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An Improbable Place to Find A Horse to Conquer the World
Uruguay - In the years that Maronas [track] had thrived, the Jockey Club, which operated it, became rich and powerful. It grew into a bloated bureaucracy with some 700 employees, it spent money lavishly on entertainment and travel for members, and it borrowed heavily to finance improvements to the track. When a financial crisis hit the country in 1981 and the peso was devalued, the Jockey Club couldn't repay its dollar-denominated debts and went broke. But the ardent racing fans in Uruguay happened to include the president and other important politicians, and they viewed the sport as an institution that needed to be saved. Their plan to do so offered the enticement of a license for slot-machine casinos to a bidder who would rebuild the track. / By Andrew Beyer / March 20, 2008

BMO turned blind eye to Damji scam, lawsuit claims
CANADA - When Salim Damji went to jail six years ago for a $100-million fraud, his investors were left with nothing but the deflated hopes of instant wealth. Those shareholders are now suing Bank of Montreal, alleging it made mistakes that allowed one of Canada's largest investment scams to happen. Damji instructed the bank to wire about $26-million worth of investors' money to gambling organizations in Jamaica and Costa Rica, the claim says. / March 18, 2008

Be responsible when gambling
CANADA - In Ontario, 3.4 per cent of adults will develop a gambling addiction ranging from moderate to severe. Signs of addiction include neglecting family and friends and borrowing money to gamble. Most (problem gamblers) we find are people trying to go for that next big win. The next big win, they ll get out of the hole. They re chasing losses, [Tim Hawkes, Responsible Gambling Council] said. / By Keith Gilligan / Mar 16, 2008

Britain told to crack down on gambling crooks with 15bn to hide
UK - Britain should tighten controls on the gambling industry and monitor the activities of wealthy foreigners to combat money laundering, according to a report by the US State Department. The annual International Narcotics Control Strategy Report identified Britain as a jurisdiction of primary concern and said that despite improved anti-money-laundering laws and regulations, at least 15 billion of criminal profits is processed through Britain each year. Because cash is the mainstay of the drugs trade, traffickers make extensive use of money transmission agents, cash smuggling and underground banking to remove cash from the UK. / Sean ONeill / March 21, 2008

Canada: Cyber World Group Pleads Guilty to Illegal Gambling
CANADA - In late November 2007, the media reported that Cyber World Group (CWG) had pled guilty to charges of illegal gambling in Qubec and had been ordered to pay a $2-million fine. The gaming giant administers, one of the largest Internet casinos in the world. / by Danielle M. Bush / 18 March 2008

Chips are down for illicit gambling den
GREECE - Police have arrested the man behind one of Athenss biggest illegal gambling rings... The suspect also accepted bets of up to 20,000 euros in cash on sports events... / March 19, 2008

Church condemns bookies' Easter opening
UK - Mike Judge, from the Christian Institute, Told The Daily Telegraph: "To allow gambling and encourage avarice on Good Friday, when we are remembering the sacrifice Jesus made for the world, is particularly regrettable." Last September's Gambling Act allowed betting shops to open on Good Friday for the first time. It was previously banned under the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960. / Mar 21, 2008

City man in 1m bets fraud probe
UK - AN Inverness man is at the centre of a police probe into allegations he gambled away over 1 million of his employer's money. The inquiry is into the activities of Chris Proudfoot who worked for several years as the firm's finance and credit controller. Mr Proudfoot is believed to be facing allegations he used the firm's money to run up substantial debts with bookmakers William Hill through its online gambling website. The betting giant [William Hill] has been at the centre of a high profile court action by one of their customers who racked up gambling debts of 2 million. / By Donald Wilson and Cameron Hay / 20 March, 2008

Cops nab 23 for illegal cockfighting
PHILIPPINES - Twenty-three persons were arrested by law enforcers at an illegal cockpit in Bacolod City yesterday, the police said. Acebuche said they will file illegal gambling charges against the 23 today. / BY PATRICK PANGILINAN / March 19, 2008

UK - The future of the casino is still subject to a Parliamentary vote but mayor Nick Bye, Said he was hopeful it would get the go-ahead. "It is recognised that three to four per cent of the population already have problems with gambling addiction," said Mr Denby. (Policy manager for the Torbay Development Agency) / 20 March 2008

Former govt lax in tackling problem gambling: Macklin
AUSTRALIA - The funding in 2003 for a creative campaign that was never followed up shows the previous government was not committed to dealing with the problem. / Mar 18, 2008

Gambler 'Lost 1m Of Firm's Cash Playing Internet Poker'
UK - AN OFFICE worker has been accused of blowing 1million of his company's cash playing internet poker. A pal said last night: "The word is that he was playing high-stakes poker online and got himself in too deep. "We never had him down as a gambling addict. He doesn't go to the bookies in town and we've never known him to bet on anything." / By Charlie Gall / Mar 21 2008

Gambler faces jail sentence
UK - A gambling addict who fleeced his loved ones of more than 100,000 has been warned to expect a prison sentence. (He) is accused of telling his mother and two girlfriends a catalogue of lies to trick the women out of their cash and fund his gambling habit. / 20 March 2008

Gambling a mug's game
CANADA - The explosion of lottery-type gambling is having serious and often tragic consequences. Responsible folk buy a ticket for a few minutes dreaming. Old people dream of helping their children. Younger folk dream of all sorts of good and possibly naughty extravagances. Happy marriages and even businesses are being destroyed by Internet gambling, one of the most insidious and dangerous of addictions. If a friend is suddenly in financial straits, he or she may be a secret gambler and heading for disaster. / 3-17-08

Gambling myths targeted; Group visiting Orillia for Problem Gambling Prevention
CANADA - A recent study commissioned by the RGC showed 43 per cent of respondents believe at least one gambling myth. "The most popular one was this idea that gambling is a good way to get rich," Antoniazzi (RGC) said. "The second one was that they believe the more you gamble, the more likely you are to win a lot of money." / By Nathan Taylor / 3-18-08

Gambling on the rise among today's teens
CANADA - Karan Paul started playing small-change poker games in Grade 10. About 40 per cent of Ontario students aged 15 to 17 report they have gambled at least once in their lifetime, according to a 2007 survey by the Responsible Gaming Council. "What people don't understand is gambling can have similar consequences to drugs and alcohol. It affects the brain in a similar way. It can become an addiction, not just a behaviour." / By Melinda Dalton and Luisa D'Amato / 3-21-08

Gambling take soars
CANADA - He (Smith, Alberta Gaming Research Institute) said the 23 casinos either in operation or set to open in Alberta are a huge number in a province of 3.4 million people. The province, she said, has earmarked $84 million for both booze and gambling addiction treatment with the Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission. / By BILL KAUFMANN / March 16, 2008

Good Friday gambling angers churches
UK - High street betting shops will open today for the first time on a Good Friday, prompting criticism from religious groups. The long-standing ban on betting during one of Christianity's holiest days was abolished by the Government last year as part of reforms to the gambling laws. / By Jonathan Petre / 21/03/2008

Group tackles gambling myths; Organization holds sessions at bingo, slots locations
CANADA - 11 per cent of Ontario adults believed gambling can be a good way to get rich, 8.7 per cent believed the more you gamble, the more likely you are to win a lot of money and 7.3 per cent believed gambling is an easy way to make money. The rate of problem gambling among the general adult population is 3.4 per cent. PROBLEM SIGNS... Gambling more in order to win back losses or get out of financial trouble; Gambling until all your money is gone; Having increased debt, unpaid bills, or other financial troubles because of gambling; Gambling instead of attending family or other social functions. / By Rachel Punch / 3-17-08

Helper drugged elderly and robbed them
CHINA - A FEMALE domestic helper accused of anesthetizing the old people she cared for and then robbing them went on trial yesterday. Prosecutors said the victims were all 75 to 90 years old. It is alleged they went to sleep, and then found property missing when they woke up. Bian told the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People's Court she owed huge gambling debts in the village and divorced her husband a few years ago. / By Angela Xu / 2008-3-21

Kitty man stabs sister in row over lottery ticket
GUYANA - A 45-year-old woman was repeatedly stabbed about her body late yesterday morning by her mentally ill brother following an argument over a lottery ticket at their Kitty home. / March 16th 2008

Lotto ad photo upsets ministers
CANADA - THE MINISTERS of the famous three churches in Mahone Bay are upset with Atlantic Lottery Corp. for using a photograph of the churches in a television ad. "Theres something offensive to use the image of the churches from a theological, practical and humanitarian point of view," Mr. Kristenson, (Lutheran Pastor) said. He said he has seen first-hand the damage caused by gambling. When he was serving in Alberta, he worked with a family in which the wife gambled away all the familys money. "The husband committed suicide. Thats as bad as it gets." / By BEVERLEY WARE / Mar 19, 08

Macklin says Coalition failed gamblers
AUSTRALIA - Community Services Minister Jenny Macklin has taken the Howard government to task for failing to do enough about problem gambling. "How on earth can a council stop the expansion of gambling if it doesn't actually meet? / March 18, 2008

Many Online Gambling Operators Use Prostitutes....And Some Marry Them
COSTA RICA - Prostitution is legal in the online gambling Mecca of Costa Rica. A study conducted by shows that for every five online gambling operators, one has married a prostitute or former prostitute.

NZ Lotteries taking insane risk with public safety
NEW ZEALAND - NZ Lotteries are taking an insane risk with public safety... News that NZ Lotteries is likely to move into the internet gambling business within a month has shocked the Foundation which says that it is repeating the mistakes of the 1980s when pokies and casinos were introduced with little thought about the harm they might cause. Foundation CEO John Stansfield says that Department of Internal Affairs Minister Rick Barker must be totally out of touch with reality if he thinks it is ok to add a new way of gambling without considering the gambling harm it might cause. / Press Release: Problem Gambling Foundation / 17 March 2008

Official accused of gambling public funds stands trial for corruption
CHINA - Former director of the Development and Reform Commission... Was accused of asking for and accepting bribes worth of more than 381,000 U.S. dollars, and misappropriating nearly 219,000 U.S. dollars in public funds mainly for gambling... / 2008-03-21

Online Gambling Grows in Popularity in Thailand
THAILAND - The Thai Department of Special Investigations is attempting to identify operators of online gambling sites. The ministry reports that new information involving illegal online betting has been received, and efforts are being made to track down and close these sites. / Tom Weston / March 20, 2008

Online Gambling Operations Being Thwarted By DSI in Thailand
THAILAND - Gambling online on soccer matches has become the wagering of choice by many people across the world. In many of the countries in which the gambling is taking place, it is illegal... It is projected that over 10,00 people are engaging in online gambling in the country (Thailand). / March 20, 2008

Online gambling may become legal in SA
S AFRICA - South Africans indulging in online gaming in SA are doing so illegally... On Wednesday the Bill relating to Internet gambling went to the Select Committee of National Provinces. It will later be tabled in the National Assembly for final approval. Currently, there is no protection for consumers with regard to Internet gambling. Should anyone have a claim against an online gaming site, they would have no recourse not even with the help of the gaming board. Players involved in interactive gambling currently play at their own risk and theres no regulatory environment to protect them, he said. / Adele Shevel / 16 March, 2008

Poker high rollers playing their cards right
UK - Clearly, while there are winners like Phil and Stan, there are many more losers, some of whom end up seeking the help of organisations like the Salvation Army. The charity has warned that in liberalising casino opening hours "the big losers will be the vulnerable people whose lives are ruined by gambling addiction". The Maybury extension was opposed by Church of Scotland leaders, with critics saying allowing round-the-clock gambling was akin to handing unlimited supplies of heroin to a drug dealer. / By LINDA SUMMERHAYES / 20 March 2008

Poor losers shouldn't gamble
CANADA - Commercials and movies tend to glamorize gambling and often leave people with the impression that everyone wins at the casino. For a select few, casinos are sexy and exciting. For the rest, casinos are ugly and devastating. England recently announced new gambling advertising rules that should be considered in this country. The main rule is that ads must not suggest gambling as a solution to financial concerns. That would pretty much rule out all the ads currently on Canadian television. Yet despite the fact gambling destroys people's lives, our government turns a blind eye and pumps the revenue into its veins like a junky in some back alley. One in 10 people report being affected negatively by someone else's gambling. Internet gambling is on a frightening rise, especially among young adults. / By Mark Cripps / Mar 21, 2008

Poor losers shouldn't gamble
CANADA - Commercials and movies tend to glamorize gambling and often leave people with the impression that everyone wins at the casino. For a select few, casinos are sexy and exciting. For the rest, casinos are ugly and devastating. Yet despite the fact gambling destroys people's lives, our government turns a blind eye and pumps the revenue into its veins like a junky in some back alley. One in 10 people report being affected negatively by someone else's gambling. Internet gambling is on a frightening rise, especially among young adults. / By Mark Cripps / Mar 21, 2008

Puerto Rico Tourism Could Suffer Over Murder of Online Gambling Mogul
PUERTO RICO - Expose on Dateline NBC regarding Adam Anhang murder haunts island same night it is revealed that another poker murder hits much closer to home... Anhang was a founder of Casino Web Cam and one time executive with Dr. Ho's online casino. Since that time, an individual connected with the crime (said to be the actual murderer) has been sentenced. But Anhang's family believes one of the culprits - Adam's estranged wife - is still out there, and they want justice. Ironically, another online gambling personality was found murdered in his home the same day the Dateline NBC story aired. According to media reports, Ernest Scherer Jr., 60, and his wife, Charlene Abendroth, 57, were found dead Friday morning shortly before 1 a.m. in their home at the Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, California, USA, near Oakland.

Rank Group's Grosvenor Loses Gambling Court Case Against NBAD
UK - Grosvenor Casinos Ltd., a unit of Rank Group Plc, lost a court bid to claim more than 6.7 million pounds ($13.4 million) from National Bank of Abu Dhabi after a client of the bank failed to pay his gambling debts. Grosvenor argued that it had only extended Al-Reyaysa's credit at the casino on the understanding that his checks had been covered by the bank... Al-Reyaysa gambled as much as 99 million pounds at the roulette tables... / By Caroline Binham / March 17, 2008

Rudd accused of taking gifts from gambling magnate
AUSTRALIA - Four months after he was elected Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd's halo has slipped, amid allegations he and his ministers accepted free travel from a Chinese businessman while in opposition. Ian Tang, whose company paid for 16 overseas trips by Mr Rudd and other Labor politicians, has links with a gambling magnate, Stanley Ho, who ran casinos in Macau, now part of China, for more than 30 years. Mr Rudd, a former foreign affairs and trade spokesman, rejected suggestions that the free travel had left him indebted to Mr Tang, or vulnerable to "influence peddling". / By Kathy Marks / 21 March 2008

Strange Ontario government math
CANADA - The Ontario Lottery Corp. is waxing fat on the backs of citizens addicted to gambling, and keeps feeding the addiction with its aggressive advertising campaigns asking us to "imagine the freedom." / March 20, 2008

U.S., Costa Rica reach net gambling settlement
COSTA RICA/US - According to the Tico Time in Costa Rica, the United States and Costa Rica have come to a settlement agreement in regards to the United States pulling out of its World Trade Organization agreement involving online gambling. The United States has been under fire in the WTO for its online gambling laws since Antigua and Barbuda asked the organization to look into it a few years ago. / By Sarah Polson / March 16, 2008

Swedish ban on online poker and gambling advertising may be over
SWEDEN - The decision arises from an appeal made on behalf of Aftonbladet and Expressen, two Swedish newspapers who were previously found guilty of breaching Swedens lottery laws by accepting such advertising, and who have been fighting for the past four years to appeal the court verdict. / March 19, 2008

Travelling show fights to dispel the myths that fuel gambling; Playing two machines doesn't help chances of winning
CANADA - The average Ontario gambler spends about 1.5 per cent of their personal income on gambling, while problem gamblers spend an average of 21 per cent. More than one million Ontario residents are affected by a gambling problem, either their own or someone else's. / By JOHN LAW / 3-18-08

Treasurer talks down pokies review
AUSTRALIA - QUEENSLAND Treasurer Andrew Fraser has talked down the prospect of overhauling the Government's policy on poker machines. The Opposition has accused the Government of being addicted to poker machines, / March 20, 2008

Youth Gambling lesson in Hanover
CANADA - [Youth Outreach Worker Amy Peyton] says children as young as those in Grade 3 are developing signs of problem gambling. She says it is important to break that cycle at an early age. / by Ken Hashizume / March 20th, 2008