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9/27/09 TO 10/3/09

A family man's tragic transformation
Canada - John Hallett lost his interest in reading and playing with his grandchildren. John Hallett hung himself... At the age of 76. His suicide was not one impulsive act; it was the culmination of years of desperation as his gambling spun out of control. / The Globe and Mail: National / Oct. 03, 2009

Canadian program focuses on problem gambling in college
Canada - Kts2 representative Crystal Richard. "Young adults are shown to be at the highest risk of developing a gambling problem. / AGA SMARTBRIEF / 09/29/2009

Korea - In large cities, posters on the self-diagnosis of gambling addiction have recently appeared on the walls of subway stations and public bulletin boards. You can find if you are one of an estimated 3.6 million gambling addicts in Korea. Illegal gambling on the internet and at electronic gaming facilities and hidden gambling joints collected 64 trillion won from addicts and addicts-to-be. Enough personal bankruptcies, family breakups and theft from corporate funds have taken place to qualify Korea for the title of "gambling republic." Something, however, needs to be done - on a level higher than the gaming control body of 14 members and a small staff - to arrest the rapid growth of the gambling industry, the illegal sector of which is expanding even faster. Every day millions of Koreans are squandering money at casinos, racetracks, Lotto kiosks and internet gambling sites. / THE KOREA HERALD / 9-29-09

Minister promises Malta would not become one big casino
Malta - "Finance Minister Tonio Fenech said yesterday the government did not want to see Malta being turned into one big casino. Licences would be issued for periods of 12 months, renewable only if there were no pending court proceedings against the owner at the time of renewal. / 30 September 2009

Minister promises Malta would not become one big casino
Malta - Mr Fenech emphasised that regulation did not amount to liberalisation. The government did not want to create a situation where every town or village would have its own casino. Gaming outlets would be monitored by the relevant authorities to ensure that this activity was conducted fairly. It would set standards aimed also at eliminating any criminal or money-laundering activity. Heavy fines would be imposed on those infringing the regulations. The gaming authority would have more powers and human resources to enforce regulations. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority would retain the right to object to the issue of a licence, and also to the renewal of a licence, on justifiable grounds and following due diligence procedures. Simulators, skill games and video games would not be restricted in the same manner as gaming machines. But gaming machines were not to receive stakes of more than [euro]2, while billiard tables and similar games would only be able to accept a [euro]1 coin. Neither could accept paper money. Operators would be able to seek to obtain four different licences. Machines would be sealed by the authority and those who manufactured, repaired and serviced such machines would require a licence. The suppliers and distributors of gaming machines, as well as operators of gaming places, would also require licences. Gaming places would not be licensed if these were situated close to schools. Gaming places would not be open to the public for 24 hours but could only open between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., even if found within tourist areas. / 29th September 2009

Northern Ireland Looks to Modernize Gambling Laws
Northern Ireland - Among the first changes expected is the granting of permission to bingo halls to open on Sundays for business. Also, online bingo companies may receive rules under which they may advertise on television, a practice currently forbidden. / Online Casino Advisory / by Matt Miller / 9/28/09


Problem-gambling funding cut by $2.4 million
UK - The B.C. government has slashed $2.4 million from a program that deters and treats problem gamblers, even as the province oversees a massive increase in Internet betting -- one of the most addictive forms of gambling. "It's irresponsible, if not immoral, for our government to be looking to expand gambling in such a risky area when they know -- they have to know -- this is going to hurt some of our most vulnerable people," The province's Problem Gambling Prevalence Study, released last year, showed that more than one in four Internet gamblers have a problem... / TIMES COLONIST / BY LINDSAY KINES / SEPTEMBER 27, 2009

Program attempts to deal with problem gambling, students
Australia - A new interactive awareness program is being aimed at the group at highest risk of developing a gambling problem. People aged 19-24 are identified at the most at-risk group and the initiative highlights ways to identify and avoid gambling-related problems. / CAPE BRETON POST / NANCY KING / 28/09/09

Pupils 'gambling for drugs'
South Africa - School pupils, some as young as 10, are gambling with their classmates and are losing thousands of rands a day. Many of them are stealing money from their parents and in some cases have become violent and punched their classmates, while others have been threatened with knives, Some of these youngsters were even gambling for drugs... / By Fiona Gounden / 2009-09-26

Uefa investigates 40 European games in match-fixing crackdown
-"Forty Champions League and Uefa Cup games are under investigation for suspected match-fixing, Most cases involved clubs where players did not earn much and so were tempted to fix results. / GAMING NEWS / 28 September 2009

Windsor casino 'a sinkhole': MPP
Canada - A Conservative MPP slammed Caesars Windsor on Thursday, calling it "a sinkhole of a casino that's so deep it needs stimulus funds to stay afloat." Shurman condemned the provincial Liberal government and its finance minister, Dwight Duncan, for spending $430 million on a 2008 casino expansion that was budgeted at $400 million. / CBC News / October 2, 2009

Woolies 'dragging its feet' on pokies
Australia - Independent Senator Nick Xenophon says Woolworths is dragging its feet when it comes to minimising problem gambling at its poker machines. Xenophon says he has gathered enough shareholder signatures to put the issue on the agenda at the company's annual general meeting. / ABC News / Sep 28, 2009