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National Gambling Crimes

You Ripped My Freaking Heart Out
MO - Taylor, 47, is charged with first-degree murder, burglary and armed criminal action in the May 2007 death of Harriet Mallow, 61. She invited him to move in with her sometime in early 2007 and kicked him out not long after. Taylor was unemployed and, while confessing to police, told them he had a gambling problem. / By Ellis E. Conklin / May 18, 2010

20 Held in Chinatown Gambling Raids
CA - the future police chief and mayor of Los Angeles, leads another raid on gambling in Chinatown. / May 20, 2010

All bets are off for loansharking Staten Island ex-con
NY - ex-convict sentenced for loansharking Joseph and his sibling, Frank ran an illegal gambling and money-lending operation The brothers often loaned some gamblers thousands of dollars at an interest rate exceeding the criminal usury rate of 25 percent, The crew then paid a "tribute" from the earnings to alleged Lucchese capo Anthony Croce In 2000, Joseph a reputed Lucchese soldier and "made man," was arrested as part of a criminal enterprise that allegedly rigged bids and extorted millions of dollars in public and private construction projects. / By Frank Donnelly / May 19, 2010

Alabama Supreme Court sides with Governor Riley on gambling
AL - The Alabama Supreme Court, sided with Governor Riley in a long dispute over who has the power to enforce the state's laws against gambling. Riley has accused Attorney General Troy King of not enforcing the law. / WBRC / By Ty Watwood / May 21, 2010

Ala governor gets victory in fight against casinos
AL - Alabama's high court handed the governor a victory on Friday in his fight to shut down electronic bingo casinos, ruling the state's attorney general can't seize control of a gambling task force. "This ruling should put the nail in the coffin for so-called electronic bingo in this state," it affirms the governor's ability to enforce gaming laws. The governor says the bingo machines are Vegas-style slots - which are illegal in the state. The task force raided the White Hall casino, last year and seized about 100 machines and $500,000 in cash. / By PHILLIP RAWLS / Associated Press / 05.21.10

Billings woman gets probation for union embezzlement
MT - The former secretary of Painters Local 1922 will spend two and one-half years on federal probation for embezzling money from the union for about two years. She said Smith needed to have her finances monitored and to stay away from gambling. / Gazette / May 19, 2010

Bank Robber Blames Gambling Debts
KS - sentenced for robbing First National Bank. He then told authorities that he had lost money gambling and needed to recoup the money in order to pay bills. A weekend of gambling at a casino was the beginning of Gary slide back to drugs, alcohol and crime, He went on to rob three banks and a few stores after stealing his own niece's car. man robbed three banks in three different states: has a $93,000 gambling debt at Mohegan Sun, / Jagajeet Chiba / / May 17, 2010

California Charges Mortgage Relief Scammers Stole $2.3 Million
CA - California authorities have arrested nine men and charged them with 97 criminal counts for allegedly stealing at least $2.3 million from more than 1,500 desperate homeowners who were promised loan modifications but received no relief. When agents executed a search warrant at the office, they found a Las Vegas casino-themed sales floor complete with craps, poker and black jack tables fashioned as workstations, and a roulette wheel that top-selling telemarketers spun for cash bonuses. / May 20, 2010

CA - How Congress engaged in a feeble attempt to wean Indian tribes from total federal dependence and at the same time clarify the 1987 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Cabazon Tribe versus California. How Congress completely failed to take into account the complex and confusing body of Indian law, including the court-created doctrine of Indian tribal immunity from lawsuit. Then I discussed the tortured history of how Indian gambling found its way into California illegally and the attempts to legalize it by corrupt politicians and Gov. Gray Davis, who executed 59 tribal-state compacts for casinos with several tiny bands of questionable Indian descent, and who had no legally eligible lands on which to build and operate a gambling casino and even allow questionable "tribes" to purchase land near perceived gambling markets in a practice that came to be known as "reservation shopping." Gov. Davis owed his election to the massive contributions from Indian casinos operating illegally in California once elected, Gov. Davis negotiated 59 tribal-state compacts with these illegal existing casino tribes Davis and the Legislature put a "legislative initiative" on the March 2000 ballot called Proposition 1A. Although this initiative amended the State Constitution to authorize the Governor to negotiate future tribal-state compacts, it was, in effect, an initiative designed to retroactively ratify the 59 compacts signed earlier without lawful authority and without informing the voters. She was the only member of that "tribe" and not only entitled to receive a $1.1 million dollar distribution but also hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in federal welfare and grant money for "tribal government," "tribal economic development," "tribal housing," and so forth. Many other bands or tribes had perhaps a handful of members. Abramoff, disgraced lobbyist, got $80 million from one "poor" Indian tribe in Alabama with orders to spread it around Washington politicians, One tribal operating a gambling casino near Palm Springs gave Abramoff $10 million Casino Indians and slot machine manufacturers had designed machines they called Bingo machines. Bingo under the IGRA is a class II gambling game that can be operated by a tribe without needing a tribal-state compact. When the gambling tribes wanted to eliminate any competition, they went to Sacramento again and had a bill introduced to place a long moratorium on the issuance of any more private non-Indian card room licenses that is still in effect. This corruption from gambling dollars is bi-partisan. they not only spent well over $70 million promoting the amended compacts they also gave the State Republican party $5 million. casino tribes spent more than 35 million to oppose race track efforts to obtain slot machines these political pay-offs are not legal by federal law. / By Jim Marino / May 20, 2010

Can regulators keep video gambling crime-free?
IL - behind the scenes. Gambling interests moving in after facing pay-to-play allegations in two other states. A man who worked to push legalization arrested by the FBI and charged with running a multimillion dollar illegal gambling operation. A mayor with ties to a company hoping to finance some of the 45,000 gambling machines set to be placed in bars, investigation shines light on the problem regulators face to keep political insiders and, separately, organized crime out of a new legal industry that could be worth up to $1.5 billion annually. One of the issues raised has to do with the Funding Stop LLC, created a week after Gov. Pat Quinn signed the law, and now offering to loan millions of dollars to those wanting to run video gambling machines. Trustee Bob Sodikoff, said (Mayor) Grasso never told him of his involvement with the Funding Stop. Bilek, of the crime commission, said it will be difficult to know in the end who is in charge of the Funding Stop without proper vetting by the gaming board. moving into Illinois Nichols, of Redman Gaming. Redman Gaming applied to build a truck stop in Jefferson Parish near New Orleans. Around the same time, Redman set up a deal to share profits from another proposed truck stop casino with a company owned by a parish executive who held sway over that application, The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board also ordered Nichols' company not to have any business contact with his father-in-law, Robert Guidry, who admitted to paying $1.5 million in bribes to Louisiana's governor for a casino license. Two owners of video gaming companies have been charged with illegal gambling and both companies were members of the Illinois association that lobbied for the legalization of video gambling. reputed video gambling mob boss Casey Szaflarski also was a member of the association. / By Joseph Ryan / Daily Herald / 5/17/2010

Calling All Parimutuels: Anyone Want to Sue Florida?
FL - The Andrew Jackson Institute, an anti-Indian-casino group that vowed to sue over the tribal agreement with the state, announced it was backing off. only a parimutuel facility in competition with the Seminoles would have standing to bring suit challenging the constitutionality of the legislature allowing the Seminoles to operate a game prohibited by state law for anyone else. / / Kenric Ward / May 19, 2010

City targeting Internet cafes with high fees
NC - With colorful signs bearing eye-catching words such as "sweepstakes" and "pot of gold" in large letters, Internet cafes have become hard to miss in Mount Airy. rows of computer screens lining every wall of the establishment, which - for a fee - provides users with time online and access to versions of video poker and other games of chance. Cash payouts are available for games, However, Internet sweepstakes parlors technically are not gambling outlets, because they don't offer mechanical gaming devices and are Internet-server based. In mid-April in Roanoke County, local officers - with help from state and federal authorities - simultaneously raided four of the businesses. They seized computers, cash registers, business records and cash for evidence of what police called illegal gambling and money laundering. Rep. Sarah Stevens of Mount Airy, who says she is against all forms of gambling, doesn't understand how anyone can claim that the businesses are offering anything but games of chance in which people are losing or winning money. "It's gambling," Stevens said / By Tom Joyce / 5-20-10

Former poker dealers sue Bonita Springs dog track
FL - Three former poker dealers at Naples-Fort Myers Greyhound Track are suing the track's owner, alleging it skimmed their tips to pay card room floor managers. Instead of increasing managers' wages, Levy said, the dealers' surplus tips were used to pay managers, even though dealers did all the work. Players usually tip dealers with a $1 or $5 chip at the end of each hand. Because dealers get tips from card players, the club claimed a "tip credit" and set their base pay at roughly $3 less than minimum wage. Dealers were required to place 5 percent of their tips into a "tip pool," which was doled out to cashiers, hosts and floor supervisors. The Bonita Springs lawsuit says the three plaintiffs were hired as non-exempt employees, poker dealers at the casino, and received tips under the Fair Labor Standards Act. The track illegally claimed a "tip credit" for the employees, the lawsuit says, but paid the plaintiffs and other dealers below the statutorily required minimum wage. / Naples News / By AISLING SWIFT / May 19, 2010

Former Miccosukee Tribe Chief Investigated By IRS
FL - The former chairman for the Miccosukee Tribe is being investigated by the IRS for alleged income tax violations tied to the tribe's casino, But the 650-member tribe - now led by Colley Billie - is fighting back arguing they are a sovereign nation and attorneys say they don't have to turn over any records. Federal law exempts tribes and their businesses from paying taxes. But that doesn't include income received from casinos, / CBS4 / May 21, 2010

Feds: Milford man used violence to control illegal gambling
CT - And to collect it (debt( , he might press a gun against a gambler's thigh, whack a leg with a baseball bat or slash at a chest with a knife. Suner "repeatedly used threats, intimidation and violence in his failed attempt to consolidate the illegal gambling operations. Bauco, a 57-year-old Bridgeport resident, also pleaded guilty to the racketeering conspiracy and is free on $250,000 bond. A third man, also is part of the operation, "The mob in Fairfield County is in disarray these days," Suner and Bauco recruited smaller bookmakers into their operation, gave them an offshore betting account which provided gambling lines and tracked winners and losers. Auto Town served "as the defacto operations center for the enterprise." It was there debts were paid, money was counted and meetings were conducted, When the crippled gambler still had not paid his debt, Suner found him in a Milford bar in early 2008. There, Suner backed the gambler up against a plate glass window and tried to stab him, / CT Post / Michael P. Mayko / May 22, 2010

Ex-teacher indicted in robberies
MA - Gail Rasmussen, the former Hollis/Brookline Middle School teacher accused of robbing two banks in Massachusetts and one in Connecticut in December to feed a gambling habit, was indicted Monday robbed another bank using a gun / By HATTIE BERNSTEIN / May 19, 2010

Huntsville man arrested for operating illegal gambling hall
AL - A Huntsville man is facing several charges after drug agents say he was operating a gambling hall out of his home. They also estimate that about $100,000 a month was being passed through the makeshift gambling hall. Agents also said they found 18 gambling machines, $8,500 thousands in cash, and four firearms including two revolvers and a shotgun. / May 21, 2010

Guilty Plea In Murder Of Suburban Philly Mother
PA - A suburban Philadelphia man has pleaded guilty in the beating and slashing death of a young mother of two the pair then stole drugs and several thousand dollars that Felts had recently won at a Chester casino. / AP / May 19, 2010

Greyhound at the Birmingham Race Course tested positive for cocaine
AL - A greyhound at the Birmingham Race Course tested positive for cocaine last fall, and the dog's handler was fined and suspended for 60 days, Cocaine has been administered to greyhounds in attempts to fix races in Florida, Massachusetts and overseas in recent years. In 2007, 13 regular patrons at Mobile Greyhound Park were arrested for what authorities described as a scheme to fix races using so-called "male enhancement" products. / By Stan Diel / The Birmingham News / May 21, 2010,

Grant Park: Scott Fitts gets 5 years in prison
IL - it was a gambling addiction and a desperate need to repay a growing debt that led Fitts into masterminding an elaborate prostitution scam out of his Grant Park Police Department. / Daily Journal / By Bill Byrns / May 19, 2010

Gambling industry hides the truth about crime
NH - five years after the opening of the Foxwoods Casino, the annual number of calls to Police jumped from 4,000 to 16,700. Wisconsin experiences an average of 5,300 additional major crimes a year due to casinos A U.S. News & World Report analysis found crime rates in casino communities to be 84 percent higher than the national average. police calls in Black Hawk, Colo., increased from 25 to between 15,000 and 20,000 annually / Peggy Shaw / May 19, 2010

Long Island Man Pleads Guilty in Wife's Killing
NY - A Long Island man who pleaded with the public for two days to help him find his missing wife admitted in court on Thursday that he had killed her. He admitted strangling his wife, during a fight in their home after he had returned from a gambling trip to Atlantic City. / The Associated Press / May 20, 2010

Lawrence LaCount of Green Bay charged with robbing Colby bank
WI - A 54-year-old Green Bay man charged Thursday with armed robbery stole almost $6,700 from a Colby bank, Police found $6,632 and a .357-caliber handgun in his maroon-colored Ford He allegedly borrowed $800 several years ago from the man whose truck he stole, because he was "down on his luck." La Count gambled it away and the man kicked him out of his home, the complaint says. / Gannett Wisconsin Media / Jake Miller / May 20, 2010

Market could thin the herd of 11 AC casinos
NJ - as many as half the casinos are for sale and three could close. Atlantic City Hilton hasn't paid its mortgage in nearly a year, Resorts handed itself over to its lenders; now they're looking for someone to buy the first U.S. commercial casino outside Nevada. THE HILTON: In its quarterly financial report, the Hilton reported a gross operating loss of $8.2 million, Its parent company, is trying to restructure its debt, TRUMP ENTERTAINMENT'S THREE CASINOS: A bankruptcy court has tentatively assigned the three gambling halls owned by Trump Entertainment Resorts to the company's bondholders, Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. billionaire investor Carl Icahn and Dallas-based Beal Bank have appealed the decision, arguing that their rescue plan is more feasible BORGATA: MGM Mirage decided to stop doing business in New Jersey rather than cut ties with the family of an Asian casino mogul the state felt was too closely linked with organized crime, / Associated Press / By WAYNE PARRY / May. 20, 2010

Murder trial underway in St. Charles for man accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend
MO - A man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend with a screwdriver is on trial Mallow, began dating Taylor in 2005. Taylor told police he had a gambling problem. Taylor confessed he stabbed Mallow and told them he had taken her jewelry. / St. Louis Post Dispatch / By Shane Anthony / 05.18.2010

Memphis lawyer disbarred over children's trust fund theft
TN - A Bartlett lawyer suspended after he was charged with stealing thousands of dollars from a children's trust fund now has been disbarred. He was charged with felony theft of property for allegedly stealing some $76,000 and gambling it away at the Tunica casinos. / / By Lawrence Buser / May 18, 2010

Miami-Dade Cop, Cousin Accused Of Robbing Gambler
FL - a Miami-Dade police officer has been charged with reportedly using his gun and badge to steal more than $100 thousand in cash from an alleged gambler. it began when Victor Duarte placed several bets with Leonardo Lastre, 31, a suspected bookie who operated an illegal gambling operation through the website Duarte was heading north on SR826 when Villar, driving his unmarked police car, reportedly pulled behind him, activated police lights and motioned for him to pull over to the side of the road Villar allegedly told him that the money was evidence and that a narcotics detector canine was en route. Villars then went back to his unmarked police car. / CBS4 Miami / May 19, 2010

Man charged with armed robbery after playing slots with dye-stained cash
MN - A 23-year-old man was allegedly placing dye-stained cash into slot machines at Mystic Lake Casino when security officials noticed it and tipped police off to an armed robbery suspect. they arrested Salamo who was playing slots with cash he allegedly stole during an armed robbery at a TCF Bank / by Pat Minelli / May 20, 2010

Making safety an issue in Internet gambling
the House Ways and Means Committee will hear testimony about the potential tax benefits of legalized Internet gambling. We first identified online gambling as a problem in 1997 when kids, even then, were gambling online using birthday money or money earned babysitting and delivering papers. But Internet gambling continued to be a problem, as steady increases in reported fraud, rigged games and collusion using old-fashioned schemes upgraded for the digital age continued to proliferate. Today, there are no legally mandated safeguards against criminals using these sites to launder money or spread malicious code and spyware. According to recent studies, more than 700,000 teens and young adults between the ages of 14 and 22 gamble online at least once a month. Parry Aftab is an Internet privacy and security lawyer, author, award-winning columnist, consultant, public speaker and child advocate. Her website is and / By Parry Aftab / 05/18/10

Possibility of Regulated Online Casinos Making Strange Bedfellows
Online casino operators, tempted by the potential billions that may be made if and when the US regulates Internet gambling, are devoting substantial resources to preparing for the time when US licenses become available. Only a short time ago, such companies as Harrah's and MGM were the arch-enemies of foreign online gambling operators, / by Matt Miller / May 21, 2010

PIECE OF THE PIE - City moves closer to getting a cut of illegal gambling revenue
MD - The Baltimore City Council moved one step closer toward imposing a stiff tax on illegal gambling devices. Critics say the tax gives tacit approval to illegal gambling, Curran inserted a so-called "bounty hunter" incentive into the bill that will reward people who report unlicensed machines with up to 50 percent of the fines and penalties collected. / By Stephen Janis / 20 May 2010

Part Two: Skeletons in Sheriff Hopefuls' Closets
NM - Every one of the men running for the County's top law enforcement job has faced criminal charges, been sued in his official capacity or faced discipline from his employer. All candidates in the race are Democrats, so the June 1 primary will determine who will be Sheriff Joe Mascareñas' successor. Trujillo ended his 13-year State Police career in 2006 when he resigned "pending termination for stealing money from evidence," Trujillo owed the federal Internal Revenue Service $15,825 in back taxes and his paychecks were being garnished, according to the report. A former Big Rock Casino manager told State Police that Trujillo gambled there every other day, spending about $50,000 a month and sometimes as much as $15,000 a day, the report states. State Police found gambling receipts in Trujillo's desk showing he gambled more than $5,000 in one afternoon while on duty in June 2002, / Rio Grande Sun / By Jose de Wit / May 20, 2010

Pacman Evolves Into Gambling Phenomenon Thirty Years After Arrival
"Many of the grown-ups that grew up in the eighties have downloaded the mobile Pacman slot game to their mobile devices and play them on a regular basis," said Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins. Although the Pacman game was not intended to be used as a gambling tool, the owners of the game have been instrumental in the growth of casino gambling in the US and around the world. / / By April Gardner / May 21, 2010

Overland Park, Kansas bank robber's problems started with gambling losses
KS - Markham has been sentenced to 70 months in federal prison for bank robbery, Markham told investigators he had lost money gambling the day before and decided to rob the bank so he could pay his bills. / Javier Mines / May 17th, 2010

Olathe man sentenced for robbing bank at drive-through
KS - Markham, pleaded guilty in January to robbing First National Bank he had lost money in casinos the night before the holdup / Associated Press / May. 17, 2010

Ohio Continues Crackdown On Illegal Gambling Machines
OH - state agencies have begun to crack down on illegal gambling operations two people were arrested at A1 bar in East Liverpool. two undercover agents went in to check out the tip, and found several gambling machines at the premises. / / By Tom Jones / May 19, 2010

Offshore Poker Sites Catering to the U.S. are Laughing all the Way to the Bank
On June 3rd, the UIGEA is set to go into effect. At the end of 2009 there was a push by Barney Frank and others to get mandatory UIGEA regulations delayed for a year, but the Treasury agreed to delay it to June 2010. Many banks took a 180 degree turn earlier this year announcing that they are willing to cooperate and enforce the UIGEA. This was contrary to the ABA's earlier claim that enforcement was impossible. Many have equated the U.S. efforts to control the online gambling market, and particularly poker, to the war on drugs or prohibition at the turn of the century. Doug Rennick was arrested and found guilty of violating the wire act for processing funds for Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. / by Hartley Henderson / 05-18-2010

Officer denied bail in $131,000 rip-off
FL - police officer accused of robbing a man of $131,000. police say, Marvin Duarte went to collect $131,000 in winnings from wagers on NBA games from Lastre. Duarte was pulled over by John Villar, who was driving his unmarked police cruiser, / Miami Herald / JENNIFER LEBOVICH / 05.20.10

Suspects steal woman's purse, use credit cards at casino
AZ - The woman was there waiting for her sister to wrap up her shift. A man jumped out, ripped her purse out of her hands and off her lap. Police said the crooks are believed to be one man and two women using the victim's credit cards at casinos / by: Christina Boomer / 5-18-10

Suicide note reveals possible reasons for Borrego's suicide
NM - Borrego committed suicide before she was to be sentenced for stealing 3.3 million dollars from School District. mentions her gambling addiction / Eyewitness News 4 / By: Jeremy Jojola / 05/20/2010

Robbers attack Florida internet gambling center
FL - police were quick to respond to a mid-morning call from an Internet gaming centre after it was robbed by a gang this week. Green and Dixon, were arrested on charges of armed robbery with a firearm, / 5/21/10

Report: Seminole official vows to fight 7 Internet centers
FL - A Seminole County commissioner is pledging to "do everything within our legal means" to shut down 7 Internet centers in the county that offer computerized sweepstakes, the businesses are violating anti-gambling language. Residents are complaining about the businesses, saying they attract troublemakers and clog parking lots. / Orlando Sentinel / May 18, 2010

Reno police looking for man who pushed elderly woman down, stole her purse
NV - The incident occurred in front of the Atlantis Hotel Spa and Casino. An 82-year-old woman had been pushed to the ground from behind, and a man forcibly stole her purse. / Jaclyn O'Malley / Reno Gazette-Journal / May 19, 2010

Woman who sued judge over loan has home raided by prosecutors
NY - Investigators for the Manhattan DA's office today are searching the home of a lawyer who last month sued a Bronx judge for not paying $500,000 in loans he took from her to feed his alleged gambling addiction. six investigators were rifling through her belongings and taking computers belonging to her and her son Cohen claimed in a "vicious cycle of gambling and borrowing money" -- Villegas periodically called her to say that "loan sharks would soon 'break my legs' and 'hurt my children' if she did not give him money." / New York Post / By LIZ SADLER and DAN MANGAN / May 21, 2010

Vegas' Biggest Loser's Losses Now Over $200 Million
NV - In a lawsuit filed last year against Harrah's Entertainment, Watanabe's lawyers acknowledged that the Omaha, Neb., philanthropist had lost the astounding sum of $127 million. But now that his attorneys have examined casino records handed over in discovery, they say he lost far more: a staggering $204 million in a single year at two Harrah's casinos, the Rio and Caesars Palace. His losses include $14.75 million that Harrah's contends he still owes the company. he passed bad checks. He faces as much as 28 years. O'Donnell contends the casino violated Nevada law by allowing Watanabe to gamble while he was intoxicated and plying him with prescription painkillers without a doctor's order. "They took advantage of his inebriation to defraud him out of tens of millions of dollars," "It boggles my mind that they would want to make this a criminal charge when the guy has given them that much already," Thompson said. "It just shows our industry is in a greedy position when we are trying to soak a guy for that much." / May 20, 2010

Woman who scammed Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem patrons appeals sentence
PA - Chai, who claims to have a gambling addiction, pleaded guilty in April to three counts each of access device fraud, theft and identity theft for stealing $1,100 from three patrons at the casino. / By Michael Buck / May 20, 2010

Wiretap evidence shows alleged gambling activity
AR - In legal filings released documents detailed former North Little Rock alderman Cary Gaines' involvement in an illegal gambling ring. Federal authorities believed that Thompson, an alleged member of the Mafia, was running an illegal gambling ring out of his Cabot home Gaines first caught their attention on Dec. 20 when he placed the bet and on Dec. 22 another call was intercepted that got into what the FBI felt was public corruption. Thompson asked Gaines about no-bid public works contracts and how he had a person who could do the work. Kickbacks from the alleged scheme would have gone to, among other things, Gaines' gambling debts, Three people have all pleaded guilty in federal court over the last two weeks for their involvement with Thompson's gambling operation. / By Jeremy Peppas / May 20, 2010

Willits food bank head pleads guilty to embezzling
CA - The former director of a Mendocino County food bank has pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $24,000 from the charity and gambling much of it away. Gravier took the money to gamble at nine area Indian casinos / Associated Press / 05/19/2010

Undercover gambling raid nets guns/cash
OH - The Dayton vice unit raided a building believed to house illegal gambling. One man was arrested. / WDTN / 19 May 2010

Tire company embezzler gets 9 years
OR - A former employee at Superior Tire sentenced to more than nine years in prison for embezzling more than $700,000 from the company Carter is alleged to have taken $860,000 to $1 million from the company, more than 145 employees lost benefits and pay raises because of the theft, Carter's greed cost about $8,000 per employee, Carter had a gambling problem. she traveled to Vegas and stayed in expensive hotels," / Statesman Journal / By Stacey Barchenger / May 19, 2010

Three Plead Guilty to Operating an Illegal Gambling Business and Related Offenses
AR - Kuykendalls agreement to forfeit the profits of his illegal gambling operation is a victory for those who run legitimate businesses and who work hard and play by the rules, stated Special Agent in Charge one count of aiding and abetting in the operation of an illegal gambling business and one count of money laundering based on a transaction involving over $10,000 in proceeds from the illegal gambling business. Kuykendall also admitted that he laundered proceeds from the illegal gambling business by writing a check for $23,500 to Mandalay Bay Casino. Kuykendall also agreed to pay a $100,000 criminal fine. Milner also agreed that he acted as an agent in an illegal gambling organization and that the organization included Thompson and Kuykendall. Milner admitted that his role in the organization included working for Thompson by reconciling bets and managing parlay cards for Thompson. Baker admitted to aiding and abetting others in the operation of an illegal gambling business that involved five or more persons, / by editor / May 19, 2010

International Gambling Crimes

Aussies With Gambling Problems To Run Drugs
Australia - the strong connection between casinos, gambling and crime continues. many "new Australian's" and desperate gamblers are being targeted by drug bosses in the Asia Pacific region. Australian and Oriental jails are filling up with the mules who crime lords recruit, and Aussie casinos and clubs are a known place of recruiting activity. many of the inmates had incurred gambling debts and elected (or were forced) to mule drugs, to pay back their debt accounts. Loan sharks and agents hang out at the clubs and casinos looking for gamblers to recruit. / May 16, 2010 /

Arrest Made in Burswood Casino Firearms Case
Australia - A 22-year-old punter was arrested this morning after he "allegedly" attempted to sell a gun on the gaming floor no less, at James Packer owned Burswood Casino. Police searched the punters quarters at Burswood Hotel, where they are understood to have located a handgun and a quantity of ecstasy (illegal and popular drug) tablets. This year there's been dozens of arrests and gun shots at Australian, European and American land based casinos and clubs. / May 22, 2010

Burglar who targeted neighbours is locked up again
UK - A prolific burglar who targeted his own neighbours is back behind bars. Christopher Baker was locked up in February 2007 for looting property worth more than £31,000 to fund his gambling habit. The spree of 17 raids. he was part of a group who forced their way into a paraplegic's home and beat up the wheelchair-bound man. / 17/05/2010

Crooks stole 9,000 for online bingo
UK - A pensioner who claimed she was swindled out of thousands of pounds through online bingo is offering a cash reward to help convict the culprits. Rita suffered a breakdown from the stress of trying to recover the money at the same time as caring for her sick husband John. she could not go out, played bingo online for relaxation. Mrs Tapping discovered almost £9,000 had been gambled from her account without her knowledge with the thieves accessing her NatWest bank account through bingo accounts. "It was definitely a contributing factor in his death, definitely. He could see that I was stressed. he died still worrying about the money." / By Alan Bunce / May 18, 2010

China Court Upholds Death Sentence in Gang Case
China - A court in southern China upheld the death penalty Friday of a former police chief convicted of taking bribes from local gang leaders. More than 3,000 people, including 14 high-ranking government and police officials, have been arrested in a crackdown on Chonqging's underworld activities, his sister-in-law, Xie was sentenced to 18 years in prison in November for running illegal casinos and bribing government officials. / Associated Press / MAY 21, 2010,

FSB Raids Illegal Casinos In Daghestan
Russia - The Federal Security Service (FSB) raided the Golden Empire amusement complex in Makhachkala during the night. Operatives confiscated slot machines, poker tables, and roulette wheels, together with photos of regular customers and detailed accounts of their bets and winnings. Minister Kurbanov, last month implicitly accused Daghestan's Interior Ministry of protecting the owners of underground gaming establishments from prosecution. In May 2008, 12 illegal gaming parlors were raided. Kurbanov told Caucasus Knot the fact that such gaming parlors continue to function suggests that the owners enjoy protection from senior Interior Ministry or Prosecutor's office staff. Magomedov did, however, complain about an overall 22 percent increase in the crime rate over the past year. / Caucasus Report / May 18, 2010

Footy tipping raided for pokies
Australia - A MOONAH hotel worker stole $1100 from the staff footy tipping account and blew the lot on the pokies, a court has heard. it took little more than an hour for Harvey to lose the entire amount to gaming machines.

Harvey's gambling problem "spiralled out of control" and he started borrowing money to feed the habit. / SALLY GLAETZER / May 18, 2010

Father recruited sons in $186,000 extortion
Australia - He was intimidated and forced to hand over cash after his identity and address were found in documents stolen from his car days before the first visit.

The passive and defenceless retiree, was stood over by the domineering Farrugia, He told police he used the money to gamble and for his children's education. In total, the Farrugia family stole more than $186,000. He blackmailed the victim to write cheques for $18,500, Farrugia went to the man's home 18 times and used intimidation and threats of violence to obtain $146,000. / STEVE BUTCHER / May 21, 2010

Hong Kong police form task force to stop illegal World Cup gambling
China - Hong Kong police have set up a task force to combat the problem of illegal gambling on football matches during the World Cup. Gambling is a hugely popular activity in Hong Kong but is strictly controlled and is illegal except for betting on horse racing and overseas football matches through the official Jockey Club and a weekly government-run lottery. illegal gambling syndicates, often run by triad gangs with links in mainland China, continued to thrive and in recent years are proving themselves to be ever-more inventive to avoid detection in face of constant police crackdowns. / DPA / 20 May 2010

Growing marijuana to cover gambling debts doesn't pay for Surrey man
Canada - A Surrey man who operated a marijuana growing operation to pay off his gambling debt has drawn an unlucky sentence for his crime. police were investigating the theft of 17,000 watts of electricity and upon executing a search warrant found a sophisticated three-room grow op with 912 plants worth $307,000. owed $30,000 in gambling debts. / By Tom Zytaruk / May 18, 2010

Gran avoids jail for fraud
Australia - A HERVEY Bay grandmother who ripped off Centrelink by almost $32,000 to feed her gambling addiction will not spend any time behind bars. Hall, 72, was sentenced for defrauding the social security system. Defence lawyer said Hall's addiction to poker machines led to the fraud. she even reserved a machine one day and went to pawn the jewellery she was wearing just so she could keep playing. / 20th May 2010

Glen Waverley problem gambler shares her story to help others
Australia - "Sarah", was 38 with a successful career and steady marriage when she turned to the pokies and became trapped in the alluring anonymity it gave her. Five years later, the Glen Waverley resident was jailed after stealing $200,000 from the business she ran with her husband to fuel her growing pokies addiction. / by Michelle Carnovale / 19 May 10

Gambling review is a work in progress
Johannesburg - A recent challenge for the regulator was the introduction of electronic bingo machines. The matter went to court and it was found that these machines were more like slot machines and should therefore not be allowed in traditional bingo halls. Despite all the legalised activities, illegal gambling is continuing in the country. Moja said the board was working with banks to close loopholes to detect and prevent online gambling transactions. / SLINDILE KHANYILE / May 17, 2010

Gambling addict used 'special pen' to steal £50,000
UK - Bookeeper, Christopher Coupes stole almost £50,000 from the struggling company he worked for and spent it gambling on Premier League fixtures. Coupes was living an extravagant lifestyle of big betting on football fixtures, drawing up to 10 cheques a month from the firm before 'cooking the books' to conceal his fraud. Coupes owes a further £50,000 in gambling debts, You purchased a pen that contained erasable ink and you cooked the books." / Chris Osuh / May 21, 2010

Gambling addict barman stole 4,500 from club
UK - A trusted barman stole 4,500 from a club to fund his gambling addiction. McCarthy took money from the safe to gamble on a fruit machine at the club and took more when everyone had gone home. He then gambled through the course of the next day," / Tom Rowley / May 19, 2010

Jail for pensioner who embezzled from friend with Alzheimer's
UK - Solomon took the money from 71-year-old after he was granted power of attorney 110,000 the money had been used to pay for Solomon's rent and gambling addiction. / May 21, 2010

Illegal gambling machines seized in Cornwall, Vankleek Hill, Montreal
Canada - Six local bars were searched and two area residents charged after the OPP's illegal gambling unit found evidence of illegal activity. four people were arrested and face charges for distributing illegal gambling machines, controlling money and keeping a gaming house. / Standard-Freeholder / By Michael Peeling / 5-20-10

Male Nurse Nabbed in Pharmacy Stick-Up Spree
Hungary - wanted to "multiply" the money he had robbed in casinos, / May 21, 2010

Postman sold items he stole from mail on eBay
UK - A POSTMAN who stole electronic equipment from the mail. The postman told police he had spent the money he made on gambling and clothes after suffering depression / By Olwen Dudgeon / 18 May 2010

Police bust illegal gambling ring
Canada - Four people face jail time after police charge them with actions related to illegal gambling. All gambling machines must be licensed under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Police say those that are not, could be cheating the gamers. / May. 18 2010

Police seize illegal gaming machines
Canada - four people were arrested and face charges for distributing illegal gambling machines, controlling money and keeping a gaming house. Officers seized 14 video gaming machines (VGM), $10,300 in cash, Quite often the proceeds of unlicenced VGMs are used to support organized crime. / By MICHAEL PEELING / 5-21-10

Police officers indicted on charges of bribery
Taiwan - Prosecutors yesterday indicted six Taipei police officers on corruption charges for allegedly taking bribes from an illegal gambling operation, took NT$330,000 from the operators of an illegal gambling den / The China Post news / May 22, 2010

Southsea hotel manager caught stealing from guests
UK - A hotel manager who crept into guests' rooms and stole their bank cards has been caught out in an undercover sting. Shamed Patel was given a suspended sentence ordered to do 200 hours of community service after the judge heard he needed the money to pay off loan sharks for gambling debts. 'He became involved in gambling, effectively becoming addicted. 'He got himself into large debts and effectively took loans out from loan sharks. 'The people he owed money to began to threaten him / By Gareth Bethell / 21 May 2010

Russian poker ban turns out to be a bluff
Russia - Russia banned poker along with other casino games, restricting gambling to four remote parts of the country. However, according to police reports, the ban has failed to work so far. officials say the number of poker dens has actually gone up. Police complain they lack the resources to control all these new crimes. "We just raided a giant poker ring in the center of Moscow," Putin said gambling addiction is worse than alcoholism, crippling young and old people alike. My wife left me after 7 months. There are 4 stages in a gambler's life - you win some, then come big losses, desperation, and an early grave," said Fyodor. / 17 May, 2010

Tot intentionally left home alone overnight
Canada - The mother of a three-year-old girl found wandering alone in Vancouver's roughest neighbourhood intentionally left the tot at home by herself, police said another couple in the building said the woman had a gambling problem and had left her child on her own in the past. The couple said the child would sometimes come over to their apartment and tell them her mother had gone gambling. / / Darcy Wintonyk / May. 21 2010

Will-writer stole from dead man's estate
UK - A will-writer who stole tens of thousands of pounds from a dead man's estate, spending it on a cruise on the QE2 and gambling, was today jailed. the Injured Jockeys Fund and Cancer Research never received their money. Instead the money was paid into Lloyd's own account. he said he spent 26,000 on gambling. The court heard Lloyd owed 50,000 by the time he was made bankrupt last year. The judge said he did not accept Lloyd's claims that he did not know where the rest of the money had gone and dismissed defence suggestions that the gambling had been a real attempt to get back the money to repay the estate. / Press Association / By Ellen Branagh / 20 May 2010

Vecer, Macedonia: Army captain robs banks on his way home due to debts
Macedonia - The Macedonian officer entered the bank and threatened the staff with his gun. Smilevski robbed the bank offices to pay off his car leasing installment and debts and gamble. / FOCUS News Agency / 19 May 2010