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Another casino gambling effort struck down
Bermuda - For the second time in less than a year, efforts by Bermuda s Premier to allow some form of casino gambling in the country have failed to get the necessary support of even some of his Cabinet members. / May 10, 2010

Australian Pokies Deal Triggers AFL Clubs Feud
Australia - Australia is passionate about footy (AFL and NRL), gamblingA number of Melbourne-based AFL footy clubs are engaged in a feud over the spoils of a multi-million-dollar bonanza to be reaped from the state government's recent auction of poker machine licences. they snatched pokie licences at bargain basement prices. Pokies punters are known to "invest" hundreds of dollars per hour in search of jackpots, so the "one armed bandits' will pay for themselves in no time.The well publicised auction raised a total of $981 million! Less than insiders expected. / Greg Tingle / MAY 13, 2010

B.C. lottery 'gambling on the go' ambition
Canada - The common platform that will link gamblers hopes to have cellphone access also,Canadians spending $800 million gambling online offshore / 14 May 2010

Bwin Takes Hit With Online Poker
Australia - The popular Austrian betting firm Bwin reports it witnessed a 17 percent drop in revenues from its online poker room / / Aaron Goldstein / MAY 13, 2010

Costello slams responsible gambling week
Australia - Anti-gambling advocate Reverend Tim Costello says a week devoted to encouraging Victorians to gamble responsibly was "window dressing". Mr Costello said the moves by the industry were commendable, but the state government could do more to mitigate the impact of gambling, including limiting the amount of money people could feed into poker machines. Victorians spent a record $2.7 billion on poker machines in 2008. / AAP / MICHELLE DRAPER / May 15, 2010

Costa Rica Plans Online Gambling Tax, by Mike Godfrey,, Washington
Costa Rica - with a target of raking in an extra 1% of GDP in tax revenue. / May 14, 2010

French gambling Law Updates
France - More than 60 French members of parliament who requested the French Constitutional Council to rule on the country s new online gambling laws received a rebuff this week when the Council acknowledged that it is not competent to assess whether the new laws are compliant with European Union law and requirements. The French miss an opportunity to put an end to the legal uncertainty that has prevailed in the last 4 years due to the inconsistency of the existing legislation with EU law. / 5/13/2010

Gambling losses top $1b a year
Australia - The State's love affair with gambling has deepened with punters notching up a record loss of more than $1 billion - or nearly $660 for each West Australian a year. The report on Australian gambling habits shows that in 2007-08, WA punters splurged a total of $4.7 billion on Lotto, instant scratchies, casino games and the races, which was an average of about $2900 per person. / KIM MACDONALD / The West Australian / May 12, 2010

Group pinpoints problem gambling
Canada - At the core of a gambling problem, Kelly said, is that people think they can win back their losses. They know the risks of what they're doing, but have a hard time breaking the cycle of what's called "chasing losses." A study by the council (Responsible Gambling)shows that for every one person with a gambling problem, 10 others are affected by it. "It becomes a family problem," he said. "When the mortgage payment is due and the spouse said they lost the money gambling -- there's a whole series of crisis it creates." / THE DAILY PRESS / By CHELSEY ROMAIN / 5-12-10

Macau Casino Project Face-Off Holds High Stakes
China - Here in the world's biggest casino market, one high-stakes face-off could cost a project's backers including two big-name U.S. investment firms their shirts. The pot they are playing for is control of a $2.4 billion casino-resort project called Macao Studio City, originally set to open last fall with Asia's first Playboy Mansion. According to a letter, the government would invalidate or terminate the land rights for the project unless a satisfactory reason is given for its delay. / By JONATHAN CHENG / May 11, 2010

Malaysia allows sports betting for non-Muslims
Malaysia - A company linked to tycoon Vincent Tan has received approval to run international sports betting in Malaysia for non-Muslims, part of government efforts to counter illegal gambling estimated to be worth billions of dollars each year."It will encourage people to gamble, and this will cause other problems," such as illegal money lending to pay off debts, more crime and possibly suicides, spokesman Mohamad Yusof Abdul Rahman said. / By JULIA ZAPPE / 05.13.10

Malaysia Islamists protest gambling, rapper Pitbull
Malaysia - Malaysian police broke up a protest by Islamists on Friday against U.S. rapper Pitbull's concert and the government award of a sports betting license, underscoring a deepening tide of Islam in the country. About 300 Malay Muslimsto denounce gambling and pop concerts.The government recently approved a sports betting licensePAS official Kamaruzaman Mohamad told the crowd. "Gambling is a cancer in our society." / Reuters / By Razak Ahmad / May 14, 2010

Online Casino Companies Settle for Poker Partnership in France
France - Two of the world's biggest online casino operators, have agreed to cooperate in a joint Internet poker network to be deployed in the Frech gaming market. The two settled for poker as French gambling laws in their current form will not permit casino gambling at Internet sites.France has joined other nations in flouting EU rules, / by Matt Miller / May 11, 2010

Online Gambling Scenario in Canada
Canada - In Canada, as in many other parts of the world that are just legalizing online gambling, online casinos will have to take a back seat to online sports betting and online poker. Loto-Quebec spokesman Jean-Pierre Roy said that their first online gambling product would be poker. This would be followed by sports betting. The French law on online gambling also proposes to legalize only online poker and online sports betting. / By: Rick Balding / May 15th 2010

Paddy Power Receives 400 Complaints Filed With ASA
Ireland - Irish bookmaker More than 400 complaints have been lodged against Paddy Power That advertisement shows a footballer kicking a cat into a tree after mistaking it for a football, encouraged cruelty to animals and was offensive in its depiction of sight-impaired people, / / Alistair Prescott / May 11, 2010

Parkinson's meds and compulsive behaviors: a strong link
the medications that help ease the challenging motor symptoms of Parkinson's seem to make it harder for some patients to halt certain behaviors that can be rewarding or pleasurable -- gambling, buying, eating, sexual stimulation.5% experienced problem or pathological gambling;Patients were far more likely to develop compulsive buying, eating or gambling behaviors if they had a first-degree relative with a known gambling problem. / By Melissa Healy / May 10, 2010

Pokies auction delivers worst of both worlds
Australia - pubs and clubs that were successful in Monday's auction by the state government of the post-2012 poker machine entitlements will own and operate their own machines.The commission recommended that poker machines be limited to $1 maximum bets and a $20 ''load-up'' (the maximum amount of credit that can be inserted). In Victoria, maximum bets are $5 a spin (which can be repeated every 2.14 seconds), with a $1000 load-up.The government has also announced it will remove teller machines from gambling venues. These measures indicate that the government acknowledges the harm caused by poker-machine gambling, and that this harm can be reduced. The losers will be the 110,000 or so Victorians who have a moderate to severe problem derived from their use of poker machines, 3.06 per cent of the adult population having been estimated to be in this category by the government's 2009 study. / CHARLES LIVINGSTONE / May 14, 2010

Slot machines the main problem
New Zealand - 6673 problem gamblers sought up a quarter on the previous 12 months. problems with slot machines. / Manukau Courier / 13/05/2010

Smartphones More Dangerous and Expensive Than Gambling
Australia - A South Australian MP (Member of Parliament) has been hit with a whopping $10,000 bill on his phone after it was discovered his son downloaded footy games! Popular game titles such as Cleo (Cleopatra) and Tomb Raider are starting to hit the iphone market but the testers in the "rat lab" at Media Man reckon its better and safer to play them on a regular computer. Again, know what plan you're on. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Media Man and Gambling911 want winners, not losers. / / May 11, 2010

UK man who gambled on his life dies of cancer
UK - A British man with terminal cancer who won $16,000 by gambling on his own life has died, just weeks short of cashing in a third bet. diagnosed with mesothelioma,placed a $160 bet with odds of 50-1 that he would survive until June 1, 2008 -- and cashed in $8300 pounds when he made it, / AFP / May 12 2010

UK Poker Champ Sues His Rabbi
UK - UK poker pro, Andrew Feldman has had to face the courts over a claim of 140,000 made by his Rabbi, Simon Nissim for an unpaid spread betting deal. The Rabbi claims that 22 year old Feldman owes him the money and has gone to the High Court to get it back. / by Matt W / May 13th, 2010