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Lawsuit challenges N.C. Lottery

NC - Plaintiffs say the lottery is a tax because of the education allocation and was passed unconstitutionally... If the state ultimately loses and no matter what happens next month, there would likely be appeals to the state Supreme Court it could be forced to suspend the lottery. The margin in the House was two (2005 Lottery bill) votes. There was a tie in the Senate after two legislators didn't show up. Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue broke the deadlock, Since then, scandal has tarnished the start, with three people now convicted of crimes related to the lobbying for and creation of the lottery. And the lottery's crucial supporter in the House, former Speaker Jim Black, a Democrat from Mecklenburg County, has pleaded guilty to corruption. / 4-30-07

Lawsuit Says Lottery a Tax that Bypassed Legislative Process

NC - They [Wake County Taxpayers Association and the N.C. Family Policy Council] say the lottery... Is a tax, and should have gone through the required legislative process for new taxes. / 4/30/07

N.C. will use lottery for Amber Alerts

NC - The N.C. Center for Missing Persons wants as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, to see statewide alerts on missing children. Emergency notifications will appear on every lottery terminal in the state... / GREG LACOUR / Apr. 26, 2007

Troopers investigate casino limo wreck

MS - Authorities are investigating a casino limousine crash on Interstate 55 over the weekend that killed four people from the Memphis, Tenn., area and injured six others. / By ASSOCIATED PRESS / April 30, 2007

Judge adds 22,000 plaintiffs to casino suit

MN - In the fight over control of Minnesota tribal land, a federal judge on Friday granted the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux and Prairie Island Indian communities' request to stay out of a lawsuit brought by other Indians who want to lay claim to the riches of the Little Six and Mystic Lake casinos. "It's a major victory," said Erick Kaardal, attorney for the plaintiffs, who are seeking huge monetary awards from the federal government for damages. / By Joy Powell / April 28, 2007

Proposed racino revenue grab blasted

ME - Johnson [Hollywood slots manager]said the taxes paid by his company are among the highest in the country. In addition to the 1 percent on the gross, he said, Hollywood Slots pays a 39 percent tax on the net income to the state and 3 percent to the city of Bangor. He said that is an effective tax rate of 51 percent. / Capitol News Service / By Mal Leary / May 04, 2007

Passamaquoddys lay groundwork for racino vote

ME - The Passamaquoddy Tribe wants the same gambling rights as Bangor, and thats why it is continuing its battle to build a racetrack-casino operation known as a racino Down East. And a battle it will be, all summer long, now that Gov. John Baldacci has vetoed the racino bill. Because the bill originated through a citizen-initiated petition drive, however, the measure now must go before voters in a statewide referendum, which is expected to occur in November. / May 1, 2007

Proposed racino revenue grab blasted

ME - Johnson said the taxes paid by his company are among the highest in the country. In addition to the 1 percent on the gross, he said, Hollywood Slots pays a 39 percent tax on the net income to the state and 3 percent to the city of Bangor. He said that is an effective tax rate of 51 percent. The programs benefiting from slots revenue are popular. They include scholarships to the University of Maine System and the community colleges, racing purse supplements, and subsidies to the commercial harness racing tracks and support for the states agricultural fairs. / Capitol News Service / By Mal Leary / May 04, 2007

Oxford County on fence about casino

ME - The debate comes four years after Maine voters rejected plans for a tribal casino in southern Maine. Promoters [of casino] of the Oxford County plan are trying to collect 55,087 signatures to force a public vote next year. On a third front in the expanding debate over gambling, a lawmaker from Standish has filed a bill in the Legislature that would allow a racino somewhere in southern or western Maine. That lack of consensus may have larger political implications across the state because Maine voters will decide on Nov. 6 whether to allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe to build a racino in Washington County. Four years ago, though, Oxford County was not receptive to casino gambling when voters rejected a southern Maine casino. Statewide, 67 percent of voters voted against it; 33 percent favored it. / By PAUL CARRIER / May 4, 2007

$20 lottery ticket raises stakes, concerns

MA - "Star Spangled Sweepstakes" game going on sale Tuesday is expected to sell out in 11 days, raising $80 million. One gambling addiction group is relieved the game has a single drawing on July 4, removing the emotional rush that fuels gambling addiction, but a statewide church council contends the sweepstakes is another unneeded expansion of the commonwealth preying on the poor. "People come in the first day of the month and they won't leave until their whole check is gone," said Randy Cardoso, (store) owner. "They are mostly elderly." "Is that the form of government we want, to raise money from the poorest, from the people who can least afford it?" asked Laura Everett, associate director of the council (MA Council of Churches). "This new ticket is particularly offensive because we know it is aimed at people who are poor and who are the ones who can least afford to lose," Ms. Everett said. "Increasing evidence indicates that gambling expansion hurts both young and old. A 2005 study from the University of Pennsylvania and the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry just reported that more than 1 out of 10 people over the age of 65 are at risk of having financial problems because of gambling, but older gamblers often are reluctant to admit that they have a problem and need help... / Standard-Times / By JOSEPH R. LaPlante / April 29, 2007

New Bedford Not Giving Up On Indian Casino

MA - New Bedford officials said Saturday they will step up efforts to convince the Mashpee Wampanoag Indians to build a casino in their city, despite an agreement by the tribe's backers to purchase land in nearby Middleborough as a possible casino site. The Mashpee Wampanoags received federal recognition as a tribe... And tribal leaders want Gov. Deval Patrick and Beacon Hill lawmakers to pass legislation allowing them to build a casino.

Wampanoag buy option for 200 more acres in Middleboro

MA - The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe has the option to buy 200 more acres of Middleboro land, bringing its total land holdings in the town to 325... The tribes backer, Detroit-based casino developer Strather and Associates, paid $1.76 million in an auction last Friday for 125 acres of town land. But the tribe has already indicated it wants to build a casino after the federal government officially recognizes it May 23. / Standard-Times / By ROB MARGETTA / May 02, 2007

Cape Cod tribe's backers agree to buy land in Middleborough

MA - The financial backers of the Mashpee Wampanoag Indians agreed Friday to purchase 125 acres of land _ possibly for a casino _ from the southeastern Massachusetts town of Middleborough, a town official said. The Mashpee Wampanoag received federal recognition as a tribe on Feb. 15, and tribal leaders have made it clear they will ask Gov. Deval Patrick and Beacon Hill lawmakers to pass legislation allowing them to build a casino. / Associated Press / By KEN MAGUIRE / April 28, 2007

Sparks fly over $20 Star Spangled lotto ticket

MA - Advocates for compulsive gamblers are panning a new lottery sweepstakes that is charging $20, (Lewis, Say No To Gambling) but the truth is middle class and lower income people buy those tickets. / By Laura Crimaldi / April 30, 2007

Rest for the Roses

&& - The current Triple Crown Series the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes is a glass ceiling. These races ask 3-year-old horses that arent yet at their physical peak to run three demanding distances in five weeks. Its as if the three weeks of the Tour de France were compressed into one and contested by high school bike teams. The schedule is too demanding, and racings obsession with it has brought us a fragile breed where precocity is more valued than soundness. Horses, by their nature, are fragile creatures, and accidents are not going to be 100 percent preventable. It might not have made a difference for Barbaro if the Preakness had been run a month after the Derby rather than two weeks, or been on a synthetic surface rather than dirt. But his chances would have been better. And isnt that all we can ask to give the horses a better chance for survival?

Op-Ed Contributor / By PETER THOMAS FORNATALE / May 4, 2007

It's not all rosy at Churchill

KY/MD - It seems every racetrack is either thriving because it has slots or withering while begging for them. Churchill Downs, the home of Saturday's Kentucky Derby, would seem to be an exception. Bob Evans, the track's chief operating officer, said Churchill Downs has lost 25 percent of its income to riverboats across the Ohio River. And Evans and his predecessor, Tom Meeker, say that without the addition of slots revenue in Kentucky soon, racing in their state will begin to look much as it does in Maryland, where it is economically challenged to keep pace. It isn't that slots will solve racing's problems, Evans said; it is that they will buy time to find a lasting answer. Though Churchill Downs looks like the perfect example of success without slots, its parent company, Churchill Downs Inc., showed a net loss of $2.02 million during the fourth quarter of 2006. / By Sandra McKee / May 1, 2007

Kansas: House passes $313 million repairs plan; talks begin

KS - On Friday, Senators approved a $630 million plan that also sets aside state dollars and authorizes tax credits. The Senate proposal includes $200 million in loans, with community colleges, vocational schools and Washburn University of Topeka getting first priority. It also includes $115 million in revenues from casinos and slot machines at dog and horse tracks authorized this year but not yet operating. / The Associated Press / April 28, 2007

Galena City Council supports casino question

KS - The Galena City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution supporting an election question seeking voter authorization for development of a state-owned casino and hotel complex in Cherokee County. The council vote was unanimous. / By Roger McKinney / May 01, 2007

Kansas Legislature: How they voted

KS - SB 66. Casinos and slot machines would be allowed in Kansas under a measure that passed the Legislature. The proposal would allow a casino in Wyandotte County, as well as near Wichita, Dodge City and in southeast Kansas. In addition, slot machines would be allowed at racetracks in those areas. Passed Senate 21-19; House 64-57. / The Stars Topeka / By JIM SULLINGER / May. 02, 2007

90-day clock to start ticking

KS - Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board will select one successful applicant for each gambling zone. And before any deal is final, the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission must approve background checks. The mandatory background check includes key officers, executives, employees and other persons directly or indirectly who own 0.5 percent or more of the proposed casino management company. Penn National Gaming, Has almost 50 stockholders that appear to qualify for background reviews. Missouri and many other jurisdictions set background investigation thresholds at 5 percent of ownership. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / May. 03, 2007

Gambling becoming a battleground in Dodge City

KS - Skeptics question whether a casino would attract outside tourists and worry that it will increase crime and other social problems. / 5-5-07


DC - [Sen.] Kyl also attacked the online poker sector, claiming that it encouraged gambling among the youth of America and citing the National Annenberg study of youthful gambling... / May 01, 2007

Son of convicted Mafia figure acquitted in gambling case

FLORIDA - Alleged attempt to collect a $350,000-plus gambling debt from a Florida man. Giacalone was indicted last year with 14 other people, many of them relatives of reputed mob figures, in an illegal multi-million-dollar sports betting and debt collection operation. / April 29, 2007

The lottery: a mixed blessing and less blessed by the day

FL - State run lotteries are fond of saying how much of that money ends up either funding senior programs or education. School District officials say that the original and stated intent of the state lottery funds was that lottery proceeds would be an enhancement to already approved state education money. Instead, many say that lottery funds have merely replaced what heretofore would have been coming from the state anyway. Whats also the same, according to a study in the Policy Studies Journal is that state-run lotteries have a serious effect on income distributions. More than taxes and other forms of gambling, lotteries promote the growth of inequality. That is, lotteries aid the rich in getting richer and the poor in becoming poorer, according to the study. / By By Nicol Jenkins & John Johnston

Rolling dice vs. flu risks deadly snake eyes

FL - These days, the video lottery machines, once seen as a kind of gateway drug to an addiction, are more apt to be welcomed as a new revenue stream. With cutting property taxes a top priority, state lawmakers are scrambling to find ways to offset the lost tax receipts. And so, they've swapped the moral nannying for an outlook that imagines raking in an extra $1 billion or more from statewide slots. / By Frank Cerabino / May 02, 2007

Online Gambling: Will New Law Be Repealed - Don't Bet On It

DC - Arizona authorities raided four illegal online gambling rings, Millions of dollars were being collected, and often extorted, from gamblers visiting online sites based overseas. Authorities were forced to search for other violations in this particular case, money laundering and extortion to go after criminals trying to evade our laws prohibiting gambling over the Internet. One of the fastest-growing forms of online gambling is poker. The National Annenberg Risk Survey of Youth (ages 14 to 22) over the last few years has identified rising trends in poker and Internet gambling as significant and worrisome. / By Jon Kyl / Apr 30, 2007

You Can Win Big at a Casino! Myth or Truth?

- Gamblers are a superstitious breed. They've created lots of myths about gambling, like there are ways to beat the odds and win -- if you just know the right strategy. It costs bundles of money to pay for all the glitzy buildings, All those employees and all the fat profits that casinos make. They don't make that money by losing to you. I will sit there and put more money in. I'm afraid to get up because I feel like if I get up, the next person's going to win. In fact even the handle pull is a joke. At one time, when slot machines were mechanical, the handle pull spun the reels. With today's machines, the handle has no effect on what numbers come up. Casinos keep an average of 2 percent to 12 percent of each [slot] spin. The house keeps $25 out of $100 [keno] bet. / By JOHN STOSSEL and FRANK MASTROPOLO / May 1, 2007

Gov. Daniels says he'll sign budget, other bills

IN - The Republican governor said today he will sign a new $26 billion state budget approved by lawmakers, as well as bills that increase the cigarette tax to fund health initiatives, restructure property taxes and authorize slot machines at horse racing tracks. The American Family Association today urged Daniels to veto the bill, saying more gambling would lead to more crime, addiction and economic problems. Daniels may also ask lawmakers to reconsider leasing the lottery to a private firm in exchange for money for higher education initiatives and other proposals. / Associated Press / By DEANNA MARTIN / April 30. 2007

Lawmakers hope for big payout with slots bill

IN - Lawmakers appeared closer to a deal Sunday to allow slot machines at Indiana's two horse racing tracks... It would be Indiana's biggest expansion of gambling since the Legislature authorized riverboat casinos in 1993, / The Associated Press / April 29, 2007

Gambling expansion of Indiana race tracks in the hands of Governor

IN - A gambling bill to allow the two pari-mutuel horse racing tracks to add slot machines was passed by the Indiana legislature. If Gov. Mitch Daniels approves the proposal, it would be Indiana's biggest expansion of gambling since the Legislature authorized riverboat casinos in 1993. And he has been quoted to say that he will sign both bills. / 5/01/2007

Ex-banker sentenced to 20 years

IN - A former banker has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for stealing more than $193,000 from the Johnson County bank for which he worked. He has a gambling addiction... / By Amy Bartner / May 1, 2007

Daniels says he'll sign budget, other bills

IN - (Gov.) Daniels said he would sign a bill that allows each of Indiana's two pari-mutuel race tracks to pay a $250 million fee to install up to 2,000 slot machines. / Associated Press / DEANNA MARTIN / Apr. 30, 2007

Dan Walters: The myth of lottery school aid

CA - It was, however, nothing more than a political con job. In fact, as a new statistical study demonstrates, the lottery never provided very much school money, and the pittance it generates has declined over time, because the lottery hasn't been growing nearly as fast as school costs... The study was conducted by the liberal California Budget Project, which found that the lottery share of total K-12 school spending... Has since dropped to 1.9 percent for K-12, And less than 1 percent for the two four-year college systems. The lottery myth is an excellent example of how numbers, when applied to politics and political policy, often lead to misconceptions. / April 30, 2007

Ex-gambler educates teens

CANADA - Did Belizaires gambling addiction was so out of control, the 36 year-old tried to kill himself by jumping off the Jacques Cartier Bridge. An event called Teenage gambling: Its bigger than you think. Belizaire, who was left paraplegic after his jump, He started borrowing money from his family, lying to his loved ones, and eventually turned to loan sharks to feed his habit. He owed between $5,000 and $6,000 in interest to a loan shark and had no way of getting the money. I stole $500 from the petty cash where I worked as a concierge... Boxenbaum said most problem gamblers can trace their gambling history back to the age of eight or nine. Were being mislead by the legitimacy of it because the government endorses it, he added. / By Kristin Morency / 2007-05-02

Kenny Rogers Gambles on Poker Site

- "The Gambler" is cashing in on that notoriety to launch a poker website... / April 29, 2007

The 7 Steps to Take When you Are Addicted to Online Poker

- It would be pretty easy to get addicted to online poker. Driving home from work, you are thinking about the tournament that you are going to play that night, long after everyone else is asleep. You figure that all you need is 3-4 hours sleep to function the next day; if you really go deep in a tournament, you could probably do with just two hours of sleep. Your health is deteriorating. Most players will end up as losing players. Should you start feeling yourself being addicted to poker, there are several steps that you should take, immediately. Email the poker sites that you play at, and have them ban you. Shut down your methods of depositing... Give away your poker books. Uninstall your poker software from your computer. Exercise. Ignore sites like, etc., Remember your family. / May 3rd, 2007

N.Y. Drops Gambling Plan

NY - New York horse racing officials have backed off a plan that would allow Connecticut residents to bet on races over the Internet after Connecticut's attorney general threatened Wednesday to sue them. Internet gambling is illegal in Connecticut. / The Associated Press / May 2 2007

Repealing UIGEA: Dont Bet on It By U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

DC - Last week, Arizona authorities raided four illegal online gambling rings, centered in Phoenix but operating in three states, seizing millions of dollars in cash, cars, and property. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said millions of dollars were being collected, and often extorted, from gamblers visiting online sites based overseas. The bill did not, as some have alleged, make online gambling illegal. Online gambling is already illegal under existing federal and state laws. The UIGEA simply provides the legal mechanisms necessary for authorities to enforce those laws. But some online poker operators are lobbying Congress to exempt online poker from the UIGEA. Online poker is currently the most addictive form of gambling activity among American youth.



US - The attempt by influential US Congressman Barney Frank to introduce online gambling licensing and regulation in the United States has continued to receive widespread mainstream media coverage and comment both for and against by groups and individuals... The Association [American Gaming Association] has given "cautious backing" to the Frank proposals on the regulation of internet gaming, saying it commends the Congressman's efforts to examine the issue of internet gaming. / ^May 02, 2007

State Threatens Suit Over NY Internet Wagering

CT - In 2005, the state Division of Special Revenue barred Penn National Gambling, which takes online bets for a Mohegan Tribe horse-racing track in Pennsylvania, from accepting bets placed by Connecticut residents. / The Hartford Courant / By JANICE PODSADA / May 2, 2007

Florida's costly addiction

FL - Florida takes lottery money from poor... And gives it to affluent families for their children's college... Video lottery terminals are... The "crack cocaine" of gambling... Drain money quickly from the poor and addicted. / May 02, 2007

Students make Collegeville, USA, sound like Sin City

MI - College students don't think you want to know how much gambling happens on campus. Of the 640 students surveyed at MSU, Wayne State University and the University of Michigan, 25% listed gambling as a shocker. "It's kind of accepted as normal. It's always kind of laughed off as not really a problem," he said, adding that card games and sports gambling consume a lot of students' time. / By KRISTEN JORDAN SHAMUS / May 1, 2007

Virginia Indian tribes fight for federal recognition

VA - A House committee has passed a bill allowing recognition- only if the tribes forgo their right to run casinos on tribal lands. / April 29, 2007

Two Tribes Maintain Sophisticated Lobbying

DC - Casinos, tribes and other gaming interests spent almost $25 million last year to hire lobbyists as Capitol Hill lawmakers considered curbs on off-reservation Indian casinos and Internet gambling. Native American tribes accounted for more than $15 million of that. Gaming lobbying peaked in 2003 at $28.5 million, up from $11 million five years earlier. The $24.6 million the industry spent in 2006 was virtually unchanged from the prior year. This past year, online gambling organizations spent millions on lobbying but failed to stop legislation that effectively banned online gambling in the United States. And the tribes say they are getting more sophisticated in their approach to Washington politics. Their diplomatic corps is growing while their reliance on outside lobbying firms slowly declines. Part of that can be traced back to the corruption scandal involving once-powerful lobbyist Abramoff, who two years ago admitted to defrauding tribal clients out of millions of dollars. / By Scott Ritter / 4/29/2007

Bill proposal would bring video slots to Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track

http://&& - The Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track and local property owners could both hit the jackpot. A bill approved Monday in Tallahassee by a House council would allow video gambling machines at pari-mutual betting establishments and the states portion of the profits would go to reduce property taxes.

May 1, 2007


DC - An American legislator, Rep. Barney Frank of MA, , is now preparing a bill to allow online gaming seeming certain to pass. This is a 180 degree change of stance for the U.S., and while this legislation has much to recommend it, will certainly be unpopular with a vast number of American politicians and the public. Online gaming has created a multi-billion dollar industry that saw 1,800 gambling sites by 2003 generating $5 billion in income, which some believe now tops 20 billion, or more in 2007. Why Does the US Block This Lucrative Trade? In 1996, Congress created the National Gambling Impact Study Commission whose job it was to investigate the social and economic effects of gambling, including the burgeoning Internet variety, upon the lives of Americans, based upon a comprehensive legal and factual study. The Commission was to give recommendation to Congress for future decisions in these areas, and made several suggestions: First, the Federal Government should prohibit more Internet gaming beyond what was already sanctioned; and second, that Congress should pass a law making it illegal to collect credit card debt from online gambling activities. The reasons given in the report for opposing online gambling included concerns about underage players; dangers of pathologically addicted gamblers; lack of consumer protection; and potential for criminal fraud and money laundering. / IBLS INTERNET LAW - NEWS PORTAL / 5-2-07

Future of Internet betting in the balance

DC - Reports indicated the billwould aim toshoot downanti-Internet gambling legislation that has made it nearly impossible for U.S. citizens to place online wagers on sporting events or cards and casino games. If this bill passes through Congress (a big if, as it doesnt appear at this stage to have enough support), an immediate effort would be made to legitimize and regulate the industry. Our sports organizations would very strongly oppose any effort to legalize any online sports gambling, wrote Martin Gold, a lobbyist representing the NFL. First of all, the U.S. is feeling the heat from a World Trade Organization decision in favor of Antigua and Barbuda, a Caribbean nation which supports a thriving Internet gambling industry. Antigua could choose to ignore U.S. intellectual property and copyright laws. / By Julian Dickinson / May 2, 2007

Rolling toward full-scale gambling

CA - One Southern California tribe is spending $20 million to persuade the Assembly to approve expanded casino operations. How much do you think the gambling tribes stand to gain if the latest gambling compacts are approved by the state? I'm just guessing here, but it has to be several billion dollars. The governor is going along because he's trying to fill a massive budget deficit. But he's selling out too cheaply. The politically arrogant Morongo tribe now says it will fight a measure to allow lawmakers to serve longer in office if they don't approve the compacts. Morongo is now playing a very dangerous political game that borders on blackmail. / THE FRESNO BEE / JIM BOREN / April 30, 2007

Editorial: New casino compacts are a bad deal for state

CA - Armed with a jackpot of campaign dollars, wealthy Indian tribes are pressuring key state leaders... The Senate... Approved compacts that allow five Indian tribes to more than triple their number of slot machines, from 10,000 to 32,500. These new slots and Nevada-style gambling palaces will add to the 50 casinos and 60,000 slot machines... Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger... Say these compacts are good for California... California, Has an estimated 1.2 million adult gambling addicts. / April 29, 2007

In Colorado, the stakes are low

CO - The $5 limit on gambling is a blessing or a curse. Focus on the Family Action, a lobbying arm of the Christian group, would oppose any measure to increase stakes, said Chad Hills, gambling analyst for Focus. The limit was put in place as a safety mechanism so people couldnt spend too much money too fast, he said. / THE GAZETTE / By DEEDEE CORRELL / May 2, 2007

House turns friendly to slots bill

FL - The House Environment and Natural Resources Council voted 13-1 to allow some of the state's horse and dog tracks and jai-alai frontons, including three in Miami-Dade, to offer so-called video lottery terminals. The Senate passed its gambling bill last week. It would allow all 25 parimutuels in the state to expand to Class II slots. A couple of committee members complained that the issue was rushed through. / BY MARY ELLEN KLAS / Apr. 30, 2007

Florida Senate passes 4 bills favoring industry

FL - Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley sent an urgent e-mail April 28 sounding the alarm one last time for this session warning gambling will be expanded in your area if you do not act Monday morning and requesting citizens to call legislators in the Florida House of Representatives urging opposition to pending pro-gambling legislation. On the Senate side last week, legislation expanding gambling in various ways easily passed. / By JAMES A. SMITH SR.

Experts FRANK but divided on new Internet Gambling bill passing

DC - The President has said this is unacceptable and he will veto this measure. At this point, the political process kicks in. I say that because Barney Frank has enough clout to get this bill ridered onto something else... / April 29, 2007

Web gaming bill a risky proposal

MO - The legislation [Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act] also represented a slap at the World Trade Organization that recently upheld a complaint by the Caribbean island nation of Antigua and Barbuda that the U.S. permits online interstate gambling on horse racing but prohibits offshore cyber bookies, poker rooms and others from selling their gambling wares to U.S. bettors in violation of international trade agreements. Antigua licenses, regulates and taxes 32 cyber casinos. / By RICK ALM / May. 01, 2007

NIGC moves forward with regulatory agenda in 2007

DC - The National Indian Gaming Commission updated its regulatory agenda on Monday but tribes won't find many surprises in the document. The agency in charge of the $23 billion tribal casino industry has completed just one regulation in the past 18 months. The controversial rules were subsequently withdrawn amid tribal complaints. And now they are back in the "proposed" rule stage, according to the agenda released on Monday. / May 1, 2007

Coast guard says a fishing boat was destroyed when hit by casino boat

FL - The casino boat's owners did not comment. / 4/29/2007

Florida Senate passes 4 bills favoring industry

FL - Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley sent an urgent e-mail April 28 sounding the alarm one last time for this session warning gambling will be expanded in your area if you do not act Monday morning and requesting citizens to call legislators in the Florida House of Representatives urging opposition to pending pro-gambling legislation. On the Senate side last week, legislation expanding gambling in various ways easily passed. / By JAMES A. SMITH SR.

To The Editor

- It isespecially reprehensible since the slots law, Act 71 of 2004, was passed UNconstitutionally. PAcitizensneed to remember that it is never to late to repeal a law. Legislators need to remember that it is not too late to do the right thing and repeal this law which never gave the citizens a chance to see it or be heard on it before it was passed over Fourth of July weekend 2004. / Post-Gazette / Dianne M. Berlin / May 2, 2007

Ad campaign by gambling tribe features Schwarzenegger

CA - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he doesn't take campaign contributions from Indian tribes because he negotiates gambling compacts with them and wants to avoid the appearance of a quid pro quo. But the Republican governor may be drawing political benefits from a wealthy tribe nonetheless because of a multimillion-dollar television ad campaign that promotes the latest round of compacts. Some of the commercials feature a picture of a thoughtful-looking Schwarzenegger. "If you feel good about the ad, you will feel good about Schwarzenegger," said Robert Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies, A spokeswoman... Said the governor has no plans... To remove his picture. Schwarzenegger has been fiercely protective of the use of his picture and image in other instances. Critics in the Legislature also say the compacts negotiated by Schwarzenegger do not contain sufficient auditing requirements to ensure the state is getting its fair share from the tribes. / Associated Press / By STEVE LAWRENCE / May 4, 2007

State GOP leaders fight tribal recognition

AK - Republican legislative leaders want the federal government to reverse course and overturn recognition of Native tribal governments in Alaska. Governor Palin does not want to see gambling expanded in Alaska and has asked the Department of Law to oppose Eklutna's bid. / Associated Press / 5/04/2007%

Representative J.D. Hayworth

DC - Hayworth held four fundraisers at Abramoff's luxury skyboxes but did not pay for use of the boxes or report them as gifts. Jon Kamman, Hayworth didn't report value of skyboxes gifts, Hayworth announced he would donate $2,250 in contributions he received from Abramoff personally... But would not give back the "hundreds of thousands" of donations he received from Indian tribes once represented by Abramoff. / Representative J.D. Hayworth / 4-30-07

Surge in horse deaths at Bay Meadows

CA - Twenty-five horses sustained fatal injuries at Bay Meadows during the 55-day racing season that ended last week - an increase over the 16 deaths recorded for the entire year of 2006, according to data collected by the state horse racing board. The California Horse Racing Board has mandated all of the state's major tracks to replace their dirt ovals with safer synthetic surfaces. / The Chronicle / Larry Stumes / May 2, 2007

Attorney General, Director Of Special Revenue Fight Illegal Internet Gambling On New York Horse Races

NY - Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Division of Special Revenue ( DRS ) Executive Director Paul A. Young today sent letters to the New York Racing Association ( NYRA ) and New York gambling regulators demanding they scuttle an illegal plan to accept Internet horse race wagers from Connecticut residents starting today. Such wagering violates Connecticut law, which prohibits all Internet gambling, / 5-3-07

NY - Murder Charge Reduced after Psych Defense Sways Judge
Killer’s ‘Emotional Disturbance’ Claim Earns Manslaughter Conviction
The deadly landlord-tenant dispute from June 2005 officially ended with a conviction yesterday when state Supreme Court Justice Abraham Gerges ruled that James McElwee, 52, had been suffering extreme emotional disturbance when he stabbed his landlord to death. Gerges then reduced the murder charge against him to the lesser criminal count of first-degree manslaughter. His refusal to move was due to the inexpensive rent Saar charged, which allowed McElwee to indulge his twin compulsions daily alcohol consumption and compulsive gambling. / Brooklyn Daily Eagle / by Charles Sweeney / 5-03-2007

Connecticut court ruling backs tribal sovereignty

CT - The state Supreme Court has issued a ruling upholding a federally recognized tribe's sovereign immunity that shields it from being sued in state court without its consent. The unanimous ruling upheld a lower court's decision to dismiss a lawsuit filed in 2005 by Bradley Beecher, a former commander of the state police casino and licensing unit, who began working for the Mohegan Tribe as an investigator in 1997 after retiring. The case began in October 2004 when the Mohegans brought an action against Bradley Beecher, claiming that he had tried to extort money from the tribe by threatening to disclose confidential information he had acquired while working for the tribe. Beecher said he had in effect been fired after five years on the job because he had criticized the tribe's regulatory practices. / by: Gale Courey Toensing / April 30, 2007

House Bills Would Rework e-Gambling, Internet Radio Royalties

DC - Rep. Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat, last week introduced legislation that would exempt licensed operators from a current ban on Internet gambling. Congress debated the issue for years before Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., last year inserted a last-minute ban on the practice into an unrelated security bill. President Bush signed the bill into law in October 2006, effectively making it illegal for banks and credit-card companies to process bets made online. / ByChloe Albanesius / 4.30.07

Bill proposal would bring video slots to Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track - A bill approved Monday in Tallahassee by a House council would allow video gambling machines at pari-mutual betting establishments and the states portion of the profits would go to reduce property taxes. Bill sponsor David Rivera, R-Miami, said he supported the idea because it would help pari-mutuels that were at a competitive disadvantage with Indian casinos... / May 1, 2007

ADAP of Weston examines teen gambling

CT - According to the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) of Weston, gambling can grow from an occasional social activity to a compulsively negative behavior that is no longer a choice. Compulsive gambling is not a bad habit but rather a life-threatening disorder. Problem gambling is on the rise among teenagers. / May 3, 2007

Churches Say No Dice

WV - Local pastors were among those gathering today on the steps of WesBanco Arena to voice their opposition to a table gambling referendum [tracks] that will go before Ohio County voters June 9. The statistics are very clear that when gambling comes in, crime rates double, Wright [Pastor First Baptist Church] added. Two-thirds of gamblers turn to crime to support their addiction.^Atlantic City has a population estimated at about 40,500, while Wheelings is approximately 30,000. Statistics from the United States Uniform Crime Report provided by Wright show that the Atlantic City has crime rates that are triple those of Wheeling. / By JOSELYN KING / 5-3-07

Some Online Bets Are Off

CT - Gambling regulators on Wednesday ordered the New York Racing Association Inc. to stop taking Internet horse-racing bets from Connecticut residents after Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal complained that such wagers were illegal under the state's laws. Connecticut residents can still wager on horse races at off-track betting sites or over the telephone, / By JANICE PODSADA / May 3, 2007

Repealing UIGEA: Dont Bet on It By U.S. Senator Jon Kyl

DC - Last week, Arizona authorities raided four illegal online gambling rings, centered in Phoenix but operating in three states, seizing millions of dollars in cash, cars, and property. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said millions of dollars were being collected, and often extorted, from gamblers visiting online sites based overseas. The bill did not, as some have alleged, make online gambling illegal. Online gambling is already illegal under existing federal and state laws. The UIGEA simply provides the legal mechanisms necessary for authorities to enforce those laws. But some online poker operators are lobbying Congress to exempt online poker from the UIGEA. Online poker is currently the most addictive form of gambling activity among American youth.


The Big Game is Online

DC - The deed has been done. Congressman Barney Frank (MA) has introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA) of 2007 into the United States House of Representatives. Michael Bolcerek, President of the Poker Players Alliance, applauds Frank's legislation. He crows, "We are very excited about this bill." Bolcerek claims his association has 442,000 + members, and he anticipates attracting another fifty thousand within a matter of weeks. Of late, Mr. Frank appears to be impressed with the potential political power of online poker players. Mr. D'Amato [former senator now Poker Players Alliance Chairman], who is leading the charge as the PPA's chairman and chief flak, has been a man of few public words lately, giving little more than polite lip service and serving up nice platitudes to the Frank bill. / 2007-05-03

Gambling bill clears House Committee

IL - A bill creating four new casino licenses and allowing slot machines at horse racing tracks cleared a House committee Friday, With only Democrats voting for the bill, the House Gaming Committee approved House Bill 480... / 2007-04-28

Illinois bill banning smoking goes to governor

IL - Illinois is one signature away from banning smoking in all restaurants, bars, casinos and other indoor public places in the state beginning next year. Gov. Rod Blagojevich, at an appearance in Chicago, told reporters he is likely to sign the bill. Opponents claim it will hurt Illinois businesses, Where smokers may opt for Missouri casinos instead. / By Kevin McDermott / 5/02/2007

Online gambling hard for NIU to monitor

IL - Many students already investing in tuition, books and room and board are finding another means of losing money: gambling. Though it isn't difficult to find a poker game in the residence halls, online gambling is harder for university officials to monitor, Bolles said. He added that the addiction can also be a silent killer for students who are not careful. / Campus Reporter / Derrick Smith

Republican, Father's Rights Candidate Dr. Mark Klein Enters US Presidential Race

IA - Dr. Mark Klein, a retired psychiatrist and father of four, has announced his candidacy for US President. Dr. Mark Klein, a Republican conservative, Klein is anti-gambling and would propose legislation to ban casino gambling in Nevada, Connecticut, other physical and on-line Internet areas where gambling has become a destructive addiction which has ruined much of the family fabric in the US. / Israel News Agency / By Joel Leyden

Lawmakers ease limits on slots

FL - Just months after they opened their doors, Broward's new casinos are about to get longer hours and more slot machines under a proposal the Legislature passed Thursday. Legislators also approved a proposal expanding hours and increasing betting limits at the state's poker rooms, allowing them to stay open any 12 hours a day all year round. / BY BREANNE GILPATRICK / May. 04, 2007


CA - CALIFORNIA GOT A lousy deal after voters in 1998 and 2000 approved measures allowing Indian tribes to open casinos... Schwarzenegger struck deals with five Southern California tribes allowing them to expand their gambling operations well beyond their original limits. From 10,000 slot machines, To install 32,000... Legislature last year declined to approve the compacts. The casinos haven't ended poverty on reservations, and the revenues they generate haven't been shared evenly, / Opinion / 5-5-07

Bill for casino day care led to lies

MN - Vang told investigators that he and the boy's mother, Zia Yang, 33, had gone to the Treasure Island casino in Red Wing and put the boy in child care before they went to gamble. When it came time to leave, they had no money to pay the center's fees. Vang stayed at the casino while Yang started back to St. Paul for more money. But she was stopped for a traffic violation and found to be driving a vehicle that had been reported stolen. / Star Tribune / By Howie Padilla / May 04, 2007

Kessler: Gambling Lawsuit a Long Shot

WV - According to the Associated Press, the foundation [WV Family Foundation] wants the court to strike down a law passed earlier this year that will allow voters in racetrack counties to decide if table gambling should be allowed at those facilities.^The four racetrack counties Kanawha, Hancock, Ohio and Jefferson have all scheduled special elections on the issue for Saturday, June 9. If voters in those counties approve, table games could be up and running by the end of the year. / AP Dispatches / By SHELLEY HANSON

When Luck Beats a Lady

&& - Increasing numbers of women are addicted to gambling... Cascadia in Oregon is one of the largest gambling addiction clinics in America. "I lost a home. But the thing I lost that's the hardest thing is my relationship with my children. I know they still love me, but they don't like me anymore." "When I was losing, I was thinking about how I could get money. And when I lost, I thought about the lies to cover up the losses." Twenty years ago, only a handful of women sought treatment for gambling addiction across the United States. Today, of the estimated 6 million to 8 million gambling addicts in the United States, half are women. I've lost my marriage. ... I've lost my children's home." "It took about four years for me to blow enough money to lose my home," she said. "When they come to me they are desperate," said Marcia Mattoso, a gambling counselor at Cascadia. "The devastation of gambling is an incredible thing. "I came to Cascadia instead of killing myself," she said.

From Nightline / By JESSICA YELLIN and SHANI MEEWELLA / MAY 3, 2007

MTR Gaming launches gambling web site

WV - M-T-R Gaming... Is launching a new gambling website for more than 100... Tracks worldwide.

The Associated Press / 4-30-07

Family foundation sues over table game law By Mannix Porterfield

WV - A conservative Christian group made good Friday on its vow to legally challenge West Virginias new table game law, insisting in a lawsuit the 1984 constitutional amendment authorizing a lottery in which it is couched never envisioned casino-style gambling. Consequently, the Legislatures new law, signed by Gov. Joe Manchin, fails to pass constitutional muster, obligating the states highest court to issue a mandamus erasing it from the books, the suit contended. In addition, the Family Foundation collected signatures from voters saying table games never entered their mind when voting on the amendment. Nowhere in the West Virginia Constitution does it permit the state to assign the operation of the lottery to a private property and the term operate does not allow for such an assignment. / REGISTER-HERALD / May 04, 2007

Experts say gambling addictions are some of the hardest to treat.

WQV - Was overdrawn by a $1,000 at the bank on a monthly basis, Family heirlooms and jewelry were sold to get gambling money. $300,000 in gambling debts. I lost my husband. I lost my marriage," said Klinestiver. She has been free from her gambling addiction since April of last year. / Gil McClanahan / May 1, 2007

Profile: Anne Klinestiver - Aging With Grace & Dignity

WV - As several WV counties are about to vote on the expansion of table games in state dog and racetracks, gambling addiction specialists warn that older adults, often retired or living alone, are particularly vulnerable to getting hooked. Gambling addiction is a psychiatric disorder that afflicts millions of Americans and an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 West Virginians. Anne Klinestiver of Milton is 67 years old, Life was good and gambling had not been a part of it. But as she traveled with her husband to various medical conferences, casino style gambling was more and more available. The coincidence of the increased prescription [Requip] and the on-set of her gambling addiction now makes sense to Anne and her doctor, Anne: Every waking moment was filled with something to do with gambling, even if I wasnt gambling I was thinking how was I going to get money to gamble, or where could I go gamble, who could I borrow from to gamble, what could I sell to gamble, to get money to gamble. I took everything I had out of my annuity program, over $200,000, I sold family treasures, I pawned family treasures, I had diamond rings, one was very precious to me, it belonged to my husbands grandmother. ... Anne: 300,000 that I can account for plus wear and tear on cars and that kind of thing. SH: Anne lost a small fortune, and then her marriage. Anne: My husband, he moved out, telling me hed come back if Id quit gambling, and I loved him and I wanted him back, but I still couldnt quit gambling. And therefore he divorced me. With her blessing, her brother took her to court and had her declared incompetent to handle her own finances. Today he handles her meager income, giving her an allowance and watching everything she spends. Anne: Im ashamed that Ive hurt people, Im ashamed of what my life became because it was not really living, but Im not so ashamed that Im afraid to tell others because I want someone else to know what it can become. / WEST VIRGINIA PUBLIC BROADCASTING / Producer: Suzanne Higgins / 5/01/07

U.S. to keep Internet gambling ban

U.S. - The United States will maintain a ban on Internet gambling services despite an adverse World Trade Organization ruling, the U.S. Trade Representative's office said on Friday. Having exhausted other options to fight the case, the United States will exercise a rarely used right under WTO rules to modify its 14-year-old services commitments and explicitly exclude gambling, Veroneau said. The WTO case could leave the United States open to paying damages in the form of reduced U.S. market access in some services sector of the WTO member seeking damages, USTR officials said. / Reuters / By Doug Palmer / May 4, 2007

Reactions to Frank's Bill Signals Uphill Battle for Online Poker Players

DC - Pressure is mounting on the US government from the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the issue can only help the bill's passage. The WTO ruled last month in the case Antigua brought against the US for protectionism, that the ban was illegal because certain domestic activities, including horseracing, were exempt, making it discriminatory against foreign companies. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer George Will pointed out in a Newsweek article last year that state governments are "America's most relentless promoters of gambling," and that "the strong racehorse lobby comes second by a nose" in supporting protectionist UIGEA's passage last year. And as Harry Curtis, a leisure analyst at JP Morgan, points out, "Most politicians simply don't want to have their names associated with gambling." / Apr 30th, 2007

Highlights Hazards of Fast-Track-Enabled Trade Agreements

http://&& - Under WTO Rules, U.S. Is Required to Negotiate Terms of Compensation With Other WTO Signatory Countries Before It Is Allowed to Withdraw Sector... The Bush administrations unprecedented decision that it will withdraw the U.S. gambling service sector from World Trade Organization (WTO) jurisdiction is good news for U.S. sovereignty, Public Citizen said today. The WTOs ruling against the U.S. Internet gambling ban was not some fluke, but rather a preview of coming attractions given how extensively the WTOs service sector rules interfere with non-trade domestic policies regulating the conduct of services operating within our own country. Thanks to the WTOs overreaching rules, the United States found itself in the position of either facing trade sanctions for failing to implement a WTO ruling ordering it to change its ban on Internet gambling or facing costly demands for compensation from other WTO countries after requesting to remove the gambling sector from WTO jurisdiction, said Wallach. Either way, the United States will be required to pay for the right to regulate gambling activities within our country. In 2005, 29 state attorneys general wrote the USTR seeking withdrawal of the gambling sector from WTO jurisdiction.

Source: Public Citizen / 5/05/200

Audit of Dairyland Greyhound reveals $2.84 million loss

WI - With losses piling up at the Dairyland Greyhound Track in Kenosha, track owners are looking for help from state legislators. A newly completed independent audit of the state's lone pari-mutuel racetrack shows the business lost $2.84 million last year. In 2005, the track reported a loss of $2.41 million. Kreuser [D] said he hoped to find a way to include a provision in the upcoming state budget to provide some kind of tax relief for the track. / By DON WALKER / May 4, 2007

Boost in lottery advertising would only bilk the poor

WI - Call it what it is its a boost in the poor tax. Where does that money come from? Disproportionately from Wisconsins poor. A 2005 newspaper study found that a third of all lottery ticket sales in southeastern Wisconsin were in high-poverty areas. Worse, it showed that the dollar payout in 18 high-poverty area Zip code areas was only about 60 percent of what it was elsewhere. / 4/28/2007

Mayor Opposes Las Vegas-Style Casino

WA - The Cowlitz Tribe has been seeking federal approval to build a 165,000-square-foot casino on property near La Center, Wash., / 4/30/2007

Trial begins for man accused of defrauding pole barn customers

WA - Authorities believe Cover pocketed about $1.2 million owed to materials suppliers and more than 100 Spokane County customers. Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor Bob Sargent said Cover used that money to live beyond his means and support his gambling habit.

Place a bet: Is he a nerd or a felon?

WA - We actually are in Goldman's sparse bedroom, And we are committing a felony. Goldman, 26, is a professional online-poker player. He has a day job ... By night, he does something illegal he heads to casinos in places such as Cyprus and the Isle of Man to gamble against tens of thousands of people from around the globe. He played 250 hands in 90 minutes 10 times the rate of play when you go to a cardroom in person. He even confessed to a priest there... "Is it morally OK, ethically OK to take money from weaker players?" The priest said it's OK as long as Goldman is testing himself against peers... / Danny Westneat / April 29, 2007

Former Spokane hospital warehouse supervisor sentenced for thefts

WA - A former hospital warehouse supervisor who admitted selling stolen medical supplies online has been sentenced to a year and a day in prison, Lawyer, Said his client suffered depression and was a compulsive gambler... / AP / 5-2-07

In Our View: Get Off the Fence

WA - Vancouver mayor opposes casino; other elected officials should follow... Pollard, who initially did not oppose a casino, said he has studied the issue and lumps his opposition into three categories: Ancestral lands are farther north, in Cowlitz and Lewis counties. It should not be in Clark County. Negative impacts... Traffic, housing, schools, and social service agencies, owing to the low-pay status of the jobs. Gambling addiction would lead to bankruptcies, broken families and crime, The casino-approval process, Has not been consistently transparent and accessible to the public. / May 01, 2007

Vancouver mulls stand against Cowlitz

WA - Vancouver next week will consider a strongly worded resolution opposing the Cowlitz Tribes casino plans and directing the city to take legal action should federal officials approve the project. The citys resolution describes the project as Las Vegas-style and makes 14 references to a mega-casino. State Rep. Jim Moeller, [D] who served on the council for seven years, also has urged his former colleagues not to oppose the Cowlitz casino. However, that genie got out of the bottle long ago, and efforts to help mitigate these issues (have) been addressed in the memorandum of understanding with the county, he wrote. Moeller... Received $4,050 in campaign contributions from David Barnett; Barnetts wife, Kristine; and his father, John Barnett, chairman of the Cowlitz Tribe. / By JEFFREY MIZE, / May 04, 2007

Search Engine Yahoo! Launches Online Poker

US - One of the most popular search engines on the Internet, Yahoo!, has announced the launch of Yahoo Poker, a real money online poker room. The company has finally entered the online gambling industry with a bang... / 30.04.2007

Stakes rise in Net gambling fight

U.S. - The United States... Invoked a rare procedure before the World Trade Organization in a last-ditch bid to legally block Internet gambling at U.S. shores. A three-member WTO appellate panel upheld a 2003 complaint by the small Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda alleging that the U.S. discriminates against and prosecutes offshore Internet gambling operators while sanctioning domestic online gambling on horse races. could pit allies such as Great Britain that have legalized and licensed Internet gambling firms squarely against the U.S. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / May. 05, 2007

The games they play: Sports leagues oppose Internet gambling regulation

U.S. - The four major professional U.S. sports leagues and the NCAA have sent a letter to the House Financial Services Committee asking members to oppose the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, according to a report by the Stephens Washington Bureau. "Our sports organizations each have strict policies against sports betting because wagering on sports can corrupt athletic contests or create the appearance of corruption," the letter said. / By Aaron Todd / 4 May 2007

US says not bound to WTO gambling action, will modify commitment

U.S. - The United States said Friday it was not required to comply with a WTO ruling to open its borders to the Internet gambling industry because of an "oversight" in a decade-old trade agreement. The US announcement was the latest development in a four-year-old dispute with the Caribbean nation Antigua and Barbuda, which sued the US at the World Trade Organization alleging failure to comply with global trading rules, and won. Antigua argued in the complaint it launched in March 2003 that US prohibitions were harming its online gaming business, which is aimed at reducing the island's economic dependence on tourism. Antigua, with a population of about 68,000, is a center for offshore Internet gaming operations, / by Rob Lever / 4/05/07

Bill to reopen tribal casinos is again delayed

TX - State Rep. Norma Chvez and the Tiguas' tribal leader said today they would continue fighting to reopen Speaking Rock Casino, even as prospects of lawmakers approving more gambling in Texas this year appeared to fade. / By Brandi Grissom / 5/02/2007

Texans favor allowing tribal casinos, poll finds

TX - More than two-thirds of Texas voters favor allowing gaming on Texas reservations, according to poll results a tribe announced today as legislators prepared to debate a bill that would let tribal casinos, including Speaking Rock Casino, reopen. Today, legislators are set to vote on a bill by state Rep. Norma Chvez, D-El Paso, which would allow the Tiguas in El Paso and the Alabama-Coushatta to open their casinos. / By Brandi Grissom / 5/01/2007

Indian gambling bill fails on rare tie vote in House

TX - The Texas House, by a 66 to 66 vote, killed an attempt to re-open two tribal casinos. Efforts to bring Las Vegas-style casinos and slot machines to race tracks never made it out of committee, / AMERICAN-STATESMAN / By Laylin Copelin / May 04, 2007

House Blocks Casino Gambling Bill

TX - The move to legalize casino gambling on the Tigua Indian Reservation came to hault this morning. By a tie vote of 66 to 66, the Texas House stopped the bill [legalize Tigua Indian casino] from moving to the Senate. / May 4, 2007

The gambling scam on America's poor

- What kind of government spends millions of taxpayer dollars peddling false hope to confiscate cash from its poorest citizens to fatten state coffers? Some scandals don't involve illegal activity they're just outrageous and unjust. 48 states now sponsor gambling operations and lottery monopolies to balance their budgets on the backs of their poorest and most vulnerable citizens while basking in the virtue of fighting tax increases. Last year, Americans... Spent on movie tickets, recorded music, spectator sports, video games, and theme parks combined. 80 percent of gambling revenue comes from households with incomes of less than $50,000 a year. [NGISC] "For the state to make its $350 million on slots after payouts," about 3 percent of the entire adult population have to lose a total of $496 million. That's an average annual loss of $3,374 apiece." / Opinion / Barrie Maguire / May 2, 2007

Philadelphia Park casino plans criticized

PA - "This is a classic bait and switch," said Michael P. Ballezzi, Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association. "Greenwood Gaming made elaborate promises to areas residents, local elected officials, and the Gaming Board in order to gain their support and obtain a gaming license. Now the company is backtracking on its promises to build a world- class destination resort -- including a $300 million permanent casino by the fall of 2009. If Philadelphia Park is successful in having this facility deemed 'permanent' there will be nothing left to compel the company to move ahead with any of its promised investments in the site." / 2 May 2007

Stay out of our casino business, Council lawyers tell court

PA - A planned vote in Philadelphia on where slot-machine casinos can build has no business being challenged in the state's highest court, lawyers for Philadelphia City Council said yesterday. / Associated Press / Apr. 28, 2007

As slots shine, off-track betting dims in Pa.

PA - The Meadows racetrack... closed its Greensburg betting parlor... And Penn National Gaming Inc. plans to shutter parlors in Johnstown and Williamsport in the next two months. Over the past three years, Penn National has lost $1 million at the two parlors, Pennsylvania's first slots parlors began operating in November, and now three racetracks -- Philadelphia Park, Pocono Downs and Harrah's Chester Casino and Racetrack -- have them. / The Associated Press / May 4, 2007

Early slots revenues exceeding estimates

PA - Slot machine revenues are topping gaming officials' projections and even outrunning most casinos' estimates... Pennsylvania casinos have made about $236 million since January, about 55 percent going to the state in taxes. / 5/02/2007

Ex-school worker guilty of stealing lunch money

PA - A former administrator for the Southeast Delco School District, stole $287,361 of student lunch money and then deposited the funds in quarter gambling machines in places such as Atlantic City and Vegas, where she earned high roller status. "They considered her a high roller and sent limousines to take her to the casinos in Atlantic City and to the airport to fly her to New Orleans and Vegas." "It's a betrayal of the public trust," said Green [County District Attorney]. "The $287,361 came directly out of the pockets of parents and taxpayers who support the school district. / Delaware County Times / By MARLENE DiGIACOMO / 5/01/2007

Casinos face rising discontent, competition

PA - The number of regular players who believe the games are dishonest has risen from 15 percent to 20 percent since 2004, and at Midway Slots & Simulcast in Harrington, officials are investigating possible "accounting improprieties." A recent report gauging customer satisfaction with the three Delaware "racinos" points to signs of rising discontent just as competition is gathering strength across the border in Pennsylvania, and possibly one day in Maryland. Delaware Park in Stanton... Is facing the highest level of dissatisfaction and suspicion. More than a quarter of its regulars expressed "concern about the honesty of games" in the annual state-sponsored survey, / The News Journal / By ERIC RUTH / April 29, 2007

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

PA - The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board today announced that local law enforcement agencies will soon be able to apply for grants to enforce and prevent the unlawful operation of slot machines. PGCB TO AWARD $5 MILLION IN GRANTS TO LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES... Funds available to prevent the unlawful operation of slot machines... / COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA / May 1, 2007

Gaming board usurps rights

PA - It's up to the people, not the board, to make the final decision, through referendums, on where casinos should be - if anywhere. Not the least of these problems is the Gaming Control Board's usurping of land-use rights from local municipalities and the citizens they represent. The John Templeton Foundation recently provided a grant to the Lincoln Institute of Public Opinion Research, of which I am chairman and CEO, to conduct a statewide poll into Pennsylvanians' attitudes toward legalized gambling. The poll found that 62 percent expected to see an increase in crime and social problems as a result of slot machines having been legalized. / By Lowman S. Henry / May. 01, 2007

Martini pleads guilty

PA - A former Carroll Township Authority secretary will serve 1 to 2 years in prison... Pleaded guilty to one count each of theft by deception, forgery, and misapplication of entrusted funds. ... Martini acknowledged a gambling problem involving the Pennsylvania Daily Number. / VALLEY INDEPENDENT / By Chris Buckley / May 1, 2007

Son-in-law of former Philly mayor sentenced in gambling ring

PA - A son-in-law of former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo was sentenced to house arrest and probation in connection with a multimillion-dollar sports gambling ring. Seized $2.7 million... / The Associated Press / May. 01, 2007

Man stole medical equipment, sold it to get cash for gambling.

PA - A former Olympus America salesman carved out a niche by stealing the colonoscopes from hospitals and selling them to refurbished medical supply distributors. He made nearly $500,000 selling the stolen equipment, and he told a federal judge he gambled it all away. / May 5, 2007

Electronic table games debut in Penna. today. Could they lead the way to live table games?

PA - Harrah's Chester Casino & Racetrack in Chester will introduce seven electronic blackjack tables, each seating up to five players, on Friday. Slots revenue overall is down this year nearly 5 percent among Atlantic City's 11 casinos because of slots competition from Pennsylvania, but revenue from table games has been edging up. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved the electronic table games last month. The games feature a "virtual dealer" - a video image of a human dealer who talks to the players through a series of recordings that direct them to do certain things, such as place bets. "This machine simulates the atmosphere of a table game, but operates strictly as a slot machine, / By Suzette Parmley

Grande Ronde tribe wants in on Gorge clout

OR - The Grand Ronde tribe, based in western Yamhill County, owns the Spirit Mountain Casino, the state's largest. It has been campaigning to block the Warm Springs Tribe from developing a large casino at Cascade Locks, which could siphon Spirit Mountain's Portland customers. / April 29, 2007

Problem gambling awareness art contest

OR - Ontario - Problem gambling harms more than 10,000 Oregon teens and 75,000 Oregon adults. / May 3, 2007

Tribal Casinos Won't Simulcast Derby

OK - Casinos in Oklahoma and Wisconsin owned by American Indian tribes will not be able to simulcast the Kentucky Derby after a federal judge issued a ruling against the company that relays the Churchill Downs signal to those casinos. The Kentucky Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association said last week it would exercise its right under federal law to prevent a signal being sent from a Kentucky racetrack to an out-of-state location. The Kentucky HBPA's actions do not affect the four racetracks in Oklahoma... Under state law, the tracks are required to split a portion of simulcast fees with state horsemen's groups. / Associated Press / By MURRAY EVANS / May 4, 2007

Seneca-Cayuga Tribe plans 2008 Grove casino opening

OK - A summer 2008 opening is planned for a $60 million-plus casino with a five-story, 125-room hotel, a 1,600-seat convention center and three restaurants. Bishop, a local pastor, said he is opposed to the casino on moral grounds. The location is near where Penn National Gaming is proposing to build a state-owned casino in Kansas. / By Roger McKinney / May 02, 2007

In many ways, Las Vegas culture embodies the worst of America and it may be heading our way

PA - Contemplating Las Vegas, its glitter and utter tackiness, I had to wonder to what degree Pittsburgh will become like it as a casino becomes an important feature of our city's life. The kiosks on the streets of Vegas are not filled with free newspapers and booklets of apartments and houses for rent, but rather with advertisements for call girls and boys. The average gambling transaction lasts 2.8 seconds. The house take -- they call it the "hold" -- is 12 percent. That means that $1 of every $8 is not in the pot for the gambler -- they call him "the fish." The machines work on a random basis: Put another way, all of them ultimately fleece the gamer equally. But if casino gambling brings the Vegas ambience to Pittsburgh, it will represent a distinct downgrade to the culture of our city. / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / By Dan Simpson / May 02, 2007

Gambler facing caretaker abuse charges

OK - Buford was arrested... After security officers at Cherokee Casino Resort... Notified police of a disabled patient inside a vehicle... Found the patient sweating profusely and frothing at the mouth, with no water or means of assistance... / CLAREMORE PROGRESS / May 04, 2007

Battle of vices in state capitol

OH - After all, the opponents of expanded gambling that Zanotti's Ohio Roundtable represents can present just as many studies as strip-club foes can, pointing to the supposed harmful effects of their targeted vice on communities. "You have far more significant, well-studied research that shows the dangers of video lottery terminals around the country," Zanotti said. "They are actually called the crack cocaine of gambling devices. A second proposal, one in a long line to expand gambling options in the state, would allow Ohio's seven horse tracks to install banks of instant racing terminals on their premises. Since 1990, the gambling and casino industry has given $69 million to federal candidates and political parties, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. / Associated Press / By Julie Carr Smyth / 4-30-2007

NYRA sets up online betting

NY - New York Racing Association is one of the nation's first track operators to offer online wagering... However, the state's six regional Off Track Betting corporations plan to file their own Internet application, competing with NYRA for this new form of wagering. NYRA, whose franchise expires Dec. 31, filed for bankruptcy Nov. 2 of last year and is currently operating on a state loan. To be eligible for Internet wagering, account holders must be at least 18 years old and be able to verify their age and identity. / By PAUL POST / 4/28/2007

NYRA Ordered to Drop Connecticut Internet Customers

NY - State regulators have ordered the New York Racing Association to stop taking any Internet wagers from Connecticut residents, an embarrassing blow to NYRA on the first day of its new Internet wagering program. ...Connecticuts attorney general threatened to take NYRA to court because Internet gambling is illegal in the state. / by Tom Precious / May 2, 2007

NYRA Receives Permission to Offer

NY - The New York Racing Association will become the first racing entity in New York to offer internet wagering. NYRA is battling with three other groups for the rights to the franchise it now holds to operate racing at Aqueduct, Belmont and Saratoga tracks. The program will allow bets to be made on both NYRA races as well as race cards from elsewhere that NYRA offers to its account wagering customers; / by Tom Precious / April 27, 2007

Ulster Town Board to set hearing on casino resolution

NY - The Town Board on Tuesday agreed that a public hearing will be set before voting on a memorializing resolution stating that American Indian casinos are not welcome in the town. "Seventy percent of the town residents said they were not in favor of a casino being developed in the town of Ulster," he [Supervisor Nick Woerner] said. / By William J. Kemble / 5/02/2007

Betting to Lose

NY - Last year, Americans legally wagered more than $1.1 trillion. Post won $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania Lottery in 1988. Then his brother tried to have him killed for the inheritance. Post spent all his winnings and was living off Social Security when he died in January, 2006. Harrell Jr. hit the Texas Lottery for $31 million. Two years later, he committed suicide, There wasnt enough money left for estate taxes. Adams won the New Jersey Lottery twice (!), in 1985 and 1986, for a total of $5.4 million. In 2001, after gambling and giving away every last cent, Adams was living in a trailer. / Justin Rohrlich / May 03, 2007

Casino liquor license still in limbo for Oneidas

NY - The Oneida Indian Nation has not been able to obtain a liquor license from the state, so Turning Stone Resort and Casino remains dry. In addition, Oneida County health inspectors have fined the nation for allowing smoking there. But down the Thruway in Niagara Falls, things are different. The Seneca Indian Nation serves alcohol in its Seneca Niagara casino, and Niagara County inspectors don't crack down on smoking. / By Glenn Coin / April 29, 2007

Man says Nation workers lack rights

NY - Rich Iacone was two months shy of his 60th birthday when he was fired last year after nearly 13 years at Turning Stone Resort and Casino. The federal agency that oversees age discrimination complaints wouldn't take Iacone's case against the Oneida Indian Nation, which owns Turning Stone, because the nation is a sovereign Indian tribe. Iacone couldn't go to court, either, because the nation is immune from lawsuits. Indian casino gambling has grown to a $23 billion business with an estimated 250,000 employees nationwide. In 2003, federal inspectors fined Turning Stone $2,625 because restaurant employees wore the wrong gloves. Nation lawyers argued that a 1794 treaty forbids the Occupational Safety and Health Administration from enforcing laws against the tribe. / By Glenn Coin / April 30, 2007

With Spitzer at the table, Pataki's casino cronies pull an inside straight

NY - just seven weeks after taking office, Spitzer did something even Pataki never worked up the nerve to do, signing a formal letter of support to the U.S. Department of the Interior calling for a controversial new Las Vegasstyle casino to be created in the Catskills. In its pact with the Mohawks, Empire [Resorts] gets the right to handle everything from blackjack tables to hotels, ATMs, and lounge actsin exchange for 30 percent of net revenues plus a host of other development fees. Empire has gotten to this point despite a history of financial scandals involving past officers, allegations of mistreating other Indian tribes, and the crassest of ties to the Albany old boys' club that surrounded ex- governor Pataki. Alpha was reorganized into Empire Resorts after it hit some particularly rough water in 2002, when six of its former directors and officers were indicted on federal charges of bank fraud and tax evasion. The charges stemmed from what the feds said was a $100 million swindle of creditors who had backed the businessmen in their takeover of the Days Inn hotel chain. Alpha was never charged with wrongdoing, but five of its execs were later convicted. Still unresolved is the case against Alpha's founder and patriarch, a white South Africaborn hotel mogul named Stanley Tollman. When the charges came down, Tollman decided to hole up in London, out of reach of American laws. The U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan considers Tollman a fugitive and has been seeking to extradite him ever since. Tax fraud charges are also pending against Stanley Tollman's wife, Beatrice. Empire currently operates harness racing at Monticello and has 1,500 video lottery terminals in place. But when the Voice tried to ask the Racing and Wagering Board and the state Lottery Division whether they'd reviewed Tollman's possible role, officials had conniptions. Among the current major shareholders in Empire Resorts is a developer who was one of Pataki's closest allies and biggest campaign contributors. Since 1994, builder Louis Cappelli, along with family members and business associates, has chipped in more than $400,000 in gifts to Pataki and state Republican committees. Records show Mahoney's Mercury Public Affairs pulled in $213,000 in lobbying fees since 2004 pressing Empire Resorts' goals with the governor's office and the legislature. Berman was also questioned about Empire's dealings with another tribe, the Cayuga Nation in northern New York. At the time, Empire was claiming to be partners with the Cayuga, although a majority of the tribe's leaders had accused the company of financing a fraudulent tribal election that put a pro-casino faction in powerand then jilting the tribe in the bargain. "I have said for 20 years this casino business is a scandal waiting to happen," said Heath [attorney] , a veteran of many upstate gambling battles. D'Amato has his own casino ties. At one point, he represented a rival to Empire Resorts and helped sweet-talk the Mohawks into briefly teaming up with his client (the tribe later defected back to Empire). And Spitzer got an early and large contribution from the wife of builder and Empire partner Louis Cappelli. Campaign records show that Kylie Travis donated $25,000 to Spitzer in 2005 (the couple were also among Pirro's biggest benefactors, pumping $70,000 into her losing campaign). / The New Dealer / by Tom Robbins / May 1st, 2007

State, Oneidas differ on Turning Stone

NY - "The State now has demanded a 33 percent revenue share as the price of a new compact," New York's position: Gambling at Turning Stone [Indian casino} is unlawful because state court rulings rendered void the 1993 gaming compact between Albany and the Nation, and also because of court rulings including one in 2005 by the U.S. Supreme Court that determined the Nation's non-reservation lands are subject to taxation and regulation. / By STEPHANIE VEALE / May 1, 2007

Feds: No plans to close Turning Stone

NY - The federal gaming commission responsible for overseeing and monitoring casinos said it does not plan to shut down Turning Stone Resort and [Indian] Casino at this time. Some local officials are calling for the casino to close, saying the facility is operating under an illegal gaming compact. Others say the state's 1993 gaming compact with the Nation should be considered legal. / By JENNIFER FUSCO / May 2, 2007

EVENT: Politics of gaming in New York will be main topic in annual gaming summit in late June

NY - Gov. Eliot Spitzers approach to casino gambling in the Empire State will be a main topic for the annual New York Gaming Summit at the Seneca Niagara Casino Hotel. The Spitzer Effect: The New Politics of Gaming in New York will focus on how the governor envisions the economic potential of the industry. / Greater Niagara Newspapers / By Don Glynnglynnd / April 29, 2007

New York Gambling Treatment Court Stresses Help

NY - Such is the criminal parade in the countrys first and only gambling treatment court. The setup here allows defendants to avoid jail time if they follow a court-supervised program that includes counseling sessions, credit checks and twice-monthly meetings with Justice Farrell. A majority of the gamblers he sees can hold their own, he said, but its the 5 percent that have problems, and were seeing an expression of it in gambling court. People are more likely to admit they are a heroin addict than a gambling addict, Justice Farrell said. Mrs. Kelly, who is 45 and works in retailing, said that constant calls from loan sharks and credit-card companies, and the loss of more than $160,000, led her to consider suicide with a bottle of tranquilizers and a 12-pack of beer. Mr. Hallett said he drained his bank account, then manipulated accounts at the doctors office where he worked, to keep finding the money to gamble. When he was fired, he took a job at Target and soon was caught stealing gift cards. He sold his stepsisters DVDs, prompting his father to put locks on the bedroom doors. Among them was... Scheitheir, who pleaded guilty in January to stealing $350,000 from the plant nursery where she worked to cover her credit-card debts and losses at casinos in Niagara Falls and Ontario. And Kenneth Mangione, chief financial officer at a boarding school for troubled children, was sentenced in March to six months in jail and ordered to repay $50,000 after he confessed to stealing almost $200,000 from the school to cover gambling losses. / By KEN BELSON / May 1, 2007

COURTS: Suicide try for robber

NY - What was supposed to be an end to the tale of a bizarre bank robbery in North Tonawanda in December, took one last strange twist Thursday morning. William Bradigan was in a psychiatric unit at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center after being stopped, hours earlier, from committing suicide by jumping into the falls at Prospect Point. Investigators later determined that Davey, apparently to aid Bradigans gambling problem, had also embezzled roughly $70,000 from the bank during the course of 2006. / May 03, 2007

Nevada legislation unveiled to study online gaming

NV - The fight to legalize Internet gaming in the United States received a boost this week when two Nevada lawmakers introduced bipartisan legislation calling for an independent study on questions relating to online wagering. Sponsoring this legislation areNevada congresswoman Shelley Berkley, a Democrat,and fellow state congressman Jon Porter, a Republican. In a recent interview with, American Gaming Association President Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. said commissioning a federal study is the right way to go. The AGA commends Reps. Shelley Berkley and Jon Porter for introducing legislation to study Internet gambling, Fahrenkopf said. / By Stephen Nover / May 4, 2007

Former Lake Tahoe Sports Book Manager Gets Probation

NV - [casino manager] says the [casino] crimes stemmed from a gambling problem... / May 4, 2007

Ameristar reports strongest quarter in company history

NV - Ameristar Casinos had a record-setting first quarter. It reported increases across the board, despite weather-related interruptions in February and January at casinos in Missouri, Colorado and Iowa. / BY MATT WARD / May 01, 2007

Atlantic City forum to focus on expansion of gaming

NJ - Pennsylvania has been opening new slot parlors, West Virginia is looking to add table games and New York continues to debate plans for an American Indian casino in the Catskills. In Maryland, the idea of racetrack slots is being discussed to revive the horseracing industry. Casino proponents in Rhode Island and Massachusetts also want in on the game. Three existing casinos have launched expansion projects... And the Atlantic City Hilton Casino Resort is discussing a $1 billion makeover to transform it into a megaresort. / By DONALD WITTKOWSKI / April 30, 2007

Price of new casinos soaring in New Jersey

NJ - When The Borgata opened in 2003, it cost about $1.1 billion to build. But the heads of two companies planning new Borgata-style casinos here said Tuesday their costs will probably be between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. Likewise, Daniel Lee, chairman of Pinnacle Entertainment, which is razing the former Sands Casino Hotel and building a new casino on the same spot, said his project also will cost between $1.5 billion and $2 billion. / The Associated Press / WAYNE PARRY / May. 01, 2007

Analyst: MGM casino probe could ripple in A.C.

NJ - An investigation by New Jersey regulators into MGM Mirage's business dealings in Macau could result in the gambling behemoth's exit from Atlantic City, an analyst said yesterday. Investigation into MGM's Macau partnership for the past year and a half, may raise concerns about the company's partner, Pansy Ho, the daughter of Asian gambling tycoon Stanley Ho. For decades, Stanley Ho has been dogged by allegations that he has ties to the Chinese mob. / Newhouse News Service / BY JUDY DeHAVEN / May 01, 2007

Camco man admits racketeering role

NJ - in federal court ^that he threatened to hospitalize a man for a year if a gambling debt were not paid. was the driver and bodyguard for John Stanfa, the former head of Philadelphia's organized crime family. / Cherry Hill Courier Post / By RENEE WINKLER / April 28, 2007

Lawmaker pushes to avert another casino shutdown

NJ - As the state prepares for a new budget cycle, state Sen. James Sonny McCullough, R-Atlantic, said he is worried another fiscal crisis could hit the casinos unless the Legislature approves two bills to safeguard the $5.2 billion gambling industry. One bill would reclassify state gaming inspectors as essential employees, meaning they would stay on the job even if there is another budget crisis leading to a government shutdown. / By DONALD WITTKOWSKI / April 28, 2007

Indian tribes have concerns about Atlantic City market

NJ - Indian tribes are successfully opening casinos around the country, but don't look for any in Atlantic City anytime soon. Trump Entertainment Resorts has hired a financial firm to explore options for the company's three Atlantic City casinos, including a possible sale. / Associated Press / By WAYNE PARRY / May 01, 2007