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America to consider online gambling tax
The USA is reviewing tax proposals related to online gambling.
It is currently illegal to knowingly accept payments in connection with internet gambling in the US under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) / 05/14/2010

Answers to common questions about hot school issues
FL - South Florida School districts are facing major budget cuts, but where is all the money from the Florida Lottery, slots and gambling? Isn't education supposed to be a primary use for these funds? But those revenues only make up about 5 to 6 percent of the state's total education budget, and most of the money is earmarked for specific purposes. School districts used to receive about 70 percent of the Lottery education dollars. But when the state started using Lottery dollars to pay for Bright Futures scholarships in 1997, fewer dollars were left for other purposes.Another problem, is the state has used Lottery dollars to stave off cuts during tough economic times, / Sun Sentinel / By Scott Travis / May 09, 2010

Atlantic City Could See Gambling Increase With New Casinos
NJ - The Atlantic City casino industry is flailing,Senator Jim Whelan has proposed the bill to add the new casinos, and this week it made it through a Senate Committee with unanimous support. Corbo (Casino Assoc.) asked that the Senate slow down the process of adding new casinos. Atlantic City casinos have had double digit declines in revenue on a consistent basis. / / By Tom Jones / May 14, 2010

Bill to boost bingo business passed
MO - Legislation sent to the governor Wednesday would allow bingo parlors to open earlier, close later and offer games twice a week instead of just once. Bingo only by charitable, religious, veteran, fraternal and service organizations. / By The Associated Press / May 13, 2010

Blame recession: Gambling down 9% in Ill.
IL - Casino spending in Illinois dropped nearly 9 percentfrom 2008 to 2009,In a survey of patrons, 59 percent of casinogoers said slots were their favorite casino game, followed by blackjack at 18 percent. / SUN-TIMES / May 15, 2010

DeLeo opening casino door to tribes
MA - ROBERT DeLEO wants to bring legalized gambling to Massachusetts. He wants two casinos and slots at four racing tracks, and right now, it looks like he s going to get his wish. Forget, for a second, all the reasons we know we should worry about legalized gambling  its regressive nature, the way it cannibalizes money that would otherwise be spent at local businesses, the negligible benefits it offers strained government budgets, the staggering social and regulatory costs.Two years ago, the Legislature was debating whether to legalize casinos at all; now the body is just wondering how many to greenlight. DeLeo rose to his post at Sal DiMasi s right hand. DeLeo was responsible for divvying up the state budget s spoils  a process that has long rewarded leadership s allies, and delivered punishing blows to political enemies. The casino debate shows DeLeo still playing the part of the two-bit committee chairman. DeLeo has yet to fully grasp that the speaker s office is a statewide position. / Paul McMorrow / May 10, 2010

D.G. Martin: Lumbee deal with lobbyist makes no sense
NC - According to news reports, the Lumbee Tribal Council has approved a contract with a Nevada-based lobbying firm that will attempt to persuade Congress to grant the tribe full recognition without any restrictions on gambling ventures. The shocker in the new contract with Lewin International is a provision that would require the Lumbees to pay Lewin $35 million if Congress grants recognition and permits gambling, unless the tribe votes to set up a gambling operation run by Lewin. / By D.G. MARTIN / May 9, 2010

Congress Mulls Taxes on Internet Gambling
The House Ways and Means Committee is rolling the dice and planning to convene a hearing next week on tax proposals related to legislation to legalize Internet gambling. Right now, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act prohibits people in the U.S. from knowingly accepting payments in connection with Internet gambling.The IRS, of course, already imposes taxes on both legal and illegal gambling activities. / By Michael Cohn / May 12, 2010

Casino Lemonade Bets on Offering a Free Service During the Deregulation of Online Gambling
FL - In most European countries, a process of deregulation of online gambling is underway.However, the different bills drafted have been so far concerned with poker and sports bets, and still exclude online casinos. / May. 11, 2010

Casino developers bet on Cape Girardeau
MO - Cape Girardeau appears to hold the strongest hand in the first-ever statewide competition for a Missouri gaming license. / St. Louis Business Journal / by Kelsey Volkmann / May 14, 2010

Elena Kagan: Here Comes The Poker Judge
DC - Elena Kagan, the woman nominated this week by U.S. President Barack Obama to America's highest court, the Supreme Court, has been described in press reports as, among other things, "a poker player." Having a poker player on the USA's highest court could bode well for online poker players in America. / May 13, 2010

Emmetsburg casino agreed to $40 million sale if Fort Dodge got license
IA - The owner of Emmetsburg s Wild Rose Casino had agreed to sell the business for $40 million if state regulators had approved a gambling license this week for a Fort Dodge casino,The five-member state panel voted unanimously Thursday to reject the Fort Dodge license application, which nullified the letter of intent. The commissioners cited studies that showeda Fort Dodge casino would cannibalize as much as 21 percent of the gambling revenue from Emmetsburg s casino. / By William Petroski / May 14, 2010

Foxwoods Official Says State Should Consider Lowering Gambling Age
CT - Connecticut should consider lowering its legal gambling age from 21, perhaps to 18, and consider allowing alcohol sales until 4 a.m., the leader of the Indian tribe that owns Foxwoods Resort Casino said. The Pequots are still trying to restructure roughly $2 billion in debt. / The Hartford Courant / By ERIC GERSHON / May 13, 2010

Expanded gambling plan gets thumbs up
NH - As part of a plan to fill the state budget gap, the N.H. Senate Thursday night approved a new plan for expanded gambling by a vote of 14-10.The House has already vetoed one gambling bill proposed by D Allesandro, and House lawmakers are expected to uphold that position in a committee of conference. D Allesandro s amendment would allow slot machines at four facilities in the state. / Concord Monitor / May 14, 2010

First Official Gambling App for iPhone Launched
In conjunction with Betfair, Apple has released the first ever downloadable gambling application for the iPhone.Currently, the application is only available in the UK and Ireland. With the large population of Apple users in Canada and the United States, gambling applications for the iPhone are sure to be a hit in North America. / News / 11.05.2010

Fewer rooms at the A.C. inns?
NJ - The controversial bill to allow up to four smaller casino hotels with as few as 200 rooms in this seaside gambling mecca goes before the state Senate's Government, Wagering and Tourism Committee"Hopefully, by lowering the threshold of what it costs to enter the Atlantic City market, we can accomplish two things: create new product, and . . . fill in some of the blighted and vacant ground, some of which has been along the Boardwalk for the last 30 years. "Under his bill, developers could also build a casino in phases of not more than 30,000 square feet and not less than 200 rooms, with the requirement that they expand to the 500-room requirement within five years of licensure. / Inquirer / By Suzette Parmley / May. 12, 2010

Gambling funds framework detailed
PA - A notice of appeal was filed in Erie County Court Wednesday afternoon by the Summit authority; the Perry Hi-Way Hose Co., EmergyCare Inc.; McKean Township and its volunteer fire department, McKean Hose Co.; and Greene and Waterford townships. The appeal claims that the Gaming Revenue Authority, which evaluates grant requests for what are known as restricted county gambling funds, wrongfully denied 17 grant applications totaling roughly $6.2 million that were submitted by the plaintiffs in December. / Kevin Flowers / May 13, 2010

Gaming: Will Choctaws expand it?
MS - despite Mississippi's rules to limit gaming to the Coast and river counties near the water, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians brought gaming inland.The Choctaws' announcement that the tribe is considering opening a new gaming operation in Jones County is a significant step in expanding gaming in Mississippi. / Clarion Ledger / May 11, 2010

Guest Commentary: Schools lose in budget woes
MN - With some painful cuts and shifts, the state is working to close the $1 billion budget deficit this year. It hasn t been pretty, and people will soon start feeling the results of those cuts. Lobbyist Dick Day of Owatonna has been pushing the state to go to a racino for years. He eventually dropped out of the Senate to become a lobbyist for racinos. And the 2010 Legislature again saw a racino bill come up in committee, this time sponsored by Sen. Dan Sparks of Albert Lea. / May 13 2010

Hundreds Attend Internet Cafés Hearing
FL / May 11, 2010

IGREA (HR 2046): Internet Gambling Regulation & Enforcement
DC - Congressman Barney Frank, State Representative from Massachusetts and Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act (IGREA) in April of 2007. Frank instead proposed a resolution that would allow for an exemption of qualifying Internet gambling operators to apply for licensing in the US. / Donna Jordan / May 14, 2010

Isle of Capri interested in Missouri license
MO - Gaming officials said not all of interested parties specified a location. But regulators said there was interest for casinos in Sugar Creek, Cape Girardeau, West Alton, St. Louis, Spanish Lake and the northeast Missouri town of Louisiana. / By Howard Stutz / 10 May 2010

John Stossel on Legalizing Gambling
O'REILLY But the market is a legal situation, whereas most gambling is illegal in America. Fox News Business anchor John Stossel would like to see that changed, O'REILLY:You can lose the rent money and you can lose money and go into debt so your children will be very, very adversely affected. It's almost like narcotics that you become addicted to them. Your children suffer. Most child abuse in this country is caused by substance abusers. So that's why this stuff is made illegal in most places.STOSSEL:Some people will always abuse some appealing things, and you can really hurt your family if you get fat and die.O'REILLY:But if the adults then bankrupt themselves, the government will...STOSSEL:That's my problem if I bankrupt myself. / Fox News Network, Inc. / Interview / May 12, 2010

Judge: Sister doesn't have to share $500K jackpot
CT - An 87-year-old Connecticut woman doesn't have to share a $500,000 lottery prize with her 84-year-old sister, a judge ruled in a case where money fractured family ties. A winning 2005 lottery ticket left the sisters angry. one claimed the other had reneged on a deal to share any gambling winnings.Theresa Sokaitis, sued her sister Rose Bakaysa, claiming the two sisters had a written agreement to share their lottery and casino winnings, and demanding that her sister give her half of her share of a $500,000 lottery prize Bakaysa won in 2005. / USA TODAY / By William M. Welch / 5/13/2010

Louisiana Begins Exploring Casino Options At Riverfront
LA - Louisiana has started the process of gauging interest and gaining information into bringing a casino to the scenic riverfront. Some have advocated against gaming in Louisiana and it took two votes in 1994 for the city to approve allowing a gaming license to be pursued. Those against bringing a casino to Louisiana often point to increased crime and social issues. / The People's Tribune / April M. Fronick / May 11th, 2010

Kane County repeals video gambling ban
IL - Kane County became the first legislative body in Illinois to repeal its ban on video gambling Tuesday in a vote which seemed destined to come almost immediately after the county's ban went in place. The flip in county board opinion came as three members in favor of video gambling cast votes on the issue for the first time.MacRunnels offered some of the more biting commentary of the day in citing campaign contributions from local unions to board members Jones, John Fahy, Wyatt and Chairman Karen McConnaughay. / Daily Herald / By James Fuller / 5/11/2010

Kansas gambling bill fails to come up for vote
KS - The Kansas Senate last week defeated the gambling bill by a vote of 20-19. The bill would have allowed racinos, including Camptown Greyhound Park in Frontenac, to keep a bigger share of slot machine revenues. / Globe / By Roger McKinney / May 11, 2010

MGM's CityCenter Not Rejuvenating Las Vegas Casino Industry
NV - the CityCenter project is having trouble meeting their financial expectations, and is threatening to become another source of bad news for Sin City. CityCenter has had trouble selling their condos, and that has contributed to the economic troubles. One of the reasons the casino world is fickle is the increased competition around the US. Many states have expanded their gaming laws to allow for more casinos, and gamblers no longer have to travel to Las Vegas to get their gambling fix. / / By April Gardner / May 9, 2010

Kentucky Poll Shows Voters In Favor Of Expanded Gambling
KY - The poll indicates that a majority of Kentucky voters are in favor of expanded gambling in the state. When asked whether they would be in favor of slot machine gambling expansion at Kentucky racetracks, forty-five percent of the respondents said yes. Only thirty percent of those polled chose the three options outside of gambling. / / By April Gardner / May 10, 2010

La. bill to make bars, casinos smoke-free advances
LA - A measure that would stamp out smoking in Louisiana's casinos and bars is headed to the House after sailing out of the Senate on Wednesday.The House Health and Welfare committee last week rejected a much weaker ban that would have required casinos to have smoke-free gaming areas.A ban on smoking in restaurants, schools and workplaces went into effect in January 2007, but the law carved out exemptions for casinos and bars. / By SONIA SMITH / 05.13.10,

Local AARP to visit Tamps casino
AR - The High Springs AARP is inviting people to take a trip to the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa / MAY 13, 2010

Losing on winnings: The gambling tax bite
NH - The recession has shrunk state revenues, and that includes money from lottery ticket sales. Last year, Gov. John Lynch proposed and the Legislature approved a 10 percent tax on gambling winnings of more than $600. It was supposed to have brought $5 million into state coffers by the end of last month. It brought $2.6 million.When it comes to lottery tickets, New Hampshire's tax burden is higher than Massachusetts'. / / May 13, 2010

Lottery foe wants study of vending machines
AR - Cox says he fears that using vending machines to sell lottery tickets will lead to minors buying tickets and to more compulsive gambling. Arkansas / By Associated Press / May 14, 2010

No quick sale for SunCruz
FL - SunCruz filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy last December and the mortgage holder of the company's ships, New York-based Fortress Investment Group, placed the U.S. flagged vessels at Port Canaveral until their ultimate fate is decided. Stein said he represents more than 560 former SunCruz employees who say they are owed $4.3 million in wages. / FLORIDA TODAY / BY WAYNE T. PRICE / May 10, 2010

Nation's racetracks warily embrace slots, video gambling amid concern of being shoved aside
AR - With casino involvement, once it gets a foothold, the horses become a nuisance. They're expensive," Lukas said shortly before the end of Oaklawn's live racing season. "The casinos are much easier to maintain. ... The horsemen need to make sure that when they embrace casinos, that they have a locked-in contract, because the casinos will eventually wake up and say, 'We don't need the horses. We're doing fine without the horses.'"According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least a dozen states now have horse or dog tracks with some sort of additional gambling option. Additional gambling at tracks, however, doesn't seem to be creating a surge in horse betting. The slot machines are much more profitable than horse racing."We spend significant dollars in social media reaching out to the younger people."Oaklawn's president, Charles Cella, has run the track since 1968 and he said the racing program would be "dead in the water" without additional gambling options. / AP / NOAH TRISTER / May 13, 2010

Nevada casinos' winnings drop slightly in March
NV - gambling on the Strip was bolstered by betting on the National Collegiate Athletic Association basketball tournament and baccarat play, a high-roller game popular with Asian gamblers. / Associated Press / By SANDRA CHEREB / May. 11, 2010

Nevada Senator Reid Looking at Legal Online Poker
NV - After reports surfaced about a week ago claiming that Senator Reid was planning to introduce an online poker bill into Congress, many predicted that the leader from the United States  biggest gambling state was now on board to get online poker up and running. / by Dave Swinson / May 10, 2010

New gambling bill leaves it to Lottery Commission to decide where
NH - The Senate this week will take up a scaled-down gambling bill that would allow the state to license four casino sites with 10,000 slot machines.The commission could award two $50 million licenses that allow 3,500 slot machines. A $30 million license would allow 2,000 machines and a $15 million license would allow 1,000 machines. / / By TOM FAHEY / May 10, 2010

NH senator pushing new video slots measure
NH - Senate Finance Chairman Lou D'Allesandro said Monday he has enough votes in the chamber to pass a plan that cuts the maximum number of machines to 10,000 at four undesignated locations. The House defeated D'Allesandro's initial plan that called for six sites, including two along the Massachusetts state line, and a maximum of 17,000 machines statewide. / By NORMA LOVE / 05.10.10

NIGA resolutions: Carcieri, compact procedures, tribal tax credits
CA - While the National Indian Gaming Association tabled a controversial resolution on Internet gaming for further study and discussion, three resolutions regarding trust land, compact procedures and tax credits passed with unanimous support during the Indian Gaming Trade Show & Convention.State officials, including former Gov. George W. Bush, had refused for years to negotiate with tribes even though some Class III gaming is legal in the state. The Kickapoo Tribe finally asked the Interior Department to intervene and former Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne issued procedures to allow the Kickapoo to offer some Class III games, but no slot machines. / By Gale Courey Toensing / May 10, 2010

When the conference was last held the American Gaming Association opposed Internet gambling, and land-based operators were in the vast minority of attendees  if they attended at all.But if land-based casinos want to get into the online market, time may be running out  at least in the case of poker. While the current regulatory environment prevents brick and mortar casinos from providing U.S. players with a place to play online, the industry is seeing a rapid shift from a diverse array of places to play to a few industry giants. With two bills that would regulate Internet gambling receiving attention in the House of Representatives, and five states (California, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire and New Jersey) seriously considering legislation that would regulate intrastate Internet poker, the biggest remaining question is will regulation occur first at the state or federal level. / By Aaron Todd / 11 May 2010

Online Casinos and Poker Policy Test of Republican Party Future
A Poker Players Alliance executive reveals a split in the Republican Party over online gambling, with the growing libertarian forces opposed to the online casino prohibition.Muny cites written opinions expressed by a number of influential Republicans opposing the prohibition of Internet gambling, from the PPA's own Alfonse D'Amato to Dick Armey, George Will, and Ron Paul. / / By Tom Weston / May 12, 2010

Opening the door
FL - The Florida Thoroughbred Breeders' and Owners' Association is currently leading the race after the FloridaDivision of Pari-Mutuel Wagering approved a quarter horse racing permit for FTBOA on April 9. The permit gives FTBOA authority to hold a quarter horse meet at the Ocala Breeders' Sales Co. track. The new law allows five of the seven Seminole-owned casinos in the state to offer Las Vegas-style slot machines and banked card games like blackjack. But it also includes several provisions for bolstering the state's racing industry. The state has seen a flurry of quarter horse racing permit applications after it was deemed that operators could also open poker card rooms if certain requirements are met. The recent Seminole compact also expands card room operation hours and also increases limits. The Seminole compact also reduces slot machine taxes at pari-mutuel facilities in South Florida, / By Carlos E. Medina / May 9, 2010

Pa. State Treasurer Sues Over Access to Gambling Board's Private Meetings
PA - By law he has no vote, but McCord says he otherwise has all the rights of membership.McCord claims, however, that the board has discouraged his participation and has explicitly denied his office access to its executive, closed-door sessions: / KYW / Tony Romeo / 11 May 2010

Pennsylvania treasurer sues gambling board to gain access
PA - State Treasurer Rob McCord, a nonvoting member of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, sued the agency Tuesday, alleging he has been shut out of deliberations in its "closed culture.""There's a huge amount of money (involved) -- billions of dollars. There's plenty of reason to be skeptical" about the process for overseeing casinos, McCord said."The board has invited him to attend, subject to adhering to the same provisions that all other members who attend these statutorily-confidential sessions do: sign a nondisclosure agreement and a code of ethics," Harbach said. / TRIBUNE-REVIEW / By Brad Bumsted / May 12, 2010

Poker Players Alliance Seeks Clarification on UIGEA
DC - With the June 1st implementation date of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) looming,(PPA) is working feverishly to keep it from being applied to poker. To that end, the PPA has submitted a petition to the US Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve Board, asking that they clarify the provisions of the UIGEA and their implications for online poker. / / by Dave Swinson / May 13, 2010

Preakness outlook bright in light of economy, end of bankruptcy
MD - Preaknessa rebounding economy, a new marketing strategy and its owner exiting bankruptcy appear to have solidified the race's future here."To be quite frank, last year the economy really had a negative impact and the ownership problems did not help on any level, "Maryland voters legalized slot machine gambling in a 2008 referendum, with part of the proceeds dedicated to bolstering the racing industry, parlors are still months from opening.Under the bankruptcy proceedings, Magna sold the racetracks and the Preakness to its real estate arm, MI Developments. MID has made it clear that it needs slots or other forms of gambling to turn the tracks around.A new advertising campaign that prods people to "Get Their Preak On" had its critics, but is doing its job to attract a younger crowd, race organizers said.Because of budget cuts, the state is forgoing a corporate tent. Instead, it will spend about $22,000 to buy tickets for about 30 business leaders and prospects. Gov. Martin O'Malley will lead a tour of the stables area, then divide his time among corporate tents. The state followed a similar plan last year.The city is spending about $181,000 in police overtime for the event and more than $56,000 for maintenance, safety and traffic. / The Baltimore Sun / By Andrea K. Walker / May 14, 2010

Prisons, mental hospitals escape Texas leaders' budget axe
TX - "Gambling could help us on our budget," Pitts (budget chief) said after his Appropriations Committee heard sobering testimony from revenue and budget experts. As for Pitts' suggestion to consider new gambling in Texas, Perry and other GOP leaders have consistently opposed any expansion. The idea faces a high hurdle because most experts believe it would require a constitutional amendment, which needs big margins in both houses of the Legislature and approval by voters in a statewide election to take effect. Gambling opponent Suzii Paynter, director of Baptist General Convention of Texas' Christian Life Commission, said the state needs a more reliable revenue source. "It's not turned out to be the long-term cash cow that many states have been promised," she said, adding: "And then you have all the associated costs of addiction, bankruptcy and crime, which begin to eat at your very core, middle-class population." / Dallas Morning News / By ROBERT T. GARRETT / May 12, 2010

R.I. House panel takes up gambling bill, State seeks cure for financial woes
RI - The facilities offer video lottery terminals, though not the table games found at traditional casinos, and account for a major revenue source in this financially sputtering state.Proponents of the bill say Rhode Island is constantly losing gamblers to sprawling casinos in neighboring Connecticut, and they fear competition from Massachusetts, / Associated Press / By Eric Tucker / May 14, 2010

Racetracks warily embrace slots, video gambling
AR - Thoroughbred races in 2009 dropped 9.8 percent to $12.3 billion. / AP / By NOAH TRISTER / May 13, 2010

Regulators' comments give hints on casinos
IA - Lyon County in northwest Iowa is a clear-cut favorite to be awarded an Iowa casino licenseMost of the controversy in the licensing process has involved the proposed $56 million Fort Dodge casino. It faces fierce opposition from Emmetsburg residents who worry it could hurt Emmetsburg's Wild Rose Casino, Gov. Chet Culver has urged the commission to approve all four licenses, citing potential economic development benefits. The Fort Dodge project also faces a state investigation into $25,000 in political contributions to Culver's campaign by three Fort Dodge casino investors. Peninsula Gaming's representatives last week expressed a sense of urgency that the state's investigation wrap up soon to dispel any question of impropriety before the commission's vote / By WILLIAM PETROSKI / May 9, 2010

San Pablo casino drops poker, lays off dozens of employees
CA - dozens of casino workers are losing their jobs because of it.the casino cleared away 14 poker tables to make way for 100 lucrative new electronic bingo machines, bringing the number of machines at the tribal casino to about 1,200. / Contra Costa Times / John Simerman / 5/13/2010

She Bets Her Life
There is a moment in Scheherazade s Sisters when every gambler says to herself, I can finally remember when I crossed the line.  Crossing the line  is the moment or moments when you realize there s been a priority shift when you re playing a slot machine, watching the roulette wheel spin, holding your breath while the dice fall into place, spending half the grocery money on lottery tickets; when stealing a minute, an hour, an afternoon from your boss to check your stocks goes from being fun to being the raw necessity for staying alive. In fact, risking your money has become the only necessity. / Pychology Today / Mary Sojourner / May 11, 2010

State lottery game a grand illusion
IL - I pound away at the fraud of the lottery, and government officials keep telling you they can actually bend spoons with their minds. The share of lottery money going to the public schools will be capped at about $625 million. The truth is that lottery revenue allowed the Legislature for decades to reduce the amount of money it should have allocated to the public schools from other revenue sources. So instead of raising more money for public education during an economic crisis, the lottery (under new management) will be financing construction. Legislators seem to believe they can make the problems of school funding go away by closing their eyes. But it's time the state stopped pitching this gambling habit as a way to help the public schools. In Illinois, the government is an illusion. But legislators are good at making money disappear. / BY PHIL KADNER / May 14, 2010

Sugar Creek to make another run for a casino
MO - Representatives from Sugar Creek will meet with state gaming officials in Jefferson City next week about the possibility of a landing a casino. Sugar Creekdid receive a $2.83 million settlement in 2004 after joining a lawsuit against Station Casinos Inc. The suit contended the company had used improper contacts with a former state gaming commission chairman to obtain its license. / The Kansas City Star / By BRIAN BURNES / May. 11, 2010

Two proposals to expand gambling in Colorado killed
CO - Neighborhood bars won't offer keno and the State Fair grounds won't regularly host horse races now that the legislature Monday killed the second of two bills aimed at expanding gambling in Colorado. He pointed out that the governor can expand gambling without the legislature's approval. Both proposals ran into opposition from the gambling industry, which predicted mini-casinos across the Front Range and severe damage to the mountain communities now home to the state's casinos. / The Denver Post / By Jessica Fender / 05/11/2010

Tribe plans to expand gambling reach
NC - The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians plans to build a Class II gaming facility in Cherokee County, but the project will not move forward without a fight. Earlier this year, the Tribal Council approved the concept of a satellite gaming facility to be built in Cherokee County, where tribal members owns more than 5,000 acres and there are hundreds of enrolled members. McCoy said she objected to the construction of a new gaming facility because the tribe is already over-extended with debt from the $600 million expansion of Harrah s Cherokee Casino. / By Giles Morris / 5/12/10

Tribal gaming contributions slide 3.5 percent
AZ - it received $21.3 million in tribal contributions from gambling revenue / AP / 5-13-10

TLP: Sucks if They Were Gambling With the Rent Money
WI - A federal court has allowed an American Indian tribe to get out of a $50 million bond it owed to a private investor, raising concerns among other tribal-casino lenders. said $782,000 in monthly bond payments were bleeding it dry. The decision marked the first time a federal court has invalidated a bond because of a violation of Indian casino law, WSJ says casino lending to Indian tribes is a $20 billion market. / WSJ / May 12, 2010

The Neuroscience Behind Gambling Addiction
gamblers do not perceive instances in which they almost won as failures, but rather as near misses. hind-Gambling-Addiction-141684.shtml#> . This allows their own minds to justify continuing to play the game, even when all the money is gone, and that person is already in debt. Subjects who had more symptoms of problem gambling, gambling debts, family conflicts about gambling [ &] showed a stronger response to near misses that was in a part of the brain that we know is very rich in dopamine, / By Tudor Vieru / May 10th, 2010

CA - I wrote about the underhanded way the 59 tribal compacts were negotiated secretly and executed and then the clandestine ratification of them by the passage of the Legislative Initiative  called Proposition 1A, months after former Gov. Grey Davis signed them and the Legislature approved them illegally with no Constitutional authority to do so. I also wrote about the worthless content of these sweetheart  compacts and how they provided no benefit to the state or local communities, except the massive political contributions these casino tribes now make regularly to the many politicians in the hip pocket of their gambling casino benefactors. The gambling casinos in Nevada pay taxes; Indian casinos do not.Nevada casinos are strictly regulated and policed. Indian casinos are not. Nevada casinos require minimum fair rates of return for slot machines. Indian casinos do not the per capita profit distributions to each of the 152 tribal members amounts to about a half-million dollars a year to each tribal member.The amount of money that trickles down into the local economy from the salaries of employees and the costs of goods and services is nowhere near enough to make up forlost tax revenues or to pay the tribe s fair share of the costs to the community for increased demands on public services and infrastructure. (Schwarzenegger) championed five expanded amendments a year or so later, creating compacts allowing those affected tribes to double and triple the number of slot machines  and in doing so, making exaggerated claims as to how much money that would bring the state, it hasn t come close to the amount claimed. Most impartial studies, that is those that are not bought and paid for by Indian casinos, indicate that once the construction phase of a casino is finished, that it costs the host community $3.50 for every dollar the casino brings in. For example gambling addiction, substance abuse, family neglect, financial problems, bankruptcy and foreclosures, increased crimes of theft and embezzlement even increased suicides. / By Jim Marino / May 13, 2010

Texas speaker says state must consider creative cost savings like 4-day workweeks
TX - "Increasing taxes would restrain economic growth and hinder our ability to create jobs," Straus (Speaker) said at a meeting of the House Appropriations Committee.The budget shortfall, could be as high as $18 billion, committee Chairman Jim Pitts, R-Waxahachie, said legalized gambling would be a possible option. / Associated Press / APRIL CASTRO / May 11, 2010

Texas Lawmakers To Consider Expanded Gambling Once Again
TX - legislators have seen the harsh reality of the state being $18 billion short on next years budget. That has led several lawmakers to reiterate the point that gambling revenue could make a big dent in that figure. Republican leaders have been cold to the idea of bringing slot machines or full-scale casinos to Texas. / / Terry Goodwin / May 12, 2010

Texas Governor Issues Statement Against Expanded Gambling
TX - Governor Rick Perry sent a warning to legislators that they should not bring expanded gambling to him for a signature. In Texas, the Republican Party has opposed expanded gambling, while many Democratic leaders have pushed for more gambling options. / / Tom Jones / May 13, 2010

TEXAS FAITH: Should gambling be expanded to cover state shortfall?
TX - Mason, senior pastor, Wilshire BaptistWhen we look for ways to address the state budget shortfall or to fund adequate education, health care, or anything else in Texas by appealing to and nurturing the worst impulses in our citizens, we fail on so many counts.Gambling - whether casino, slot machines, pari-mutuels, or lottery! - may be thought of benignly as mere entertainment that citizens choose freely to pay for without compulsion by the state. But that's not what happens. The state immediately seizes the opportunity to market the games, to entice more participation in "get-rich-quick" schemes that disproportionately hurt those who can't afford to be hurt by participating. The social consequences that result for families through gambling addiction and financial hardship, if not catastrophic, are terrible. And for the state to nurture this is unthinkable. And in the end, we pay again by supporting these broken families through public services of all kinds.Yes, we are facing tough financial decisions. However, turning to gambling as a solution is like putting a dirty band-aid on an open wound. (Lillian Pinkus, community volunteer)Lawrence, dean and professor Southern Methodist UniversityIts Social Principles assert, "Gambling is a menace to society, deadly to the best interests of moral, social, economic, and spiritual life, destructive of good government and good stewardship. As an act of faith and concern, Christians should abstain from gambling and should strive to minister to those victimized by the practice."Bob Dean, executive director, Dallas Baptist AssociationMore Gambling is a bad deal for Texas. Gambling victimizes individuals and families suffer as a result. Joe CliffordFirst Presbyterian Church Gambling also inevitably becomes a "poor tax" as the people least likely to be able to afford gambling losses end up bearing the burden for the social programs they fund. This is not the way to fund government.Daniel Kanter, pastor, First Unitarian ChurchI grew up going to Atlantic City I went back years after the casinos took over only to find the city itself an experiment in poverty, the crime rates through the roof, and addiction centers doing a thriving business. Darrell Bock,Dallas Theological SeminaryNityananda Chandra Das, minister,Hare Krishna Temple Similarly gambling only increases greed, which in turn increases the problems of the world. Cynthia Rigby, Austin Presbyterian Theological SeminaryDemographically speaking, gambling hurts most the very same families that are most adversely affected by cutbacks to education, health care, and other services. Any program devised to compensate for the cutbacks should aim only to enhance life, both in its final goal and in its journey toward this goal. Gambling is apt to destroy, rather than to enhance. what is to prevent us from legalizing even more de-humanizing means than gambling, if we can rationalize that these means serve a better end?Larry Bethune, pastor, University Baptist ChurchGambling robs the poor to give to the rich. Gambling robs from the poor to support the stingy.Gambling robs from the poor to feed our addictions. It wreaks social havoc, encouraging addictions which wreck families, causes suffering that lasts generations, and inevitably requires further state funds to repair the tear in the social fabric. The income from gambling feeds our public addiction to finding ways to generate income for public expenditures that benefit all of us without most of us having to pay anything for them. / Sam Hodges / May 11, 2010

Tax Hearing on Internet Gambling Announced
DC - Levin (D-Mich.) announced his committee would host a hearing on tax proposals related to legislation to legalize Internet gambling. / / May 13, 2010

Tama casino license rejected
IA - Four years of work came down to one decision Thursday regarding the future of a possible casino in Tama County.That decision was an emphatic "no" by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission as the five members voted unanimously to not approve the license for the proposed $40-million project east of Tama. / Times Republican / Andrew Potter / May 14, 2010

Tribal-Casino Loans Are Tested by Ruling
WI - The 3,500-member Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, in northern Wisconsin, said $782,000 in monthly bond payments were bleeding it dry. Last fall, it stopped making them, arguing that the deal was invalid. A U.S. District Court in Wisconsin last month upheld an earlier ruling that the bond deal, cut in 2008, violated federal Indian casino law. The ruling sent lenders and tribes, a few of which are struggling to make payments, rushing to determine whether it could set a precedent that could impact other deals as well. Tribes have sovereign immunity, which means they generally can't be sued in state and federal court. And only tribes are allowed to own casinos on tribal land. That limits lenders' ability to claim assets in case of default. The tribe had become embroiled in a series of troubled development deals outside its reservation. In January 2008, the tribal council approved the $50 million bond to refinance some existing debt and to fund a struggling casino project in Natchez, Miss. / By ALEXANDRA BERZON / MAY 12, 2010

Upcoming Congressional Hearing Expected To Discuss Online Gambling Legislation
The McDermott gambling bill has received some attention due to its establishing a regulatory body for online gambling, as well where the revenue will land upon being collected. The fund will not only be collected from a licensing fee, but all funds deposited will also be taxed at a rate of 2%. Income tax will also be paid on line. His bill would also make it so that unlicensed gambling sites will be taxed heavily in order to make the illegal online gambling sites seek licensing. / Written By Glenn Farmer / May 9th, 2010

US Casino Gambling Revenue Down Over Five Percent In 2009
For 2009, casino gaming revenue dropped in the US by 5.5%. The total revenue of $30.7 billion was down from 2008, although the drop was not unexpected. The economic recession has severely hurt the casino gaming industry.
Nevada gaming revenue was down 10.4% in 2009.New jersey gaming revenue was down 13.3% for last year. / / Terry Goodwin / May 10, 2010

Where's lottery money?
FL - Where is the money from the casinos and the lotteries for education? / Sun Sentinel / Sonia Friedman / May 10, 2010

Why did the casino bid fail?
IA - Cannibalization is certainly an enormous issue. I think all the commissioners were open with that. They are worried about the saturation point of the market and what s been happening to the existing properties,  said Ingenus CEO Ken Mimmack. The commission s studies showed more than 10% of the Rippling Waters Casino s revenue would be pulled from the neighboring casinos / by Alex Halfmann / 05.13.2010

Strapped States Find New Virtues in 'Vice'
OH - Facing high unemployment and the aftermath of a $3.2 billion state-budget shortfall, Ohioans voted to allow casinos in November. Gov. Ted Strickland dropped his longtime opposition to video lottery machines, proposing to add them to racetracks to generate new tax revenue.
California legislators are debating whether to allow and tax Internet poker, even though such gambling is prohibited by federal law. In Ohio, the move to open up gambling has taken several turns. Four times when the state economy was healthier, in the 1990s and 2000s, voters rejected initiatives to build new casinos. Faced with a $3.2 billion budget shortfall last June, Mr. Strickland proposed installing lottery machines at racetracks / By CARI TUNA / MAY 11, 2010