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National Gambling Crimes

'Destroyed' by addiction
PA - A Bethlehem woman [38] charged with stealing nearly $69,000 from her employer to fuel her addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets ''feels horrible'' about her actions, / OF THE MORNING CALL / By Pamela Lehman / April 28, 2010

'Master agent' pleads guilty to running illegal sports book
MO - A Kansas City man admitted in federal court Wednesday that he organized and operated a multimillion-dollar online sports bookmaking business. Cammisano, 56, is the son of the late Kansas City organized crime figure William Willie the Rat  Cammisano. Many of theother defendants charged in the case also came from families with past organized crime ties. say handled about $3.6 million in bets on sporting events / The Kansas City Star / By TONY RIZZO / APRIL 28, 2010

$100,000 cash seized in gameroom raids
TX - Investigator's seized approximately $100,000.00 dollars in cash,and "motherboards" from approximately 400 8 liner machine suspected of being used in illegal gambling. / The Police News / May 1, 2010

ABC agents seize illegal gambling machines at Bedford, Altavista Moose Lodges
VA - Agents with the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control bureau raided a pair of Loyal Order of Moose lodges last weekAn inventory claims investigators confiscated three alleged illegal "video casino game" machines, more than 250 prepaid phone cards, and $4,517.90 in cash. / WSLS10 / By Scott Leamon / April 26, 2010

Authorities bust illegal 8-liner business in Trinity
TX - Thirty-one eight-liners were confiscated because authorities believe the winnings were paid in cash. The business off south Highway 19 in Trinity is where law enforcement says Moody was Moodywas arrested and charged with "keeping a gambling place." That is a Class A misdemeanor. / By Holley Nees / April 26, 2010

Couple accused of hockey money swindle
MN - A New Ulm couple faces felony theft charges for allegedly swindling the New Ulm Hockey Association out of thousands of dollars.Lennander wrote 10 checks totaling nearly $4,000 to her 14-year-old daughterOne of those ATM withdrawals occurred at Jackpot Casino in Morton. / By Brian Ojanpa / Free Press / April 27, 2010

Condo president charged with stealing from her association
FL - The residents of Hillcrest Condominium Building 23 in Hollywood regarded their association president Bonnie Andrews Soloman as a ``trustworthy'' woman with a penchant for playing the penny slots at local casinos.Then they uncovered the association's bank statements detailing more than $46,800 in ATM withdrawals at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and the Seminole Indian Gaming Casino over the course of a year.Soloman was arrested / BY LAURA FIGUEROA / / 04.29.10

City Council may put video gambling on table
IL - Video gambling was approved last year by the state legislature as a way to help pay for a $31 billion state construction program. Without Chicago "opting in" on video gambling, the program would lose about $2 billion in total funding, said Doug Whitley, president of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Daley, who has yet to take sides on video gambling, suggested Friday the issue go to referendum. Opponents say organized crime has been involved in illegal video gambling and legalizing it could create more gambling addicts. / By Hal Dardick / TRIBUNE / April 26, 2010

Citing illegal gambling, Va. raids Moose lodges
VA - Moose lodges in Bedford and Campbell counties have been raided by Virginia officials investigating allegations of illegal video gambling. / By Washington Post Editors / The Roanoke Times / April 27, 2010

Four arrested for illegal gambling at bar
IA - Four people were arrested over the weekend for participating in an illegal dice game at a local tavern.The incident could affect attempts to renew the tavern's license, / By JOSH NELSON / / April 27, 2010

Ex-treasurer of Indianapolis arts group sentenced to prison for $380,000 embezzlement
IN - Ex-treasurer of Indianapolis arts group sentenced to prison for $380,000 embezzlement / By Associated Press / April 28, 2010

Ex-Creech Brothers Truck Brokerage worker indictment for allegedly stealing $350,000
MO - A former employee of Creech Brothers Truck Brokerage Inc. in Troy, Mo., has been indicted on 10 counts of wire fraud for embezzling more than $350,000 from his former employer, Schrader and his wife each put nearly $1 million into play at the Ameristar Casino / St. Louis Business Journal / April 29, 2010

Epilepsy Foundation sues former executive director over theft of $80,000
MO - A Kansas City nonprofit organization has accused its former executive director of stealing more than $80,000 in donations and other funds. Shortly before Taylor's resignation in April 2009, the foundation discovered that he allegedly made more than $7,000 in charges on a foundation credit card at a Kansas casino. / By TONY RIZZO / The Kansas City Star / Apr. 30, 2010

Dallas area cockfight broken up
TX - Gambling charges against the property owner may be filed by vice detectives, and animal cruelty charges may be filed by animal control officers, the Morning News said. / By Story provided by UP / April 29, 2010

Gaming agents step up probe of indicted high-roller's claims
NV - State gaming agents are stepping up an investigation into an indicted high-roller's claims that Harrah's Entertainment casinos unlawfully encouraged him to gamble away tens of millions of dollars by keeping him in a constant state of intoxication. The heightened probe comes as Watanabe's lawyers are pressing the district attorney's office to drop criminal fraud charges against the 53-year-old Nebraska philanthropist. Watanabe is charged with not paying $14.7 million in gambling markers at Caesars Palace and the Rio. O'Donnell accused Harrah's Entertainment of "continuously" serving "massive amounts of alcohol" to Watanabe as he gambled when the company knew he was intoxicated. / Las Vegas Review-Journal / Terrance Watanabe / Apr. 29, 2010

Gambling treatment is rare
PA - a New York woman with a gambling addiction admitted to bilking Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem customers while they used the bank machine. Shoumin Chai, 55, who has a lengthy rap sheet for casino-related crimes, received a two- to five-year sentence. / By Riley Yates / OF THE MORNING CALL / April 30, 2010

Kansas City man pleads guilty to leading $3.5M sports betting ring
MO - Federal prosecutors in Kansas City announced another guilty plea in a wide-ranging gambling operation that has ensnared six other defendants. This time, the feds think they have the leader – Gerlarmo "Jerry" Cammisano, 56, of Kansas City – admitting to his part in a $3.5 million illegal sports betting ring. Cammisano is related to William "Willie" Cammisano Jr., the son of the late reputed Kansas City Mafia luminary William "Willie the Rat" Cammisano. / Kansas City Business Journal / April 28, 2010

Internet Sweepstakes Cafe's. . .Causing Impact on Gambling Problems in Florida
FL - As Pat Fowler, Executive Director of the FCCG states, "The number of callers to the HelpLine already experiencing difficulties due to these Internet Café's is significant given the fact that they are so new and there is no signage for seeking help available at these locations "For us the legality or illegality of these internet sweepstakes cafes is secondary – the impact is the same either way. / April 29, 2010

Local Bar Investigated As Gambling House
OH - Once inside the bar, officer said they found an electronic gambling game. / April 26, 2010

Leader of illegal gambling business pleads guilty
MO - His brother, 60-year-old William Cammisano Jr., and five others also have pleaded guilty to crimes related to the operation. are the sons of Kansas City organized crime figure / The Mexico Ledger / By The Associated Press / April 28, 2010

Lawyer suit: Judge owes me half-mil
NY - A Bronx [Supreme Court] judge accused of having a chronic gambling problem borrowed a half-million dollars from a law- school class mate, telling her that loan sharks would break his legs and hurt his children if she didn't help him, according to court papers. Villegas, 57, was knocked by the New York City Bar Association when he was running for the Supreme Court as not having the "requisite qualifications." / By WILLIAM J. GORTA and LIZ SADLER / New York Post / April 29, 2010

Man faces investment fraud charges
FL - Loebel, 56, of Ormond Beach was arrested Tuesday afternoon on a warrant that accused him of defrauding local direct marketing success story Mike Panaggio out of $450,000. Last year, several local investors, including a handful of prominent doctors, filed lawsuits against Loebel for more than $10 million. In those suits, plaintiffs claimed they "loaned" Loebel hundreds of thousands for investments that were never returned. Panaggio said he was told by Loebel that there was no rose business, and that "he had created the fictitious business as a means to obtain money from wealthy investors to support his lavish lifestyle and gambling addiction," / By JAY STAPLETON / APRIL 28, 2010

Online Casino Payment Processor Bail Revoked
NV - Accused money launderer Daniel Tzvetkoff had his newly issued bail revoked by a New York judge who said the online gambling payment handler could not be trusted not to flee prosecution.He was arrested at a Las Vegas convention after some of his gaming customers, upset about $100 million in missing player deposits, tipped federal authorities to his location. / by Matt Miller / / April 28, 2010

Police Say Woman Used Condo Funds To Gamble
FL - Andrews, condo board president of Hillcrest Condominium Building 23, is accused of using the association's money to gamble, Andrews withdrew more than $46,800 from ATMs at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino We knew that she loved playing slot machines, but we thought she was just playing the penny slots,'' CBS4 / Apr 29, 2010

Poker machines seized in Aiken
SC - Two Aiken women are charged with illegal gambling during Aiken County Sheriff Office attempt to put a stop to an ongoing issue. they found four illegal video poker gambling machines / NBC Augusta / By Christine O'Donnell / Apr 29, 2010

Pennsylvania Casino Fined $10,000 For Self Exclusion Violation
PA - The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is no stranger to doling out fines, and the Control Board has recently hit Parx Casino's operator, Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment Inc., with a fine due to a self excluded player. Many casinos and control boards around the nation provide self exclusion lists. A $10,000 dollar fine had been levied against the casino operator. / by Glen Farmer / May 1st, 2010

Sued Bronx jurist George Villegas denies gambling and loanshark ties
NY - A defiant Bronx judge is denying allegations that he's a gambling addict who is ducking leg-breaking loansharks. The judge didn't show up to work after Janet sued him, claiming he borrowed the huge sum ($500,000) from her to keep loansharks at bay. She says he started taking money from her in the late 1980s, whining that "loansharks would soon break my legs and hurt my children." / Daily News / BY Greg B. Smith, Joe Jackson and Thomas Zambito / April 30, 2010

Study: Black women with gambling problems outnumber men
FL - African-American women in Florida have 51 percent higher rates of compulsive gambling addiction than African-American men, The statistics represent a 6-percent jump in one year.African-American women comprised 45 percent of people in the state with gambling problems, according to the Florida Council on Compulsive Gambling (FCCG), An estimated 81,542 of African Americans in Florida (from a total population of 2,203,852) are suffering from gambling addictions, Fowler said. " Black/African Americans made up 19 percent of the help contacts. Emotional problems among this population were as follows: 75 percent experienced anxiety, 82 percent were depressed, and 10 percent had serious suicidal ideas or previous attempts.66 percent cited family neglect, and 4 percent stated there was family violence due to the gambling problem.
" 83 percent were having problems paying household bills, 47 percent had gambled away savings, equity or retirement money, 40 percent had resorted to selling or pawning assets in order to finance their gambling problem, and 7 percent had declared bankruptcy. Illegal acts were committed by 29 percent (fraud, larceny/theft, embezzlement, selling drugs, booking, prostitution, etc &). / Written by ROBERTO SANTIAGO / SFL Times / April 26, 2010

ST. LOUIS Worker is charged with embezzlement
MO - Schrader, 63, used fake invoices to embezzle more than $350,000 from his employer,Schrader and his wife gambled almost $1million at one local casino, / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / 04/30/2010

Sheriff's deputy killed outside casino
NV - deputy sheriff was killed by a man wielding an automatic rifle outside a casino in Pahrump,The deputy who was shot had been on duty only two days after returning from a tour of military duty in Afghanistan, / By Story provided by UPI / April 27, 2010

Sheriff's chief of staff gets 25 months in prison
FL - County Sheriffand alleged mistress has been sentencedMorris has been convicted of federal and state charges for using Homeland Security money to fund lavish Las Vegas gambling trips. / Associated Press / 04.28.10

Search targeted ex-Tulare bank manager
CA - Local and state investigators were targeting bank manager Jeri Sell last week when they searched her home and a Tulare bank,Tulare police and agentswere seeking evidence during the April 21 search that might link Sell to money embezzled from the night deposit box at the Tulare branch Investigators believe that Sell, embezzled money to support a gambling habit, / The Fresno Bee / By Lewis Griswold / Apr. 30, 2010

Trial date set in Oklahoma embezzling case
OK - Melson, embezzled because of a gambling addiction / / By Nolan Clay / April 30, 2010

Wentzville man accused of embezzlement
MO - Schrader, 63, of Wentzville, was indicted on ten counts of wire fraud arising out of his embezzlement of over $350,000 from his former employer.accused of spending nearly one million dollars at the Ameristar Casino / The Globe Democrat / April 29, 2010

W. Pa. Woman Embezzled From Legal Aid Corporation
PA - A woman faces up to 10 years in prison for embezzling $188,000 from an agency that received federal funding,used an ATM card to withdraw typically from locations near gambling sites. Associated Press / Apr 28, 2010

International Gambling Crimes

Australian Rednecks Jailed in Casino Attack on Indigenous
Australia - A big night at the local casino, a few too many beers, and a chance encounter (so it seems), with a group of Aussie Indigenous leads to carnage and another chapter to Australia's shame. The Aussie white men departed the local casino in 'The Alice' in a pack at roughly 6am when they stumbled upon the campers. The rednecks left to get more piss and a Colt 45 pistol, understood to contain blank ammunition. The white mongrels got out of the car and chased Ryder. "The deceased fell to the ground where Hird kicked him to the head one time, Swain kicked him twice to the head ... (and) Spears struck the deceased with a bottle," Chief Justice Martin said. / / April 27, 2010

Bets are off when it comes to ending IPL gambling
India - Despite semi-regular raids and tax probes into the gambling industry, a complex hierarchical network that starts at the corner paan stall and ends at big-time betting syndicates turns over an estimated $60bn a year. But the scandal enveloping the Indian Premier League, its murky finances and allegations of match fixing, has sharpened the focus of Indian authorities. One BCCI official told The Australian that many suspected the Shane Warne-captained Rajasthan Royals team of involvement in match-fixing on the sole basis that the team regularly changed its opening bowler. While strict new laws governing cricketers' behaviour were introduced after the match-fixing scandal of 2000, observers say the IPL's model has again opened the door to potential corruption. / The Australian / Amanda Hodge / April 28, 2010

Court hears of desperate gambling addict who stole two rings to pay of debt to loan shark
UK - DESPERATE gambling addict Warren Laver snatched two diamond rings from Fenland stores in a bid to pay off a 500 debt to a loan shark. "The loan shark had told him that if he failed to repay the loan he would see the inside of a wooden box," said solicitor James Macwhirter. / 28 April 2010

Casino cabby cheat sentenced to nine-months jail
Singapore - Loo, who's an undischarged bankrupt, stole his elder brother's driving license on 21 February this year and sneaked into the casino the next day. He then tried to cheat at Baccarat by placing a bet after the winning result was declared. / CNA / 30 April 2010

Ex-policeman in court over Annabella Symington murder
Ireland - A former police inspector accused of murdering a wealthy widow [80 years old] in 1989 was a gambling addict who went to her home to ask for cash, a court has heard. In order to prevent her screaming out he had pushed the sleeve of her cardigan into her mouth until she stopped breathing." / 28 April 2010

Disruptive Hi-Lo Gambling Ring Busted in Pattaya
Thailand - Pattaya police successfully busted a large Hi-Lo gambling ring in South PattayaOfficers had been notified by local residents of the area that an illegal Hi-Lo gambling ring was operating at the building, disturbing residents, particularly through the middle of the night. / Pattaya Daily News / April 27, 2010

Hollow words of a serial conman
UK - Maskell returned to an addresswhere he had previously conned an elderly woman out of 40.The 72-year-old victim recognised his photo in the paper and alerted the police. Half an hour later, he targeted another previous victim, this time in Heaton Moor. "He has targeted the kind and good people of this community that have given him money before." Mortimer said he wanted help with his gambling addiction, / by Jennifer Williams / April 28, 2010

IPL row casts spotlight on India's gambling laws
India - The allegations surrounding the Indian Premier League – and claims of tax evasion by its organisers – saw the suspension on Sunday of IPL chief Lalit Modi hours after the tournament's showpiece final. As in 2000, when federal investigators unearthed widespread illegal betting and match-fixing by Indian bookmakers and some leading players, the controversy has led to calls for gambling to be legalised. Gambling in India is heavily restricted. Only two states – Goa in the southwest and remote Sikkim in the northeast – allow gambling in casinos,Gambling is often a front for money laundering, said the avowed cricket fan, who now runs a private security firm and is involved in the fight against film piracy – also often linked to organised crime. / April 27, 2010

India Sports Corruption: Is Online Gambling to Blame?
India - Unfortunately, most of the news is negative, talking about crooked players, unscrupulous organizers, and fixed matches.These allegations have led to the suspension of IPL chief Lalit Modi during the weekend, just hours after the final event of this year's Twenty20 cricket tournament. According to a report published by the I-T tax organization, "Modi is apparently deeply embroiled in both generation of black money, money laundering, betting in cricket (match fixing of certain IPL matches)." / by Michael F. / 2010-04-26

Legal online gambling pushed in Canada
Canada - Online gambling industry officials meeting in Calgary this week say they'd like to see governments move to protect players from unscrupulous sites. The Calgary Herald reported Wednesday Canadians spend about $1 billion a year gambling online, / By Story provided by UPI / April 28, 2010

Melbourne Storm Scandal: Gambling With NRL Salary Cap
Australia - Australian sports betting scandals are far bigger than just the recent Melbourne Storm football club revelations. Media Man and Gambling911 have been digging for dirt (and truth), and can now reveal more details on arguable Australia's biggest and dirtiest sports and sports betting scandal of all time, and that covers a lot of ground...Make no mistake, there's an Underbelly and underworld element to this.There's considerable chance police will investigate the rorting and other potentially criminal going onsIt was last Thursday, when the NRL announced it had stripped Storm of its last two premierships, fined it half a million dollars and forced it to return $1.1 million in prizemoney, and banned it from accruing any premiership points this season to boot. / / April 26, 2010

Man defrauded victims to pay gambling debts
UK - A MAN defrauded a number of unsuspecting victims – including one he met in hospital – to pay off his gambling debts, a court heard. "The woman said she was angry because she had been conned out of her money and he never had any intention to give her the goods." He said that when police interviewed him, Grainge said he needed the money to pay for a gambling problem and that he never intended to supply goods or refund any money. / By Paul Cook / 28th April 2010

Post officer manager stole to fund gambling addiction
Ireland - A post office manager stole ¬22,000 from his employer in order to fund his gambling addiction, Dalton (aged 36) initially started gambling with the post office's money in order to win enough money to hide a mistake he made The gambling quickly got out of control and he was soon stealing up to ¬1400 a week / The Irish Examiner / April 27, 2010

Police Cripple Illegal Gambling Syndicate
Malaysia - Police crippled an illegal gambling syndicate, involving betting of RM2.4 million a month, with the arrest of five women / Bernama / May 02, 2010

Sparkhill post office worker preyed on elderly customers
UK - A POST office worker who deliberately preyed on elderly customers, fleecing them out of more than 3,000, has been jailedRazaq, who stole the money to feed his gambling addiction, was told by a judge he had committed a gross breach of trust.he had been suffering from depression and had also accrued debts as a result of a gambling addiction. / / Apr 27 2010

SEB, HVB Appeal Ruling on Brewer's 'Gambling Monster' (Update2)
Singapore - Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank AG and SEB AB appealed a Singapore court ruling that Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. wasn't responsible for $57 million in loans taken out by a former executive to fund his gambling addiction. Chia defrauded four banks including Japan's Mizuho Financial Group Inc. and Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. of S$117 million ($85 million) by forging the signatures of Asia Pacific Breweries directors to get loans in the company's nameIn addition to the loans, Chia also embezzled S$53 million from the brewery, according to court filings. / Bloomberg / By Andrea Tan / April 27, 2010,

Victorian Gambling Commission Pulls Plug on 'Gambling Machine'
Australia - a machine owned by VenueNet was confiscated. Manufacturers of the touch screen computer kiosk that offers internet access, which gambling authorities regard as a "suspected illegal betting device" are after a court order to have it returned. This is a real test of outdated gambling regulations in the internet age.It allows users, through the internet, to access Sportsbet's website and then use a Sportsbet betting account, / / April 26, 2010

Thief walks free after gambling away stolen 6k
Ireland - A DUBLIN man who allowed money drawn on cheques stolen by his girlfriend's brother to be lodged in his bank account and then spent it on gambling has been given a suspended sentence. His co-accused, Amir Essalhi (25), stole 14 cheques from the offices of the Irish Daily Star, which he had gained access to in a previous job as a drain technician. Essalhi had a role in defrauding the company of 69,050. Essalhi was also being sentenced on that date for stealing an industrial heater and arson at EMVA, JFK Road, Bluebell, in September 2007, as well as stealing 7,000, which was the property of Bank of Ireland,Michael Bowman, defending, said Casey, who was in a relationship with Essalhi's sister, had a gambling problem and had "naively, foolishly taken something for nothing" and had squandered it on gambling. / / By Fiona Ferguson / April 29 2010

WSEX Payouts Good Only in Sears?
Antigua - The once proud Antiguan-based online sportsbook has had its reputation dragged through the mud and they will have a tough time recovering following months of slow pays and hideous customer reported on how one of the publicly traded online casino software licensee's was screwing over loyal affiliates. At least one site has blacklisted the entire Playtech group as a result / / Jagajeet Chiba / April 26, 2010

Woman steals $4.6 million from her family's business
Australia - A BOOKKEEPER stole $4.6 million from two Geelong companies partly owned by her family to fund her gambling habit and lifestyle. De Sieno withdrew $2.8 million at various gambling venues / / Karen Matthews / April 29th, 2010

Warden stole up to 15,000 from 75-year-old woman
UK - The victim realised that money was going missing from her bank account. Hall had her bank card after offering to sort out her financial situation for her. Hall was frightened about the "stigma" of bankruptcy.
"She decided foolishly to start gambling,"She got in to a cycle of the more you gamble, the more you lose. She began to lose sleep. When she could not sleep, she gambled more regularly, using Internet gambling sites." / April 27, 2010