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National Gambling Crimes

'Gamblin' Bronx judge is back
NY - The Bronx judge sued for not paying off loans ($500,000) he incurred because of an alleged gambling addiction is back on the bench -- assuring druggies they're sick and "relapse is part of the recovery process." / New York Post / By KIRSTAN CONLEY / May 5, 2010

$1 million theft and no jail time
AL - A St. Clair County man who pleaded guilty to stealing more than $1 million from a Falkville company must make his first $50,000 restitution paymentAuthorities said Bowers made wire transfers from the company s bank account to his personal account. One official said Bowers said he had a gambling problem and used the money to gamble online. / By Sheryl Marsh / 5/8/10

Attorney suspended, gambling addiction
RI - lawyer who says he's battling a gambling addition has been suspended from practicing law for six large sums of his own money with reputed members of organized crime. / / 03 May 2010

Armed men rob card room
CA - Three men armed with hand guns held up the card room at Lucky Lady Casino, / / 3 May 2010

Ala. grand jury to study electronic bingo
AL - A grand jury is meeting to investigate allegations of possible vote buying in the Alabama Legislature during consideration of a bill to authorize, tax and regulate electronic bingo. / May 4, 2010

Ailing Mastronardo brother denied house arrest
PA - A Montgomery County judge Thursday turned down bookmaker Joseph Mastronardo Jr.'s request to be released from prison and placed under house arrest so that he could receive better treatment for a chronic medical condition.the judge accepted the arguments of Assistant District Attorney Tonya Lupinacci, who said that while Mastronardo might like "all the comforts of home . . . in his million-dollar mansion," the prison medical wing was more than equipped to deal with his problems.He and his brother John, 54, have been jailed since their arrests in what authorities described as a multimillion dollar, interstate sports betting operation.In a series of raids launched March 31, county detectives and the FBI seized nearly $2 million and froze dozens of bank accounts.Mastronardo, the son-in-law of Frank L. Rizzo, a former mayor and police commissioner of Philadelphia, is considered one of the top bookmakers in the area. / The Inquirer / By George Anastasia / May 7, 2010

Barbieri sentenced to four years in prison
MI - Barbieri, the father of a young daughter, took the stand in his own defense. He denied ever having sex with the student, but had a gambling addiction and said he recruited her to acquire more bookings to help him pay off a $1,200 debt. Viviano said Barbieri is in denial about his actions and decision making.  The judge also said he couldn t understand why a person with a young wife and a young child  would engage in a sexual relationship with one of his former students. / C & G / By Maria Allard / May 5, 2010

Corruption in Alabama Over 'Bingo Bill'
AL - Lawmakers in the state of Alabama are facing allegations of corruption in a case surrounding a controversial bingo bill.Among the lawmakers issued a subpoena is State Senator Paul Sanford. Mr. Sanford is expected to argue that lobbyist Jarrod Massey offered him a $250,000 campaign contribution if he would support bingo state lawmakers are under investigation for taking illegal campaign contributions. / May 5, 2010

Chelan Masons regain footing after former treasurer stole funds
WA - Nearly a year after someone began stealing money from its bank accounts, the Masonic Lodge of Chelan is just starting to get back on its feet.The fraternal organization was forced to suspend all of its community charitable programs, including student scholarships, a bikes-for-books reading program and even a planned Christmas party for 350 elementary studentsThe Lodge s former treasurer,pleaded guilty to five counts of forgery for stealing from the organization s bank accounts.Himmelhaver admitted to taking money from the accounts and said he used it to gamble at Mill Bay Casino in Manson and the Okanogan Bingo Casino in Okanogan, / By Michelle McNiel / May 8, 2010

Casino Casualties -- The Story of Melinda Small
MI - "One, I have a gambling addiction, two, if I can help somebody, just one other person with the same problem by telling my story, then that's good," says Melinda Small."I was spending more money than I was bringing in. And what I started doing was I was supplementing my income by writing extra checks from the employer I worked for, and just kept doing it,Small was convicted for embezzlement and sentenced to four years in prison. "It wasn't until two years until she was in prison that she even was able to acknowledge that she had a gambling addiction Small is on the road to recovery. It's not just kicking the addiction to gambling, but it's also trying to recover the time she lost with family and friends. Her husband and one of her daughters have stuck by her. But she's still trying to regain the trust of her other daughter. / By Andrew Keller / May 04, 2010

Builder wants state to probe MGM Mirage nonpayment
NV - The primary contractor that built the $8.5 billion CityCenter complex on the Las Vegas Strip is asking Nevada's governor to investigate why MGM Mirage hasn't paid $490 million in construction bills. A lawsuit over the bill was filed by Perini in Clark County / Associated Press / By OSKAR GARCIA / 05.05.10

Bridgeport Man Faces Sentencing For Illegal Gambling
CT - Bauco was a member of an illegal sports betting operation, and that he collected money from gamblers and other bookmakers / Associated Press / May 2, 2010

Boston dry cleaners eyed in illegal gambling ring
MA - The owner of a Jamaica Plain dry-cleaning service could wind up losing his shirt over allegations his business was a front for customers hoping to clean up on illegal gambling. / Boston Herald / By Laurel J. Sweet / May 3, 2010

Ex-Fairfax school official pleads guilty to embezzling $279,000
VA - Litwin, 37, who resigned in March after 18 years with the Fairfax County school system, withdrew $279,000 in student funds from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, using most of it to play blackjack in Atlantic City and Las Vegas,"She has a gambling addiction," said her attorney, Because the school and the school system receive federal funding, the crime was treated as a federal offense. / Washington Post / By Michael Alison Chandler / May 6, 2010

East Greenbush Police bust gambling operation
NY - Police in East Greenbush went undercover to bust what they say is an illegal gambling operation. / By: Tiffany Hammond / 05/07/2010

Eagan woman accused of stealing aunt's life savings, gambling it away
MN - An Eagan woman faces a felony charge of exploiting a vulnerable adult for allegedly stealing more than $35,000 from her disabled aunt. She is accused of gambling away the woman's life savings. bills and rent had gone unpaid, she faced eviction, and her home, went into foreclosure / Star Tribune / Joy Powell / May 3, 2010

Foxwoods group pays $114,000 more for delays
PA - The partners in Foxwoods Casino paid $114,000 in fines to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board on Thursday for delays in developing a gaming hallThe $2,000-a-day fines will continue / Inquirer / By Jennifer Lin / May 10, 2010

Former T.J. High official pleads guilty to embezzlement
VA - A former financial officer at the region's top science and technology magnet school pleaded guilty Thursday morning in U.S. District Court in Alexandria to embezzling money from student activities and sports accounts. "She has a gambling addiction," said her attorney,Litwin didn't just steal from her employer, she stole from the students at Thomas Jefferson High School and those who donate funds to support public education," / Washington Post / By Michael Alison Chandler / May 7, 2010

Forks woman is accused of stealing lottery tickets
PA - woman has been charged / Of The Morning Call / By Frank Warner / May 7, 2010

For wedding with mob overtones, judge tells dad to stay mum
IL - a federal judge is ordering one Chicagoan to stay away from his little girl's future father-in-law when she walks down the aisle in August. Casey Szaflarski stands accused of running a video gambling business linked to the Chicago Outfit, and his daughter is marrying the son of Frank "Toots" Caruso, a reputed leader of the mob's 26th Street crew. Szaflarski was indicted in March on gambling and tax fraud charges / Chicago Tribune / By Jeff Coen / May 04, 2010

Feds indict Stamford men in bank robbery spree
CT - The two Stamford men accused of holding up nearly a dozen Fairfield County banks in a robbery spree last summer were indicted on federal bank robbery chargesthey stole about $40,000 from 11 banksn a confession, Moschos told police he had gambling and drug problems / Jeff Morganteen / May 7, 2010

LA - Winkler and childhood friend Thomas Carmody, a Republican state representative from Shreveport, are trying to define fantasy sports as "gaming" in the Louisiana Constitution. If made into law, House Bill 316 would authorize fantasy sports as a legitimate form of gaming and allow the state's general managers to collect future winnings. Gambling is illegal in Louisiana, but residents can buy lottery tickets and claim green at horse tracks and casinos because those practices are considered gaming. People such as Winkler can legally participate in fantasy sports but are not allowed to collect prizes. Gov. Bobby Jindal has to sign the bill into law -- something that Carmody is skeptical about happening. / / by Andrew Astleford / May 7

Gambling Raids Sweep Across Clayton County, Georgia On Wednesday
GA - Clayton County was the scene of the raids that took place on Wednesday. Police officers confiscated forty-five machines and $300,000 in the raids"These illegal proceeds could be financing other illegal activity both here in Clayton County as well as abroad," said SheriffKimbrough "There are Homeland Security implications. If the money's going overseas, we don't know where that money's going." / / By April Gardner / May 5, 2010

Gambling Machines Seized in Sting
GA - seized 68 video gambling machinesNguyen and Van Le offered police $11,000 expecting tips on the raid, / Tony Potts / 05-04-2010

Gambling machines grabbed at Hunt Club
OH - State agents removed two electronic gambling devices from the Hunt Club in Salem last week and filed gambling-related criminal charges against the owner and one of his employees. Owner was charged with operating a gambling house, gambling-acquire, possess, control or operate a gambling device and possession of criminal tools,Evidence removed included two electronic video gambling machines labeled "$10 Fruit," three $2 fuel cards, 13 $10 fuel cards and $6 from one of the machines. / By MARY ANN GREIER / May 7, 2010

Gambino Crime Figure Commits Suicide
NY - 81-year old Gambino crime soldier,Anastasio, fatally shot himself before he was set to serve a 2 year prison term.charges in the indictments include extortion , wire fraud , illegal gambling, loansharking , narcotics trafficking, jury tampering , and sex trafficking of minors. / / May 2, 2010

Internet gambling case is 1st for state, Beverly man faces offshore betting charges
MA - Lyons was arrested Thursday night on a 36-count indictment that alleges he collected more than $22 million illegally as the primary agent in the state for Sports Offshore, an Internet gambling site licensed in the Caribbean island of Antigua, authorities said.The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which was signed by President George W. Bush, barsAmericans from using electronic fund transfers, credit cards, and checks to place bets with gambling sites worldwide. / Globe Newspaper Company / By Jonathan Saltzman / May 8, 2010

Loosening Video Poker Regulations?
IL - Lawmakers are moving this week to restrict the power of regulators to keep those linked to the mobbed-up illegal video gambling market out of Illinois' new legal video gambling industry. At issue is a clause in the legislation that says the gaming board can deny a license for video gambling if the applicant has been convicted on an illegal gambling charge. The problem is that in most cases the owners of bars and even some of those rounded up in video gambling raids are never convicted. More than 100 bars, fraternal clubs and other companies have paid fines connected to charges for illegal gambling in the five-county Chicago region over the last 10 years,The gaming board has long had broad discretion to deny gambling licenses to casinos and casino-related vendors based on suspicion alone of connections to organized crime or other nefarious activity.illegal video gambling machines that have been running in countless bars and truck stops are known to funnel millions of dollars a year to the Chicago Outfit. / by Joseph Ryan / 05/06/2010

Lawyers seek shorter jail term for Saddle River's Nicholson
NY - Attorneys for James Nicholson, who headed the now defunct Westgate Capital Management LLC, filed court papers pegging the loss to his investors at $42.3 million  nearly $100 million less than estimated by prosecutors. The defense attorneys  filing also suggest Nicholson acted alone and says in a footnote that he suffers from a gambling addiction.  Westgate s financial toll  as measured by the court -- will play a primary role in determining how long Nicholson, 43, spends in prison for defrauding nearly 400 investors,arrived at their loss totals by factoring in or excluding certain sums, (including an $860,000 payment for a gambling debt).Nicholson misappropriated  Westgate funds  money, sending out fraudulent account statements with grossly inflated rates of return,  and cooked up phony financial documents from a fakeaccounting firm, the prosecutors wrote. / The Record / BY ANDREW TANGEL / May 6, 2010

Law is ignored at game rooms
TX - After some raids in North Texas, authorities discovered a fascinating fact about many of the electronic boards that regulate the odds of anyone winning at the video slot machines. The odds were set at zero. Players put money in. The operators of those slot machines had no chance of ever having to pay out.The lingering question about the Galveston County Sheriff s Office raids this past weekend in Bacliff and Kemah was whether the amount of cash seized  about $100,000  was a record. It was the largest seizure of cash in raids of alleged gambling operations in decades.That argument ignores the fact that people have been shot and killed in some of these places and robbed at others. Does anyone really believe all that cash and all that violence have anything to do with fuzzy toys? / The Daily News / By Heber Taylor / May 4, 2010

Laredo Police Raids Slot Machine Businesses
TX - Police authorities launched a "crusade" against slot machine businesses, where cash prizes above the established Texas law are awarded; in fact, within a week, two local slot machine businesses have been raided.charges of promoting illegal gambling. / By: LAREDO SUN / May 04, 2010

Kankakee: Smoke shop owner pleads not guilty to gambling operation
IL - owner of the former Woody's Smoke Shop has pleaded not guilty to federal charges in connection with the alleged operation of a video gambling enterprise in the shop. / Daily / By Robert Themer / May 08, 2010

Norcross man accused of bribing gambling investigator
GA - probing a profitable, illegal gambling operation across Atlanta cities. / By Josh Green / May 3, 2010

News Media Begins to Focus in on Weitzer Suicide Pact
To date, has been the only mainstream news media outlet covering the suspicious deaths of online gambling website portal creator, Kenneth Weitzner, and his wife Jackie Balance Weitzner. Weitnzer was considered a pioneer in the world of online gamblingWeitzner and his wife were found last month in a detached apartment on their sprawling Chesapeake, Virginia property, dead from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning and an overdose of pills. Suicide notes were reportedly found at the scene though offered little explanation for a motive. Rumors suggest that Ken Weitzner either owed a million dollars from a losing bet NCAA Championship bet or he was about to be indicted. he was subpoenaed to provide information related to Las Vegas golf course developer and sports bettor Billy Walters. / / May 6, 2010

Multiple Casino Robberies Occur Around USA Over Past WeekCasino robberies are not exactly uncommon occurrences,Three armed assailants had entered the casino (Lucky Lady and remained in the building for under a minute. The men had escaped on foot, and police are currently searching for the would be robbers. The Seneca Niagara Casino was robbed by a white male. Police of Reno,had arrested three residents who had concocted a scheme to rob guests of the Circus Casino. / / by Glen Farmer / May 3rd, 2010

Men who allegedly stole ATMs in Orange County arrested
CA - Three men who allegedly dislodged two automated teller machines in Orange County and took the money from them have been arrested,One of the men was arrested Saturday while gambling at the Morongo Casino / My-Thuan Tran / May 5, 2010

Police: Gambling operators tried to bribe investigator
GA - Worried their illegal gambling business was in danger, two men tried to bribe a Chamblee police officer for information about upcoming gambling raids,Authorities busted the operationseized 68 video gambling machines and $164,000 in cash.The investigation began after a raid last October that netted 14 gambling arrests at six businesses. / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution / By Larry Hartstein /May 2, 2010

Police say ATM theft report made up
IN - A Lafayette woman is accused of reporting her own ATM cash withdrawals as fraudulent activityFouts claimed that her Lafayette Bank and Trust debit card had been used at Majestic Star Casino in Gary. Fouts also told investigators that new debit cards for herself and her husband were again used fraudulently, this time at Majestic Casino and at Hoosier Park Casino in Anderson. She reportedly told investigators that she has a gambling problem. / / By SOPHIA VORAVONG / May 8, 2010

Police arrest 3 in alleged scam ring
TX - Police allege the men used a series of scams, including one involving a claim of settlement money from a lawsuit against BP.

two members of the trio,target Hispanic men as they walked out of a bank. After convincing the victim to pull several hundred dollars from his bank account, a third member of the scam team would swoop in and take off with his partners leaving the victim less the money he pulled out of his bank account.One of the men also was charged with possession of a gambling device for having a pair of loaded dice on him. The men also had a deck of cards that appeared to be marked for use in a Three Card Monty game, / The Daily News / By T.J. Aulds / May 4, 2010

Plea offer on the table in Fairfield theft case
NY - A grand jury two weeks ago handed up a 350 count indictment on charges of grand larceny, and numerous counts of forgery and tampering with public records.It is alleged that she stole about $378,000 from the town office between 2005 to 2009 while her husband Francis Matthews served as supervisor. she allegedly wrote and forged checks which she cashed to feed a gambling addiction. / Evening Telegram / By Stephanie Sorrell-White / May 04, 2010

Parx fined by state
PA - Parx Casinohas agreed to pay a $10,000 fine after employees there repeatedly allowed a compulsive gambler onto the gaming floor. / / By: James McGinnis / May 03, 2010

Pa. Gaming Board Moves to Revoke Foxwood's License
PA - A decision on whether to revoke Foxwoods  license for a South Philadelphia casino will be a difficult one for state gaming regulators. Moving ahead with revocation could mean a delay of several years for a second Philadelphia casino. / by KYW s Tony Romeo / 02 May 2010

Outside counsel sought for contributions
IA - A special prosecutor is needed to oversee the investigation of contributions to Gov. Chet Culver's campaign by backers of a proposed Fort Dodge casino, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller saidMiller, ntended to ask the state Executive Council to appoint Des Moines lawyer Lawrence Scalise as special prosecutor. But questions arose almost immediately about Scalise's independence. Scalise has at least one business connection to Edward Campbell, a Fort Dodge native and husband of Bonnie Campbell, a lobbyist for Peninsula Gaming. That company has agreed to finance the Fort Dodge casino if it's approved.As the special prosecutor, Scalise would receive all evidence generated by an Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation review of whether Peninsula Gaming paid $25,000 to three Fort Dodge casino supporters with the intention that they contribute it to Culver's re-election campaign. / By TOM WITOSKY / May 6, 2010

Online 'sweepstakes' players shocked it's called gambling
FL - His favorite pastime is Lucky Sevens, an online sweepstakes game that mimics a slot machine. Jacks pays out cash if a customer hits the jackpot. On this Friday, reels were spinning on the screens at the cafe's 34 terminals, and customers mostly retirees were buying phone cards encrypted with sweepstakes entries for Internet playtime. They were hoping to get lucky. But were they gambling? The authorities around Casselberry, about 10 miles north of Orlando, say most likely yes.Officials in California, North Carolina, Utah and other states are, like Florida, grappling with the legality of gaming cafes, in some cases regulating and tolerating them, and, in others, prosecuting them and winning.In Salt Lake County, Utah, however, District Attorney Lohra L. Miller determined that one cafe was violating the state's gambling law, and won convictions against five people owners, customers and employees who could face fines and up to six months in jail. Many complaints were from people who had lost money. Police raided four cafes two weeks ago, and the locations are closed pending an investigation. Pat Fowler, executive director of the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling, said dozens of people had called her group's hot line in the past nine months, complaining specifically about Internet cafes. According to the council's data, the majority of callers were low-income women who had lost an average of $13,000 at neighborhood Internet cafes.

Detective Travis Grimm received a visit from a man who showed them proof that his brother had spent $6,000 in three months at a local Internet cafe, which closed in August after a raid. New York Times / By Susan Saulny / May 07, 2010

States Grapple With Legality of Sweepstakes
FL - Jacks pays out cash if a customer hits the jackpot. On this Friday, reels were spinning on the screens at the cafe's 34 terminals, and customers - mostlyretirees - were buying phone cards encrypted with sweepstakes entries for Internet playtime. But were they gambling?The disagreement is playing out throughout the country as this often-unregulated business model known as fringe gambling proliferates, vexing law enforcement agencies and consumer advocates concerned about fraud. Frustrated in his effort to police such businesses, Chief James C. Ruf of the Casselberry police said, "We're not getting any clear direction from anyone."Many complaints were from people who had lost money. Police raided four cafes two weeks ago, and the locations are closed pending an investigation. / The New York Times / By SUSAN SAULNY / May 6, 2010

ST. CHARLES > Woman charged in $5,000 grab at casino
MO - stealing $5,366 from a 66-year-old man at Ameristar Casino, / STL Today / 05/04/2010

Slot machines bring charges of illegal gambling
MD - A Charlotte Hall restaurant's proprietor and a Hughesville man were charged this week with gambling crimes illegally operated slot machines. More than $2,700 was in the machines when the raid took place / By JOHN WHARTON / May 7, 2010

Six Cockfighters Convicted After Week-Long Trial
SC - Convicted of multiple counts of conspiracy, operating an unlawful animal fighting venture, and participating in an illegal gambling business were The six were part of a cockfighting operation / By Staff / May 07, 2010

Sheriff's Office busts 4 meth labs, 2 illegal gambling operations
AL - The Sheriff s Department continues to work with the community to combat illegal activities in the county. We have seized four methamphetamine labs in the last three weeks, and wrapped up the investigations on two illegal gambling operations, He said Stephen Ramsey, 62, of Pell City and Douglas Griffin, 58, of Cropwell were charged with promoting gambling and selling alcohol without a license. We also went to execute arrest warrants at 852 Pine Road, Pell City, and found another gambling operation in an outbuilding at that residence, / by Elsie Hodnett / 5-7-10

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem scam leads to prison time
PA - A Bethlehem man who used counterfeit Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem player cards to steal about $1,700 was sent to prisonRivera used the cards allegedly created by a Sands employee.used his access to casino computers and a database of registered players to make counterfeit cards with free "e-play" credits, / The Express-Times / By SARAH CASSI / May 07, 2010

Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem janitor sent to prison for exposing self
PA - A former Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem janitor who exposed himself to a patron is headed for state prison Kern pleaded guilty in exchange for the withdrawal of four other charges. The woman went to the restroom and, while she washed her hands, according to police, she noticed Kern standing in the doorway. exposed himself. / The Express-Times / By SARAH CASSI / May 07, 2010

UPDATE: St. Charles police arrest woman in Ameristar Casino theft
MO - Police have arrested a woman suspected of swiping a bankroll from a man s shirt pocket last week at the Ameristar Casino. Police say Ryland yanked $5,366 from a 66-year-old man s pocket while they were standing near a set of elevators one morning last week at the casino. / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Joel Currier / 05.03.2010

Waterbury Investment Adviser Sentenced In Swindling Of Clients
CT - A Waterbury investment adviser was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for swindling about $2.1 million from clients and losing most of it gambling at Connecticut casinos.He had pleaded guilty previously to mail fraud and money laundering. / By EDMUND H. MAHONY / May 05, 2010

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act Nets First Arrest
MA - U.S. District Court in Boston has indicted the first person to be charged under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, or the UIGEA. Lyonshas been charged with 36 counts of racketeering, operating an illegal gambling business, money laundering, filing false tax returns, interstate travel in aid of racketeering, and similar charges correlating to the business of illegal gambling. / by Glen Farmer / May 8th, 2010

Two Individuals Plead Guilty To Conspiring To Traffic Counterfeit Slot Machines and Computer Programs
FL - Rodolfo Rodriguez Cabrera, 43, a Cuban national, and Henry Mantilla, 35, of Cape Coral, Fla., pleaded guilty today in front of U.S. District Court Judge Philip M. Pro in Las Vegas to one count of conspiracy to produce and sell counterfeit International Game Technology (IGT) video gaming machines, commonly known as slot machines, and counterfeit IGT computer programs, / USNewswire / May. 06, 2010

Treasurer of Boston-Area Firefighters Local Charged with Embezzlement
MA - Like many crooked union office employees in recent years, Truong Nguyen had a gambling problem. He was arrested at a casino.and charged with cleaning out the union bank account to the tune of more than $46,000. he wrote 24 unauthorized checks from the union's bank account and closed out two union CDs worth at least $17,000 in order to cover gambling-related losses. / by Carl Horowitz / 05/04/2010

Tougher charges against priest accused of stealing $300,000
IL - The Rev. John Regan, 46, who served at St. Walter's Parishis accused of stealing more than $300,000 from parishioners.Regan, who has been treated for a gambling problem, allegedly took cash and checks meant as church offerings and put them into his own bank account, / Tribune / By Art Barnum / May 03, 2010

International Gambling Crimes

11 Men, Two Women Detained On Suspicion Of Vice, Gambling Activities
Brunei - Police yesterday detained 11 men and two women for suspicion of vice and gambling activities during a raid at a house in Kampong Batang Mitus in Tutong. / by Achong Tanjong / 04 May 2010

£110k raid on Legion bar till
UK - A GAMBLING addict who stole £110,000 out of Royal British Legion coffers while working as a barman has been jailed. "He was the sole person in charge of the tills and would deal with counting procedures.Defence counsel Julie Mackwell said her client had been in the grip of a massive gambling addiction, and had since lost everything, including his job and his girlfriend of 10 years. "I am still lost for words really - everyone here is in shock. We are a charity that supports the armed forces, which makes the crime all the worse in my eyes." / Uxbridge Gazette / By Jack Griffith / May 5, 2010

'Money-go-round' gaming trusts prompt reform calls
NZ - A gaming trust that used about $120,000 of charity money to renovate pokie rooms in Christchurch's Excelsior Hotel and a Wellington strip club has sparked calls for sector reform.The Dunedin-based Southern Trust had appealed against a five-day suspension of gaming-machine businessProblem Gambling Foundation chief executive Graeme Ramsey called for penalties for the individual trustees. The Trusts Charitable Foundation case "beggars belief" and the trustees should be made to pay the money back, he said. / The Press / By IAN STEWARD / 07/05/2010

Australian Sports Betting Scandals Continue With AFL
Australia - South Australia's Port Adelaide assistant coach Matthew Primus is one of would you believe 6 AFL entities to be punished for betting on AFL games. The bet traced back to his laptop computer as the AFL entered into information sharing agreements more than 12 months back with all major Australian bookies. a goal umpire and two interchange stewards have also been suspended for the rest of the season for what we understand are unrelated gambling incidents.The AFL confirmed goal umpire Chris Appleton had been stood down for the remainder of the year for placing for different bets worth $60 on the 2009 grand final.At this rate we think some sports banning sports betting all together may be a genuine possibility. Media Man's of the belief that maybe sports betting's loss many become online poker's and online casino games gain! / / Greg Tingle / May 5, 2010

AFL officials hit with gambling sanctions
Australia - Port Adelaide assistant coach Matthew Primus is one of six figures to be reprimanded for betting on AFL matches. An official investigation found Primus had placed a $20 muli-leg bet The bet was traced back to his laptopA goal umpire and two interchange stewards have also been suspended for the rest of the season for separate gambling incidents. / ABC/AAP / May 5, 2010

Ex-bureaucrat's lies extended beyond Alberta
Canada - Last month, the former executive director of the tobacco-reduction program at the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission was sentenced in Edmonton to 3½ years in prison for defrauding the Alberta government of $634,000. Carr pleaded guilty in February to diverting the money from the program he ran into his own accounts between 2004 and 2006 to support a gambling addiction. / May 4, 2010

Employee stole to fund pokies
New Zealand - A Whangamata office worker who stole more than $166,000 from her employer used the money to fund a poker machine habit and pay off her credit cards. / Waikato Times / By AARON LEAMAN / 08/05/2010

Deserted boy found at casino
New Zealand - Two grandparents have been banned from SkyCity after abandoning their grandson to gamble.SkyCity security management at first denied a neglected child had been found.A man who said he witnessed the incident said security was lacking."Security there didn't care. There was no sense of urgency at all," he said.Faumuina who was sentenced to 12 months' supervision in 2001 after leaving her baby in a car for three hours while she played pokies. / New Zeland Herald / By Kieran Nash / May 2, 2010

Granny Busted for Illegal Gambling
South Africa - An elderly woman in Eldorado Park has been busted for running an illegal gambling enterprise from her home. / / May 6, 2010

Gambling Foundation saddened
New Zealand - SkyCity says it told the grandparents what they had done was unacceptable. The casino says it has absolutely no tolerance for people leaving children unattended while they gamble. 2 May 2010

Is China Getting Tough on Internet Gambling?
China - Reports from various sources suggest that China is ramping up their crackdown on internet gambling. A government spokesman told the Xinhua News Agency that China will target online information from overseas hostile forces". / by Rebekah Lillias / 3rd May,

Hairstylist accused of stealing at Marina Bay Sands resort
Singapore - Malaysian hairstylist allegedly stole real estate agent ('s) handbag which contained S$600 cash, casino chips worth S$600 and an Apple iPhone worth S$1,200. / CNA / 03 May 2010

Man accused of stealing $1.2 million not a flight risk: judge
Canada - Germain, is facing fraud and theft charges after $1,199,800 was allegedly transferred from SIGA accounts into his own personal accountsGermain admittedthat he did take money from SIGA casinos.Fraud investigators allege Germain used his ATM business to keep money intended for SIGA as reimbursement for ATM transactions at its casinos. Germain told The StarPhoenix last May that he stole the money to pay debts and buy new ATMs. / The Star Phoenix / By Jeremy Warren / May 5, 2010

Problem Gambling calls for heads to roll
New Zealand - The Gambling Commission yesterday upheld decisions by the Secretary of Internal Affairs to suspend the licence of Dunedin-based The Southern Trust (TST) for five days, and increased the licence suspension of The Trusts Charitable Foundation (TTCF) from two days to six. Both operate nationallywith 954 gaming machines with 893 pokies. The TTCF suspension arose from the payment of about $468,000 in fees and expenses to a company operated by one of the trustees to persuade desirable venues to sign with the foundation, rather than other societiesThe $18,000 spent over 17 months by TTCF on entertainment expenses for trustees, the majority of which was for food and alcohol, was an excessive amount for just five trustees, he said."The trustees have fed off the misery of others and should be made to pay the money back. / 6 May 2010

Port Adelaide's Matthew Primus caught up in NAB Cup betting probe
Australia - ONE of Port Adelaide's favourite sons is part of an investigation into an alleged breach of the AFL's rules governing gambling on matches. A reportays that 2004 premiership ruckman and current assistantcoach Matthew Primus was part of a club-based syndicate of eight which placed a bet that included an NAB Cup semi-final as one of its legs.The AFL would not comment on the investigation, The AFL was rocked last month by Brisbane star Brendan Fevola's confession to significant gambling problems. / The Australian / Courtney Walsh / May 04, 2010

Police in China detain 2 in separate threats on children
China - a local elementary schoolreceived an anonymous letter demanding about $14,700. It threatened to harm students and teachers if the money was not paid, A government notice published in statemedia said Liu was short of cash due to gambling debts. / AP / 5/6/2010

Police Cripple Illegal Gambling Syndicate
Malaysia - Police crippled an illegal gambling syndicate, involving betting of RM2.4 million a month, with the arrest of five women / Bernama / May 02, 2010

Operator of Regina's Trade Winds Travel facing fraud charges
Canada - Regina RCMP announced Monday that Angela Sui Ping Lok, the 66-year-old Regina woman who operated Trade Winds Travel, had been charged with three counts of fraud exceeding $5,000, and three counts of theft exceeding $5,000. While she admitted, "I have a bit of a gambling habit," Lok denied that it had anything to do with Trade Winds' financial woes / Leader-Post / By BARB PACHOLIK / May 3, 2010

Snooker Scandal Latest in Series of Sports Gambling Shockers
UK - Straight on the heels of a Melbourne Storm NRL scandal down under and the alleged betting syndicate connected bombing of a cricket match in India comes the latest in a series of sports scandals, The News of the Worldbroke the story on how millionaire World Snooker champion John Higgins was captured on camera shaking hands on a disgraceful deal to fix a string of high-profile matches after demanding a £300,000 kickback.shamelessly agreeing to deliberately LOSE frames in four matches so that illegal gambling syndicates could clean up while bragging about how "easy" to fool fans / / Alistair Prescott / May 2, 2010

Regrets, he has a few - like the fortune he's lost to gambling
Australia - Master commentator Ray Warren has revealed how a lifelong obsession with gambling cost him dearly, and why more must be done to help those being ruined by the vice. his association with gambling ''It annoys me that gambling, as a vice, gets swept under the carpet as a destroyer of people and families. It hasn't been attacked in the same way as tobacco.I've seen some very good friends of mine end up in psychiatric homes, others in jail, Suddenly the kids have no shoes, there's no food, mum and dad are arguing, maybe the fellow ends up robbing a bank, ends up in jail and it's total chaos.'' / DAVID SYGALL / May 2, 2010

Will Russians Go This Far To Gamble? Don't Bet On It
Russia - Pozharov is the director of the Oracle, the first legal gaming site built since a Russian gambling ban last year restricted casinos and slot machines to four special zones in far-flung locations. (There are signs that illegal gambling is flourishing, however: a large underground casino was closed down in Moscow earlier this year, and as many as 40 criminal cases connected to other operations are currently pending in Moscow alone.) Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who first proposed the step while president, said the ban was a moral imperative that would save families of modest means from losing their last kopecks. / By Kevin O'Flynn /May 06, 2010

Trial begins today for police sergeant, convicted dealer in drugs and dogfighting case
Virgin Islands - Federal authorities took Blyden and Mark into custody on May 20, 2008, after a federal grand jury handed up an indictment charging the duo with running a criminal enterprise that engaged in narcotics distribution, unlawful gambling related to dogfighting and acts of violence, including attempted murder. / Virgin Islands Daily News / By CORLISS SMITHEN / May 3, 2010

Tottenham loan shark preyed on gambling addicts
UK - A JOBLESS Tottenham loan shark who preyed on gambling addicts has finally had his luck run out. Ha, 57,moonlighted as a prolific gambler who spent more than £113,000 in 2009 at London's top casinos. But he also targeted fellow gamblers and offered to lend them money when they hit rock bottom, The loan shark pleaded guilty to the charges / By Elizabeth Pears / 6th May 2010