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10/18/09 TO 10/24/09

225 persons arrested for gambling in 51 raids

India - "Deputy inspector general of police (DIG)/senior superintendent of police (SSP), Lucknow, Prem Prakash said that the main objective of the drive was to put a check on drunken brawls and petty thefts that often result from such gambling games. There are disputes over money stakes and then the losers end up laying hands on anything and everything that they could while on their way back from the gambling site. ...disputes and drunken brawls often originate during gambling involving the well-off,"... / 21 October 2009

Current laws don't help problem gamblers

Australia - PROBLEM gamblers should be able to sue venues that encourage them to play despite knowing they have an addiction, a key research group says. The new laws should also bring in penalties for venue operators that induce problem gamblers to continue playing, the Productivity Commission recommends. About 15 per cent of Australians gamble regularly, and problem gamblers make up about 10 per cent of those. But the share of money that problem gamblers feed into the pokies accounts for around 40 per cent of $12 billion figure. It recommends a limit of $1 per bet on all pokies, to limit the amount people can lose each hour to $120,...

This link is to the draft report of their Productivity Commission.

Estrada favors legalization of jueteng 

MANILA, Philippines - Deposed president Joseph Estrada on Tuesday said he favored the legalization of the illegal numbers game "jueteng" to help ease the plight of the poor in the country. The former president, who was convicted of plunder for accepting jueteng kickbacks but who had been pardoned... / Philippine Daily Inquirer / By Christine Avendaņo / 10/20/2009

Gambling report lays cards on the table for states

Australia - AUSTRALIANS have long known that the batteries of poker machines that exploit gambling addiction are a social and economic scourge. The gaming industry draws $18 billion a year from Australians, money that could be spent more productively, and ruins the lives of problem gamblers, their families and friends. Overall, the report finds, the industry is of dubious economic benefit. They number at least 125,000 (problem gamblers), with up to 350,000 more people thought to be at risk. At the heart of the problem are the nation's 198,303 poker machines - an increase of 13,777 from 1999 - as 85 per cent of problem gambling is linked to these. Cash withdrawals at venues should be capped at $200 a day and ATMs should be moved away from gaming machines, which would allow for a ''cooling off'' of the gambling impulse. Similarly, making payouts of more than $250 by cheque would discourage gamblers from betting and losing all their winnings. It is a national disgrace that governments have yet to take effective action a decade after the Productivity Commission first sounded the alarm. / October 23, 2009

German Internet Casino Ban Meets Domestic Political Resistance

Germany - Germany's gambling monopoly is threatened by a demand by one of its sixteen states to repeal the ban on online casinos. The German gambling monopoly is already beset by problems with the European Commission and domestic courts, who agree the laws banning online casinos are a violation of EU regulations.

Currently, only horse racing is permitted in Germany to online gambling operations. / by JulieWong / October 19, 2009

Greens unveil problem gambling strategy

Australia - The minor party wants the phasing out of ATMs in gambling venues by December 2010, new restrictions on poker machine design...,25197,26239947-12377,00.html / October 21, 2009

India - Man hangs himself after losing money in gambling

India - Losing his money in gambling a man committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan in his house ... he lost his savings of about Rs 4000 in the game. He had saved the money to meet the medical expenses of his wife's delivery. ...his children were playing with crackers outside, / 20 October 2009

Italy tourism minister proposes 10-15 new casinos

Italy - The casinos, which would be in five-star hotels, are part of a 19-point plan by Brambilla to boost tourism in Italy, especially in the less-developed and crime-hit south,

'The aim is to develop (the sector) and put the south in the same condition as the north, where there are already four casinos. / 10.22.09

Keep a Lid on Number of Pokies in Auckland

New Zealand - ...the Problem Gambling Foundation questions why the city needs so many of these harmful machines. / 21 October 2009

Macau Casino Gambling Revenue Rises

China - Macau's casino gambling revenue rose 22.3% in the third quarter

A temporary easing of visa restrictions for residents of Macau's neighboring Guangdong province after a rough period for the city helped to boost third-quarter gambling revenue,... / By JACKIE CHEUNG / OCTOBER 21, 2009

National gambling tax option considered

Australia - The mainland states will canvass the option of introducing a uniform national tax on betting to fund the racing industry. The mainland states argue that the viability of their racing industries is under threat due to a sharp increase in gambling money being directed away from state based totalisers towards online betting. / AAP / October 22, 2009

Party leader calls on Bulgaria to ban gambling

Bulgaria - Ivan Kostov, leader of the right-wing Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) called for a ban on gambling in Bulgaria,..."Currently taxation on gambling in Bulgaria fails to contribute significant funds to the Budget while the damage gambling causes is huge," said Kostov,...A large section of gambling operators in Bulgaria are facing bankruptcy,... / Oct 20 2009

Pokies cap won't stop problem gamblers

The commission wants problem gamblers to obtain a licence to gamble. Unfortunately, the 99 per cent of people who are not problem gamblers would be required to apply for the same licence, and face the same restrictions....Pre-commitment requires a chip and hardware be fitted to 190,000 poker machines in Australia. Each machine would be linked, so a computer could track how much money you had played on a poker machine that day. / DAVID COSTELLO / October 23, 2009


Australia - Greens Gaming spokesperson Kim Booth MP said the Productivity Commission's report makes it clear that poker machines cause the most harm by far of any form of gambling, and are the key driver of the frauds, relationship breakdowns, mental illnesses, bankruptcies and suicides that are the known result of problem gambling. For every single problem gambler, the Commission found 5 to 10 others were affected". "These machines are driving gambling-related fraud, mental illness, relationship breakdown, bankruptcy and suicide. / Kim Booth MP / 22nd October 2009

The high cost of gambling addiction

Canada - Gambling addiction, and serving an addiction leads to crime, and on and on. Happily in this case it did not end in suicide, as is often the only way out. California, close to the same population as Canada, reports some 32,000 gambling addicts in prisons and this could prorate Ontario to 12,000 addicted gamblers in jail. / Letter to the Editor / Oct. 14, 2009

We need stricter measures to curb this gambling madness

Australia - It's always best to have a fence at the top of a cliff than the world's best equipped ambulance at its base. Preventing harm is always better than treating it, I support the move to limit the maximum bet on any spin to $1 and will be introducing a Private Senators Bill next week designed to bring this change in immediately. In Norway, machines are only accessible to pre-registered users via a pre-paid card. Individual gambling losses are limited to about $100 a day and $485 a month. My response is simply, if you want the machines to stay legal, make them safer. Addicts aren't exercising free will, they are feeding an addiction created by the very presence of poker machines in our community. In relation to online gambling, I am concerned that we legalise the practice and regulate...But didn't we try and do that with poker machines, and look how that turned out. As my good friend, World Vision chief executive Tim Costello, has said before, with online gambling you can lose your house without ever leaving it. / NICK XENOPHON / October 22, 2009

Xenophon pushes for $100 pokie loss limit

Australia - Senator Xenophon has called on the Prime Minister to ban poker machines or at least limit gamblers' losses to around $100 a day. The report also wants gaming rooms in hotels and clubs shut earlier and for longer. Senator Xenophon says it is time for decisive action, not another seven-year wait. He (Rudd, Opposition Leader) says state governments are "jackpot junkies", taking $4 billion each year in pokies taxes. The Productivity Commission says there are about 125,000 problem gamblers in Australia and another 300,000 at moderate risk. "It looks dramatic to reduce the bet size per button push from $10 or $5, down to $1, but it still potentially translated into an expected loss rate of $120 an hour. / By Alexandra Kirk for PM / Oct 22, 2009

Youth gamblers taught to Know the Score

Canada - Do you think it's OK to gamble with money set aside for food, rent or tuition? If you answered yes, you might  and let s stress might  have a gambling problem. Almost 7% of adults aged 18 to 24 have moderate to severe gambling habits. ... true, ... The provincially-funded initiative has not come to preach, lecture or convince anybody about the pros and cons of gambling. The goal is to educate. ...aimed at 18- to 24-year-olds. Singh said kts2 representatives don t diagnose problem gamblers, but they can point those who think they might have a gambling problem to a 24-hour gambling support services hotline. / By MARK TAYTI / October, 2009