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15 express interest in Missouri casino license
MO - A new casino would not have to be located near St. Louis, but state law only allows casinos on the Missouri or Mississippi rivers. / Associated Press / 05.05.10

15 developers, cities interested in Missouri's only available casino license
MO - Fifteen developers, companies and cities have submitted letters of interest to the Missouri Gaming Commission to land the state s 13th and only remaining gaming license to open a casino. If a new casino opens in St. Louis, it will have to compete with Casino Queen. / St. Louis Business Journal / by Kelsey Volkmann / May 4, 2010

3 hospitalized in early morning Black Hawk bus crash
CO - / KDVR / May 8, 2010

3 companies tell gaming commission of interest in Cape casino
MO - Three development companies have told the Missouri Gaming Commission they are interested in obtaining a gambling license for Cape Girardeau,Eight other companies have said they are interested in the license, but four of them did not name where they want to put casinoMissouri law imposes a limit of 13 casinos statewide, and the lone available license is up for grabs because the President Casino in St. Louis must close. / Southeast Missourian / By Rudi Keller / May 5, 2010

A Cancer of Cronyism? Bet on It, Florida
FL - Negotiating for the state was George LeMieux, a longtime friend and adviser to Charlie Crist, who, ironically, had publicly denounced the notion of casino expansion.

Priming the pump, the Seminole Tribe started funneling some $600,000 into the Florida Republican Party in 2006 -- the year Crist was running for governorThe tribe's Coastal Development partner began donating another $300,000, according to campaign contribution records.Though Crist has publicly fashioned himself as astaunch supporter of the state's open-government laws, his crony's dealings with the Seminoles were all conducted behind closed doors.But records show that the Republican Party of Florida paid $150,000 to LeMieux's consulting company, MTC Strategies (named after the senator's sons Max, Taylor and Chase)but records also show that LeMieux had received $200,000 from the RPOF in the months before and after Crist was elected -- for a grand total of $350,000 funneled through the party. RPOF Chairman Jim Greer, another longtime Crist crony, tells the St. Petersburg Times that the state party will pay LeMieux $10,000 a month as a part-time consultant. Crist (with LeMieux holding the cards) folded to the Indians' key demands," Thibault (Jackson Institute) stated.Under the approved compact, the Seminoles will pay one of the lowest percentages of any tribe allowed to operated Vegas-style slot machines in the country, Adjusting for the difference between the budgets of the two states, Bishop said the Connecticut tribal casinos pay more than nine times more in fees than the fees in the Seminoledeal. / Sunshine State News / Kenric Ward / May 5, 2010

As Cancellations Mount, Gulf Coast Resorts Fear a Lost Summer
MS - Tourism is big business along the Gulf Coast from Mississippi to Florida, where beach resorts, golf courses and more than a dozen casinos rake in billions of dollars every year.But the white sandy beaches here nearly empty yesterday as the region watched for the arrival of a massive oil slick / Greenwire / By Katie Howell / May 5, 2010

Ark. lottery prepares to have vending machines
AR - The Arkansas lottery plans to create sales growth by using vending machines that dispense tickets at high-traffic retail stores, a way to keep cashiers from being bogged down by people playing scratch ticketsPassailaigue said the lottery has to innovate and grow to keep meeting its scholarship targets.Arkansas Family Council spokesman Jerry Cox said a child younger than 18 could use an older sibling's license to buy lottery tickets, then have the sibling cash any winners. / By CHUCK BARTELS / 05.05.10

Almost winning is just as exciting for problem gamblers
a new study published May 5 in The Journal of Neuroscience suggests their brains' reward centers, part of the dopamine system react the same way to a "near miss" as they would to a win.The brain reward centers were active in problem gamblers even when the slot machine icons almost lined up but didn't. So the near miss delivered the dopamine, if not the dollars. / By Katie Moisse / May 5, 2010

Agreement OK d To Transfer Casino Site To Navajo Nation
AZ - A proposed casino at Twin Arrows took another step toward reality May 3 as a committee of the Navajo Nation Council approved a memorandum of agreement that will allow the property at the proposed site to be transferred to the nation. Navajo Nation officials are using the Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act, which authorizes the tribe to transfer both Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and private property into trust.The proposed casino site is approximately 432.5 acres. The Twin Arrows casino will not solve the Navajo Nation s budget and unemployment problems; it will create more and/or increase problems,  he said. These problems include, but are not limited to, poverty, debt, compulsive gambling, alcoholism, smoking, suicide, et cetera, which does not empower or educate our children. / Arizona Journal / By Tammy Gray-Searles / May 7th, 2010

A glance at MGM Mirage's future
FL - Casino operator MGM Mirage said Thursday that it lost $96.7 million during the first quarter as it wrote down the value of its CityCenter joint venture and lost money on the complex's operation in its first full quarter. The company also might spin off the division with a public offering because its shares could trade at higher multiples of earnings than its asset-heavy parent, he said. / The Associated Press / 05.06.10

A casino deserves serious consideration
NY - freshman Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano laid it on the line for county residents. He told us that the county is facing a $286 million deficit, the largest in its history. And so, last Tuesday, Mangano announced that he was in the early stages of negotiations with the Shinnecock Nation regarding the possibility of constructing a casino and entertainment center on the 77-acre Nassau Coliseum site and the surrounding property. / By Al D'Amato / May 10, 2010

Betfair Approved As First iPhone Online Gambling Application
In the past, Apple has shied away from offering online gambling applications for their iPhone. Now, however, there seems to have been a change in policy, as Betfair is now offering a downloadable app for the popular iPhone. In Australia, Senator Nick Xenophon is pushing laws that would ban gambling apps from phones, / / Terry Goodwin / May 6, 2010

Cuts hurt fight on gambling addiction
MA - the staff at the Connecticut casino comped the rum he was drinking and offered him complimentary concert tickets. Ultimately, they began paying for his hotel rooms.a 51-year-old contractor from Peru, Mass., amassed $58,000 in credit card debt, had to sell off many of his most prized possessions, and was wallowing in depression.Officials at the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gamblingsaid that the campaign to expand gambling comes as lawmakers have proposed cutting their $1 million budget in half.gambling addicts would have less access to treatment.problems associated with gambling addiction  debt, depression, reckless decisions He said that generally only 2 to 3 percent of the population suffers from gambling addiction. / Globe / By David Abel / May 8, 2010

Crist, Seminoles Sign Gambling Deal At Hard Rock
FL - Governor Charlie Crist stopped by the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon to sign a 20-year gambling deal with the Seminole the tribe exclusive rights to have black jack and other table games at their casinos. Broward and Miami-Dade race tracks that have gambling also benefit from the plan?that allows 24 hour poker on the weekends and up to 18 hours a day during the week. It also reduces their tax rate on casino revenues from 50% to 35%. / / May 5, 2010

Crist can expect political support from Seminoles
FL - Gov. Charlie Crist has some big fans among the Seminole Indians of Florida. He s the one that pushed for three years for the compact between the state and the tribe that expanded games at the Seminoles  casinos.he (Councilman Max Osceola, who lives on the Seminole reservation) said he s donated to Crist s Senate campaign. / By Anthony Man / May 5, 2010

Chicago Crime Commission Calls Last Minute Gambling Legislation Cynical and Callus
IL - Legislative leaders and the powerful gambling lobby appear poised to pass legislation that will expand gambling in Illinois without any review hearings or other due diligence. "The tactics being used are the same ones the gambling lobby has been practicing since the days of Al Capone to get unsavory legislation enacted into law. Their efforts are cynical and callous," according to Art Bilek, executive director of the Chicago Crime Commission."Introducing this bill hastily and under a veil of secrecy is not in the best interest of the general public. If passed, this legislation will have some serious safety and quality of life consequences," / Chicago Crime Commission / John Pastuovic / May. 07, 2010

Casinos hopeful after down year
MS - Mississippi gambling revenues totaled $2.46 billion in 2009 -- a drop of more than $400 million from 2007 revenues and a few million dollars less than what casinos made in 2005, according to a report from the Mississippi Casino Operators Association. Gambling revenue along Mississippi's Gulf Coast alone is down 14 percent from 2007. Though the gambling market has been rocky in recent years, one constant advantage has been support for the industry by government officials, the casino leaders said. / By George Altman / Man 06, 2010

Casino operators watching Alabama, Florida
MS - A recession on the heels of a devastating hurricane has dealt Mississippi casino operators a bad hand over the last several years, and now operators fear the expansion of gambling in nearby states could cannibalize the industry.Growing competition is especially a cause for concern in a state that has suffered year-over-year losses. From the standpoint of Mississippi,  there is more competition in Florida and Alabama. Louisiana has a strong complex of casinos. Oklahoma has more than 100 casinos.Operators said their biggest revenue declines last year were in Mississippi and Louisiana. Properties in the Midwest did the best, particularly those in Missouri because of a change in law there. / / By Debbie Ingram / May 5, 2010

Casino on a train
MO - Ginger Harris has probably the most intriguing proposal for Missouri s only available gaming license: A casino on a train that travels the Amtrak line from St. Louis to Kansas City and makes stops at the eight cities in between. As a nod to its riverboat past and a way to prevent inland building, Missouri law limits the opening of casinos to within 1,000 feet of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. Harris says the train cars would travel over such riverbanks and tributaries. / May 5, 2010

Casino gamblers tightened purse strings in recession

The American Gaming Association reported Thursday that revenue from casino gambling fell 5.5% overall last year, with the take falling $1.8 billion from the $32.5 billion of revenue in 2008.Gamblers tightening their budgets in the recession are to blame, Fahrenkopf says.Interestingly, consumers spent more last year gambling at casinos than they did on candy or movie tickets.Only four states  Colorado, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania  posted an increase in casino gambling revenue, / USA Today / By Gary Stoller / 5/7/2010

Cash Starved States Look to Add Gambling to Their Coffers
More than twenty state legislatures are contemplating major gambling proposals in an effort to help fill their dwindling treasuries.A pending bill in Massachusettswould create two casinos and add 3,000 slots at four race tracksCurrently, casinos and race tracks are legal in only 24 states and governing bodies generally tax casinos at least 50 percent on revenue. / by Aaron Levitt / 05/03/10

Cape City Council says no to putting casino issue on ballot, says petitions required
MO - The Cape Girardeau City Council politely but forcefully said Monday evening that any new vote on whether to bring gambling to town would have to be put on the ballot with petitions.Nothing but putting the question on the ballot would stop a petition drive, replied Doug Austin, a retired marketing manager who has actively participated in several city committees. Austin is serving as spokesman for a group that includes Melvin Gateley, a former councilman, and Paul Kabo, a former pastor, and others.17 years have passed since voters decided narrowly that they would accept a gambling boat. / Southeast Missourian / By Rudi Keller / May 4, 2010

Editorial: Legislature should study gambling options
TX - A University of Texas/Texas Tribune survey asked 800 registered voters in February (margin of error 3.5 percentage points) which option they would most support: Full gambling in Texas, 40 percent Leave gambling laws unchanged, 21 percentLimited expansion, only in current places, 13 percent Ban all gambling and gaming, 10 percent, Expand gambling to Indian reservations only, 6 percent Don't know, 10 percent. Outside pressure is building to start up dice tables and slot machines as a way to pull the state out of its deep financial hole.The state faces what could be a $15 billion budget shortfall next year, / May 7, 2010

Editorial Column: We must rewrite laws on Internet sweepstakes
FL - But before you are quick to say these places (Internet sweepstakes cafes) are nothing more than gambling houses, look at what Spencer Mann, the spokesperson for the EighthCircuit State Attorney's Office, has to say about the matter. The laws are as clear as mud,  he said.And whose fault is that? Nope, the weight of responsibility falls on Florida lawmakers for trying to apply laws that were written before the Internet was founded. Yes, they re trying to apply laws to the Internet that were more designed for raffles and sweepstakes. / May 6, 2010

Economy dominates talk at gaming summit in Miss.
MS - operators think there could be a financial benefit from the spill. Cleanup crews and contractors who will be in the area could provide a new pool of customers for local casinos.Still, the possibility that oil could destroy marine life and pollute beaches is a long-term concern to casino owners.Atlantic City, which despite its woes remains the second largest gaming destination after Las Vegas, saw its revenues fall by 13.5 percent in 2009 - part of a trend of decreasing figures the city has seen as competition increased in nearby states. / By MARIA BURNHAM / 05.05.10

Earnings roundup: Duke Energy earnings rise, Ameristar Casinos net income falls
CA - Ameristar Casinos Inc. first-quarter profit fell 64 percent as one of its casinos wrestled with new competition and a permanent bridge closing at another made access difficult.Casino operator Boyd Gaming Corp. said it returned to a first-quarter profit as cost cuts helped offset a drop in gambling revenue / By Associated Press / May 4, 2010

Did Apple just greenlight online gambling on the App Store?
you re sure free to bet your money and possibly gamble away your future, so to speak, using your iPhone. Either this particular submission managed to slip under the Apple censors  radar or the company relaxed its policies in order to allow new software types into its mobile bazaar.The publication cited Betfair s mobile chief who claims Apple imposed no terms and conditions  to regulate gambling. That being said, the app only works in UK and Ireland due to that pesky US e-gaming ban. / By Christian Zibreg / May. 6, 2010

Democratic candidates talk arena, gambling
ME - The four Democratic candidates for governor pledged their support Monday evening for a new arena in Bangor. On the issue of gambling, all four candidates said they generally did not support the expansion of gambling in Maine, although most left the door open to the addition of table games at Hollywood Slots in Bangor.All four candidates said they do not support the resort casino that has been proposed for Oxford County, although that issue will be decided this November by voters, not the governor. / BANGOR DAILY NEWS / By Kevin Miller / 5/4/10

Delaware Bid to Expand Sports Gambling Rejected by High Court
DE - The U.S. Supreme Court refused to give Delaware broader authority to sponsor sports gambling, leaving intact a ruling that allows multi-game bets on National Football League contests while barring other wagers.The high court rejection is a victory for the NFL, the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. They sued to block the Delaware plan and urged the Supreme Court not to hear the governor s appeal. / Bloomberg / By Greg Stohr / May 03, 2010

Del. bill pushes private gambling club for the rich
DE - The legislation would establish a limited lottery license under which a private club with no more than 5,000 members and a minimum membership fee of $10,000 could offer table games and sports betting, but not slot machines. The measure is opposed by the state s three existing slot machine and sports betting casinos, which also have exclusive rights to begin offering table games, Agne said that with a membership fee and yearly dues, and no freebies or comps  for members, the club would be more like a country club than a casino or one of the private gambling clubs that can be found in addition to one-time license fee of $1 million, the state would receive an estimated $2 million annually in gambling revenue, / Associated Press / By RANDALL CHASE / May 5, 2010

Florida Gambling Bill May Have Ripple Effect on Poker Rooms
FL - The bill will see the tribe obtain exclusive rights to run poker, blackjack and other games at seven casinospoker rooms will be allowed to increase the betting limits on their gamesracetrack poker rooms in Dade and Broward will be allowed to offer poker 24 hours a day on the weekends and 18 hours a day during weekdays.a tax rate cut for Florida casinos from the current 50% to the new 35%. / by Renee K / May 8th, 2010

Fifteen groups say they're interested in a casino license
MO - St. Louis businessman Jim Koman, a part owner of the Casino Queen who through a separate company called Casino Celebration holds a site just south of the Chain of Rocks bridge, where he would put a $125 million riverboat casino.Three separate groups that are eying Cape Girardeau,"Anyone can throw out a letter of interest," McCarthy said. "But soon we'll start to pare down." / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Tim Logan / 05/05/2010

Fifteen express interest in Missouri casino license
MO - But regulators said Tuesday there was interest for casinos in Sugar Creek, Cape Girardeau, West Alton, St. Louis, Spanish Lake and the northeast Missouri town of Louisiana. / Associated Press / May. 04, 2010

Federal official: Gov. Bob Riley's bingo crackdown can't extend to Indian casinos
AL - Despite claims to the contrary by Gov. Bob Riley's office, Alabama's anti-gambling efforts cannot affect Indian casinos unless the state outlaws all forms of gambling, including paper bingo, a top official with the National Indian Gaming CommissionRiley has led a crackdown against electronic bingo machines at non-Indian venues statewide for more than 16 months, but his office maintains that it may be able to eventually shutter the Indian venues. Alabama is not alone in its confusion over what constitutes bingo, or Class II gaming, as it's referred to under federal law, and which video bingo machines, if any, should be included. By George Altman / May 06, 2010

Gambling slowdown reduces states' take
MO - New Jersey,took the biggest hit, as its gaming tax revenues dropped 18.6 percent between 2008 and 2009.13 states. Missouri did away with a rule that limited gamblers' losses to $500 in a two-hour period; / By Stateline Staff / May 07, 2010

Gambling prospect stirs controversy in Louisiana
MO - The state requires formal applications to include a $50,000 non-refundable payment. There also are 14 other competitors,including firms that already run casinos and several developers. Sugar Hill is the only other city government in the running.The latest effort in Louisiana isn t the first time the Pike County community of about 4,000 residents has looked at gambling. On June 7, 1994, voters rejected 730 to 675 a measure that would have allowed the licensing of excursion gambling boats  in the city. But that wasn t the end of it. On Nov. 8, 1994, the same question appeared on the ballot. The issue was approved 1,099 to 562. Bringing in a gambling boat would be absolutely disastrous to this town,  (Rev.) Hamilton said. The bottom line is greed is a sin, and that ruins people. Sin is never an isolated event. It always leads to something worse. Hamilton said that if gambling proponents truly were interested in other opinions and making Louisiana a better place, they would drop the casino idea. / Hannibal Courier-Post / By BRENT ENGEL / May 07, 2010

Judge rejects casino challenge | A federal act allowing Indian gaming trumps the state constitution s ban, the judge decides
OR - An Oregon state court judge on Monday dismissed a seven-year legal challenge to a tribal casino here.He did so at the request of both Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski and the Confederated Tribes of the Coos, Lower Umpqua and Siuslaw Indians. Rasmussen cited the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, which expressly allows tribal casinos in states that allow other entities to operate games of chance, so long as a tribal-state compact is signed.That act, he said, trumps state constitutional gambling prohibitions with regard to gaming within a casino on Indian land  because it bars state regulations incompatible with federal or tribal interests. / The Register-Guard / By Karen McCowan / May 4, 2010

Internet Gambling Law Leaves Players, Affiliates Confused
Less than thirty days remain until the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or the UIGEA, is set to be completely enforced by banks. Though the online gambling industry is already reeling from the efforts of the United States Department of Justice, players have yet to truly be impacted in a overly negative fashion. / By Glenn Farmer / May 3rd, 2010

CA - Proposition 5 was struck down as unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court in August 1999. Undaunted by that fact, two months later in October 1999, Gov. Davis and the Legislature approved the 59 tribal-state compacts Davis negotiated in secret and without proper public input. Gov. Davis and the Legislature put a second Legislative Initiative  on the ballot in March 2000 called Proposition 1A. Although that Proposition was written as a Constitutional amendment to authorize the Governor to negotiatefuture compacts with Indian tribes with casinos in California, it was, in effect, intended to ratify the 59 illegally signed compacts approved 5 or 6 months earlier  and to do so without informing the voters, who approved Proposition 1A, of the real purposes of that initiative. one of the most glaring problems created by the I.G.R.A. was its failure to provide for local input and control over gambling casinos that were thrust into their midst by the I.G.R.A. and by these tribal-state compacts. The worthless compacts negotiated by Gov. Davis paid nothing to the state. These Indian casinos and businesses began placing tremendous demands on public services and infrastructure, yet they were immune from the taxes that pay for those things.Injured citizens, workers or communities could not sue upon these compacts because the only rights to sue in these compacts for enforcement of the terms that were set out therein were limited to disputes between the State and the affected tribe. the tribes uniformly denied such claims and informed customers they could not sue the tribe,because of the court-created legal immunity doctrinePeople who dealt with or entered into contracts with these casino tribes and businesses found out that if the tribe stiffed them for the bill, they could not sue, Sen. McCain promised those of us attending that hearing, several times over, that the IGRA had to be amended in order to provide for more local control over Indian gambling casinos. Despite those hollow promises, nothing has been done yet, years later. As a result of all this subtle blackmail, gambling promoters and investors, along with ersatz Indian tribes have been able to locate casinos in numerous communities even though they are not wanted, produce no benefit and only create a host of problems as well as place untold demands and costs on all government and public services and all infra-structure without paying the taxes needed to fund them. There are casinos that have ruined entire residential neighborhoods like the San Manuel Casino rising above single-family homes in a housing tract, which homes then lost most of their value because of the nearby gambling operations. Neighbors complained about noise, traffic, drunkenness, open drug trafficking and even having to pick up beer cans and used hypodermic needles from their front lawns. Virtually every casino community has now experienced increases in crime ranging from shoot-outs, murder, theft, robbery, embezzlement, gang activity, substance abuse and drug trafficking, drunk driving, auto accidents and fatalities, gambling addictions, credit problems and bankruptcies, family neglect,even suicides, and the list goes on. / By Jim Marino / May 6, 2010

Illinois County Set To Repeal Gambling Ban
IL - When Illinois originally expanded gambling to cover video gambling terminals, the state law had given each county and municipality the option to ban the games. Many counties had jumped on board with the banning, including Kane County. Recent reports show that some board members feel it is time to repeal the ban and bring video gambling into the state.

the legislation had simply made it legal for bars and restaurants, and similar establishments holding liquor licenses, to operate video gambling terminals. / by Glen Farmer / May 6th, 2010

Harrah's official offers advice to Mississippi casinos
MS - Jones said Biloxi could become like Las Vegas, a multi-day destination that attracts visitors interested in more than just gambling. "We need to solve the problem that you are now predominantly bringing in people from markets that are drive markets -- Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, others -- with very high unemployment rates and expanded gaming opportunities," she said. Mississippi casinos have seen hard times recently / By George Altman / May 07, 2010

Louisiana submits application for casino license
MO - Louisiana is one of 15 applicants for a new casino license. Other cities are Sugar Creek, West Alton and Spanish Lake. There were three bids each submitted for St. Louis and Cape Girardeau. Four specify no location. / Hannibal Courier-Post / By Staff / May 05, 2010

Lawmaker describes taped conversation on bingo
AL - Federal grand jurors have heard a tape recording of a cell phone conversation in which a prominent casino owner and a lobbyist discussed how Republican state Rep. David Grimes would vote on a bill to authorize and tax electronic bingo, Grimes said Thursday.a state representative whose district includes a southeast Alabama casino told reporters someone communicated with him concerning legislation to authorize and regulate bingo in a way he felt was inappropriate. Federal authorities have declined to confirm or deny that the grand jury was investigating the bingo bill. / By BOB JOHNSON / 05.07.10

Las Vegas Sands narrows loss to $28.9M in 1st qtr
NV - The Las Vegas-based company led by billionaire Sheldon Adelson said Thursday that it lost $28.9 million, or 4 cents per share, compared with a loss of $80.9 million, 12 cents per share, a year earlier. Sands said its quarterly revenue in the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau rose 24.2 percent to $945.8 million. / AP / By OSKAR GARCIA / May 6, 2010

Kansas Senate rejects bill to expand gambling
KS - The Kansas Senate narrowly rejected a bill late Friday night aimed at reviving the state s dog- and horse-racing industry by bringing slot machines to racetracks.The vote was 20-19 against the measure.Senators debated the bill for six hours and became mired in a side debate over whether smoking should be banned at state-owned casinos.the bill faced opposition from developers of a state-owned casino at Kansas Speedway, Gambling supporters worried that banning smoking in state-owned casinos would hurt business, and cost the state revenues. / The Associated Press / May 8, 2010

Kan. Senate work on gambling mired in smoking fuss
KS - An effort in the Kansas Senate to revive the state's dog- and horse-racing industry became mired Friday night in a contentious debate over banning smoking in state-owned casinos. But a vote on the gambling bill was delayed into Friday night by debate tied to a recently enacted ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and other public places. The ban, which takes effect July 1, contains an exemption for the gambling areas of state-owned casinos, which strikes some legislators as hypocritical. / Associated Press / By JOHN HANNA / May. 07, 2010

Kan. Senate votes to ban smoking in state casinos
KS - The Kansas Senate has voted to ban smoking in state-owned casinos. Legislators enacted a law earlier this year banning smoking in bars, restaurants and many other public places in Kansas. / Associated Press / 05.07.10

Kan. Senate ponders rewriting gambling law
KS - The Senate is considering a bill attempting to revive the state's racing industry with racetrack slot machines. It faces opposition from the developers of a state-owned casinoAnd conservative legislators / Associated Press / May 7, 2010

National gambling revenue off 5.5 percent in '09
(EXCERPT NEVADA) It marked the second consecutive year of declining casino revenues due to the recession and consumers' cutting back on discretionary and leisure spending. National gross gambling revenues fell to $30.7 billion in 2009, a decrease of 5.5 percent from 2008was down 10.4 percent (EXCERPT MISSISSIPPI)(was down 9.4 percent) New Jersey (down 13.3 percent) (Indian) casinos - up 21.6 percentno other U.S. gambling market saw its fortunesslide as drastically as Atlantic City's did last year. Robert Ward, deputy director of the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, N.Y., said state governments are making a losing bet on gambling revenue as a way to plug budget deficits. "States are increasingly tempted to rely on new gambling revenue, but over time the revenue gains do not keep pace with growth in spending,"while gambling may help in the short run, it does not solve long-term budget gaps." / Inquirer / By Suzette Parmley / May. 8, 2010

Mount Airy executive reels in fat wallets to casino floor
PA - The former West Virginia linebackerConklin's a casino rainmaker  his job is to attract gamblers with credit lines who like to spend money on the gaming floor."You're out there actively looking for people you know have money  high rollers  and you go after them," he said. "The limos, concert tickets, whatever they're looking for."Mount Airy's management expects Conklin to lure million-dollar players, / Pocono Record / By HOWARD FRANK / May 05, 2010

Mob kin granted license to do NJ casino work
NJ - They have relatives in the Mafia, but no one ever accused Joseph N. Merlino or his mother of being mobsters. mother and son felt vindicated when the New Jersey Casino Control Commission granted their concrete reinforcing company a license to work in the Atlantic City casino industry.His father, mobster Lawrence "Yogi" Merlino, died in the witnessprotection program. His cousin is jailed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Skinny Joey" Merlino.In order to win the license, the Merlinos had to bat back decades of opposition from state casino regulators and explain away evidence that included phone calls to their home from imprisoned Mafia figures, including "Skinny Joey" Merlino.Prosecutors also said Joseph and Phyllis Merlino spoke or socialized with organized crime figures for years after their last license rejection in the late 1980s. / By WAYNE PARRY / 05.05.10

Mo. receives 15 letters of interest in new casino
MO - Ten real estate developers, four cities and one casino company have filed letters with the Missouri Gaming Commission, expressing interest in applying for the license by the deadline. They include sites in the City of St. Louis, two spots in north St. Louis County, three in Cape Girardeau and elsewhere. Later this month, the Gaming Commission wi ll invite applicants to a public meeting to lay out the process, and then seek more detailed applications.The City of Sugar Creek, Mo., near Kansas City, which was near to winning a license when the cap went in place in 2008, also spoke up for a license. So did Louisiana, Mo., a bit south of Hannibal on the Mississippi. / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Tim Logan / 05.04.2010

Mississippi coast takes a wait and see approach
MS - Not that the oil isn't of concern to the casino. Cracchiolo said they have put 2,000 feet of protective boom around the Beau Rivage, which is one of the few that still sits on the water. Beau Rivage is built on a series of five barges. It's a sophisticated set-up and oil could gum up the works, she said. / By MARIA BURNHAM / 05.04.10

Miss. Choctaws to vote on county casino project
MS - The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians is considering building a casino in Jones County, a development that would be the tribe's second gambling area in the state.ocal officials raised questions about fire and police protection and infrastructure needs such as roads." They could not answer or shed any light on how those issues would be addressed," Pickering said of the Choctaw representatives. / By SHELIA BYRD / 05.07.10

Michigan Joins Growing Number of States To Outlaw Public Smoking
MI - The law bans smoking inside restaurants, bars, bowling alleys and workplaces. The ban also includes open patios or other outdoor areas where employees serve food or drinks. However, three casinos in the Detroit area are not under the same ban. All casinos operated by Indian tribes are also excluded from the ban. Specialty cigar and tobacco shops may also be excluded if they meet a number of criteria. / 02 May 2010

MGM Mirage Swings To 1Q Loss Following 2009 Gain
The gambling industry has seen trends improve recently, though challenges remain as uncertainty remains on tourism and consumer spending. The downturn pushed MGM Mirage to the brink of bankruptcy last year as it struggled to repay debt. / DOW JONES NEWSWIRES / By Tess Stynes / MAY 6, 2010,

McDermott's Online Gambling Proposal Hearing Coming Next Week
Representative Barney Frank has proposed two bills that would eliminate the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and also lay the groundwork for a regulated online gambling industry in the country. One of the key legislators that will be in on those hearings will be Minority Whip Eric Cantor. The Republican has strong clout with his fellow Republicans, and if he should be swayed in favor of Internet gambling regulations, it will become much more likely that Frank and McDermott will receive the necessary votes to pass their proposals. / / By Vincent Tapoglia III / May 8, 2010

Mashantuckets, lenders discuss loan extensions
Tribe's bond rating downgraded as talks on further forbearance of $2 billion debt go on. Since entering into forbearance with the banks, the tribe has defaulted on interest payments owed to bondholders.The tribe's failure to pay the full amount prompted Standard & Poor's, the credit-rating agency, to assign the tribe and the bonds "D" ratings, the lowest possible. / By Brian Hallenbeck / May 3, 2010

Maine Indian tribe opposes casino referendum
ME - The Passamaquoddy Tribesays Black Bear Entertainment's proposal for a casino resort s too restrictive and "allows for the monopolization of future gaming / Associated Press / 05.05.10

Magic City Casino, Pari-Mutuels Get Millions In Tax Cuts By Lobbying, Union Busting
FL - Charlie Crist will powwow with the Seminole Tribe.How much did this compact cost them? At least $720,000 in campaign contributions in the last election. But, guess how much non-Indian racinos spent that same year? $3 million,And they got their money's worth.One of the Easter eggs in the gaming deal is the windfall they stand to reap: expanded operating hours, no-limit poker, and a 30 percent tax cut on slots revenue the house majority whip and a Republican from Miami, who collected $15,500 in campaign contributions in 2008. But the pari-mutuels aren't so much struggling, as assuming losses. Most are owned by multi-billion corporations, like the Isle of Capri (Pompano Park) and Churchill Downs / Miami New Times / By Erik Maza / May 5, 2010

Proposed casino puts gambling on trains
MO - There are 15 proposals for a new casino in Missouri, but only one involves putting the casino on rails.between St. Louis and Kansas City, / / by Jeff Mason / May 6, 2010

Private, High Roller Casinos May Come To Delaware
DE - Delaware has been rising in terms of gambling options, but a new bill would open doors to a whole new level of casino gaming in the state. A bill has been authored for the Delaware House that would legalize private gambling clubs for high rolling gamblers. a minimum fee of $10,000 for membership. table games are set to be established in the state. / / by Glen Farmer / May 8th, 2010

Presiding commissioner: Cape County should be included in casino discussion
MO - Cape Girardeau is one of several locations that has informed the Missouri Gaming Commission of its interest in obtaining a casino license. When the President Casino in St. Louis closes a license will be available July 1 for interested parties. State law limits 13casinos to operate in Missouri at one time. The Cape Girardeau City Council decided Monday that any new vote to bring gambling to the city would have to be put on the ballot with petitions by citizens required. / Southeast Missourian / By Brian Blackwell / May 7, 2010

President Casino employees rally for better deal
MO - Several dozen employees of the soon-to-close President Casino rallied outside the riverboat Friday, asking for the right to new jobs at other local casinos owned by the same company. / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Tim Logan / 05/08/2010

Plan to permit slots at Ill. horse tracks approved by House panel
IL - A proposal to allow slot machines at Illinois race tracks took a step forward this morningThe House executive committee gave the plan bipartisan approval this morning despite opposition from the casino industry that claims the new machines will cut revenues and gambling opponents who say adding slots will increase crime and addiction levels. / Post-Dispatch Springfield Bureau / By Kathleen Foody / 05.07.2010

Plan for Less Revenue From W.Va. Gambling
WV - Lottery Commission members were told gambling revenue continues to drop at racetracks was $8 million lessvideo gambling down nearly $1.3 million / News-Register / May 2, 2010

Petition planned to put Cape Girardeau casino issue to vote
MO - "We want a vote of the current resident voters," said Cape Girardeau resident Doug Austin. A petition is now in the works. At the council meeting, Austin said since the council decided not to put the issue on the ballot, he's moving forward with his own plans. Austin says he and his supporters will begin drafting a petition Tuesday morning. However, as far as a physical petition to sign, that likely won't be seen for a couple weeks. / By Zakk Gammon / May 03, 2010

Pennsylvania Casino Revenue Up Thirty Percent In April
PA - For April, revenue at Pennsylvania casinos was $195 million. That represented a thirty percent increase, and $45 million more than the same period in 2009. Even without the figures from the two casinos opened in the past year, Rivers Casino and Sands Bethlehem, the already existing casinos had an increase of $2.5 million in year over year figures. Sands Bethlehem casino announced plans to layoff some employees / / By Terry Goodwin / May 6, 2010

Oregon candidates for governor join in opposing Columbia Gorge casino
OR - The proposed Warm Springs tribal casino in the Columbia Gorge town of Cascade Locks took another heavy blow Tuesday when all four of the leading candidates for governor expressed opposition to the proposal. Len Bergstein, a lobbyist representing the Warm Springs tribes, said there might be enough wiggle room in some of the candidate statements that they could eventually support the project. He noted that both Bradbury and Dudley talked about opposing an "off-reservation" casino, but the Cascade Locks property could technically become reservation land, if it gets federal approval. While the Grand Ronde have not endorsed anyone in the primary, they have donated $20,000 to Kitzhaber, compared with $2,000 each for Bradbury and Dudley and $1,000 for Alley. "It's pretty easy to tell who we're supporting," said Martin, the tribal lobbyist. / The Oregonian / By Jeff Mapes / May 04, 2010

Supreme Court rejects Delaware appeal to expand sports betting lottery
DE - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal in which Delaware sought to expand its sports betting lottery beyond professional football.The court declared that the state's new sports betting lottery had to be similar to the betting scheme used in a failed 1976 National Football League lottery that allowed Delaware to be one of only four states to receive grandfathered exemptions from the federal ban. / Associated Press / RANDALL CHASE / May 3, 2010

Success of plan to add slots at Illinois horse tracks uncertain
IL - Legislation that would bring slot machines to horse racetracks in Illinois, including Collinsville s Fairmount Park, is on shaky ground heading into the presumed final days of this year s legislative session. Several Democrats in the Senate, particularly those from districts that already have riverboat casinos, are concerned the expansion could hurt the facilities already operating, she added. Burns  legislation would permit up to 900 machines at Fairmount / Post-Dispatch Springfield Bureau / By Kathleen Foody / 05.06.2010

Sports Gambling In Delaware Fails To Expand
DE - Once again, Delaware had been blocked from bringing sports expanded sports betting into their borders. Delaware had onceagain pushed to add single game sports betting to the state s options, Court of Appeals in Philadelphia had once again shot down the possibility of sports gambling in the state. Delaware will remain limited to the type of betting it had held back in 1976.Nevada is the only state in which full blown sports betting / by Glen Farmer / May 4th, 2010

Some ask state to consider overall impact of more gambling
IA - chairman of the Iowa Family Policy Center s Board of Directors, argued that more gambling will harm children.Dan Kelley, led the group that opposed gambling in Jasper County and saw the gambling referendum voted down.We asked them to consider the family broken by the weight of gambling addiction. We asked them to consider the child who goes hungry or coatless because of a parent s compulsion. We asked them to consider the embezzler led to conviction because of a mountain of gambling debt. / by Dar Danielson / May 5, 2010

Smoking habit ensnares Missouri
MO - Missouri workers are more likely to be exposed to tobaccosmoke than any workers outside of Nevada. An estimated 307 adults out of every 100,000 in Missouri die each year due to smoking. Only nine states had higher rates. Missouri doesn t have a clean indoor air law, Luke said. That leaves many workers in bars, restaurants and casinos exposed to second-hand smoke. / The Kansas City Star / By ALAN BAVLEY / May. 06, 2010

Shinnecocks-Casino  NY politician suggests casino at arena site
NY - A top Long Island politician says preliminary talks have begun with an Indian tribe about opening a gambling casino near the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum. / Associated Press / May 4, 2010

Seminole Tribe gives warm welcome to Gov. Charlie Crist
FL - Seminole Tribe leaders and Gov. Charlie Crist gathered to celebrate the newly approved gaming compact-If the Seminole Tribe of Florida included millions of members -- as opposed to its actual 3,200 or so members -- Gov. Charlie Crist might well be a shoo-in for U.S. Senate. Crist was instrumental in getting the compact through the Florida Legislature.On top of blackjack, the compact also grants the Seminoles the exclusive right to Vegas-style slot machines outside of South Florida. / Miami Herald / BY MICHAEL VASQUEZ / 05.06.10

Robeson adopts regulations for Internet gambling shops
NC - Commissioners approved a zoning amendment requiring Internet sweepstakes cafes to obtain a conditional use permit to operate in the county. Owners of the gaming parlors will be required to pay $5 per machine per year and will be barred from opening a shop within 1,000 feet of another such business. / Mike Hixenbaugh / May 03, 2010

Resort's Troubles Loom in Las Vegas
NV - Las Vegas's City Center resort, the most expensive hotel-and-casino development to date, bled cash during its first full quarter of operations. In the first quarter, City Center recorded an operating loss of $255 million. The construction costs were so massive, that at one point last year City Center narrowly avoided bankruptcy. New-home prices in Las Vegas are down about 40% from their peak in 2006, with the luxury condo market experiencing larger declines. / By ALEXANDRA BERZON / MAY 7, 2010

Report finds revenue and jobs fall for second year at commercial casinos across US
NJ - Revenue and employment sank at the nation's commercial casinos for the second straight year in 2009 as consumers kept tight hold of their wallets during the recession and remained cautious at slot machines and gambling tables.Atlantic City, the nation's second-largest gambling market after Las Vegas, was the epicenter of the casino industry's woes in 2009. Revenue there fell 13.2 percent from 2008.Nevada's casinos took in 10.4 percent less, or $10.3 billion. Tribal casinos brought in almost as much revenue from gambling and related services in 2009  $29.4 billion, according to the National Indian Gaming Association. Racetrack casinos continued to grow in 2009, despite the recession. Revenue rose 5 percent to $6.4 billion, led by so-called "racinos" / Associated Press / WAYNE PARRY / May 6, 2010

Racetrack Developer Loses Gaming License In New Mexico
NM - The Board voted to revoke the license issued to racino owner Michael Moldenhauer because the developer missed a deadline to have a temporary casino up and running. Moldenhauer claims the casino was set to open in a tent in less than a month.In New Mexico, it is not legal to operate a racetrack without a casino. The state will now begin the process of searching for another developer for a new racino. / / By Tom Jones / May 5, 2010

Workers at soon-to-close casino seek reassignment
MO - Some 220 workers at the soon-to-close President Casino say they should be reassigned to the other two Pinnacle Entertainment casinos in St. Louis, rather than lose their jobs. / Associated Press / 05.07.10

Vote Nears In Ohio On New Gambling Facility For Penn National
OH - Ohio voters are expected to approve the amendment for the Columbus casino. A small turnout is expected,The November vote reversed years of denying casino requests. Ohio residents have been asked several times before to approve casinos, but have kept casino gambling out of the state each time. This time, the economy and the unemployment rate played a large part in the casino measure passing. / / By Terry Goodwin / May 3, 2010

Video gambling again on the table for N.C. lawmakers
NC - Four years after the General Assembly thought it had banned video poker gambling machines, the House and Senate could consider in the upcoming legislative session whether to try to ban an alternate form of the games or find a more profitable way to live with them. Video poker was tainted with suspicions in the political arena before the 2006 ban.

House Speaker Jim Black was one of legal video poker's biggest supporters and campaign donations from machine distributors were investigated extensively by state election officials. Black ultimately went to federal prison for corruption unrelated to video poker. Former Buncombe County Sheriff Bobby Medford was sentenced to 15 years in prison after being convicted in 2008 of taking up to $300,000 in bribes from illegal video gambling operators while sheriff. / Associated Press / By Gary D. Robertson / May 2, 2010

Turning the Gaming Tables on Seminoles
FL - "The (Seminole) compact allows the Indians blackjack -- but no one else -- which violates the equal protection clause.the Andrew Jackson Institute will be filing suit in the federal courts / Roger Stone / May 6, 2010

Tribal gaming contributions to state dip 3.5 %
AZ - said the contribution was 3.5 percent less than the same period last year. But he said gaming operations are making a comeback from a tough economy. / Tribune Staff / May 3, 2010

Three Restaurants Planning To Add Off-Track Betting Stations
CT - The company that runs off-track betting in the state plans to open three gambling stations in restaurants and bars this year,"When gambling makes its way deeper into a community, it accesses more young people and more people who have a problem or have a potential problem," Steinberg said."They [gambling operators] want it embedded in the community so it becomes part of everyday life, and I don't think that's a good idea," he said. / The Hartford Courant / By JESSE LEAVENWORTH / May 07, 2010

Three injured in gambling bus collision in Black Hawk
CO - Two people were flown by helicopter and a third was rushed by ambulance to hospitals following an early-morning collision that happened when a car crossed double yellow lines and rammed a tour bus. There were only three people including the driver in the tour bus that shuttles casino employees and gamblers to and from the gambling town, / The Denver Post / By Kirk Mitchell / 05/08/2010

NV - Rather than a fiscal crisis, Nevada suffers a crisis of greed, selfishness and stupidity. The state's elementary and secondary public education system, its universities and its other public services -- notably child welfare, health and mental health -- are already among the most poorly funded and weakest in the nation.Encouraged by the state's influential gambling corporations, Nevadans dump their discretionary dollars into gambling rather than tax themselves to secure even mediocre levels of public services. Democracy can apparently thrive without decency.Adults in Clark County gamble a lot more than do average Americans. Overall players in Las Vegas casinos and gaming locations (including bars and grocery stores) lose $9.328 billion a year.In short, the average adult in Clark County incurs gambling losses of $1,511 per year while the average adult American loses $391 per year.Consequently, it is not surprising that pathological and problem gambling in Las Vegas greatly exceeds national averages. A study of Las Vegas adults found that 3.5 percent were in the pathological category, and 2.9 percent were labeled problem gamblers. Las Vegas vices -- gambling, prostitution, pornography, gluttony and alcoholism -- are the sources of its pride and income;f even half of the money spent by local residents on gambling was diverted into public education and Nevada made even median tax efforts, the state would be able to fund first-rate public services while avoiding a deficit.But more than $50 per week of discretionary family income dumped into slot machines is gambling -- the fool's magical hope for a cash windfall that subverts social decency.the citizen has fallen to the ubiquitous temptations of gambling, with umbilical cords sucking their money into slot machines. Nevadans would thrive with less gambling and more education. By destroying the state's public schools and universities, the state also loses its most capable Legionnaires -- its professors and teachers -- dedicated to soften Nevada's depravity into the customary commercial sin. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By WILLIAM M. EPSTEIN AND WILLIAM N. THOMPSON / May. 02, 2010

The Morning Line: The Business of Racing
NY - A coalition of prominent citizens, public officials, and thoroughbred breeders in Saratoga Springs is threatening to sue New York State to get it to provide needed funds to NYRA to insure the running of the Saratoga meet. There s been no rallying cry for casinos from the people & The real gambling addicts are the politicians. casino gambling in the non-Indian casinos in the country declined by 5.5 percent in 2009. / By BENNETT LIEBMAN / May 8, 2010