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4/26/10 TO 5/1/10

A Big Increase In The Number Of People Seeking Help For Problem Gambling
New Zealand - Since 2006, the number of clients helped by specialist treatment providers has risen by nearly 60 percent (from 3,930 people per year to 6,673). Maori are a high-risk group, and are two to three times more at risk of problem gambling than non-Maori. / 29 April, 2010

Are the Gambling Applications on iPhone dangerous?
Australia - If you ask the Australian politician Senator Nick Xenophone the answer is yes. The Senator believes that gambling applications such as slots, poker or casino games that anyone can download for free in his/her iPhone are extremely dangerous as they can fuel the gambling addiction. He recommended to change the suggested age of all the gambling related applications to age 18+ as currently some of them have as suggested age the 12 years or none at all. / / by John Trevors / April 27, 2010

Australia Calls For Online Gambling Regulator
Australia - Academics Linda Hancock and Michael O'Neil appear to have the support of anti-gambling campaigner Senator Nick Xenophon in their suggestion that individual states and territories have failed to curtail problem gambling, because they rely on the industry for revenue. Australia should establish a national gambling regulator that would set poker machine quotas, bet limits and other initiatives, the two academics claim. Xenophon, speaking in support of the academics, said hundreds of thousands of Australians were adversely impacted by gambling each year.About 10 percent of regular gamblers are problem gamblers the duo claim 125 000 have serious problems / 4/30/10

Australian Lawmakers Disapproves Of iPhone Gambling Applications
Australia - Parliament member Nick Xenophon is looking to ensure that future generations are not exposed to gambling at a young age. "The use of money, albeit fantasy, drills home a false impression that poker machines can be a source of money or income," said Xenophon. "....This is a training application for kids to lose real money when they turn eighteen." / / By Terry Goodwin / April 26, 2010

Ban iPhone gambling apps: Xenophon
Australia - iPhone applications which allow young children to play simulated poker machine games were irresponsible and should be outlawed, Senator Nick Xenophon said. Numerous "slot" machines applications, some backed by gaming giants like Harrah's Casino Hotels, can be downloaded for free and are identical in payouts and features to machines in clubs, pubs and casinos. "Kids can become poker machines experts years before they are legally allowed to set eyes on a real machine." Some of the applications are recommended for 12-year-olds and upwards, while others offer no minimum age suggestions. / DARREN CARTWRIGHT / April 27, 2010

Casinos Threatened by Online Gambling Sites
Canada - In a recent report by CBC News, it has been revealed that land-based casinos are feeling beginning to feel threatened by the increasingly popular industry of online casinos.Canadians spend more than $1 billion gambling online each year, none of that money goes back into the country. Instead, it goes to offshore operators / Casino News / 30.04.2010

Don't let corruption and crime of casinos plague Bermuda
Bermuda - This selling of the soul on casinos began with the hiring of known gambling proponents to study and make recommendations on gambling for Bermuda. Even the sleight-of-tongue to call gambling "gaming" and slot machines "ambient machines" sends a signal - it looks like we're going to be misled again. They have little to say about the rips to the island's social fabric from broken families, squandered pay cheques, lost work hours, petty and not-so-petty theft, corruption and the plethora of social ills that accompany organized gambling.
As examples, bankruptcies, family break-ups, domestic abuse and suicides have been found to increase wherever casino and slot-machine gambling enters a community. In addition, burglary, robbery, bad cheques, loan-sharking and other crimes always increase dramatically when casinos and slots come to town. And while proponents often predict large windfalls of tourists and cash from the introduction of casinos and slot machines, these activities often "cannibalise" the economy of a community, cutting into the profits of existing restaurants and retail businesses. / Bermuda Sun / 4/28/2010

Government bets on new Responsible Gaming action
China - Up till now, and according to data from the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ), a total of 72 people have been prohibited from entering the casinos under the Government s self-exclusion programme. This number, however, includes also requests presented by family members or NGOs. University of Macau presented a proposal of a broader exclusion programme, divided in five types of exclusions. Besides self-exclusion, it comprehended exclusion on request of family members, exclusion by a casino and exclusion of cheaters included in a black list. The other type of exclusion proposed was a compulsory exclusion programme  that would prohibit any person subsidized by the Government from gambling in a casino / SJ / 30/04/2010

More Indian Gambling
Canada - Last week's news from Canada that the province of Manitoba is actively considering following other Canadian provinces into the online gambling business has been followed by reports that First Nation bands are also examining their options.Last week Manitoba Lotteries Minister Steve Ashton confirmed that the province is considering either establishing its own gambling website or partnering with other provinces to establish a shared venture to generate revenues for the province. / / 4/27/10

Massive new casino-resort opens in Singapore
Singapore - Singapore's second casino-resort opened Tuesday, a massive $5.7 billion project by Las Vegas Sands Corp. that aims to makeover the city-state as a Southeast Asian gambling and tourism magnet.The Marina Bay and Genting's Resorts World Sentosa, which opened Singapore's first casino in February, are making the island nation the gambling capital of Southeast Asia.In Macau, a Chinese gambling enclave, the average bet at its casinos is $40 while in Las Vegas it's $5 to $10. VIP guests, which are two-thirds of Macau's $20 billion gambling market, average $10,000 per bet, Fischer said. The Singapore government, which forbade casinos for decades, has sought to lessen the damage of problem gambling by charging citizens and permanent residents 100 Singapore dollars ($73) per day or SG$2,000 a year to enter a casino. / By Alex Kennedy / Associated Press / 4/27/2010

Macau Seeks To Limit Foreign Labor Despite Casino Expansion Plans
China - Macau's government is proposing a new law that would restrict the number of foreign workers on construction projects, potentially derailing ambitious expansion plans by the territory's casino developers. A shortage of labor in Macau has prompted developers to import many of their construction workers from elsewhere, especially mainland China. / Dow Jones Newswires / By Kate O'Keeffe / APRIL 28, 2010

Report urges government to take over gambling regulation
Australia - The report by Deakin University and the Australia Institute urged the Rudd government to put a 2 per cent tax on all gambling revenue, while using some of that $378 million to give state governments that reduce gambling levels incentive payments to reduce their reliance on tax from poker machines.
"State governments are the No 1 jackpot junkies. They can't be trusted when it comes to gambling regulation." And despite his promise to deal with gambling, the Prime Minister had done nothing to reduce rates, he said. The Productivity Commission draft report on gambling late last year recommended that pokie bets be restricted to $1 a play, and cash withdrawal limits should be placed on adjacent ATMs. About 10 per cent of regular gamblers are problem gamblers. Of these, an estimated 125,000 are serious problem gamblers and 165,000 are considered to be at moderate risk. / The Australian / Patricia Karvelas / May 1, 2010

Report calls for action on gambling
Australia - States and territories have failed to curtail problem gambling, as they rely on the industry for revenue, and the federal government needs to intervene, a new report says.
Ms Hancock, an associate professor at Deakin University, says problem gambling is a serious health risk. "Where is the preventative health? In Victoria, one in five suicide attempts presenting to emergency services at The Albert hospital (are) gambling-related." / AAP / SUSANNA DUNKERLEY / April 30, 2010

Son Loses Dad s $1.5 Million Through Online Gambling
China - A father in China gave his son $1.5 million to have his relationship with his son severed after finding out the son was an online gambler. Within days, the son lost all of his money through betting over the Internet. / / Alistair Prescott / April 27, 2010

Ukraine Gambling Still a Problem Despite Ban
Ukraine - After Ukraine banned the gambling business last year, casino and gambling hall signs virtually disappeared in their wake emerged online clubs and sport bars. There you can play the same roulette or poker. The only difference & now it's on the Internet.there were gambling machines in the clubs. Now they've been replaced with computersIn our clinic the number of clients with excessive gambling is sizable.They (young people) sell everything from their homes and even commit suicide." / NTD News / 2010-04-28

When luck runs out

China - 2.6 percent of Macau residents ranging from 15 to 64 years old were probable pathological gamblers. Ming was busy calculating odds. For him, soccer was less about sports and more about betting. He also enjoyed gambling at casinos. But then, one day, he got addicted. His debts became too high. He stole money from his family. Ming – a fake name – was about 16 years old when he firststarted gambling. In 10 years time, he was addicted to gambling.The number of call to the hotline and for counselling has been increasing over the last two years.Problem gambling, as Bonnie Chang sees it, "is a very serious social problem in Macau", but "there's not enough help" available. Debts are a common issue among problem gamblers: 78 percent had debts; erage of the total money owed was about 370,000 patacas. Financial problems, as well as emotional ones, all related to gambling, left some in despair.almost 38 percent intended to kill themselves. About 20 percent actually tried to do it. baccarat is also the main gambling addiction. Then come the slot machines and the soccer betting. / Macau Daily Times / Sofia Jesus / 30/04/2010