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1/12/08 To 1/18/08

Bosses gamble with fraud losses

Australia - According to the latest KPMG fraud survey, gambling addiction and greed are the most common drivers of fraud in Australian and New Zealand workplaces. Renea Hughes, from NSW, late last year admitted to the Independent Commission Against Corruption that, among other actions, she embezzled $366,000 from RailCorp in false invoices paid to a contractor and friend, that she faked $100,000 in salary claims and fraudulently used a rental car for two years, costing the company $30,000. She admitted that every cent of the stolen $366,000 went into the pokies at pubs. / Jenny Dillon / January 13, 2008

Antigua and US to discuss Internet gambling dispute

D.C. - Antigua and Barbuda's finance minister, Errol Cort is set to have talks with a United States Trade Representative today in an effort to bring resolution to the Internet gaming dispute between the two countries. "We believe this matter can be settled in an amicable way because we enjoy an excellent relationship with the United States," he said. / Minister of Finance and the Economy Dr. Errol Cort / January 17, 2008

Ads a start, but 'easy access to (VLTs) the problem'

Canada - The province's half-million-dollar marketing campaign on problem gambling is a start, but not enough to battle the big advertising budgets of Casino Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Lottery Corporation, an addictions counsellor said yesterday. Debbie Langille of, an online campaign aimed at removing every last video lottery machine from casinos and bars in the province, said making gamblers aware there is help is useful. But she said government continues to ignore the obvious - that, based on a 2003 study, 90 per cent of the estimated 15,000 problem gamblers in the province are addicted to VLTs. / The Daily News / BETH JOHNSTON / 16/01/08

Ads target problem gambling

Canada - A series of emotional ads about the impacts of problem gambling is the governments latest attempt at encouraging addicts to seek help. Health Promotion and Protection Minister Barry Barnet launched the $425,000 campaign Tuesday. The television, print and online ads centre on people writing letters about the effects gambling is having on their lives. In one, a child writes about wanting to leave home because her parents fight all the time. Another ad features a woman writing that she was fired for stealing from her employer. The gambling helpline number 1-888-347-8888 appears before the letter is finished. Robert Graham, manager of problem gambling services with the Health Promotion Department, said its "an emotional, hard-hitting" campaign because officials wanted to portray the situation honestly. He said problem gamblers who were involved in research for the ads responded well to them. / By DAVID JACKSON / Jan 16, 08

Casino Austria to add Poker

Australia - Another EU member nation will add poker to its State run gaming site. This time Austria is seeking to control the revenues from online poker. / By: Poker Shrink / January 14, 2008

Casinos Austria rejects merger with Austrian Lotteries

Australia - Casinos Austria General Director Karl Stoss has dismissed rumours about its possible fusion with Austrian Lotteries. Stoss said: "We are not thinking about a merger but only considering the possibility of increasing the bundling of some of our functions." / 14.01.2008

Americans in the Action as Macao Casinos Soar

Macau, Hong Kong - A battle for supremacy in Macaos gambling market is shaping up between the casino tycoon Stanley Ho and an American newcomer as the Chinese enclave emerges as the biggest gambling territory in the world. Gambling revenue from casinos in Macao leapt 46.6 percent last year to reach about 83 billion patacas ($10.4 billion), according to industry analysts and officials. With roaring growth expected to continue this year, Macao is poised to overtake all of Nevada as the biggest gambling jurisdiction, after it surpassed the Las Vegas Strip last year. Unavoidably the competition is going to intensify, said Gavin Ho, the head of Hong Kong and China research on the gambling industry at the investment firm CLSA. I think what we have seen in the past year is the overall expansion of the V.I.P. market to the U.S. casinos, in particular. But we can also expect the competitive pressure to increase in Macao. / By DONALD GREENLEES / January 18, 2008

EU moves toward ruling on German gambling law

European Union - The European Commission plans to decide within weeks whether to step up legal action against Germany over that country's recent move to ban online gambling, a spokesman for the commission in Brussels said Tuesday. The German law came into effect on Jan. 1, banning Web-based betting, with the exception of wagers on horseracing, and restricting other forms of gambling to state-run operators. The law sets Germany apart from other European Union countries, some of which have been moving to open state-run betting monopolies to private competitors, and moves it closer to the United States, where the Bush administration has tried to stamp out online gambling. / By Eric Pfanner / January 15, 2008

Gambling 'a bigger threat' to tennis than drugs

FL - The world's No. 34 player, Potito Starace of Italy, calls his six-week suspension and $33,000 fine for gambling "a joke." It will cause him to miss the Australian Open, which begins today. The threat of match-fixing and potential influence by the Russian mob and other criminal elements casts a more menacing shadow over tennis than does drugs, U.S. Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe believes. The gambling, overall, I think is a bigger threat. Tennis is a very easy game to fix. You're talking about one player. You can lose and make it look extremely normal." What troubles McEnroe, his brother John and others is that several players have come forward to say they were offered money to throw matches. Belgian player Gilles Elseneer said he was offered $141,000 to lose to Starace at Wimbledon in 2005. Another Belgian, Dick Norman, said he also was offered money to throw a match at a tournament in Italy... / By CHARLES ELMORE / January 13, 2008

Finland Wants to Ban Online Gambling Now

Findland - With so many European countries looking to follow the US lead and prohibit online gambling in one form or another, it's looking tougher and tougher every day for Internet poker, casinos, bingo and sports betting sites to fully embrace this market. Now comes word that Finland is the latest country looking to ban online poker. According to which the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health is planning to introduce an amendment to the law on gambling that would enable Internet gamblers to claim back their losses. A player protected by such a law would be altogether too great a risk to the game organiser.

ttp: / Jan 16, 2008

Finland to Ammend Gambling Law, Ban Online Poker, Payback Losers.

Findland - Finnish Newspaper the Helsingin Sanomat reported today that a government report could be in the works that would amend current Finnish Gambling laws that will let online poker players claim losses from playing poker online. The general idea here is to push online gambling sites to block Finland poker players from accessing their websites. / January 16, 2008

Greek Gambling On The Up

GREECE - According to a 2002 law, all electronic games involving betting are banned, including computer games. The law was introduced on the back of a public outcry following revelations regarding widespread illegal gambling in the country after some gaming arcade owners were found to have rigged their devices' software and converted these into gambling machines. / 1-18-08

Illegal gambling booming at Clark carnival

Philippines - It would seem illegal gambling has become the latest investment attraction at the Clark free port zone. And business is booming... Signboards that read, Minors are not allowed, are ubiquitously posted on the gaming tables. And given the number of minors, including elementary school-age children, that crowd the gaming tables and placing bets, the warnings are generally unobserved. The top security official of the free port has put under close monitoring the carnival operating here in the wake of reported illegal gambling activities.

By Joey Aguilar / January 14, 2008

Bookies set for dramatic boom on high street

United Kingdom - The number of betting shops on Britain's high streets is on the verge of a dramatic expansion following a relaxation in licensing rules as part of the Gambling Act, which came into force in September. Touch-screen roulette and blackjack machines... (each) earning about 25,000 a year in profit. The British Medical Association has called for tighter controls on slot-machine gambling because of its effect on younger people in particular. / January 12 2008

Doing little to end the suffering

Canada - The Nova Scotia government launched another series of ads designed to let problem gamblers know they can get help for their addiction. The campaign falls short of doing anything concrete about easing the pain for problem gamblers... / EDITORIALS / 17/01/08

WTA Tour chair: 'No proof' matches thrown

Australia - Several female tennis players have been approached to throw matches, and the WTA Tour is taking "all reasonable steps" to keep the game free of corruption. "We have identified that there's an awful lot of gambling on tennis," (Tour Chairman Scott) ... The issue of possible corruption was raised in men's tennis after an online betting site in August voided all wagers on a match in Poland between Nikolay Davydenko and 87th-ranked Martin Vassallo Arguello because of irregular betting patterns. / Jan 14, 2008

Women sentenced over theft from finance company

New Zealand - Stole more than $40,000... Where she worked to fund her gambling addiction... / 18 Jan 2008