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3/23/08 TO 3/29/08

Ameristar is first casino in area to see admissions bump since opening of Lumiere
MO - Despite the admissions increase, [Ameristar's] revenue was down during the same period by 3 percent. Ameristar's biggest competitor before Lumiere came to town, Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel in Maryland Heights, saw its admissions fall 13 percent in this year from the same period last year. That casino had 646,538 visitors in February of this year. Revenue also declined 7 percent during that period. Under the casino's loyalty program, Total Rewards, guests can use their credits among any of Harrah's 40 properties across the country. [Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel spokesman Andy Grieve] noted that growth has been slower in the St. Louis market than industry insiders would expect. / March 22, 2008

Ameristar sees admissions bump
MO - Despite the admissions increase, [Ameristar] revenue was down during the same period by 3 percent. Ameristar's biggest competitor before Lumiere came to town, Harrah's St. Louis Casino and Hotel in Maryland Heights, saw its admissions fall 13 percent in this year from the same period last year. Even as Ameristar received good news, it and other casinos in the area are cautious about what an impending recession and economic hardship might mean to their business. "We're definitely not immune to the tough economic conditions," [Jim Franke, VP with Ameristar] said. / March 24, 2008

Casino gambling ballot issue
MO - When I lived in Chicago, a co-worker gambled away his entire retirement. / Your Opinion / Betsy Branstetter, Jefferson City / Mar 23, 2008

Casino gambling issue
MO - Where do proponents think would be an acceptable place for a casino? You may count me among those unalterably opposed to locating a casino in any locations that would detract from the importance and symbolism of the Capitol. The Capitol says so much more about us than any casino ever can that its presence and its image should never be infringed upon. / Your Opinion / Bob Priddy, Jefferson City / Mar 26, 2008

Casino Queen says smoking ban hurt business
MO - [manager Mohaghan] fears gamblers are going to new nearby competing casinos across the river in Missouri, where gamblers still can smoke. / 3/25/2008

Casino gambling ballot issue
MO - Casino owner Donald Trump said, "People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or new car. Local businesses will suffer..." / Your Opinion / Sherrie Downs, Jefferson City / Mar 23, 2008

Drug ring broken, officials say
MO - Investigators believe that [a drug] ring has been bringing in drugs for at least two years in commercial trucks that cross the border and drop off their illicit cargo in parking lots of area motels, shopping centers, malls and at least one casino. They suspect the ring of bringing in more than 500 grams of cocaine and 500 or more pounds of marijuana. Alleged Mexican ringleaders have been charged but not arrested. / By Robert Patrick / 3/22/2008

Casino gambling ballot issue
MO - Not only would a gambling casino fail to bring in significant dollars for Jefferson City, it would actually drag down efforts to bring good jobs and increased prosperity to our community. There are people interested in investing in our community and creating good jobs, but they might well look elsewhere if Jefferson City becomes just another gambling casino town. Voting against a gambling casino is more than a rejection of the empty promise of easy money. It is a vote of confidence in our ability to work together to build a better and more prosperous Jefferson City for our children and our children's children. / Your Opinion / Ron Medin, Fifth Ward councilman / Mar 23, 2008

Missouri Lottery hopes to boost advertising next year
MO - "The message has been clear to us for the last couple of years that the leadership in the legislature and the governor's office don't want to increase lottery funding of any kind," [said Missouri Lottery director Larry Jansen]. Gambling foes contend that Powerball and scratch-off tickets sell themselves at convenience store counters and that lottery revenues are better spent on public education. But lottery profits earmarked for public education have been flat or down two of the last three years despite overall revenue growth of 62 percent the past six years. Despite a steady decline in advertising, overall sales have posted annual growth in five of the past six years. / By RICK ALM / Mar. 24, 2008

More smoke at stadiums
MO - Was there a deal made with the casinos to keep them and their money out of the fray? I guess you'll have to form your own opinion on that but the fact that casino floors are exempted sure does smell of some kind of deal. / By Ross Balano / March 24, 2008

Casino gambling ballot issue
MO - I was a speaker in opposition. It was stated that I want Jefferson City to remain the sweet little town it has always been. I would like to clarify that I had said I would like to protect the sweet culture of Jefferson City, as that is what drew us to raise our children here... / Your Opinion / Ruth Wallace / Mar 23, 2008

Casino gambling issue
MO - Many families have been damaged and/or destroyed because of a family member who has fallen victim to the casino's lure of quick riches; he/she spent the family's savings in hopes of a high return, only to lose all of the family's money and undergo foreclosure, repossession, bankruptcy, and/or divorce due to financial devastation. / Your Opinion / Shandia Sardis / Mar 26, 2008

Sugar Creek casino plan delayed
MO - The Missouri Gaming Commission wants to review financial aspects of the local industry and other guidelines relating to the proposed Sugar Creek casino. The commission has been criticized by gaming industry representatives for moving too quickly on the proposal and also because two bills are pending in the state's General Assembly. The bills, which have found approval within state committees, are aimed at blocking the commission from issuing any new licenses in the Kansas City market. / By Jeff Martin / March 24, 2008