Latest News on Proposition A
9/28/08 TO 10/4/08

Gambling measure opposed

MO - The measure, called Proposition A, would repeal Missouri's unique law limiting gambling losses to no more than $500 in a two-hour period; cap the number of new casino licenses; and increase the tax rate for casinos to 21 percent from 20 percent. / The Associated Press / Chris Blank / October 3, 2008

Groups created to oppose Mo. casino ballot measure

MO - Both those who are critical of gambling and those who support expanding it in Missouri said Thursday that they have formed political committees to oppose a casino measure that's on the November ballot. Evelio Silvera, the executive director of St. Louis-based Casino Watch, said he believes most Missourians are opposed to lifting caps on gambling losses and that the opposition groups will help inform voters about what the measure does. / Associated Press / By CHRIS BLANK / 10.03.08

In Our View: Say eno deal'

MO - Written and bankrolled by the casino industry, Proposition A has three components. * It would remove Missouriis $500 loss-limit. * It increases the gaming tax that casinos pay by one percent. * Finally, the initiative caps the number of casinos in the state at 13, although voters could change that cap if they wanted. We recommend voters reject this attempt by the casino industry to control the game. / October 03, 2008

Local superintendents say gambling proposal carries deceptions

MO - Despite the title, the Missouri School Boards Association is taking no position on Proposition A, the iSchools First Initiativei on the Nov. 4 election ballot in the state. The proposal rankles two area superintendents who say the measure iusesi schools to gain approval of law that primarily would benefit the stateis casino industry. IItis about gambling, not about education,i Lankford (superintendent of the Webb City R-7 School District) said. Henningson (Carthage Superintendent) said he is concerned that voters will think it was originated from by schools. IThis is a gambling initiative,i he said... Every time Webb City residents vote on a bond issue, he (Lankford) said, he still gets questions about the lottery money that was supposed to supplement Missouri school funding, but ended up replacing it. Spokesmen for the group (Casino Watch) say monitoring that comes along with the limit helps enforce the Missouri Disassociated Persons list o people who voluntarily chose to exclude themselves from casinos because in most cases they are compulsive and addicted gamblers. They say the limits reduce the speed at which gamblers play the games and limit the amount of financial losses that families experience as a result of gambling addition. / By Susan Redden / October 03, 2008

Mo. casino measure would erase loss limits

MO - Supporters say it doesn't matter that the gambling industry wrote and bankrolled the promotion of Missouri's Proposition A, a measure that would erase the nation's only casino loss limit and get rid of what some see as intrusive identification cards. Under current law, a gambler can buy up to $500 in chips or tokens per two-hour "excursion." Gamblers who reach that limit must wait until the beginning of the next two-hour excursion before buying up to $500 more in chips or tokens. Opponents argue the loss limits are the last of the original safeguards put into place when voters approved riverboat casinos in 1992, and doing away with them would open the door to more crime and more families harmed by gambling addiction. "When it comes down to it, it has everything to do with casinos and gambling and nothing to do with schools and the economy," said Evelio Silvera, executive director of Casino Watch. / Associated Press / By BILL DRAPER / Oct. 01, 2008

Not all smooth sailing for Mo. Casinos

MO - In December 1994, voters gave the Legislature the authority to approve games of chance on the rivers and the rapid revenue expansion began. About the only remnants of the 1992 law are the $500 loss limits and the $2 per-passenger fee the casinos pay... / The Associated Press / 10.01.08

RCGA Endorses Proposition A on November 4th Missouri Ballot

MO - The St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association (RCGA) has endorsed Proposition A, the Schools First Initiative, Joining the RCGA in support of Prop A are: Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry; The Partnership for Downtown St. Louis; Partners for Progress; the Hotel and Lodging Association of Greater Kansas City; as well as a host of business and civic groups, and hundreds of teachers and other educators throughout the state. / Sept. 30, 2008

Summary Box: Mo. measure would erase loss limits

MO - LOSS LIMITS: Missouri is the only state that has a loss limit at its casinos. Gamblers can buy up to $500 in chips or tokens each two-hour period, or "excursion." / Associated Press / October 01, 2008