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12,000 pokie players contemplate suicide each year: Oz study
Australia - More than 12,000 people in Victoria contemplate suicide each year due to their problems with poker machine gambling, a 12-month study suggests. / From ANI / May 4, 2010

Australian Land Based Casino News Update
Australia - Crown Casino and Star City are following the global trend, largely driven forward from Las Vegas and Macau, of offering a total entertainment experience... not just gambling... you know, slots, poker, table games and the like. Whales aka high-rollers, have also demanded the changing face of the sector.Hotel suite refurbishmentsPrivate gambling room upgrades for high rolling VIP'sSports bar upgradesEnhanced security - technology and more staffGulf Stream Jets aka Lear Jets for international high rollers in a hurry and who demand and casino afford the best / / Greg Tingle / May 8, 2010

Australian Academics Critical of Government Gambling Rules
Australia - Critics of online gambling say that the governments of various countries are addicted to the revenues produced by online gambling with individual states in Australia being told by problem gambling researchers that they are too dependent on gambling revenuesTen percent of those gamblers,were 'problem' gamblers / / May 4, 2010

Armenia Clamps Down On Gambling
Armenia - The Armenian government has followed the example of the Russians in confining all gambling activity to specific areascurrently 11 land casinos and 103 gambling saloons / 5/2/2010

AFL, beer and bets make for strange bedfellows
Australia - Gambling now challenges the game's integrity in a far more sinister fashion. It was always a part of the culture but now it is a culture that rewards the competition and handsomely. It, too, has been placed in Anderson's hands to keep clean, something he has this time done effectively and decisively. The AFL now reaps millions a year from Betfair and Tabcorp. Early last year, less than a fortnight after the league relaxed its rules on such relationships, Richmond and Carlton respectively signed up Luxbet and Sportingbet. Luxbet is now in its second year as the Tigers' joint major sponsor in an agreement which has been worth some $1.5 million to the club, which has promised never to place the gambling logo on jumpers sold to children. / CAROLINE WILSON / May 7, 2010

Coyle: Gaming industry's dark side carries heavy toll
Canada - Legislature's committee on addictions warned of the high social cost it's taking on Ontarians. about 23 per cent visit casinos or play slot machines.About 4 per cent of players develop moderate to severe gambling problems.Twenty per cent of problem gamblers will attempt suicide.Culturally, aboriginal, Chinese, Italian and Russian populations show higher rates of problem gambling, she said, and electronic gaming machines are shown to most strongly correlate to gambling addiction.25 per cent drink excessively, 20 per cent abuse other drugs.There is a higher rate of gambling among young adults, particularly in online gambling. / By Jim Coyle / May 03 2010 / Queen's Park

Chinchilla Hopes to Tax Online Gambling in Costa Rica
Costa Rica - The first female President of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, looks to raise money by taxing that Central American nation's expansive online gambling business. Most online gambling companies oppose such taxation. / / Christopher Costigan / May 7, 2010

Fears pokies plan gambling with families
Australia - A plan for hundreds more poker machines in Wagga Wagga will go back before the city council tonight in a move that has a local gambling counsellor worried. Ms Preston (Problem gambling counsellor) says there is enough of a gambling problem now without 284 more gaming machines. It's ($10 million) going to come out of the people of Wagga and their pockets and we have low income people who can't afford it.""They are willing to steal, lie and cheat to gamble and it's the families that get hurt, the people," May 5, 2010

Family struggles with pain
UK - As he talks about his eldest son's addiction to painkillers and his own enslavement to slot machines, Dan DeActis pauses to search for words. In a desperate attempt to make enough money to pay for his son's drugs, DeActis says he started playing slot machines at the Western Fair. "I never thought I had a gambling problem," he says, adding he once won a jackpot worth more than $14,000. "But nobody ever keeps track of how much money they lose." "I was making good money," he says. "And now I have nothing. I lost it all. Everything." London gambling addict Dan DeActis and his son, Andrew, who is addicted to painkillers, will appear on A&E Network's Intervention in June. / London Free Press / By IAN GILLESPIE / May 5, 2010

Global Cash Access Introduces Casino Share Intelligence
a global provider of innovative cash access solutions and data intelligence for casinos, announced today the launch of its proprietary marketing and business intelligence tool, Casino Share Intelligence (CSI). CSI, powered by DiamondStream, is a Web-based data analysis tool that provides gaming operators a full picture of where and how patrons are spending their gaming dollars, enabling them to evaluate the success of existing and future marketing strategies.With its proprietary database of gaming patron credit history and transaction data on millions of gaming patrons worldwide, GCA is recognized for successfully developing and deploying technological innovations that increase client profitability, operational efficiency and customer loyalty. / / May. 03, 2010

Gambling Trouble in Vietnam Pinned on Philippine Nationals
Vietnam - Philippine gambling law, is rather lenient and many forms of gambling have been legal in the country for quite some time now. The gambling industry flourishes in the Philippines and provides the government with a good steady flow of revenue.many of the nation s residents play at online casinos or participate in illegal gambling activities on the black market. / by John M. / 2010-05-04

Gamblers need reality check: expert
Canada - Ontarians are very knowledgeable at recognizing problematic gambling behaviour in others, but fall short when it comes to identifying their own potentially risky behaviour when gambling.These blind spots could, if left unchecked and ignored, lead to a potential gambling problemThe three most common blind spots reported were: spending a lot more money on gambling than intended; losing track of time while gambling; and trying to win back gambling losses. / NORTHWEST BUREAU / 05/08/2010

Gamblers enjoy a 'near miss' almost as much as a win
UK - Researchers found that the brains of problem gamblers react more intensely to near misses than casual gamblers, producing the reward hormone dopamine. Dr Clark found that near misses activated the same brain pathways as wins, / Telegraph / By Richard Alleyne / 05 May 2010

Gamblers can see problems in others but not in themselves
Canada - The survey found that 92 percent of Ontario adults could see at least one risky behaviour in someone else but only one out of five could spot their own in the past year. These 'blind spots', if left unchecked, could lead to a gambling problem. "A gambling problem isn't something that suddenly appears," explains Paula Antoniazzi, Program Director, Responsible Gambling Council. / By KJ Mullins / May 6, 2010

iPhone game ends for Cairns software company
Australia - A CAIRNS software company has been chased out of the Australian marketplace by a senator on a mission to stamp out gambling games aimed at children. The company was the target of Adelaide-based independent Senator Nick Xenophon, who blasted them for making iPhone applications based on the types of poker machines played in pubs across Australia, featuring 20 lines, free spin features and double-up options. The simulated gambling applications were on-sold by US firm Big Fish Games and had a 12 years and over rating recommendation. The apps were available online through Apple iTunes. / The Cairns Post / Daniel Bateman / May 4, 2010

Jamaica legalizes casinos to revive economy
Jamaica - Jamaica has legalized casinos after a nearly yearlong debate that drew fierce opposition from religious groups.deputy governor-general signed the bill because Gov. Allen was on vacation. / The Associated Press / 05.08.10

Canada - "RGC research shows that an estimated 5,200 people in the Greater Sudbury, Manitoulin and Sudbury Districts are experiencing a moderate to severe gambling problem," / 5-4-10

Libs silent on $1 pokies limit
Australia - In the past the State Government has blocked the reduction of the current $5 limit,"The Greens are optimistic that given the current power-sharing Parliament we will succeed in introducing a $1 bet limit on all poker machines operating in Tasmania, However Federal Hotels, which holds the exclusive licence over poker machines in Tasmania, was outraged. "This is a grubby Greens grab for a headline," It (poll) found 82 per cent of the 1000 people surveyed believed poker machines were a serious social problem and 84 per cent said there should be a cut in the number of machines. / MICHAEL STEDMAN / May 07

Legalized gambling and its affect on society
Bahamas - From personal observation the impetus ap-pears to be on the side of those who crave "Legal-ized Gambling" as a way to increase revenues. The social and economic cost is massive, not to mention the spiritual and the psychological effect. To legalize gambling we will be validating our young people to continue with their gambling addiction. There will be no reason why they cannot gamble at break and lunch times during school. We need to reconsider theThere is a hidden impact that af-fects the fibre of our families resulting in shattered lives of individuals and their once knitted families. Families are torn apart by contention, divorce and bankruptcy caused by gambling Gambling cultivates laziness. Gambling attracts other sins such as alcoholism, drug use and prostitution. One of the misleading notions of legalized gambling is that if we establish legal gambling, we would drive out illegal gambling. This is not true. Legalized gambling will result in uncontrollable and uncollected debts. Research shows that the typical compulsive gambler has debts surmounting to $80,000. Legalized gambling constructs an increase in family neglect, embezzlement, theft, and involvement in organized crime. The Bible cautions us to work creatively and for the benefit of others (Ephesians 4:28), while gambling promotes "something for nothing attitude." The Bible denounc-es it (Matthew 6:24-25) The word of God instructs us to work for our provision. Any other way spells materialism and coveting. If Gambling becomes legalized, people will neglect their God-mandated responsibilities to their families and country. Based on observations from other countries which legalized gambling, legalized gambling will lead to a mundane welfare program. / By Rev. Unay Jones / May 5, 2010

Moncton casino a major gamble: councillor
Canada - The city is expecting to benefit from around $600,000 in annual property taxes as a result of the casino opening. But Bourgeois said officials are also expecting to see an increase in crime and gambling addiction. So we're not going to make a profit out of it."the province has doubled funding for addiction services, including treatment and research into gambling addiction. / CBC News / May 3, 2010

Problem gamblers join pokies debate
Australia - problem gamblers already have their concerns aboutthe application for another 284 poker machines They love to chase, they're always chasing that win. They remember the wins and forget the losses.""I am against gaming machines,They are the number one preferred gambling medicine. The Riverina-Murray region already has a drastically high rate of gambling addicts Riverina-Murray also accounts for the state's highest percentage of binge gamblers, which skyrocketed from 39.8 per cent in 2006/07 to 56.2 per cent the following year. / Daily Advertiser / DAISY HUNTLY / 03 May, 2010

Online gambling more dangerous? You bet it is, expert says
Canada - "That's the real concern," said Dr. Jeff Derevensky, co-founder of the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High Risk Behaviours at McGill University. "Like other addictions, recognizing your own problem isn't easy." Derevensky said the growing popularity of online gambling could potentially create more addicts. "Online gambling provides exactly what most addicts are looking for  anonymity,""Most people want to be left alone, and they can do that on their computers." / Canwest News Service / By Mark Iype / May 5, 2010

Online Gambling Barriers Removed In Italy
Italy - The European Commission said Wednesday it has ensured that Italian citizens will have access to a wider choice of authorised on-line gambling services as a result of changes made to Italy's laws on online gambling. The Commission has therefore closed a series of legal cases against Italy concerning this legislation. The Commission had previously found that Italy's restrictions on foreign operators were disproportionate and had started legal proceedings against Italy for breaching EU rules on the freedom to provide services. / May 05, 2010

Student punters  self-imposed ban
UK - Dundee students are banning themselves from a city casino amid fears their gambling habits are starting to interfere with their studies We have had quite a lot of students self-excluding and it is not always due to the amount of money they are spending, but sometimes the amount of time when it starts interfering with their studies. there was a support network in place on campus for students who had gambling issues and other personal problems. / Evening Telegraph / Graeme Bletcher / 07 May 2010

Soccer star Michael Chopra loses 15,000 pounds in gambling
UK - Soccer prodigy Michael Chopra lost an astounding 15000 pounds in a two-hour betting spree. He had been in rehab two years ago to battle his gambling addiction ANI / May 2, 2010

Rightfully Illegal Gambling Activities Stopped at Mexican Border
Mexico - Since the early 1900 s, Mexican gambling law has gone through a slow but steady process of liberalization. Since opening up to the benefits of the gambling industry, the nation has managed to profit through massive surges of revenue which are supplied mostly by tourists. This is explicitly the case with cock-fighting. This inhumane practice has remained popular despite the harsh laws that were in place earlier in the century. Recently, a group of U.S. authorities followed footprints to find twenty cocks stored in separate cages and obviously for use in fights. / by John M / 2010-05-02

Xenophon Steps Up Efforts To Ban iPhone Gambling Applications
Australia - In Australia, iPhone gambling applications are currently legal. That would change in the near future if Senator Nick Xenophon had his way. The senator is calling on the Australian government to ban the popular iPhone applications. children have access to the apps. With no way to filter what applications come with the iPhone, Xenophon will focus his efforts on ensuring that the apps are outlawed for children. / / By Tom Jones / May 4, 2010