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6/8/08 TO 6/14/08

A tale of two states

IA - Missouri has 13 casinos (including one under construction near St. Louis) with nine of them slugging it out in the state's two largest urban markets. The St. Louis market also includes two Illinois riverboat casinos. The commission's own market study concluded there's almost no room left for additional casinos in Kansas City. Despite all that the Missouri Gaming Commission continues to consider a new casino in suburban Sugar Creek... / by Rick Alm / June 10, 2008

Australians spend more on gambling than on food

AU - AUSTRALIANS spend far more on gambling than they do on food. Family First senator Steve Fielding said yesterday that the statistics painted an alarming picture of the nation's love affair with gambling. / Peter Jean / June 11, 2008

Bermuda will let cruise ships open casinos, bars while in port

BERMUDA - The nation's legislature has approved a plan to let ships operate shops, bars, casinos and other entertainment venues during the evening while in Bermuda's port - The move to allow gambling on the ships is controversial in a country where gambling is outlawed... / 6-10-08

Board to play its hand for addict mom

S AFRICA - Luck has run out for an addicted gambler and errant mother who dumped her baby twice for weeks on end so she could splurge on games of chance. [She] will be booted out of every gambling den in South Africa - if she can be found and agrees to sign the banning order. [her] sister, who was too ashamed to be named, said: " I believe that the baby might grow to resent her mother for this." / Nkosana Lekotjolo and Pertunia Ratsatsi / 09 June 2008

Casino opposed by Church of Scotland

SCOTLAND - A new casino planned for Stranraer, Scotland, has been opposed by the Church of Scotland. Gambling should not be regarded as the tool that will bring our community the economic regeneration it desires. / / 2008-06-10

Casinos look to technology to reduce Macaus baccarat addiction

CHINA - Gambling innovators are betting on creating culturally-specific slot machines and computerised games to lure Asian players away from well-worn seats at the baccarat tables to more profitable pursuits. Casinos in the gaming haven of Macau are hoping the new designs will recreate the success of slots in Las Vegas. There are currently around 15,000 slot machines in Macau's casinos, compared to just 2,000 eight years ago, said Tong. He estimated that number would rise to 30,000 to 40,000 in a few years. / 6-9-08

Charity hits out at lenient sentence for embezzler

UK - She admitted stealing almost #4,000 from the bank accounts of residents with learning difficulties living in the care home where she worked. Chief executive of Inspire Catriona McPhee-Smith described the thefts as "a huge breach of trust" that had devastated many involved. "We were very surprised to read about Mrs Imlach's gambling habit... / By Alistair Beaton / 09/06/2008

Don't gamble your way into prison

UK - Gambling addicts were today urged to seek help before their habit lands them in prison. Sudworth, 36, of Woodnook Road, Appley Bridge, was jailed for 12 months by a Liverpool Crown Court judge after admitting she stole more than #68,000 from Worsley Mesnes Health Centre where she worked. When her pilfering was finally discovered she said she had run up huge debts by gambling on bingo and slot machines. / By Charles.Graham / 12 June 2008

Executive jailed for blowing companys money on gambling

SINGAPORE - An executive who siphoned 1.9 million Singapore dollars (1.4 million US dollars) from a company and lost it in casinos was jailed for seven years and six months, news reports said on Tuesday. / DPA / 10 Jun 2008

Fledgling company hits out at bid to ban pay TV gambling service

AU - Opposition communications spokesman Bruce Billson has submitted a private member's bill to ban Two Way's new service, which allows betting on horse races using only a pay TV remote control. The proposed amendment, supported by anti-gaming campaigners the Victorian Interfaith Gambling Taskforce and Reverend Tim Costello, seeks to "test the moral decency of the Rudd Labor Government". / Jesse Hogan / June 10, 2008

France Drops Online Gambling Prohibition

FRANCE - France agreed to allow online gambling operators to begin receiving authorization to accept French patrons by the second half of next year. / by Tom Weston / June 11, 2008

GP surgery boss jailed after stealing #70,000 to fund gambling addiction

UK - A mother addicted to gambling stole #70,000 from the surgery she managed. She diverted the money into her account and awarded herself a pay rise after becoming obsessed with bingo and slot machines, blowing up to #500 a day... She frittered away thousands of pounds on slot machines and bingo as what had begun as an escape from the pressures of work spiralled into what her own [lawyer] called 'a vicious addiction'. / By James Tozer / 12 June 2008

Internet Gambling Ban Stung by European Bookies

EU - European Union officials will interview members of the Bush administration next month in advance of a potential trade challenge to the U.S. ban on Internet gambling. The law made it illegal for banks to make payments to online gambling sites, which led companies that had been offering services to retreat from the valuable U.S. market. It also caused their stocks to plummet. The U.S. government has argued that it was always illegal to gamble over the Internet, and that the 2006 law was only an enforcement measure to prevent financial institutions from making payments. American sporting leagues, such as the NFL, supported the 2006 law... It may be difficult for the EU to bring a complaint against the U.S. because of a separate deal it made in December that essentially allows the U.S. to treat foreign gambling firms differently than U.S. businesses. / / Ian Swanson / June 12, 2008

Internet gambling site closed down

UK - 70 computers, 7 hard disks, 1,155 CDs/DVDs, 33 memory cards, 134 bank credit card and deposit books with documents together with 1,191.40 grams of gold, 368,800 TL, US$10,371 and 4,550 euro earned from the crime were all taken as evidence. / 06.06.2008

Kaipara: No more pokie machines

NZ - The number of pokie machines in the Kaipara is set to drop, with the council voting to keep its "sinking lid" policy. At present there are 81 machines in the district but it is understood, due to costly upgrades required by March 2009, up to 12 of those could be lost. The sinking lid policy limits the number of venues and machines to those licensed on September 18, 2003, and states that as machines and venues are surrendered they will not be replaced. The Medical Officer of Health's report... Said Kaipara's income and ethnicity made it a high risk problem gambling area. / By Annette Lambly / 10.06.2008

Kids as young as seven hit by gambling bug

THAILAND - Thais are likely to gamble up to 1.12 billion baht on the Euro 2008 championship, with children as young as seven placing wagers, a survey has concluded. ''It is worrying that this underground activity has spread so quickly, from middle-class workers to high school and university students,'' he said. [a university students even] killed himself because he could not pay [his gambling debts]. / Bangkok Post / APIRADEE TREERUTKUARKUL / June 12, 2008

Govt considering ATM caps in gaming areas

AU - "With over 300,000 problem gamblers in Australia, I think we need to look at the bigger problem and look at those who don't know how to handle their funds because there is an add-on cost to the rest of the community with problem gamblers." / Jun 9, 2008

Korea Steps Up Attempts to Squash Online Gambling

S KOREA - The Government agencies have been working to nab illegal money dealers on the Web. / / June 9, 2008


CHINA - The Chinese media are reporting on what is alleged to be the country's biggest online gambling bust this week as the trial of 20 gambling ring employees commences... Wagers totalling 8.68 billion yuan (around $1.24 billion) were allegedly taken from a player base of 5 198 by the ring between August 2006 and March 2007... / / June 11, 2008

Macau Casino Gambling Regulations Being Tightened By China

CHINA - The Chinese government worries that there is a negative [social and economic] impact being felt in Macau because of the casino gambling industry. They have decided that the time has come to tighten regulations on the construction of new casinos in Macau. / / By Susan Torres / June 12, 2008

New Delhi mulls lottery ban

INDIA - The Centre is considering a ban on all kinds of lotteries across the country... It generates a false sense of security among the poor who get addicted to lottery, often ruining their life.

Norway Introduces New System to Limit Risk from Gaming Terminals

NORWAY - The Norwegian Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs has introduced strict new laws on gaming terminals operated by Norsk Tipping AS, the Norwegian state-owned gaming company. Under the rules, gaming machines will only be accessible to pre-registered users via prepaid cards. / 13 June 2008

Norway adopts strict rules on video gambling machines to protect compulsive players

NORWAY - Norway is imposing some of the world's strictest rules on video gambling machines in a drive to reduce the number of compulsive gamblers and save people from economic ruin... There will be limits on how much an individual can lose, they will be closed at night and there will be a cooling-off period after one hour of continuous play," the minister... / The Associated Press / June 12, 2008

Online Gambling Sites Mushrooming

S KOREA - A growing number of Korean Internet users are clicking their way onto online gambling sites, where virtual winnings can be cashed out with help of illegal money dealers... The report cited cases of online gamblers losing their entire savings because of their addiction. / By Michael Ha / 6-9-08

Online betting in the European Union...Will the iron curtain fall?

EU - For many years the legal ground for sports betting and other online gambling offers in Germany was clear. The European Court decided that a member state that offers gambling and betting itself (like Italy) may not prohibit others from doing so without substantial reasons. This ratio will most likely be also applicable in Germany where Oddsett is a sport betting offer by state-owned Lotto-Totto and only few other licences have been issued as an aftermath of german reunification. The European Court's arguments will surely effect future rulings of german courts. / by Rechtsanwalt Michael Terhaag and Rechtsanwalt Volker Herrmann / 6-13-08

People don't always stick to free online gambling

CD - Jeffrey Derevensky is co-director of McGill University's International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems. He says a recent study revealed "25 per cent of kids who gamble on the Internet are what we call probable pathological gamblers." It varies from study to study, but from 1.5 per cent to three per cent of the adult population is vulnerable to problem gambling. For youth, the rate is two to four times that. Macdonald, who has been counselling addicts for 11 years, says online gambling has become "a significant problem" in the past four years. In particular, he noticed a spike during the 2004-2005 NHL lockout, when a dearth of hockey led programmers to televise more poker tournaments. It's not just kids who need to be educated, but also parents who encourage kids to have a poker tournament in the basement as a safe alternative to a night out drinking. "Parents need to learn that what looks like a fun, innocuous game may escalate," says Dr. Derevensky. / Canwest News Service / Catherine Lawson / June 07, 2008

Problem gamblers not getting help, figures reveal

AU - QUEENSLAND'S poker machine venues have banned just 34 people from their gaming floors, while about 1100 problem gamblers have banned themselves. But those 1100 who have nominated themselves for pokies exclusion lists are only a fraction of the Government's own estimate of 14,000 problem gamblers in Queensland. Another 54,000 people are regarded as "moderate risk" gamblers, with 167,000 people in the low risk category. 94 per cent of problem gamblers played the pokies. / Melanie Christiansen / June 10, 2008

Problem gamblers sue casinos for $3.5 bln

CD - They were allowed into provincially run casinos despite signing up for a program that should have denied them entry. / Jun 11, 2008


CD - Thousands of problem gamblers in the Canadian city have launched a $3.5 billion class action lawsuit, saying they were allowed into land casinos operated by the Ontario provincial government despite signing up for a program that should have denied them entry. / / June 12, 2008

The world is watching the Antigua gambling dispute

ANTIGUA - As predicted last week, the deadline for a settlement in the US / Antigua gambling dispute passed without any kind of resolution. The legal journal, Daily Report, today published a great analysis of the legal issues surrounding this dispute, and outlined how this originally insignificant little tiff might actually turn out to be one of the most significant and meaningful trade disputes in the history of the WTO, / June 10, 2008

Tragic tale ends with jail time

CD - It is a tragic tale of an immigrant couple who rose to financial prominence, only to have it all fall apart when gambling and drugs took over their lives. After her husband's drug overdose, Ms. Nguyen increased her gambling habit and ran up more debts. She had also started delivering packages of drugs for a man she met in a casino in Niagara Falls. / By Paul Cluff / 6-10-08

Transit worker stole $375,000

CD - A former Calgary Transit worker has admitted stealing more than $375,000 from the city over seven years by palming coins off a conveyor belt, stashing the money in his locker and packing it into a knapsack before he left work each day. [he] used casinos to launder his stolen money. "He would take in the coins, surreptitiously put them into a plastic bucket provided by the casino and then exchange the coins for bills as though he hada won the money at the casino." / Calgary Herald / Colette Derworiz / June 13, 2008


UK - A Trusted book-keeper who embezzled #90,000 from Derbyshire Women's Institute members to fund her gambling habit has been jailed. Between February 2006 and July last year, she wrote cheques from her employer's account for #90,155.26... Judge John Wai said: "You were in a position of trust, handling large sums of money on behalf of a charitable organisation. You stole large sums of money. "You and your family were not in financial difficulty. The money was used for your gambling addiction. The loss of those monies is not covered by insurance and will have to be borne by members of the Women's Institute. / BY ED HILL / 07 June 2008


BARBADOS - TOO MANY young people are ending up in Juvenile Court because of gambling. "I find that children spend their lunch hour engaging in playing dice, cock-fighting [and] dog-fighting and then they end up coming before me," Cooke-Alleyne, a former juvenile court magistrate, asserted. "Once they start gambling it gets into their system and they get addicted; then they start to steal to get money to play dice and when they are not winning they get angry and they are fighting," / by TRACY MOORE / 6/10/08