cracks down on underground gambling syndicate

CHINA - An illegal soccer and horse gambling syndicate involving more than HK$20 million in bets was smashed by the Judiciary Police (PJ) on Monday following a two-year collaboration with INTERPOL. / by Natalie Leung / 18 June 2008

Police smash Hong Kong syndicate placing bets on Euro 2008 games

CHINA - Five suspects were being held by police in Hong Kong Friday after a suspected gambling syndicate placing bets worth hundreds of thousands of US dollars on Euro 2008 football matches. Seven computers were seized in the police raids with records of betting orders totalling more than 250,000 US dollars... / DPA / 20 Jun 2008

Posed as DOE employee in #4,500 fraud

UK - A Derry man, who posed as a DOE employee in order to steal #4,500 in equipment from plant hire outlets, has been jailed for six months. O'Neill was vulnerable because he had problems with alcohol and gambling... O'Neill was jailed for six months and given 12 months on community probation with an order to attend addiction treatment services. / By Staff reporter / 20 June 2008

Problem gamblers should seek addiction help, not legal advice

CD - A $3.5-billion class action lawsuit, which has yet to be certified, is in the works against the OLG by problem gamblers who allege they have been allowed into some of the casinos and slots facilities in the province despite the fact they are taking part in a voluntary program to keep them out. About 10,000 people have voluntarily asked staff to deny them entry if they show up to gamble [because] They have a gambling problem. / 6-17-08


SPAIN - Spain's current gambling policy of allowing autonomous provinces to offer licencing agreements could be replaced by a more cohesive nation-wide system as early as next (2009) year, with taxes being shared by central government and the provincial regions. / / June 19, 2008

Samak proposes casino for Thailand - under another label

THAILAND - It's time for Thailand to have an entertainment complex housing a casino, sports arena and convention hall, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej said yesterday. To avoid criticism or a negative response from the public on hearing that money would be spent on building a casino, Samak called it an entertainment complex rather than a casino. / The Nation / By Suchat Sritama / June 17, 2008

Spain Takes a First Step Towards Regulating Online Gambling

SPAIN - The meeting focused on the regulation of remote gambling in Spain, with a range of topics discussed including the effects of compulsive gambling, as well as the impact of new technologies such as mobile gaming. / 18 June 2008

Steward stole club cash to pay for gambling debts

UK - A STEWARD who stole more than #11,000 from a workingmen's club to cover his gambling debts has been spared jail. [He] admitted he had taken a total of more than #16,000 but had paid #5,000 back, leaving #11,020 outstanding. / 13 June 2008

Study: World gambling revenue to top $155B in 2012

NV - Tough economic times will lead to declining revenues in 2008 and 2009 in Nevada and Atlantic City, N.J., according to the report. Mary Lynn Palenik of PricewaterhouseCoopers said the mortgage crisis and high gas and travel prices will lead to the decline. / Associated Press / By OSKAR GARCIA / 06.18.08


- Trends in online gambling have favoured both bingo and poker at different stages, but according to the large UK betting group Vernons, the latest gaming "wave" to hit the UK is online slot machines. Traditionally, slot machines have been a major draw in the large land casinos of Las Vegas, but now its online popularity has swept Britain... / / June 15, 2008

Tempt me, and I will sue the pants off you!

CD - We have embraced a whole new level of entitlement thanks to the ginormous class action suit launched last week against the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation by thousands of addicted gamblers. The suit alleges the OLG has not done enough to keep out problem gamblers who have chosen to "self-exclude" themselves from casinos. Addictions are terrible, powerful things. / By RACHEL SA / 6-19-08

Turkey To Privatise Lottery

TURKEY - The Government of Turkey has announced plans to privatise the State-owned lottery... With the winning bidder being granted a license for seven to ten years beginning in 2010. / 19-06-08


- The years 2008/9 would carry tough economic conditions, impacting the Nevada and Atlantic City land business and causing declining revenues in those years. Mary Lynn Palenik of PricewaterhouseCoopers said the mortgage crisis and high gas and travel prices will lead to the decline. US players were less likely to travel to land casinos due to pressures on disposal income. / / June 19, 2008

Wrack can inspire Gazza - Taylor

UK - [Darren Wrack - professional soccer player,] recently admitted to a 16-year gambling addiction which led to him squandering in excess of #500,000. The 31-year-old even considered suicide over the compulsive betting but has taken the first steps towards getting his life back on track. / June 20, 2008