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5/16/10 TO 5/22/10

Australia: Electronic Gaming Machines - third most preferred type of gambling
If you put enough money into a poker machine, it does NOT mean you will eventually win. Poker machines are programmed to pay out less money than is put into them. / May 17th, 2010

Atlantic Lottery Outlines Future of Canadian Online Poker
Canada - Rybak said that Atlantic Lottery, Loto Quebec and British Columbia Lottery had already completed the creation stage of a shared online gambling and poker platform, and that it will most likely be ready to launch later this year. gambling critic, Shane Simpson said: "Internet gambling is potentially the most problematic for people who have gambling addictions & and yet the government is expanding there without offering any other support." / by Renee K / May 17th, 2010

A mistress with a cold cruel heart
Australia - therapist Jiri Dusta has seen lots of families who are suffering. Jiri said it was common for problem gamblers to suffer from depression and anxiety, leading to high incidence of suicide. A local bartender, said he had developed a gambling addiction with poker machines and lost his family in the process. / Liina Flynn / 20th May 2010

B.C.'s problem gambler program not working: addict
Canada - A BC Lottery Corporation program designed to help keep problem gamblers out of casinos is a sham, according to a compulsive gambler and a specialist in gambling addiction. Participants voluntary self-exclusion program are photographed and sign a contract that allows the lottery corporation to eject them and fine them up to $5,000 if they try to enter a casino in the province. in the 11 years that the program has existed, a fine has never been imposed. one compulsive gambler, has been able repeatedly to re-enter casinos unchallenged for 18 months. counsellor, Dr. Jenny Melamed, a medical doctor and a specialist in addiction medicine. "I asked, 'Why don't you tell the patients that this is a scam,' and he said, 'Because it's not up to us to tell them'," Melamed said. Melamed called officials with the self-exclusion program directly and demanded Shannon be intercepted and ejected from the casino she frequented, / CBC / May 19, 2010

Canadian Provinces Beating US States To Online Gambling Market
Canada - Canada, on the other hand, has provinces working overtime to speed up the process (internet). In the US states such as New jersey and California have lawmakers that have discussed regulating online poker. There have even been a couple of proposals offered, but as of yet, no state has taken the plunge to become the trendsetter in the nation. / By Terry Goodwin / / May 16, 2010

Distracted Kindergarten Kids Become Gamblers
Canada - Children rated as impulsive by their kindergarten teachers appear more likely to begin gambling behaviors like playing cards or placing bets before they hit middle school, Canadian researchers said on Monday. at an average age of 11.5, the children told the researchers in telephone interviews how often they participated in gambling-related behaviors such as playing cards or bingo, buying lottery tickets, playing video games or video poker for money or placing bets at sporting events or with friends. People who start gambling in adolescence are more likely to have severe gambling problems in adulthood, / Reuters / May 17, 2010

Gaming Stocks Hammered in Australia
Australia - Australian stocks suffered the worst day in a year. That's serious news. The gaming and casino industry got hammered. Gaming and casinos are not recession proof, and now many insiders are questioning just how recession resilient they actually are. / / May 18, 2010

Gamblers seek help
Australia - ST LUKE"S Gambler's Help program is at full capacity, with new problem gamblers coming in on a regular basis. Shame and guilt is often associated with a gambling problem, so it can be very hard for people to admit to experiencing problems. / May 21, 2010

Korean hangs self to escape big debts
Philippines - A 45-year-old Korean who ran out of money to cover his bill at a resort, here, as well as settle his debts at a nearby casino was found hanging by the neck last Friday in an apparent suicide, / Dexter A. See / May 22, 2010

Korean found dead in La Union beach resort
Philippines - Police said their initial investigation indicated the victim may have committed suicide due to unpaid bills at the resort, and P300,000 in losses at the casino. / / 5.21.2010

Ireland Will Impose Tax on Internet Gambling
Ireland - Ireland says it will start taxing Internet gambling establishments operating overseas and catering to Irish citizens. The Irish horse industry -- a world leader and a huge employer -- needs to be subsidised, but there is no need to tie that funding to the profits of another industry. / / Alistair Prescott / May 17, 2010

Ireland Prepares To License And Tax Online Gambling
Ireland - the government looking for a target to make up for the lack of funding contributing to the problems of the industry. Now, it looks like one has been found as the Irish government prepares to tap the huge potential revenue from online casinos and online sports betting sites. Furthermore, they are arguing that the high levels of subsidies required by the horse racing Industry was because the sport was on the brink of becoming a "niche gambling product," and that it was unfair to rely heavily on the gaming companies to bail it out. / B. Solomon / May 18th, 2010

Malaysia Faces Protests Against Gambling Decision
Malaysia - Tension is rising in Malaysia over what many Islamists believe is a breach of the Muslim faith. Hundreds of Muslims gathered on Friday to protest the governments decision to license a sports betting operation. Gambling is forbidden in the Muslim religion, and although the government allowed the license, they do not allow Muslims to gamble. / By April Gardner / / May 17, 2010

Province bets on VLT upgrades
Canada - As thousands of aging video-lottery terminals reach the end of their life spans, the province is considering the next generation of gambling games in what may become a bid to woo players with high-tech features such as touch screens, improved graphics and interactive game play. critics say the newest technology is being used to attract a growing, younger audience, and encourage it to play, and spend, more. "Lots of money is put into research and development to keep people playing longer and paying more money." / By Jen Gerson / Calgary Herald / May 22, 2010

Stricter Problem Gambling Regulations Targeted In British Columbia
Canada - Land-based gambling options, as well as Internet gambling are both growing in record numbers in Canada. The self-exclusion program was the specific target of lawmakers. The program boasts a strong rate of success, but experts and legislators agree that the success is not nearly as proclaimed as is advertised. Several gambling addicts have confessed to being allowed into casinos after signing up for the program. / Casinogambling.web / By Terry Goodwin / May 21, 2010

Sinking-lid gambling policy shift fails
New Zealand - Dunedin City Council heard from Cr Michael Guest that while gaming machines "bordered on evil", the policy was working, with venue and machine numbers decreasing. Such a policy would mean a prohibition on all new sites, and as the number of venues or machines fell, there would be no new approvals for either. Cr Chris Staynes said the good that came from the funding did not make up for the damage done by gambling addiction. / By David Loughrey / 18 May 2010

Woman Tries To Commit Suicide After MHADA Lottery Results
India - Shortly after the MHADA Lottery Results 2010 were announced, A woman named Sapna Pereira tried to commit suicide in front of public. Sapna cannot afford a house and losing the lottery made her lose all her hope / 5-20-10