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$6,000 goes missing from police department in Grinnell
IA - A former West Des Moines police technician, Charles Edward Graham, pleaded guilty of first-degree theft in the disappearance of $37,000 in forfeited drug money over four years. Graham said he used the money to fuel his gambling habit. / By WILLIAM PETROSKI / May 20, 2008

30 years ago, the dice started rolling in Atlantic City
NJ - "It was absolute pandemonium," recalled Steve Norton, who was Resorts' executive vice president when it opened. "The place filled up immediately; we had lines six abreast, stretching for blocks, just waiting to get in." The huge crowds hid some less savory conduct. Norton said that instead of going to a rest room _ and losing their place at the gambling table _ some men used plastic casino coin cups to relieve themselves. Others didn't even bother to do that, urinating directly onto the carpet, he said. "We had all these adults abandoning their babies and strollers in the lobby, assuming our security would take care of them while they were gambling," / The Associated Press / May 22, 2008

Alleged bank robber described as a loner by neighbors
IL - Pierce, 49, Allegedly robbed Centrue Bank... He allegedly confessed to the robbery and talked about a gambling addiction and money woes during unbroadcast phone calls he made to WKAN news director Rob West. He also said he was going to commit suicide and attempted to carry out the threat by crashing his car into a cement wall... / Kankakee Daily Journal / 05/17/2008

An initiative mess
NV - Last year the Nevada State Education Association announced a proposed initiative for this fall's ballot that would raise the gaming tax by 3 percentage points to pay for education. On Monday, less than 24 hours before the deadline to file initiative petitions, the teachers union reached an agreement with three major gaming companies to drop the petition. The proposal is expected to go to voters this fall as an advisory question... / May 21, 2008

Ashland man indicted on drug, gambling, money laundering charges
PN - An Ashland man could spend the rest of his life in prison and forfeit more than $1 million in cash and assets after prosecutors announced Friday that a federal grand jury had indicted him on drug, gambling and money laundering charges. The charges, to which Stockunas pleaded not guilty on Wednesday, include six counts of using a telephone to facilitate a drug trafficking felony, three of distribution of methamphetamine and one each of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of methamphetamine, attempt to possess with intent to distribute more than 500 grams of methamphetamine, operating an illegal gambling business and money laundering. / BY PETER E. BORTNER / 05/24/2008

At Horse Race, Slots Sold With T-Shirts, Stickers
MD - Maryland's looming ballot fight over bringing slots to racetracks meant that politics played a bigger role than usual yesterday at Pimlico in the annual running of the Preakness Stakes. Campaign workers pressing for slots staked out turnstiles all morning, slapping stickers on thousands of arriving racegoers. Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) and pro-slots fundraisers glad-handed potential donors in corporate tents. "I see 'education,' 'health care,' 'jobs,' nothing about slots," Galperine said, The signs and T-shirts, purchased by Pimlico owner Magna Entertainment and stamped with the logo for the pro-slots Maryland For Our Future, did not make clear that they were promoting slots. Track owners say bringing slots to Maryland tracks is crucial if the racing industry is to compete with slots at tracks in nearby Delaware, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. / By Aaron C. Davis / May 18, 2008

BSO arrests 12 in racketeering crackdown
FL - A gambling and loan sharking ring run out of a Coral Springs restaurant but operating in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties has been dismantled with the arrests of 12 suspects... About $278,000 was seized from the racket's members who had roles as money pickups, booking agents and financial backers... "Sports betting is still a big business for traditional organized crime," said Sheriff Al Lamberti. / / By Andrew Ba Tran / May 23, 2008

Bankruptcy court may release Elk Grove trustee from $140,000 in debts
CA - Bankruptcy records show Amavisca [school trustee] racked up more than $25,000 in debt at casinos and more than $100,000 through credit cards and bank and credit union loans. She blamed her gambling problems on Mirapex, / Sacramento Bee / By Melissa Nix / May 23, 2008

Barkley needs to stop rolling dice before he busts
PA - Charles Barkley doesn't have a gambling problem. Never mind that $400,000 he currently owes a Las Vegas casino, or the $10 million in gambling debts he once admitted to running up over several years. U.S. News & World Report noted two years ago that Americans lose $80 billion a year to gambling in its various forms. And the Pennsylvania Family Institute once estimated in a Morning Call report that for every $1 of tax revenue generated by gambling, taxpayers will pay $3 in increased social costs. ''[Gambling's] destroying a lot of people's lives,'' [Julius, public relations chair for the Delaware Valley Intergroup of Gamblers] added. ''It's no different from alcohol addiction or drug addiction. It's damaging families. The person is out of control. Money is his drug of choice. ''As I understand it, Charles Barkley does not consider himself a compulsive gambler,'' he said. ''Everything he does indicates he is. / Allentown Morning Call / Gordie Jones / May 18, 2008

Barkley says he will stop gambling
MO - Responding to criticism of a gambling debt amid reports that he owed a Las Vegas casino $400,000, Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley said his gambling days are over, at least for now. He paid the Wynn Las Vegas resort, but it came after the casino filed a civil complaint. "I am not going to gamble anymore," Barkley said, although he refused to say it was for life. / Kansas City Star / By Sports Network / May. 19, 2008

Beck: Restrict Casinos? Rounds says no way
SD - Thus the battle looms today over who regulates video lottery - the city or state. A few years ago, the City Council passed an ordinance barring new casinos from opening within 2,000 feet of a school, park or another casino. But the city failed to tie those restrictions to land-use regulations and some casino operators, displaying the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that made America great, sidestepped the rules by acquiring hard liquor - rather than beer - licenses. The state grants full-service licenses while the city regulates beer licenses. Now the city's trying to close the loophole it unwittingly created. / Randell Beck / May 18, 2008

Bending the house rules put Barkley in the chips
- There's TNT's Charles Barkley -- and then there's everybody else. Barkley's unpredictability -- name other TV sports types who'd say "you know it's going to hell when the best rapper out there is white and the best golfer is black" -- has made him a huge star. So when he noted on ESPN in 2006 that he'd lost $10 million (legally) gambling, apparently it wasn't a big deal -- it was just Charles being Charles. It's astonishing TNT and the NBA have let Barkley's gambling go this far. / USA TODAY / By Michael Hiestand / May 22, 2008

Betting scandal cloud lingers
- Something was rotten inside the NBA, and that is the only truth plainly evident more than 10 months after the FBI announced an investigation of former referee Tim Donaghy. As the case's facts are slowly filtered for public consumption, questions persist about a possible basketball game-fixing scheme that demands full disclosure. Donaghy was fired by the NBA last year after he admitted to providing inside information to help gamblers wager on games. If the gambling issue extends beyond Donaghy to other referees and league personnel, as he has implied, more trouble might be on the horizon. Gambling and NBA players also have been known to mix. In 1993, Stern cleared former Chicago Bulls star Michael Jordan after an investigation into Jordan's off-court gambling activities. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By MATT YOUMANS / May. 23, 2008

Broward racketeering case yields final sentencing
FL - The cousin of a reputed mob boss was sentenced to six years' probation Tuesday, closing the books on an odd Broward gambling and racketeering case that included money, alcohol, drugs and stolen fish. / BY TODD WRIGHT / May. 21, 2008

Bus overturns in Calif. desert, 1 dead, 22 hurt
CA - A casino trip turned deadly when a charter bus overturned on a Mojave Desert freeway, killing a woman and injuring 22 others. Faith Creer, 31, of Los Angeles was flung from the bus after it veered from Interstate 40 onto a dirt median, toppled on its side and skidded 100 feet... / The Associated Press / May. 18, 2008

Carnival workers allegedly rig dice game
IL - Police arrested four carnival workers passing through town Sunday for allegedly bilking about $2,500 from several people during a rigged dice game. The money, along with a pistol found in Sutton's truck, were seized as evidence. / May 20, 2008

Casino exemption angers Iowa bar owners facing smoking ban
IA - Tim Flanagan is a non-smoker who predicts Iowa's approaching smoking ban could ultimately improve his business. So what was he up to with that sign he hoisted up outside his Des Moines bar -- announcing that a casino was coming July 1? That's the date when Iowa's smoking ban takes effect nearly everywhere except the state's casinos. "I did it because I felt my constitutional rights were being stepped on," said Flanagan, acknowledging it wouldn't be legal to open a casino in his business, Flanagan's Restaurant & Lounge. "If they're going to ban it for me they should ban it for everyone." / Associated Press / By MICHAEL J. CRUMB / May 17, 2008

Casino opponent DiMasi supports casino ballot question
MA - The Boston Democrat has long opposed gambling casinos in Massachusetts, arguing they would undercut traditional tourism venues, cost as much money as they generate and add to social ills, such as compulsive gambling and petty crime. Guarino [DiMasi spokesman] said. "The speaker opposes casinos; everyone in the state should know that by now. And he would vote against any ballot question that sought to allow casinos in the commonwealth. But given that this issue is apparently coming back next session, he doesn't see the harm in putting it before the voters in a nonbinding referendum." / AP / By GLEN JOHNSON / May 23, 2008

Casinos hurting bingo
PA - Local fire department bingo games have experienced a downturn in attendance with the growing popularity of casino gaming. Sokol, a longtime firefighter and Rostraver Township commissioner, referred to a recent Carnegie Mellon University study that showed the negative impact of slots parlors on area bingo. Bingo chairman Tom Wilkinson said the Stockdale Volunteer Fire Department shut down its bingo game this week, mainly because of poor attendance. Wilkinson said the game closed last spring after 50 years of operation. / By Jeff Pikulsky / May 24, 2008

Churchill sues more horsemen in wagering dispute
KY - The horsemen's groups have blocked races from Churchill from being made available to major account wagering companies, like Churchill's, in an effort to get a larger share of online and telephone betting revenues. Churchill says the demands by the horsemen's groups would make TwinSpires unprofitable. / The Courier-Journal / By Gregory A. Hall / May 14, 2008

Climb Into the Cockpit of Tomorrow's Slot Machine
NV - Nevada's casinos rake in almost $13 billion a year, and two-thirds of that comes from slots. Everyone wants to know how to turn the younger crowd over at the gaming tables into the next generation of slot addicts. Cyberview's answer: videogames. / By Adam Winer / 05.19.08

Commentary: NBA must address gambling issue
KS - In a way, Charles Barkley has to be happy that all he suffered for refusing to pay $400,000 in gambling debts was a little public embarrassment. There was once a time in Las Vegas where stiffing a casino might have meant a one-way ride into the desert. Barkley has admitted to making hundreds of thousands of dollars in Super Bowl bets -- supposedly losing $100,000 this year on the game -- so it wouldn't be outlandish to think he bets on other sports, too. / Lawrence Journal World / By Tim Dahlberg / May 24, 2008

Confessed bank robber attempts suicide
IL - Bourbonnais Police Chief... Said the man was pulled from the wreckage of his car Friday after the suicide attempt. Blaming his action on gambling debts... / Associated Press / May 19, 2008

Connecticut casinos expand as economy slows
CT - Two of the world's largest casinos are getting a lot bigger this week, betting that they can draw more visitors by becoming entertainment destinations even as the gaming industry suffers nationally because of high gas prices and the weak economy. Foxwoods Resort Casino, run by the Mashantucket Pequots Indian tribe, will open its $700 million MGM Grand this weekend. Mohegan Sun, run by the Mohegan tribe, held a groundbreaking ceremony Wednesday for a 39-story hotel and House of Blues music hall, part of a $925 million expansion. "I think they're expanding their reach," said Keith Foley, senior vice president with Moody's Investors Service. Foxwoods reported Thursday a net slot win of $58 million, a $7.3 million decrease from April 2007. / Associated Press / By John Christoffersen / May 17, 2008

Contract Controversy Reveals Lottery's Tangled Roots
DC - The District's contract with Lottery Technology Enterprises, the firm that has run the city's online gaming for about 25 years, was going to expire by 2009. Would Williams be interested in bidding against LTE for the lucrative contract? The daughter-in-law, decided to take on LTE. And therein are the roots of what has been a nasty and aggressive battle over a city contract, a contest complete with accusations of bias and incompetence. The coup has stirred up controversy, pitting Alaka Williams's company and her friends against LTE and its friends. There are fathers and their children, husbands and wives, fraternity brothers and former co-workers, and plain old good buddies mixed up in what has become an operatic scene of charges and countercharges. LTE has filed a complaint with the Contract Appeals Board, which is to review the grievance tomorrow. The lottery, it turns out, is a messy, incestuous business. / Washington Post / By Nikita Stewart / May 18, 2008

Convicted embezzler working for credit company
OH - [Richard Cole was] ordered to make full restitution to Unizan, now Huntington Bank, from which he was accused of stealing nearly $150,000. Cole was also convicted... Of theft beyond the scope with elderly victim while he was acting as executor of his grandmother's estate. Cole was placed on five years probation, ordered to repay his grandmother's estate $127,000, complete 100 hours of community service and to resume gambling addiction counseling through Muskingum Behavioral Health. / By KATHY THOMPSON / May 20, 2008

Corzine says he'll sign casino anti-shutdown bill
NJ - Gov. Jon Corzine said Tuesday he will sign a bill that would keep Atlantic City's 11 casinos open in the event of a state government shutdown by letting them regulate themselves during the budget crisis. The 2006 state government shutdown, when the governor and state legislators could not agree on a budget, caused the casinos to shut down for three days because state casino inspectors were not able to be paid, and thus not able to work. / The Associated Press / May 20, 2008

Dallas police officer arrested, accused of taking bribes
TX - Authorities say a woman running a small store catering to the Vietnamese community paid a Dallas patrol officer $400 a week in protection money, but when he increased his demands to $550, she contacted police and they arrested one of their own. "I don't know of any worse type of behavior that our officers can engage in, particularly our officers that are helping to serve an immigrant community who in many cases have a basic distrust of law enforcement," Police Chief David Kunkle said. The woman told authorities that she paid the bribes for three weeks because Cpl. Tran told her that he could have her arrested for allowing illegal gambling at her small grocery store. / The Dallas Morning News / By TANYA EISERER and STEVE THOMPSON / May 23, 2008

Dealers, Union Protest at MGM Foxwoods Opening
CT - Roughly 300 Foxwoods [casino] dealers and their labor and political supporters held a protest rally in front of MGM Foxwoods on Sunday, the first day that this 800-room hotel and casino opened its doors to the general public. The primary issue was the lack of a labor contract between Foxwoods and the dealers, complicated by Foxwoods' recent refusal, citing tribal sovereignty, to recognize the results of am employee election approving unionization. An initial appeal of the election results was denied by the by the National Labor Relations Board, kicking off what is expected to be an extended legal battle between the tribe, its unionized dealers, and the federal government. / Ashley Adams / May 20, 2008

Detroit shows off new model
MI - For two generations, has struggled with decline, crime and population loss. The Detroit metropolitan area last year had the highest home foreclosure rate in the nation, and consistently has had among the highest jobless and poverty rates. Much of the makeover can be traced to gambling, which was ushered in with the new millennium in Detroit after Michigan voters in 1996 gave the go-ahead for three casinos in the city. / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / By Monica Haynes / May 24, 2008

Dog's torture and death told in court
OH - Dollar Bill was a bloody mess... The pit bull lost a... Dogfight in Walnut Hills and was rewarded by having his owner, Matthews, throw the battered dog over a fence in a park. He was euthanized. [Kendrick] is charged in Hamilton County with six counts each of dogfighting and trafficking in marijuana and two counts of possession of marijuana. Kendrick already has pleaded guilty in federal court to dogfighting, conducting an illegal gambling business and being a felon with a gun. Matthews, the owner of Dollar Bill, was convicted in February of three counts of dogfighting... / Cincinnati Enquirer / BY KIMBALL PERRY / May 20, 2008

Editorial: Bad state budget bet
CA - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has rolled the dice one more time, betting again on the state's already dangerous addiction to gambling. The lottery is really a regressive tax... There is a societal cost when someone who can't afford it throws money away on a lottery ticket with the chances of a return close to zero. Encouraging the poor to waste money gambling increases poverty, homelessness, crime and suffering. Balancing the budget on the backs of gamblers is a sign of desperation. It's bad economics and bad public policy. / May 18, 2008

Ex-TriMet labor leader pleads guilty to forgery
OR - A former TriMet labor leader pleaded guilty Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Portland to one count of forgery in connection with the thefts of more than $450,000 in union benefit funds. Union leaders accused him of embezzling to feed a gambling addiction. Funds were taken from bank accounts that held special employee funds intended for elder and child care. / WADE NKRUMAH / May 21, 2008

Expert: Companies might balk at Illinois license price
IL - Bill Eadington, director of the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada-Reno, said casino companies might not be as aggressive in paying for Illinois' 10th license as they were in 2004 when the license was last awarded for about $520 million. / 19 May 2008

Experts: Young people are wagering their futures
MN - Today's young people ages 16 to 24, often referred to as Gen Nex, are risk takers. Compulsive gambling is often referred to as our "hidden addiction" since it so easily escapes the public's attention... Gen Nex'ers in Minnesota have come of age in a world with far more gambling opportunities than their parents ever knew. One study found that 14 percent of college students are considered as having or being at risk for problem gambling behaviors... 6 percent have borrowed money to gamble and 4 percent have used their financial aid to do it. / West Central Tribune / By Tom Cherveny / May 17, 2008

- After years of litigation and manoeuvering, an end may be sight this week for the World Trade Organisation dispute over online gambling between the governments of Antigua and Barbuda and the United States. / / May 23, 2008

FROM THE STATE HOUSE: Casino debate not going away
MA - The debate over casino gambling is back, leading naysayer Speaker Salvatore DiMasi declared Thursday, two months after pronouncing it dead and as a commission the House approved to study the issue remains unformed. "I don't think casino gambling is going away," said DiMasi, who said Wednesday he had felt endangered by recent death threats. "I think there are a lot of people that are still interested in it, obviously, from the activity that's still continuing, and the coverage that it gets." House Minority Leader Bradley Jones said he was unsurprised the study commission had never made headway. "It's a faux-commission, it's a fake commission, and that was all part of the grand theater that day," he said, adding, "Any member of the Legislature who doesn't understand what was happening that day ... go for an exam, wake up." "Nothing's going to happen," he said. "There's not going to be any commission to study anything." / May 17, 2008

Former Stillwater Accountant Ordered Tried On Embezzlement Charges
OK - A former Stillwater accountant was ordered Monday to stand trial on a felony charge accusing him of embezzling $180,000 from two local firms within a four-month period. Whetstine said he got into financial trouble after losing $80,000 to $100,000 at a casino... / KUSH Radio / Patti Weaver / 05/20/2008

French Lick casino to have larger smoke-free area
IN - A larger portion of the gambling floor at the French Lick Resort Casino is being turned into a smoke-free zone. Ernest Yelton, executive director of the Indiana Gaming Commission, said the French Lick smoke-free plan follows an attempt by a Gary casino to make one floor entirely smoke-free. / Associated Press / May 19, 2008

Gambling NY priest charged in parish theft
NY - A parish priest with a gambling problem was arrested Friday and charged with stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from church accounts, including a fund for victims of Hurricane Katrina. / May 23, 2008

Gambling Operation In Coral Springs, Florida Busted By Police
FL - Norman Weissman was the leader of the illegal [sports] gambling ring. He faces charges of money laundering, bookmaking, and racketeering. "Sports betting is still a big business for traditional organized crime. / / By Tom Jones / May 24, 2008

Gambling by Professional Athletes , Coaches , And Referees is not that uncommon
NJ - Just read the headlines this week alone----- Charles Barkley Troubled by Gambling Addiction Problem. Dolphins' Will Allen Investigated for Pulling Gun in Dispute Over Gambling Debts. Tim Donaghy x NBA referee is now in recovery for his gambling addiction... When you look at the recent headlines about professional athletes,coaches and referees. and gambling, The odds are very good it might be the tip of the ice burg. An NCAA study a few years ago said, "There is a disturbing trend of gambling among athletes in college." You can't think that these people will get into the pros and then just stop gambling. [Arnie Wezler] / / May 18 2008

Gambling case pays off for police
MD - A complex investigation into illegal gambling machines began with some thefts at a local high school. From there, deputies discovered that the suspect was using stolen cash to play the machines at a truck stop in Centreville. That investigation merged into a bigger case... Against Truck Stop Games LLC. [They] pleaded guilty to money laundering and was forced to hand over $2.5 million in assets to federal authorities, while a company that operated the truck stops, called TravelCenters of America, had to forfeit $4.2 million in a related civil action. / By Gus G. Sentementes / May 20, 2008

Gambling debt chases Pacman Jones
NV - The district attorney's office is seeking a felony arrest warrant for suspended NFL player Adam "Pacman" Jones for failing to repay $20,000 in gambling debts to Caesars Palace. The bad check unit generally gives someone accused of failing to pay a gambling debt 90 days to come up with the money before filing criminal charges. Unpaid casino markers are treated as bad checks in Nevada. This is the second high-profile gambling debt to surface at the bad check unit in the past week. The unit moved to drop a criminal case against Charles Barkley... / By Jeff German / May 23, 2008

Governor garners little support for plan to use lottery to fix budget
CA - The vast majority of Californians are skeptical of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposal to borrow against future state lottery sales to help close the $17.2 billion budget deficit, according to a new survey by the Public Policy Institute of California. The governor has said his fiscal advisers are confident that lottery sales can be increased substantially by adding electronic sales, adding more games and offering bigger payouts to winners. / Chronicle Sacramento Bureau / Matthew Yi / May 22, 2008

Governor sends letter opposing casino proposal in Iowa
NE - He [Gov. Heineman] also said a casino will exacerbate the social ills associated with problem gambling. / Associated Press / May 21, 2008

Group Files Lawsuit Against US Government in WTO Internet Gambling Case
- After a 2007 WTO ruling authorized trade sanctions because the United States had failed to conform U.S. gambling law to WTO rules, the Bush administration announced it would remove the gambling sector from WTO coverage. But to do so, WTO rules require that the U.S. must negotiate compensation for other WTO countries. / / May 19, 2008

Guilty Verdict in Dog Fighting Trial
OH - Convicted... Of dog fighting, Illegal gambling... [64 dogs] had to be put down... / WKRC TV Cincinnati / 5-23-08

INSIDE GAMING: Blackjack win dip? Don't look at us
NV - Maybe those crazy kids from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology held a class reunion. Gaming analysts had trouble explaining why blackjack revenues on the Strip fell almost 18 percent during March. Gamblers wagered $746.6 million on the game, 1.3 percent more than a year ago. However, the win by casinos was $76 million, a 17.8 percent decline from March 2007. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / HOWARD STUTZ / May. 18, 2008

Illinois Gaming Board fines casino $800,000
IL - An Aurora casino has been fined $800,000 by the Illinois Gaming Board for marketing its facility to people with self-identified chronic gambling problems, officials said. / May 19, 2008

Illinois horse racing backers still hoping for slots
IL - Illinois horse breeders and racers on Monday renewed their push for legislation to allow slot machines at Fairmount Park in Collinsville and other tracks, saying the state's horse racing industry continues to stumble against casino competition. Anti-gambling activist Anita Bedell argued Monday that the potential societal problems of the measure would offset any benefit for the state's coffers. / POST-DISPATCH SPRINGFIELD BUREAU / By Kevin McDermott / 05/20/2008

In the end, Medford case proves a study in years of absolute corruption
NC - These FOBs (friends of Bobby) truly believe that two dozen former deputies or gambling operators were all lying when they said they gave Medford thousands of dollars a year so video poker operators could run their parlors unmolested. Did Medford's lawyers really expect jurors to believe the guy had no idea any of this was going on, while the good sheriff simultaneously was pumping thousands of dollars a year into the machines at Harrah's Cherokee Casino? Is Medford so clueless that he thinks wads of cash just appeared in his office magically? / by John Boyle / May 19, 2008

Indiana Downs moving ahead with casino plans
IN - Indiana Downs is racing to open a new temporary casino by sometime next month. / Associated Press / May 19, 2008

It's a bad gamble to allow more
DE - When you read about the even greater problem that almost every other state faces, it's almost a relief to find that Delaware's potential shortfall is "only" about 7 percent of a $3.4 billion budget. The gambling gluttons are again floating the idea of adding to the basket of constitutionally illegal games already being played at racinos. Blackjack, poker and other non-human versions of gambling are already on slot machines -- pardon me -- "video lottery terminals." It's doubtful any expansion of gambling would yield consequential revenue increases, as is shown in the lowering expectations of Atlantic City and Las Vegas. As addiction increases, more temptation is placed in front of people, often those least able to afford to lose money in tough economic times. Now is the time for the gubernatorial potentials... To speak out forcefully on the issue of gambling in Delaware. / May 19, 2008

Jeff Haney finds strong evidence the disgraced former NBA ref ensnared in a betting scandal was exerting major influence over games he officiated
- The attorney for Donaghy said this week that his client, who has admitted to betting on games he officiated, gave investigators information on mysterious circumstances that "prevented games from being played on a level playing field." / By Jeff Haney / May 23, 2008

Jersey Shore Casinos Desperate for Business
NJ - Despite the reassuring numbers for investors, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission said today sales were down almost 18% in the first quarter for Atlantic City casinos. / By Angela Bedford / May 19, 2008

Kansas wants reward but no risk with state-owned casinos
KS - The Kansas Supreme Court last week heard legal arguments on whether the state's unique concept of "state-owned" casinos is constitutional. The state attorney general, in his constitutional challenge to the law, called a "sham" of state ownership. "Before the state can claim ownership of the lottery enterprise, it must own something," said the state's top lawyer. By law, however, Kansas has shed all risk while commandeering rich tax rewards. The state's so-called casino managers must pay all of the bills and all of the taxes and expose themselves to all of the legal liability. If a casino fails, it will be red ink on the books of the manager, not the state. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / May. 19, 2008

Kansas: Gambling supporters gamble on court ruling
KS - Right now, the Kansas Lottery is betting that a law enacted last year allowing it to own and operate four resort casinos and have slot machines at race tracks is constitutional. Does it mean the Lottery must own everything from the carpets to the dice cups? Or does it mean the Lottery owns the games and has controls over the operations? The ownership issue arises because of how the Kansas Constitution is written and how the court once interpreted it. Oddsmakers bet the justices will uphold the law. They point to a lower court ruling in February that upheld the law. That ruling said nothing in the law prohibits the Lottery from taking the steps needed to exercise ownership and control of the casinos. While the court deliberates, the state is moving toward to the eventual awarding of management contracts for casinos in Wyandotte, Cherokee, Sumner and Ford counties. / The Associated Press / May 18, 2008

Kansas: Lottery Commission delays vote on casino applications
KS - After two days of listening to 11 developers pitch their competing casino projects, the Kansas Lottery Commission postponed voting until next week on the which contracts to endorse because signed agreements haven't been reached. At the urging of the Lottery staff, the commission said Tuesday it would meet May 27 -- the deadline for signing contracts with those wanting to manage the state-owned and state-operated casinos in Wyandotte, Ford and Sumner counties. The commission must decide whether applicants meet the requirements of state law. The gambling law still is under review by the Kansas Supreme Court, chiefly over the question of whether the casinos truly would be owned by the state. / The Associated Press / May 20, 2008

Keno is worth considering
NJ - The proposal under consideration would allow keno -- an electronic version of bingo offered in many casinos -- to be played in restaurants and bars throughout New Jersey, with the state taking a cut. / by Star-Ledger editorial board / May 21, 2008

Key player opens door to reconsideration of proposals for casino gambling in Mass.
MA - Gambling critics urged the Senate to reject both the casino plan and the temptation to study it more. "This is a Pandora's Box," said state Sen. Robert O'Leary, of Barnstable. "It will change the character of Massachusetts in a way that we will come to regret." DiMasi, however, repeatedly warned of bringing a "casino culture" to Massachusetts. He has argued that expanded gambling would drain revenues from other businesses and increase personal bankruptcies, petty crimes and other social ills. / Associated Press / By Steve LeBlanc / May 23, 2008

LAS VEGAS TOURISM: Holiday blues foreseen
NV - Las Vegas visitation is flat compared to last year, with about 9.7 million visitors. But room rates were down 2.7 percent to an average of $132 per night, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By BENJAMIN SPILLMAN / May. 23, 2008

Lawyer: Ex-ref Donaghy cooperated in NBA probe
MO - Disgraced basketball referee Tim Donaghy told investigators in the NBA betting probe that relationships among officials, coaches and players "affected the outcome of games," his attorney said. The league said the charges were unfounded. [Donaghy] has been undergoing treatment for his gambling addiction. The attorney also suggested that Donaghy told investigators about the gambling activities of other NBA officials and about a referee that passed "confidential" information to an unidentified coach. / The Associated Press / May. 20, 2008

Legislative analyst says Schwarzenegger's budget plan is overly optimistic
CA - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's plan to help close the state's budget shortfall by borrowing $15 billion against the future profits of a modernized, expanded lottery is overly optimistic and could exacerbate California's financial problems, according to the Legislature's chief budget analyst. The result, Hill [Legislative Analyst] said in a report released Monday, is a "strong likelihood" that the share of money that schools receive from the lottery "would fall well short of their current levels -- perhaps by $5 billion over the next 12 years combined." The proposal, if approved by lawmakers, would come before voters in November. It calls for updating the lottery with new games, aggressive marketing campaigns and ticket sales in electronic machines at big-box stores such as Target. / Los Angeles Times / By Evan Halper / May 20, 2008

Local law enforcement agencies to share seized gambling assets
MD - Federal authorities announced today that they will share $4.1 million with three law enforcement agencies in Maryland who helped shut down an illegal gambling operation at several Maryland truck stops three years ago. / By Gus G. Sentementes / May 19, 2008

Lockland still awaiting results of Mayor's Court audit
OH - A routine audit, conducted during the summer of 2007 and not related to the state's work, discovered the theft of $60,000. That discovery led to a theft-in-office conviction for Lockland account clerk Debra Reynolds. The 43-year-old Lockland woman used the $60,000 to feed her gambling addiction. / BY CLIFF RADEL / May 20, 2008

Lottery Commission considers casino applications
KS - As the Kansas Lottery Commission began two days of hearings Monday on proposals from those wanting to operate three state-owned and state-operated casinos, not everybody who showed up was in favor of the idea for Sumner County. Opponents had signs reading "Mulvane Says No Casino." They sat quietly as the presentations were made. Les Sims, chairman of the opposition group, told reporters a casino will lead to increased crime, bankruptcy and other social ills. He also said the majority of Mulvane is in Sedgwick County where voters last year rejected a casino. The commission action comes as the gambling law is under review by the Kansas Supreme Court, chiefly over the question of whether what the Legislature calls "state-owned and state-operated casinos" really are that. / The Associated Press / May 19, 2008

Louisiana Casino ATM Ban Fails
LA - Anti-gambling legislators in the southern American state of Louisiana failed... To pass a measure out of Committee that would have banned automated teller machines (ATMs) from casinos. McPherson [Sen.] argued that casinos squeeze every penny from players and that his bill would help curb gambling addictions. / 23-05-08

Major Sports Gambling Ring Busted In Philadelphia
PA - A sports gambling ring was busted, and the belief is that it was a high tech operation. Nine men were arrested on Wednesday and two to three more were expected to be arrested. The operation was worth over $2.5 million, according to police. / / By Terry Goodwin / May 18, 2008

Mississippi casino revenue down in April
MS - Mississippi casinos took in $210 million in April, down $50 million from March and $31 million from a year ago, according to figures from the State Tax Commission. / The Associated Press / May 20, 2008

Naive to think fixes haven't been common
- If you watched much of the NBA in recent years, you might have gotten duped at some point. Former referee Tim Donaghy bet on 14 games that he worked in 2006-07, according to court filings. The sports world is in denial about gambling. We think point-shaving is extremely rare and isolated, mostly because that's what we want to believe. We think of Donaghy as a rogue criminal, because it's easier to think of him that way. But enough point-shaving scandals have emerged in the last 20 years to make fans and executives re-evaluate the threat. A) gambling is an addiction that leads people to commit acts out of desperation, for money; B) basically every game you watch is fixable, since every game is gambled upon; How easy is it for a star player to miss a bunch of shots? Or for a running back to fumble? / by Michael Rosenberg / May 19, 2008

Never Too Old To Gamble Nor Be Busted
- FL - A dozen people - some senior citizens - were arrested on charges of racketeering and gambling... Investigators believe they have ties to traditional organized crime families located in New York. Involved "gambling, racketeering and loansharking" / May 23, 2008

New Haven detective blames crime on gambling addiction
CT - A New Haven detective who has admitted planting drug evidence and stealing money from a crime scene says his actions were motivated by a gambling addiction... / Associated Press / May 21, 2008

New Jersey Considers Sports Betting
NJ - With Delaware very close to offering sports betting in its state, neighboring New Jersey would like a piece of the pie as well. The Senate Wagering, Tourism and Historic Preservation Committee heard testimony at 10 a.m. on a bill that would permit sports betting in casinos. A second bill would allow sports betting in casinos or racetracks. / Publisher / Christopher Costigan / May 19, 2008

Off To The Slots At Fairmont Park
IL - Illinois lawmakers joined representatives from the state's horse racing industry at the state capital Monday to push for swift passage of a bill to allow slot machines at horse racing tracks state wide. Fairmount was running a $3.5 million deficit in purses... "Gambling is even more addictive than alcohol," said Elizabeth Finley a local leader of the Women's Christian Temperance Union. "Whatever revenue is raised by gambling, it costs much more to handle all the problems that are created," said Finley. "There's just more poverty, more divorces, everything... / / By: Andy Banker / 19 May 2008

Online Gambling Bill HR 5767 Gains More Co-Sponsors
DC - While it is unlikely that any action will be taken this year to enforce the UIGEA through regulation, congressional representatives continue to endorse HR 5767, a bill that orders the Federal Reserve and the Dept. of the Treasury to cease trying to implement any rules that would govern the online gambling ban law. Rep. Shelley Berkley [NV-1] has introduced bill H.R. 2140, which is to provide a study by the National Academy of Sciences to identify the proper response of the US to the growth of Internet gambling, / / By Bob Hartman / May 24, 2008

Over $31,000 Seized in 8-Liner Raids
TX - The Cameron County District Attorney's Office shut down two illegal gambling operations in Santa Rosa and La Feria. / May 19, 2008

Pacman Jones pays $20,000 gambling debt to casino
- Suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones paid $20,000 to a Las Vegas casino Friday to settle a criminal bad check case. Roger [Clark County District Attorney] threatened to file criminal charges against Barkley before he settled his debt by paying $400,000 to reimburse the Wynn Las Vegas resort for four casino markers he received in October, Zadrowski said. Barkley also paid $40,000 in fees. / Associated Press / By KEN RITTER / May. 24, 2008

Pair arrested in gambling ring fold on trial
CA - Two people arrested at an illegal poker game in San Mateo last fall -- one man for allegedly hosting the illicit card tournaments and a woman for reportedly bringing her teenage son [13] to play -- pleaded no contest to their respective misdemeanor charges rather than gamble on trial. / By Michelle Durand / 5-24-08

Patient with Pups, but Tough on Troubled Treasurers
NY - The former treasurer of the American Spaniel Club, after pleading guilty to stealing $120,000 by writing checks to herself to support a gambling habit, received 15 years probation as her sentence. She was also ordered to pay $500 monthly until June 2009, and $1,000 thereafter, according to the Tampa Tribune. "I am a compulsive gambler," she said in an E-mail response to seeking her comment. "The misappropriation of funds was a direct result of my gambling addiction." / Magazine / Roy Harris and Stephen Taub / May 19, 2008

Police: Accused Ala. bank robber nabbed in Vegas
NV - A man accused of robbing a Mobile County bank at gunpoint has been captured in Las Vegas where police said he was gambling with the stolen loot. / The Associated Press / May 24, 2008

Poshard, Hastert push $31 billion plan
IL - Former Congressmen Glenn Poshard and Dennis Hastert on Tuesday called for a sweeping $31 billion Illinois infrastructure program, to be funded partly by allowing slot machines in horse racing venues and by privatizing the state lottery. They include allowing slot machines at Fairmount Park in Collinsville and other horse tracks, and leasing the state lottery to investors. The plan also calls for opening two casinos in and near Chicago. / POST-DISPATCH SPRINGFIELD BUREAU / By Kevin McDermott / 05/21/2008

Raids close three gambling centers in Fort Worth
TX - State authorities simultaneously raided three Fort Worth eight-liner game rooms Wednesday, part of a statewide crackdown on Ace Gaming Amusement Centers. The game rooms are alleged to be "casinolike operations that derive their income from illegal gambling," said Tom Vinger, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety. Authorities seized more than $600,000 in "alleged criminal proceeds." / Star-Telegram / By ALEX BRANCH / May. 22, 2008

Recession brings more gambling
FL - Experts say gambling addicts are heading to casinos to get away from the anxiety of recession. According to the Responsible Gambling Council, young adults between 18 and 24 years old have the highest rate of problem gambling. / Tampa Bay's 10 News / Janie Porter / 5-21-08

Records say Cunningham tapped ATMs at casino
IA - Ramona Cunningham made $89,153 in workday withdrawals from casino cash machines over a three-year period during which roughly $1.5 million in taxpayer money was misspent at the job-training agency she headed, federal court records allege. Federal authorities last month cited on-the-clock gambling - and lies on government time sheets - as evidence of Cunningham's role in a plot by former officials at the Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium to funnel government job-training money into the pockets of agency executives. Cunningham, the lone CIETC defendant left to face trial, faces 30 allegations of fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. / By JEFF ECKHOFF / May 23, 2008

SSIGI supports legalized sports betting efforts
DC - Legislation introduced in Congress last year by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (H.R. 2046), would establish a regulatory framework for accepting bets and wagers online for sporting events, poker, casino games and other activities. / 22 May 2008

Sales tax rise favored over lottery plan
CA - California residents overwhelmingly oppose Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's idea to tap the state lottery to close a $15 billion state budget deficit and believe the state is heading in the wrong direction, according to a new poll. Schwarzenegger last week proposed a plan that would, in essence, borrow $15 billion from Wall Street investors and pay back the money over 30 years with profits from an expanded lottery. / Mercury News Sacramento Bureau / By Mike Zapler / 05/22/2008

Senate approves casino measure opposed in S.D.
CA - A bipartisan measure that authorizes a large group of California Indian tribes to operate up to 2,000 slot machines each sailed out of the state Senate yesterday despite late opposition from San Diego County. "The tribes were promised 2,000 machines in their compacts." Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has not taken a position but is expected to veto the legislation. / U-T SACRAMENTO BUREAU / By James P. Sweeney / May 23, 2008

Stolen credit cards bankroll lottery spree
FL - Police accused a 25-year-old of stealing credit cards and using them to buy thousands of dollars in scratch-off Lottery tickets. / Anthony Cormier / May 16, 2008

Suspect in NJ triple murder case pleads not guilty
NJ - Choi... Is charged with killing 27-year-old friend Han-Il Kim, then waiting hours in Kim's room before killing his mother and uncle. Fight over money... He then flew to Los Angeles under an assumed name, and was arrested at a casino... / Associated Press / By SAMANTHA HENRY / May. 21, 2008

Teachers give up gaming tax bid in deal
NV - Less than 24 hours before the deadline to submit its petitions, the Nevada State Education Association announced Monday it is dropping its effort to raise the gaming tax by 3 percentage points. In exchange, Wynn Resorts, Harrah's Entertainment and Station Casinos have agreed to back an advisory question on the November ballot and legislative action in 2009 that would increase the room tax rate by 3 percentage points. Gaming companies pushed hard to prevent teachers from gathering the tens of thousands of signatures needed by today's deadline. But even if [Gov.] Gibbons promises to sign the bill, two-thirds of both houses would have to pass the tax increase. If only seven state senators can be persuaded by MGM Mirage, Boyd, Las Vegas Sands and the more militant anti-tax wing of the party to vote no, there is a problem. As a political safety net in the event the matter does not win legislative approval next year, the teachers union and the three casino companies onboard agreed to collect signatures for a separate statutory amendment to be placed before voters later in 2009. / By David McGrath Schwartz / May 20, 2008

Texas Association for the Advancement of Charitable Bingo formed
TX - The Texas Association for the Advancement of Charitable Bingo is a non-profit business association among licensed commercial lessors, which seeks the advancement of charitable bingo in Texas. The Association will become an active voice for the advancement of charitable bingo before the Texas Lottery Commission and the Legislature and will actively pursue rulemaking and legislative initiatives which benefit charitable bingo. / 19 May 2008

Treatment groups see windfall from slots
MD - At issue is control of an estimated $6 million the state would set aside to run a problem-gambling hot line and to pay for treatment programs under a proposal that has passed the state Senate and is awaiting action this week in the House of Delegates. "We do not legalize cocaine in order to have drug treatment programs, but that's exactly what we're saying here - that we have to legalize gambling to treat gambling addicts," said Valerie Lorenz, director of the Compulsive Gambling Center Inc. of Baltimore. Lorenz, who, unlike many of her colleagues, has publicly warned Maryland policy-makers of the risks of opening the state to thousands of new slot machines, said treatment dollars shouldn't depend on expanding gambling... But that's what is happening. The message, [tom Grey, head of the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling] said, is that it is fine to bring more gambling into a state as long as money is provided for problem-gambling hot lines and treatment services. The National Council on Problem Gambling and some of its state chapters receive financial support from gambling interests to help with these efforts. Its corporate members and contributors last year included Harrah's Entertainment, slot machine manufacturer International Game Technology and the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn. / By Greg Garland / March 29, 2004

Tribal chairman sees lack of respect
NE - Nebraska's top elected leaders... Object to the tribe's proposal for a casino... [Gov.] Heineman said in his letter to Kempthorne that a Carter Lake casino would burden Nebraska with "increased crime, homelessness and despair.'' Heineman also wrote that Nebraska, besides dealing with the added social ills, would shoulder the burden for increased road maintenance because access to Carter Lake is possible only through Nebraska. / Midlands News Service / By: Leslie Reed / 05/23/2008

Triple Homicide Suspect Arrested at Commerce Casino in California.
CA - Choi A man suspected of a brutal stabbing and charged with the murder of three people inside a New Jersey home was arrested during a 200/400 limit poker game at the Commerce casino in California. Police connected the man to the crime scene via a diary kept by one of his alleged victims. Choi quarreled over money according to reports. / Associated Press / May 20, 2008

Tunica casinos hit by economic woes
MS - In the first three months of this year, revenues from gambling fell 5 percent -- down $22 million from where they were in 2007... / 19 May 2008

- Almost halfway through the year, the cheating accusations involving online poker site (see previous reports) have still to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, The incident has worrying similarities with a major cheating scandal at sister online poker room Absolute Poker last year, which culminated in the venue receiving a half million dollar fine from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission... UltimateBet had known about the cheating for at least nine months. UltimateBet knew about but did not make any attempt to acknowledge the cheating before it was exposed by the 2+2 poker portal. Insiders working for UltimateBet had facilitated the cheating. UltimateBet actively took steps to cover up these crimes and thwart any investigation. "The players on UltimateBet were victims of a serious crime: grand larceny facilitated by a company that operates virtually outside the law. / / May 23, 2008

US Racinos Thrive As Sports Betting And Poker Fade
- Racetrack casinos... / GamblingCompliance Ltd. / Scott Van Voorhis / 19/05/2008

Vegas casino says Barkley has paid $400,000 debt
NV - Former NBA star Charles Barkley [basketball analyst for Turner Network] has retired his debt to a Las Vegas Strip casino that sued him after he failed to pay $400,000 in gambling loans. But the civil lawsuit remains open, and it's going to cost Sir Charles $40,000 more to get out of the legal doghouse. The 45-year-old Barkley also said he would stop gambling, at least for a while. "For right now, the next year or two, I'm not going to gamble," he said. "Just because I can afford to lose money doesn't mean I should do it." / Associated Press / By KEN RITTER / May. 20, 2008

Video poker probe that caught sheriff could continue
NC - Disgraced Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford and a top deputy await sentencing on corruption charges... The investigation of an illegal video poker ring that has led to more than a dozen convictions in western North Carolina will continue... Prosecutors have said Henderson [owner] made as much as $14 million from the illegal video poker machines. A witness said he used a middleman to bribe "the sheriff of Haywood County." / AP / 05.18.2008