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6/8/08 to 6/14/08

3 teens in jail for casino-winnings robbery

FL - Three people are behind bars and detectives say they're still looking for two others who stole almost $25,000 from winners of a poker tournament. Investigators say they could be responsible for other casino-related robberies. Two suspects got out wearing ski masks and pointed silver hand guns at the victims, / by: Danielle Dubetz / 6/11

7th Street Casino could thwart smoking ban

KS - Bans approved by Kansas City voters in April and the North Kansas City Council on Tuesday evening don't take effect until 'all' surrounding casinos also are covered by similar laws. / 12 June 2008

ATM stolen from Columbus casino

MT - Police are looking for a man who stole an ATM from a casino in Columbus early Thursday. / Associated Press / Jun 12 2008

Abramoff Sentencing Closer

- Abramoff is currently serving five years and 10 months in prison for his role in the fraudulent purchase of a fleet of casino cruise boats in Florida. Is required to make restitution of $26.7 million to the IRS and to the Indian tribes he defrauded. / By The Editors / June 10, 2008

Arkansas Race Tracks Mirror Casinos Despite Statewide Ban

AR - Despite a constitutional ban on many forms of gambling and repeated voter objections to casinos and lotteries, the "electronic games of skill" played at Hot Springs and West Memphis have brought a casino-like atmosphere to Arkansas. Since video blackjack, poker and other electronic games of skill were added to the tracks in late 2006, gamblers have wagered more than $600 million... / By The Associated Press / 6/9/2008

Bartlett jackpot winner arrested trying to collect prize at Elgin casino

IL - Neither police nor officials at the casino would release the amount Franquia won, but police said that even if the two identification cards were legal, she wouldn't have been able to collect the money from the casino because she placed herself on the casino's "banned" list. / By Gene Haschak / 6/10/2008

Betting the Presidential Election

- John McCain has been an outspoken and active opponent of any sort of legalized sports betting on college athletics, both offshore and here in Nevada. He personally sponsored legislation to outlaw legal, regulated betting on 'amateur athletics' in Nevada casinos. About banning gambling on college sports, he says: "When the most respected coaches in college athletics come to me and say, 'We want this banned because we think it can have a terrible effect on young people,' then I'm going to react." The very idea of allowing legal gambling on college sports is abhorrent and counterproductive for society. There are no questions about whether Barack Obama is a gambler personally, or not. Obama was a regular participant in a weekly poker game (an illegal game, by the letter of the law) while in the Illinois State Legislature. / June 11, 2008

Birmingham burglar sentenced to 3 to 6 years in prison

PA - No one was home in 2004 when Patrick Lloyd Burns broke into a Birmingham house and stole almost $7,000 worth of jewelry. "The people who live in homes that have been burglarized, most of them move away because they don't feel comfortable afterward," the judge said before sentencing Burns. "It's frightening. Absolutely frightening." Replied Burns. "I have a bad gambling problem." / / By MICHAEL P. RELLAHAN / Jun 10, 2008

Casino fined for underage violations

PA - Philadelphia Park Casino "breached its obligation" to the state when it allowed three children onto the gambling floor and at least one of them played a slots machine, the chairman of the state gaming control board said Wednesday. Incidents of underage gambling at casinos aren't uncommon but rarely do they involve young children, gaming regulators in Pennsylvania and New Jersey said. / Bucks County Courier Times / By JAMES MCGINNIS / June 12, 2008

Casinos trying to clear air of cigarette smoke

AZ - At Arizona's 22 casinos, which are on Native American land, where state anti-smoking laws don't apply. But in an age when an estimated 80 percent of Americans don't smoke, tribal casinos are investing in smoke-clearing equipment... Although there are casino anti-smoking movements going on in states such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Iowa, they are strongly opposed by casinos. State health officials and others say the only way to really be safe from the dangers of cigarette smoke is to stay away from it. Smoke-clearance systems may "get rid of the smoke but not the toxins," said Wayne Tormala, bureau chief for the Arizona Department of Health Service's Tobacco Education and Prevention Program. "The air looks cleaner, but you are still breathing in stuff that is not good for you." / The Arizona Republic / Cathryn Creno / Jun. 13, 2008

Cockfighting trial starts next week

VA - Kingrea... Is scheduled to be tried Thursday and Friday on charges of conspiracy to sponsor an animal fighting venture in which animals were moved in interstate commerce, illegal gambling and conspiracy to defraud the U.S through conspiring to deliver a sharp instrument to be used in animal fighting, and with being a principal who "conduct, finance, manage, supervise, direct and own all or part of an illegal gambling business, said business involving betting on cockfighting." / Northern Virginia Daily / By Sally Voth / 6-10-08

County Prosecutors Charge Owner Of Video Machine

MD - Baltimore County prosecutors have filed charges against the owner of 110 video machines seized in May from 41 bars and other establishments. / Jun 12, 2008

Court ruling gives racetrack temporary boost

IL - Fairmount Park, along with other Illinois racetracks, received millions of dollars in good news on Thursday morning. After two years of debate, the Illinois Supreme Court issued a ruling upholding 2006 legislation that requires the state's highest-grossing casinos to share some of their proceeds with horse racing tracks. According to Sloane, Thursday's court decision was being considered a "strong short-term solution" for their financial situation, at least ensuring their viability for next season - something that wasn't so sure until the announcement. / By Mike Terry

Drug commonly used for alcoholism curbs urges of pathological gamblers

MN - A drug commonly used to treat alcohol addiction has a similar effect on pathological gamblers - it curbs the urge to gamble and participate in gambling-related behavior, according to a new research at the University of Minnesota. "Medication can be helpful, but people with gambling addiction often have multiple other issues that should be addressed through therapy... / University of Minnesota / June 13, 2008

Embattled Tropicana CEO Steps Down

NV - Less than two years after emerging victorious in a billion-dollar bidding war that gave him control of the legendary Tropicana casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, William J. Yung III has stepped down as CEO of Tropicana Entertainment LLC. Tropicana is trying to restructure its $2.3 billion debt load. / By TAMARA AUDI / June 6, 2008

Embezzlement Case Spotlights Gaming Addiction

NV - An arrest warrant has been issued for a Washoe County water engineer accused of embezzling millions of dollars from the county water division and gambling more than $1 million at a Sparks casino. Orphan is accused of forming two bogus companies to sell county water well capacity rights he did not own. The money came from the water utility enterprise fund where water bill payments from 18,000 ratepayers and developer fees are deposited. / AP / Ed Pearce / Jun 10, 2008

Employee Stole $685K From Law Firm & Partner's Mom

CT - A former paralegal and bookkeeper for a small Connecticut law firm proved to be a one-woman theft machine after she developed a gambling problem in 1998. [she stole] more than $685,000 from the firm and the partner's mother... / Law Practice Management / By Martha Neil / Jun 10, 2008

Slots war pits grass roots vs. big bucks

MD - As fall nears, a barrage of advertising, signs and telemarketing will bombard voters, much of it from the well-funded gambling - oh, excuse me, "gaming" industry. For NOcasiNO and allies, going up against the full force of the gambling lobby is not going to be easy; there's a reason they say the house always wins. If voters approve the constitutional amendment, a law allowing 15,000 slot machines at five locations, likely including Laurel Park in western Anne Arundel County, will take effect. [The amount of potential revenue] doesn't take into account the social costs from crime, addiction, family stress, bankruptcies, even suicides, said Mrs. Knickelbein, citing estimated costs to society at $1.90 to $3 for every dollar generated. She said slots in Maryland would be "like a cancer that will spread." Or, to use another analogy, the state will be like an addict, hooked on the drug of gambling revenue and needing more and more every year to get its high. / By ERIC HARTLEY / June 08, 2008

Ex-county worker rejects plea deal

NY - A former Oswego County social worker accused of cheating the system out of about $4,500 decided not to plead guilty Thursday because she would have faced jail time. Shortly after her arrest, Ching was put in a suicide ward at a hospital in Utica... I'm concerned with suicide in the jail. Ching has a gambling problem... / / By Catie O'Toole / June 13, 2008

Ex-school official guilty in Orange Cty. of embezzling $1.7M

CA - / Associated Press / June 12, 2008

Flooding closes Isle in Davenport, Iowa

IA - / by Rick Alm / June 13, 2008

Florida Lottery tickets now available at Kmart

FL - The Florida Lottery announced today that it has reached a deal with Kmart to provide lottery players with more locations to purchase tickets. Ninety-eight Kmart stores statewide are becoming Florida Lottery retailers this year, bringing the Lottery closer to its goal of 13,500 authorized retailers. Twenty-seven Kmart stores in the Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and Miami areas are full-service Lottery retailers, equipped with Lottery terminals and Scratch-Off game inventory. / / June 9, 2008

Former Soka University finance director pleads guilty to embezzlement

CA - [He] pleaded guilty to multiple charges of embezzling [$1.7 million in] university funds for his personal use, such as gambling at casinos in Temecula and Las Vegas. / The Orange County Register / By SALVADOR HERNANDEZ / June 11, 2008

Former business manager spared worst in church thefts

- Randall Kozlowski stole nearly $400,000 from his church, He was "very sorry" that, because of his "gambling addiction," he took the money while he kept the books for Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church... The case was one of the five thefts totaling about $1.7 million from four local Catholic parishes and a Catholic school since 2004. / Buffalo News / By Matt Gryta / 06/13/08

Former tribal police chief sentenced for embezzlement

OK - / AP / 6-12-08


CANADA - The percentage of seniors who gamble has risen for about 35 per cent in the mid-1970s to around 75 per cent today and 2.1 per cent have significant problems with gambling. Gambling occurs in many forms, including lotteries, bingo, various tickets, race track and sports betting, stock market speculation and slot machines. / The Kingston Whig-Standard / BY CHRIS MYERS / 6-9-08

Gambling Lobbyists Propose Federal Study

DC - According to reports, the American Gaming Assocation spent nearly 1 million dollars last quarter lobbying on behalf of the casino gambling industry. This includes both online and offline gaming interests. / By Lee Rockwell / June 7, 2008

Gambling bust in Mobile

AL - Police confiscated more than $400,000 in cash and 35 illegal gambling machines valued at about $100,000. Also seized were five vehicles and 24 guns. / 11 Jun 2008

Gambling success brings controversy for U.S. Tribe

CT - Since the tribe won federal recognition in 1983, critics have questioned the authenticity of their tribal ancestry, saying that many people turned out to be Pequots when the prospect of a casino entered the picture. Some had considered the tribe to be extinct, wiped out by the settlers and other native tribes, including the Mohegan, the traditional enemies of the Pequot, in the 1636-1637 Pequot War. Whatever the controversies over race, the business side is has come a long way since the days of bingo halls on Indian reservations in the 1980s. Patrick Mirabal, a musician from the Taos Pueblo in New Mexico who performed at the MGM Grand opening, said despite the growth of gaming, many tribes still have social problems. "There's still a lot of alcoholism, drugs, domestic violence," Mirabal said. "There's certainly a lot of mixed feelings within all native communities." / By Claudia Parsons / June 8, 2008

Gaming control board employee suspended

MI - A Michigan Gaming Control Board employee who recently sued the state [for various gambling related activities] has been suspended with pay. Kalm said Devlin was suspended pending an investigation into behavioral and employment issues, not because he filed the lawsuits. / Associated Press / June 9, 2008

Gaming down fourth straight month

NV - Every market in Clark County registered a decline in casino gross revenue during April. Casinos in Clark County posted a gross win... Off 4.3 percent. / By Cy Ryan / June 11, 2008

Gaming owner gets prison

NC - Disgraced video poker machine businessman Michael Waguespack turned a blind eye to the fact that his machines in and around Fayetteville were used for illegal gambling, That willful negligence cost Waguespack five months in federal prison, five months home confinement and about $1.25million in fines. He pleaded guilty in January to money laundering, a felony, and was sentenced Tuesday in federal court in Wilmington. / By Paul Woolverton / June 13, 2008

Having a smoke and playing, too

NV - The thing she's holding between her fingers and drawing to her mouth looks like a pen. It's got a battery. And that's not smoke but what's left of water vapor that carries nicotine from a cartridge into the user's lungs. Faux cigarettes are now showing up across Las Vegas. "It's awesome," Cottrell said of her skinny little nicotine machine. "There are all these places where you can't smoke. Abraham said the devices are "selling like hotcakes" at its three casinos in Colorado, where a smoking ban began in January. Smoke-Free Gaming of Colorado Chairwoman Stephanie Steinberg, who is pushing for smoking bans in casinos nationwide, says the product has promise. "As long as a product like this isn't harmful to other people we don't find anything negative about it," Steinberg said. / By Liz Benston / Jun 7, 2008

High living lands West Babylon bookkeeper in jail for embezzlement

NY - Galasso admitted using his position as the financial record keeper for the law firm of Galasso, Langione & Botter to siphon [$3.4 million] from various accounts, [he] used the money to maintain a lavish lifestyle that included private jets for junkets to Atlantic City and other gambling resorts... / New York Daily News / June 9 2008

Hooters Casino Sale Termination Spells Trouble For Owners

NV - 155 East Tropicana, an investment and holding company, was forced to terminate the potential sale of the casino to Hedwigs Las Vegas Top Tier. The purchaser failed to make a $500,000 payment due by a June 6th deadline. / by Preston Lewis / June 9, 2008


- Microsoft introduced a high-tech interactive bar table that lets patrons order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play touch-screen games and even flirt with each other. The tables offer Harrah's a new way to track its customers' habits and behaviours, adding to its sophisticated consumer rewards program that tracks users' gambling habits. "Of all the goodies up our sleeves lately, this is one of the most dramatic," / / June 12, 2008

Illegal Gambling Operation Broken Up In Davidson County

- Another illegal gambling operation was broken up... Police officers raided the location, and confiscated poker chips, cards, and $1,748 in cash from the business. / / By Larry Rutherford / June 7, 2008

Illinois' richer casinos must give horse owners, tracks a cut of their profits, court says

IL - / June 5, 2008

Indiana gambling

IN - At what point is enough enough... Au contraire, said the backers [or racino's]. They could bring about a net reduction in gambling by passing legislation to beef up enforcement against illegal gambling devices... Unfortunately... [only] a total of 760 machines have been seized by his 15 investigators. That's fewer than the number of slots at either horse track. / June 10, 2008

Iowa AG challenges Poncas casino plans in Carter Lake

IA - The state of Iowa is trying to halt construction of a tribal casino in Carter Lake, claiming the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska does not have authority under federal law to use the land for gambling. The project is also being challenged by the Nebraska attorney general's office, which claims the tribe is trying to build in Iowa because Nebraska does not allow casinos. / Associated Press / By JAMES BELTRAN / June 6, 2008

Iowa to try to block Nebraska tribes bid to open Carter Lake casino

IA - The Ponca Tribe had repeatedly indicated that it did not intend to use that small plot -- it's about five acres -- for a casino, but instead for a health clinic and other tribal services," Brammer says, "so we will be contesting that. / By O.Kay Henderson / June 6, 2008

Lawsuit filed against Rohnert Park casino

CA - An East Bay attorney filed a federal lawsuit on Friday seeking to prevent a proposed casino from being built in Rohnert Park. The suit cites constitutional issues surrounding federal trust land acquisitions in California, / 12 June 2008

Local cases behind decision to audit parishes

WI - Many large embezzlements occur in the corporate world that are not reported. When large sums of money are embezzled, it often turns out that the suspect had some sort of addiction, such as drugs, gambling or sex... The largest and best-known local case involved a bookkeeper who stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Gesu Church in downtown Milwaukee from about 1999 to 2003 and gambled the money away at the nearby Potawatomi Bingo Casino. The woman, Was sentenced to four years in prison in June 2004 and was ordered to pay $518,000 in restitution to Gesu, which calculated the total loss at more than $800,000. / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / By TOM HEINEN / June 6, 2008

GA - Man Allegedly Stole $17,670 in Lottery Tickets... / News/Talk 750 WSB / June 10, 2008

Man reports being robbed in casino lot

KS - A man armed with a revolver robbed a customer of the First Council Casino on Sunday morning, taking $3,000 in winnings and beating him on the head... Injured was a 40-year-old Wichita man, who was taken by Arkansas City paramedics to South Central Kansas Regional Medical Center... / By FOSS FARRAR / June 9, 2008

Massachusetts governor clarifies statements

MA - [Gov] Patrick on Monday had said that, although he expects no additional casino legislation to be forthcoming this session, 'some form of expanded gaming is coming because the tribe has some tribal rights to that... / 12 June 2008

Mesquite football coach suspected of pawning school property acknowledges gambling addiction

TX - A title-winning Mesquite football coach who police say repeatedly pawned school property resigned Thursday as the president of the Texas High School Coaches Association, saying he has a gambling addiction and is seeking help. "He apologized immediately, it was a very emotional thing, and told me about his problem," Mr. Collins said. The missing sports equipment totaled $2,075. / The Dallas Morning News / By MATTHEW HAAG / June 13, 2008

Michigan board wont force Greektown sale

MI - Michigan gaming regulators today allowed Greektown Casino to continue executing a business reorganization plan aimed at improving the financial health of the casino during Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. / 11 June 2008

Michigan man is prime example of addiction to gambling among seniors

MI - Burke sat in Casino Windsor, nursing a cup of coffee, trying to figure a way out of his money problems. It had been six years since he started playing at the casino, and he had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars on blackjack. The money started pouring out of his accounts. He emptied his daughters' college funds. He borrowed astronomical sums from clients. He gutted trust funds. He forged his wife's name on a mortgage on their home. "I swear to you, my thought was not that I was stealing money," he said. He ended up in his office, staring out at Grand River Avenue and waiting for the end. "I was sitting at my desk. It was late at night. I had a .38 up to my head and cocked. It was a gun from a case I was investigating," Burke said. "It was the single greatest feeling I ever had in my life. I knew it was going to be over. I knew it was going to end. I've never had a better feeling about anything." He turned to look at the credenza behind him and saw a picture of his family. They would forgive him for the suicide, he was sure. But then a thought struck him: What happened when the true extent of his financial frauds came to light? When they were slammed with all the bills, the missing money, the people calling for the million-plus he had stolen? They had no idea he had a problem, let alone something this huge. In the end, he said, he couldn't do it. Not because of himself, but because the additional burden on his family seemed like it would be too much to bear. So instead, on March 30, 2001, he turned himself in - to the state bar, and to the attorney general's office. The final tally of what he owed: $1.6 million. / Detroit Free Press / By HEATHER NEWMAN / Jun. 11, 2008

Microsoft and Harrahs unveil high-tech interactive bar table

NV - Microsoft and Harrah's Entertainment introduced a high-tech interactive bar table Wednesday that lets patrons order drinks, watch YouTube videos, play touch-screen games and even flirt with each other. The tables offer Harrah's a new way to track its customers' habits and behaviors, adding to its sophisticated costumer rewards program that tracks users' gambling habits. / Associated Press / By Oskar Garcia / June 12, 2008

Mom steals daughters car, bank card to gamble

NV - A Carson City woman who stole her daughter's car and bank card to go gambling in violation of her probation was sentenced Monday to a year in Douglas County Jail concurrent to any time she has when her parole is revoked. / June 10, 2008

Moodys offers glum Vegas outlook

NV - Moody's analysts say this downturn will have a more negative effect on earnings than the period following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and will dampen earnings for the next 12 to 18 months. Even before the downturn became official, casinos were cutting costs behind the scenes, including laying off workers and reducing workers' hours. / By Liz Benston / June 12, 2008

Mother leaves baby alone during casino trip

MN - A woman is in jail after police reportedly discovered her 1-year-old son alone in her apartment while she was at a casino. We get these types of (child neglect) calls all the time," Lt. Jerry Salmey said. [she] had a warrant for her arrest in Indiana for child neglect. / South West Review / 6/9/2008

NBA dealing with Donaghys conspiracy allegations

CA - The stench of the Tim Donaghy case that infiltrated Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Los Angeles hung around Wednesday. (Stern) understands that this gambling thing had to be taken care of immediately. / USA TODAY / By Jeff Zillgitt / June 11, 2008

NBA dismisses allegations of rigging from ex-referee

MO - Without identifying anyone or naming teams, Donaghy also claimed the NBA routinely encouraged refs to ring up bogus fouls to manipulate results but discouraged them from calling technical fouls on star players to keep them in games and protect ticket sales and television ratings. "If the NBA wanted a team to succeed, league officials would inform referees that opposing players were getting away with violations," the letter said. "Referees then would call fouls on certain players, frequently resulting in victory for the opposing team." / Kansas City Star / By TOM HAYS / Jun. 11, 2008

NEVADA ECONOMY: Gaming revenues tumble again

NV - Frank Streshley, the control board's senior research analyst, said the amount casino customers wagered on slot machines declined for the sixth straight month, an economic indicator that shows casino customers are spending fewer dollars. "The Las Vegas resorts are not as recession-resistant as they used to be," Moody's Vice President and Senior Credit Officer Margaret Holloway said." / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By HOWARD STUTZ / Jun. 12, 2008

No Smoking, Gas Prices Hurt Casinos Revenue

CO - Revenue at Colorado casinos fell 10.7 percent during the beginning of 2008, the worst drop in the industry's history. The industry and gamblers are blaming the state's new smoking ban as well as high gas prices. Others blame the overall soft economy. The gambling industry is backing a ballot initiative that could boost business by opening the door to higher bet limits and 24-hour gambling. Casinos hope to put the issue before voters in the fall's election. / Karlyn Tilley / Jun 9, 2008

Official: Rincon ruling reflects BIA policy

CA - A federal judge's ruling that California cannot demand more gaming revenue in exchange for allowing San Diego County's Rincon band to expand its casino reflects a long-standing policy of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a federal official testified yesterday. / 11 June 2008

Patrick Turning To Indian Compact For Casino In Massachusetts

MA - [Governor Deval Patrick's casino] plan was shot down by legislators in the state, and now Patrick has moved on to plan B. He claims that his staff is now ready to negotiate a compact with the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe that would bring casino gambling to Massachusetts. / / By Terry Goodwin / June 10, 2008

Penn National Gaming extends merger deadline

PA - Penn National Gaming Inc. has extended the expiration date of its merger agreement with two equity investment firms. / / by The Patriot-News / June 09, 2008


- McCain wants to eliminate what he sees as the most troubling aspects of legalized gambling in the United States. He has led the fight to ban gambling on college sports, a battle the Nevada casinos have won (so far) "And McCain would ban Internet gambling... Because players typically have no way of knowing whether they are in fair games." [Obama's] a poker player who has supported the idea of an independent study of the online gambling industry to assess its impact and how it could be regulated to protect players. / / June 12, 2008

Records show man lost $1.1 million at Sparks casino

NV - Washoe County engineer Paul Orphan lost $1.1 million gambling at John Ascuaga's Nugget in a year, most likely using county funds, according to county law enforcement officials who obtained a warrant for his arrest for embezzlement. The Nugget refused to provide any gambling records until Washoe County sheriff's detectives obtained a warrant. The records showed Orphan lost $1.1 million. Orphan has been charged with stealing at least $2.2 million from the county. R-Reno, said any casino that knowingly allows illegal money to be used for gambling should be sanctioned by the Nevada Gaming Commission. / By Susan Voyles / June 13, 2008

Report criticizes White Houses Abramoff review

DC - Abramoff is serving prison time for a fraudulent Florida casino deal and faces sentencing in his scheme to bribe public officials in Washington. He agreed to become a witness against Washington officials he treated to lavish meals, golf vacations and money. Fratto, the White House spokesman, called the House report "warmed-up leftovers. There is nothing significantly new in the report. If anything it confirms that Abramoff was decidedly unsuccessful in his attempts to influence administration policy." / AP / June 9, 2008

Shelbyville casino opens doors for gaming test run

IN - The Indiana Gaming Commission will examine slot machine operations, review paperwork and watch how employees perform during the test run before deciding whether to approve the casino's opening for the general public. / Associated Press / June 6, 2008

Slots hot again

MD - The heat between Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley and Comptroller Peter Franchot over the question of legalized slot machine gambling in Maryland has been intense for months now. O'Malley has now firmly embraced legalizing slots in Maryland... / June 09, 2008

Smoking at KCK casino clouds KC, NKC bans

KS - Bans approved by Kansas City voters in April and the North Kansas City Council on Tuesday evening don't take effect until "all" surrounding casinos also are covered by similar laws. The language in the two city-approved ordinances appears to cover the tribal 7th Street Casino owned by the Oklahoma-based Wyandotte Nation [located in Kansas City Kansas]. Friend said the tribe would almost certainly resist, on grounds of tribal sovereignty... Beaufort also raised the issue of city health and public safety codes that he said could apply to the tribal gambling operation. "If an ordinance in KCK, a Kansas state statute or a federal law prohibited smoking, then that's when it would be triggered," he said. If the tribal casino does become a stumbling block, some arcane legal questions could be raised. One potential issue is whether the 7th Street Casino is a "casino" under Kansas City's ordinance, or a bingo parlor. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / Jun. 11, 2008

Smoking ban clears Pa. legislature; governor will sign

PA - The Pennsylvania Senate has approved legislation to ban smoking in public places. Gov. Ed Rendell has said he'll sign the bill into law. Casinos would be permitted to allow smoking in up to 50 percent of their gaming halls... / by Michael Winter / June 10, 2008

Some Rio dealers, worried for futures, seek to unionize

NV - Casino dealers at the Rio filed a petition Tuesday asking for a representation vote to unionize under Las Vegas Dealers Local 721, a division of the New York-based Transport Workers Union of America. Division director Joseph Carbon wouldn't say how many of the nearly 420 Rio dealers filled out cards requesting the vote, but he did describe the response as "overwhelming, a very high percentage." / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By ARNOLD M. KNIGHTLY / Jun. 06, 2008

Study Shows Many Online Casino Owners Have Rap Sheet

DC - 15% of online casino owners have a criminal record. / By Brian Chan / June 12, 2008

Three arrested, two sought in casino winnings heist

FL - The suspects were as patient and observant as the poker players they were going to rob. They watched their victims collect their winnings round by round for hours until they cashed out... Three 18-year-olds were arrested and charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery with a firearm on Tuesday. Two more suspects are being sought in the more-than-$24,000 robbery, and detectives say the men may be tied to other casino-related crimes. / South Florida Sun-Sentinel / By Jerome Burdi / June 12, 2008

Tribal casino crowds gambling market

KS - The Quapaw casino is currently caught up in a legal challenge in part over environmental issues raised by neighboring Cherokee County, Kan., authorities who sued the federal government, which allowed the tribal project. The county's legal tab is being picked up by Penn National Gaming... Not surprisingly, Penn has been nicely positioned for well over a year now to win a contract from Kansas to operate a state-owned casino in Cherokee County. Penn's site is right across Interstate 44 from the Quapaw's gambling parlor... / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / Jun. 09, 2008

Tribes give big to Gregoire, avoid sharing casino cash

WA - Gov. Chris Gregoire is benefiting from more than $650,000 in campaign contributions from Indian tribes that hit the jackpot in 2005 when she killed a gambling compact potentially worth more than $140 million a year to the state. Unlike 22 other states that collect millions from revenue sharing agreements for tribal gambling, Washington gets no money from tribal casinos under the compact that Gregoire renegotiated with the Spokane Tribe. "It's a payoff," said University of Nevada-Las Vegas professor William Thompson, who has been studying tribal gambling since 1988. "She shouldn't take any campaign money, nor should her political party, and it smells too quid pro quo for my liking." Even Gregoire's fellow Democrats in the Legislature question the deal. "Why would you give someone a monopoly without taking a cut?" asked Sen. Ken Jacobsen, D-Seattle. / By CHRIS McGANN / June 12, 2008

Vegas-slots expected to jumpstart expansion at Immokalee casino

FL - Las Vegas-style slots have arrived at the Seminole Immokalee Casino. The current facility on Immokalee Road could one day mirror the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood, where visitors have been cashing in on the Vegas-slots since they were introduced several months back. / By MATT CLARK / June 9, 2008

Virtual Worlds Collide; Online Casinos Meet Mobile Casinos

PA - Mobile phones are much more popular than they were 10 years ago, The biggest aspect holding us back from entering a mobile casino is the expected difficulties. Is it hard to register? Is it safe to deposit? What are the games like? Do I need special software? It will probably lag on my phone, right? / 6-12-08

Washoe County employee accused of embezzlement

NV - A veteran Washoe County Water Resources engineering manager was accused Friday of stealing more than $2.2 million from the county the past two years through a scheme to sell well capacity rights he did not own. Orphan lost $1.1 million during a recent 12-month period gambling... / Reno Gazette Journal / By Jaclyn O'Malley / June 7, 2008

Woman Gets Prison In Thefts To Cover Gambling Losses

CT - A Bloomfield woman who stole more than $685,000 from her employer and his elderly mother to cover her gambling losses was sentenced Monday... [she] pleaded guilty in August 2007 to three counts of mail fraud and one count of filing a false tax return. She faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 on each count of mail fraud. / Courant / By STEVEN GOODE / June 10, 2008

Woman re-arrested on theft charges

CA - [she] made unauthorized direct deposits [$14,000] into her personal bank account to feed her gambling habit. / Record-Searchlight / June 11, 2008