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2010 Around The Corner And Kansas Still Has No Casinos

KS - in 2007, four state owned casino resorts were authorized. Sumner has a casino currently being built. Other three zones all had developers approved last year for contracts to build casinos. The economy, however, caused the developers to pull out of their deals and that moved the state back to stage one of accepting applications.

Http:// / / By Tom Jones / October 26, 2009

A Gambling Table for Three

FL - Florida House Speaker Larry Cretul, R-Ocala, has asked federal officials to shut down card games at Seminole Tribe casinos. Rep. Cretul calls the high-stakes card games the Seminoles are offering illegal because the state never has ratified a gambling "compact" with the tribe. a 2004 constitutional amendment allowed slots at non-tribal horse and dog tracks and jai-alai frontons - known as "racinos" - in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Federal law gives the Seminoles the right to any kind of gambling that is legal in the state, without having to give Florida a cut. This year, Gov. Crist and the tribe reached a new, similar deal but with a $150 million annual payment. Rather than approve it, the Legislature has deadlocked - and Rep. Cretul asked the feds to step in. / Palm Beach Post Editorial Board / October 30, 2009

A WALL OF CASINOS? City tweaks the tiering system to preserve old-time Destin'

FL - Without the right development rules, Destin will have to kiss its fishing fleet goodbye, City Councilor Jim Bagby says. "We will have legalized gambling throughout this state in the next five years because the people in Tallahassee can't figure out any other way to raise revenues," Bagby said at Monday's City Council workshop. "When that happens that whole harbor will be casinos. We have to figure out a way to protect the fleet and that old-time Destin (feeling) without having buildings 200 feet high with 15 feet between them." / By Fraser Sherman / October 27, 2009

Adolescent Gambling Linked to Conduct Disorders

MA - New research has determined that one in 10 adolescent boys have symptoms of conduct disorder, as well as a problem gambling. Interestingly, female adolescents exhibit conduct disorder (four percent) and risky or problem gambling (two percent) to a much lesser degree. These behaviors include lying, stealing, vandalism, impulsivity, substance abuse, verbal and physical aggression, cruelty to pets or people and repetitive behavior that violates the rights of others or social norms. / Psych Central / By Rick Nauert PhD / October 26, 2009

Amid Budget Crisis, Beacon Hill Renews Gambling Debate

MA - Gov. Deval Patrick and Senate President Therese Murray both back casinos. Gambling lobbyists have accelerated their interest and efforts in the state. Gary Piontkowski, president of the Plainridge Racecourse in Plainview, told the committee that if a bill passed, slot machines could be up, running and generating revenue at his racetrack before the end of 2010. Sixteen proposals are pending on Beacon Hill - on everything from full-blown casinos to racetrack slot machines. Kathleen Scanlan, executive director of the Massachusetts Council on Compulsive Gambling, was one of the last to testify. "Our belief is that if the state does sponsor, endorse, promote, endorse gambling," Scanlan said, "it really has a responsibility of dealing with the cost of doing that business." Scanlan feared the state is unable to deal with such costs now, even without casinos. / By MEGHNA CHAKRABARTI / October 30, 2009

Are Cincinnati elderly being thrown in front of the charter bus by Issue 3 proponents?

OH - Social Security <> checks will be comingCharter buses willcart off loads of pensioners. Many elderly gamblers will take advantage of the convenient needle drops furnished by the casinos. the discount buffetSome will run up untenable credit card debt at the casino. Problem gambling is the fastest growing affliction for those over 65, / October 28, 2009

Bars to keep their lucrative cut of video gambling for next five years

OR - Taverns now get an average of about 24 cents of every dollar gamblers lose in the machines. The Oregon Lottery Commission voted unanimously Friday to let bars and taverns keep their current cut of video gambling profits but shortened their contracts slightly after public criticism over the length of the deal. Penn, whose proposal for six-year contracts was trimmed back to five years by commissioners, / The Oregonian / By Brent Walth / October 30, 2009

Bill Lifting US Online Gambling Ban Seen Raising $42B In Rev

DC - The Joint Committee on Taxation said that after reviewing legislation that would lift an online gambling ban, it concluded the move would generate $41.8 billion over 10 years. The legislation would allow Internet poker, but continue a ban onother forms of gambling, including betting on professional sports.The JCT estimate is based on a fee that would be levied on all deposits U.S. residents make with online gambling companies. a group lobbying for the ban to be lifted, said that Americans gamble around $100 billion online annually. / DOW JONES NEWSWIRES / By Corey Boles / October 28, 2009

Bloomingdale follows suit with video gambling ban

IL - Bloomingdale trustees voted unanimously to ban video gambling in the village, but officials say they won't rule out allowing it in the future. Gov. Pat Quinn approved a $31 billion capital improvement package that allowed video gambling.But towns have the ability to outlaw the machines in their communities, and Bloomingdale joins a growing list of suburbs doing just that. / Daily Herald / By Elizabeth Mistretta / 10/27/2009

Boyd Gaming 3Q Profit Down 27% On Lower Revenue

NV - Boyd Gaming Corp.'s (BYD) third-quarter profit dropped 27% as the Las Vegas gambling company reported lower revenue.Penn National Gaming Inc. (PENN), the only other major public U.S. casino operator to report so far this quarter, posted a 85% profit decline on steep charges, although it had slightly higher revenue. / DOW JONES NEWSWIRES / By John Kell / OCTOBER 27, 2009

Budget, politics have changed, but divisions remain on expanded gambling

MA - Expanded gambling proponents, sensing support at the highest levels of state government, said worsening budget problems and rising unemployment are key reasons for lawmakers to reassess gambling options. Critics warned lawmakers that casinos will suck money out of the economy and feed addictive habits that can ruin lives and break apart families. new Speaker Robert DeLeo wants racetrack slot machines and casinos while his predecessor, Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, led efforts last year to kill expanded gambling plans.Sen. Susan Tucker started her testimony by calling expanded gambling "a wrongheaded thing for our state" and pointing out that casinos are going bankrupt and economists are encouraging growth by having consumers spend money at local businesses. She said money "dumped" into slot machines would make out-of-state casinos companies wealthy and not boost the economy. "Predatory gambling does not work as a revenue source," she said. MIT assistant professor Natasha Schull said every feature on modern slot machines is geared to keeping players on the machine playing long and faster and "to extinction." The industry, she said, has created technology designed to foster addiction. "The potency of casino gambling has led some to call it crack cocaine," Schull said, her testimony backed up by a Harvard Medical School official. MASHPEE WAMPANOAG HEAD "CONFIDENT" IN EFFORT TO BUILD CASINO: Describing the history of his tribe, Mashpee Wampanoag tribe Chairman Cedric Cromwell said he is confident that the tribe will win in its effort to place hundreds of acres of land into trust and will eventually build a casino in Middleborough. Horse breeders told lawmakers Thursday that the prospect of "racinos" - slot parlors or other forms of expanded gambling at racetracks - could be a boon to the racing industry. The Massachusetts Council of Churches called on lawmakers to reject casinos and slot parlors as predatory and addictive.Everett cited statistics repeated by opponents of gambling that 310,000 Massachusetts residents already have gambling problems and that addiction doubles within 50 miles of a casino. "If this body legalizes predatory gambling, you will be in the business of actively creating new problem andaddicted gamblers," she said. GAMBLING ADDICT DESCRIBES 'MOVING INTO FOXWOODS' his wife filed for divorce after his gambling addiction strained their marriage. "I lived at Foxwoods and I tried to hang onto my job. I started stealing money. I needed money, I got money, and I ended up in prison." Bruce said he lost millions of dollars on his gambling binges until he ended up in a psych ward, spent 30 days in a treatment center and received counseling from the Council on Compulsive Gambling. he hides his last name because he doesn't want his three children to see his name in the newspaper connected to his checkered past. Castonguay, Massachusetts director of the Poker Players Alliance, said any comprehensive gambling expansion should include regulation of online poker, / State House News Service / By Michael Norton and Kyle Cheney / Oct 31, 2009

Bustle is back as faded Hialeah Park returns to glory

FL - State lawmakers this year jolted Hialeah back to life by allowing the track to install slots after holding races for two calendar years. Hialeah is knocking out that requirement all at once -- holding one 20-day race season in November and December, and another season in January and February. A reopened Hialeah Park will at first feature only horse racing, and soon after, poker, but the future plans for this 220-acre property include a two-story slots casino, a hotel, and nongambling entertainment options such as a movie theater or bowling alley. One big catch: All of the lofty expectations at Hialeah hinge on the actions of the state Legislature, which is still negotiating a gambling compact with the Seminole tribe. / Miami Herald / BY MICHAEL VASQUEZ / 10.29/09

Casino group's failure to enroll as lobby called concern

PA - Leaders of the House and Senate Gaming Oversight Committees say they are concerned that a casino trade association isn't registered to lobby even though it advocates for legislation aimed at helping the gaming industry.the Pennsylvania Casino Association, did not disclose on tax forms that former Supreme Court Chief Justice Stephen A. Zappala Sr. is its chairman and former executive director."The other question is why they're insisting they're not lobbyists. If they're not lobbying, what's the purpose of the association?" The Pennsylvania Casino Association has three members: The Rivers in Pittsburgh, Mount Airy Resort Casino in the Poconos and SugarHouse in Philadelphia. / Post-Gazette Harrisburg Bureau / By Tracie Mauriello / October 30, 2009

Cavaliers Owner Presses Support for Ohio Casinos

OH - The majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers is defending a plan to put casinos in four Ohio cities. Supporters of the November ballot amendment say casinos will create 34,000 jobs, while opponents say it will also cause jobs to be lost and would establish a lower tax rate than other states have for their casinos. / BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS / October 26, 2009

Chaffetz fears bill on gambling

UT - Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, worries that Congress is about to legalize online gambling and that it could unintentionally lead to legalizing all forms of gambling in Utah. Frank is deadly serious about legalizing online gambling this year, and it could come up quickly without much time to organize opposition.That is because federal law since 1988 has recognized the right of Indian tribes to build casinos or other gambling establishments on their reservations, as long as the state where they are located has some form of legalized gambling. Utah has no tribal casinos because the state bans all forms of gambling."it would be the camel's nose under the tent that would then say, 'Well, now that you allow gambling in your state, even though you oppose it,' that it would open it up and allow gambling on Indian reservations." "This has an unfortunate and real potential of happening," he said. "This is a big deal. I can't impress upon you how big of a deal this is." / Deseret News / By Lee Davidson / Oct. 28, 2009

Chips put on table at casino gambling hearing

MA - Proponents and opponents packed a State House auditorium as lawmakers consider allowing slot machines at racetracks and licensing up to three resort casinos.Union workers cheered testimony in support of gambling. "We cannot pass up this opportunity to create jobs. Others applauded those who spoke of the addictive nature of slot machines. "Gambling exploits the desperate dreams of people with little hope," said state Rep. Steven D'Amico (D-Seekonk). / Boston Herald / By Thomas Grillo / October 30, 2009

Constitution shouldn t give a gambling monopoly to a select few

OH - voters also need to consider the serious problem of vested interests frivolously using the Ohio Constitution's amendment process in order to give exclusive rights to a select group of insiders located in only four Ohio cities. / / JIM KELLEY / October 25, 2009

Deadwood, gambling town in South Dakota's Black Hills, considers adding roulette, craps

SD - Deadwood casino operators have talked about adding craps and roulette to the card games and slots they have offered for two decades, but they are not yet ready to ask state voters for permission, gambling officials said Wednesday.

The South Dakota Constitution limits Deadwood casinos to slot machines and card games, which include blackjack and poker, so any change to allow craps and roulette would have to be approved by voters statewide. "They might ask the Legislature to put it on the general election ballot, but I think that might be a little premature," said Nelson, general manager of the Gold Dust casino and mayor of the nearby city of Lead. Nelson said he doubts any effort will be made to change the bet limit, which started at $5 in 1989 and was raised to $100 in 2000. / Associated Press / CHET BROKAW / October 28, 2009

Detroit Casinos Fare Surprisingly Well in Tough Times

MI - Detroit's casinos are faring better partly because they don't rely as heavily on out-of-town visitors. MGM's Lorenzo Creighton said most patrons come from within 50 miles of the casino. To retain market share, the casino has created a new ad campaign targeting the urban market, showing, for example, a husband and wife at a grocery store deciding to go to the MGM Grand. Despite their relatively good performance, Detroit casinos haven't avoided financial problems. Greektown was forced to seek bankruptcy protection in the spring of 2008, partly because of delays in constructing its permanent facility / By A.D. PRUITT and SHARON TERLEP / OCTOBER 30, 2009

Editorial: Pay now and later

PA - Buried in a gaming bill that began as a reform measure (only in Harrisburg) is a provision that will enable casinos to provide customers with in-store credit. Call it easy credit for easy marks. It's another example of why, when Gov. Rendell leaves office, his most lasting legacy may well be that he made it easy for every schlub in Pennsylvania to gamble his life away. The gaming industry says it needs to be able to provide credit to the high rollers expected once the slots parlors morph. But the credit access will also be there for problem gamblers and those who can least afford it. That's especially troubling in Philadelphia, where about a quarter of the population lives in poverty and many are on the edge. Studies show that easy access to credit accelerates the likelihood that compulsive gamblers will keep gambling. / / Oct. 30, 2009

Educators urge lower lottery profits for Ore. bars

OR - Education advocates are pressing the Oregon Lottery Commission to reduce what they say are overly generous payouts to bars and taverns that host the state's video gambling machines.Stand for Children and other groups say the lottery has provided excessive profits to those retailers, at the expense of schools and other programs that receive lottery dollars. Bars and taverns now get an average of about 24 cents for every dollar / Associated Press / By BRAD CAIN / 10.28.09

Families Suffer From Problem Gambling

it is estimated that six to eight million people in the United States personally suffer from a gambling related problem. This problem seems to grow tentacles, extending out to wreak havoc and can profoundly impact the physical, emotional, and financial health of the family (spouses, children, extended). / / Oct. 27, 2009

For gambling, it's bait, switch

PA - Politicians who ardently advocated gambling realized that they couldn't sell it as the salvation of horse racing. They needed something broader based, and heavily promoted gambling's potential to reduce local school property taxes, statewide, by $1 billion a year or more. Having successfully rolled the dice, lawmakers now plan to abandon the rationale by which they justified gambling.The budget deal that was announced last month envisions gambling as the means to fund the state government itself, rather than to bolster horse racing or reduce property taxes. / / Editorial / October 27, 2009

Foxwoods Receives Reprieve on Debt

CT - The deeply indebted owners of Foxwoods Resort Casino said Monday that they have reached a deal with creditors that appears to offer some temporary relief. The tribe, which does not publicly disclose its finances, has reportedly been trying to renegotiate more than $2.3 billion of debt, a situation that has led credit rating agencies to downgrade the tribe's creditworthiness. / The Hartford Courant / By ERIC GERSHON / October 26, 2009

Gamblers cut back and casinos struggle in 3rd qtr

NV - Gamblers are wagering less than a year ago, visiting casinos less often and holding back on extras when they do, continuing trends that left the industry struggling in the third quarter.Industry leader Harrah's Entertainment Inc. lost $1.6 billion, including a $1.33 billion drop in the value of its assets. Boyd Gaming Corp. said its profit fell will wait at least three years before finishing building its $4.8 billion Echelon casino, which looms empty over the Las Vegas Strip. Stocks plunged across the industry. Harrah's owed $19.3 billionWynn Resorts, had $4.2 billion in debt and $1.3 billion in cash / Associated Press / By OSKAR GARCIA / 10.27.09

Gambling face-off today at State House

MA - A House committee will hold a hearing in the Gardner Auditorium to consider legislation that would allow slot machines at race tracks, authorize video lottery terminals where lottery tickets are sold or approve as many as three resort-style casinos. "Predatory gambling is not a form of economic development," said Robert Massie, vice president of United to Stop Slots in Massachusetts, "It has not solved the financial problems in other states and will not get us out of our fiscal problems here." the climate on Beacon Hill has changed dramatically since House Speaker Robert DeLeo signaled his support of expanded gambling. / / By Thomas Grillo / October 29, 2009

Gambling Hearing at State House Sparks Impassioned Debate

MA - Casinos. Resort-style gambling. Slot machines at race tracks. Video lottery terminals. A new state gaming control authority. Broadening the scope of the state lottery to oversee casinos. "It's the worst possible time we could be considering casino gambling. Casinos all over the country are going bankrupt," said Tucker, a Democrat from Andover, adding that the economy needs consumers to spend money at local businesses. Slot machines would take gambling to a new level, Tucker said, objecting to the state partnering with an industry that makes its profits in addiction. / Globe / By Stephanie Ebbert / October 29, 2009

Gambling isn't a solution, it's a growing problem

OH - The problem: Citizens so addicted to the multiple gambling attractions that they have no money to pay taxes or to contribute to charity or church support. There are now 405 Indian casinos in 28 states. Casino gambling involving slot machines has spread from 30 states in 2000 to 37 states in 2009. Las Vegas, then and now, struggles with high rates of suicides, dropouts, childhood problems and low educational attainment. Problem gambling doubles within 50 miles of a casino. What price should we pay for addiction, embezzlement, child neglect, increased debt, drunken driving and suicide? A study of death certificates in Reno, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City found those cities had suicide rates that were up to four times higher than in cities of the same size / Opinion / Father WILLIAM WITT / October 29, 2009

Gambling referendum or ban?

IL - The McHenry County Board Liquor and License Committee placed bets on both of its proposals regarding video gambling.It decided in two separate votes Monday to forward both its resolutions - one banning video gaming in unincorporated areas and the other putting it to voters - to the full County Board next week.the committee earlier this month revisited a ban after reading in an influential Springfield political blog that the General Assembly might end the opt-out clause.A ban by the County Board would affect only unincorporated areas, where 44 establishments have county licenses to serve liquor. / / By KEVIN P. CRAVER / October 27, 2009

Gov. Charlie Crist hopeful for Seminoles gambling pact

FL - Gov. Charlie Crist says there is still hope for a gambling deal between the state and the Seminole Tribe despite what a leading Florida legislator said last week. Last week, Florida House Speaker Cretul, told a top federal regulator that the two sides had reached an ``impasse,'' and asked the National Indian Gaming Commission to shut down the tribe's gambling operations throughout the state. Legislators said the Seminole games are illegal. / Sun Sentinel / BY NICK SORTAL / 10.27.09

Governor Covers For Lawmakers Again In Seminole Gambling Issue

FL - Crist was playing the role of friend to the Seminoles. he made an appearance at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Each time he was introduced, he received a standing ovation. Lawmakers are now preparing to take the case federal. If this happens, the state may be engaging in a game of Russian roulette. If they lose at the federal level, the Seminoles would get their blackjack and other Vegas-style gambling games without having to pay the state anything. The lawmakers insist they are right and that the Seminoles are operating these games illegally at their casinos. / / By Larry Rutherford / October 27, 2009

Governor to Legislature: Finish table games bill

PA - Gov. Ed Rendell is calling for the Legislature to immediately return to the Capitol to finalize a key piece of the state budget, the legalization of table games in casinos. / The Associated Press / By Terry Goodwin / October 30, 2009

Harrah's loss expands to $1.62 billion

NJ - Harrah's Entertainment Inc.'s third-quarter loss widened as gamblers spent less and the world's biggest casino company wrote down the value of its properties in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, N.J. The company run by billionaire Steve Wynn said net income fell 33 percent to $34.2 million, or 28 cents per share, for the period that ended Sept. 30. / Associated Press and Bloomberg News / Oct. 28, 2009

Indiana Supreme Court to hear arguments over who gets East Chicago casino money

IN - The Indiana Supreme Court will decide whether a share of East Chicago casino revenues earmarked for economic development should go to a nonprofit corporation or to the city. / By Associated Press / October 27, 2009

Issue 3 produces odd alliances, defections of past gambling foes

OH - Supporters include the all-Democrat Cleveland City Council and former Ohio Republican Chairman Robert T. Bennett. Among the opponents are the conservative Citizens for Community Values of Cincinnati and ProgressOhio, a liberal advocacy group. NAACP chapters in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati, which either opposed or stayed on the sidelines of the two prior campaigns, have endorsed this year's measure. The police union was swayed by promises of casino taxes for cities and counties / THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH / By James Nash / October 26, 2009

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

IN - Few family therapists have training in the identification, assessment, and treatment of problem gambling and its impact on couple and family relationships. The authors conceptualize problem gambling (PG) as a family issue and encourage clinicians and researchers to pay attention to the systemic antecedents and consequences of PG on family relationships. / Jennifer L. McComb / 20 Aug 2009

Kansas: Developers of Wichita-area casino plan hotel

KS - A group hoping to build a casino south of Wichita promised Monday to open a hotel within six months after gambling starts, but a state review board remained skeptical of the project. The announcement was designed to improve Chisholm Creek's chances of winning approval for its $225 million project from the Kansas Lottery Gaming Facility Review Board. All had said the lack of a hotel would be a key issue for either casino plan, and several board members questioned whether casinos without hotels are true tourist destinations. / The Associated Press / October 26, 2009

Khazei urges Chamber to abandon support for casino gambling in Mass.

MA - On the home turf of forum host Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Khazei passionately implored the Chamber to drop its new support for resort casinos in Massachusetts."At this time of economic suffering, it preys most on low-income people and on addicts,'' Khazei said, adding that he considers the idea of casinos a disgrace to Massachusetts' rich historical heritage. "Do we now want to become a state that embraces casino gambling? casino gambling will irrevocably change the culture and fabric of our state. it's a decision that we can't take back once we've done.''Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca said, "Casinos bring a lot of bad things to economies: Gambling addiction, blight, and possibly crime. On the other hand, they bring jobs in. / Peter Howe / October 26, 2009

Las Vegas Sands loses $123 million in 3rd qtr

NV - The Las Vegas-based company led by billionaire Sheldon Adelson said it lost $123 million, or 19 cents per share, during the period that ended Sept. 30, / AP / By OSKAR GARCIA / October 29, 2009

Latest chapters stick to protracted slots story line

MD - We have a county that is rebuffing a deep-pocketed, known-quantity developer who wants to open a slots parlor at one of its malls, and we have a city basically rolling out the red carpet and handing the keys to its proposed casino to a group with ill-defined membership and even less clear financing.Despite years of legislative debate, after all, Maryland's politicos couldn't bring themselves to approve slots, so they handed it off to voters, who in last fall's referendum revised the constitution to bring the gambling devices to five locations in the state.up in Baltimore, the city is so eager for slots and the millions they're expected to spit out that officials have already cleared land for a casino and allowed the bidding group to switch sites to a more prominent one and increase the number of machines it offers - even though the group has as yet to pay the extra $19.2 million in licensing fees required. / The Baltimore Sun / JEAN MARBELLA / October 25, 2009

Lottery chief says too many bars will fold unless he protects their cut from video gambling

OR - Oregon Lottery Director Dale Penn said in an interview Monday that cutting the profits paid to bars and taverns would put many out of business, in turn hurting the lottery's sales, which have fallen by nearly one-fourth since last year. "The argument is taverns have become accustomed to getting this money," activist Steve Novick says. "Well, children in Oregon schools have become accustomed to having teachers, but they're losing their teachers while the lottery keeps subsidizing taverns." / The Oregonian / Brent Walth / October 27, 2009

Many race tracks are struggling

OK - horse racing industry is experiencing a downturn compounded by a number of factors such as competition from casinos, off track betting and general economic woes. / / 26 October 2009

Mass. casino foes say they're not giving up fight

MA - They're outmatched and outspent, but casino opponents say they're not folding their cards yet, even as pressure mounts on Massachusetts lawmakers to legalize new forms of gambling. And the state's top three political leaders - Gov. Deval Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo - all support licensing casinos. Sen. Susan Tucker, one of the most vocal foes of expanded gambling, say supporters who point to the state's fiscal crisis are inflating the money-making potential of casinos. "We can't gamble our way out of this fiscal crisis," Tucker said. "The (casino) industry takes money out of the pockets of working families and makes extremely wealthy men even wealthier." In 2005, companies and groups pushing legalized gambling spent $764,500 on lobbyists to press their message During the first six months of 2009, those same interests surpassed that total, pouring $777,983 into lobbying. / Associated Press / By STEVE LeBLANC / Oct. 26, 2009

Mass. Dem. Senate hopefuls differ on casino gaming

MA - Khazei (candidate U.S. Senate) argues that the social cost of increased gambling outweighs any increase in revenues. He says the state should instead focus on bolstering jobs in sectors such as biotechnology, health care, clean energy and small businesses. Coakley (candidate U.S. Senate) said she doesn't oppose casinos but believes the state should approach expanded gambling with caution. Republican state Sen. Brown, who is also running for Kennedy's seat, said he supports allowing slot machines at racetracks and is open to the idea of expanded gaming. / Associated Press / By STEVE LeBLANC / Oct. 30, 2009

Ameristar to offer big baccarat for high rollers

MO - Ameristar spokeswoman Roxann Kinkade said the table will go live Friday in the casinos high-limit area, with minimum bets of $50 and maximum wagers of $10,000. / The Associated Press / Oct. 26, 2009

Bowling Alleys Speaking Out Against Proposed County Smoking Ban

MO - With an estimated 20 percent of business at stake, bowling alleys are becoming the battlegrounds for the St. Louis County smoking ban on next week's ballot. The proposed ban has several exemptions for casinos and bars but not for bowling alleys. So owners and users are being very vocal when it comes to a smoking ban, "we are not condoning smoking obviously there are health issues on smoking what we are trying to do is get the word out that this is by no means a perfect bill it has loopholes." / / By Sean Conroy / October 27, 2009

County voters to decide fate of smoking in city, county

MO - After several years of on-and-off talk from the St. Louis County Council about passing a countywide smoking ban, voters will make the final decision on Nov. 3 when they weigh in on Proposition N. The ordinance would exempt casino gaming floors; cigar and tobacco stores; hotel and long-term care rooms that have been designated for smokers; designated smoking areas of Lambert St. Louis International Airport; and bars that receive 25 percent or less of their gross sales from food. One of those who expressed concerns was Bill Hannegan, a CWE resident and longtime opponent of smoking ban legislation, who also worried that exempting casinos from a ban while disallowing smoking in bars would put bars at an economic disadvantage. / by Kara Krekeler / October 28, 2009

Deep drop in state revenue leads to deep budget cuts

MO - "This is the worst I have ever seen and I have worked in state budgeting for probably about 20 years," says State Budget Director Linda Luebbering. The Virtual Education program, a fairly new program, will be suspended to save $2.3 million. Luebbering says a dip in state gaming revenue as well as Lottery proceeds has contributed to the shortage of overall state revenue, forcing the cuts. / by Brent Martin / October 30, 2009

Gov. Nixon Slashes Missouri State Budget

MO - Tough choices again for Missouri state government. Declining tax revenue over the summer has forced Governor Jay Nixon to slash the budget by another 204 million dollars and eliminate some 700 jobs just to keep revenue and expenditures balanced. Public school districts won't see an expected increase in bus transportation funds since the anticipated increase in gaming revenue failed to materialize. / / Betsey Bruce / 10-29-09

List of Missouri budget cuts announced by Nixon

MO - Here are some highlights of the budget cuts announced today by Gov. Jay Nixon. $32.4 million from Medicaid.$20 million from maintenance and repair of state buildings.$15.8 million from school transportation funding. Because casino revenue is not as high as expected, K-12 schools won't get this promised increase in funding. / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Virginia Young / 10/28/2009

Mark McGwire's Return to the Game Doesn't Smell Like a Rose

MO - (Pete) Rose accepted a lifetime ban in 1989 amid allegations that he was betting on baseball games, including games of the Cincinnati Reds, which he was managing at the time. It was noted in the investigative Dowd Report, however, that there was no evidence Rose was betting against the Reds. Rose had a gambling problem.He violated the rules of baseball by gambling on baseball games.For years the public scorned Pete Rose because he continually denied allegations of wrongdoing for so many years. It wasn't until some 15 years later that Rose finally admitted publicly that he had bet on baseball games while managing the Reds. / by Joe Spencer / 10-28-09

Pinnacle says it will fix President Casino's hull

MO - Pinnacle Entertainment, which owns the aged Admiral riverboat on Laclede's Landing, said today that it plans to repair the boat's hull to keep it in compliance with Coast Guard regulations, which would let it keep the boat open at its current location.The news comes as Pinnacle and state regulators are squaring off in courtover a ruling by the Missouri Gaming Commission in August that appeared to basically strip the President of its license. Pinnacle sued, saying the ruling essentially stripped the license without following proper procedure. / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Tim Logan / 10.29.2009

Pinnacle says it'll repair ailing Admiral Riverboat, but plan to keep casino put is short on details

MO - Pinnacle Entertainment, which owns the money-losing casino on Laclede's Landing, said Thursday that it plans to refurbish the aging Admiral riverboat, on which the casino sits, and keep it docked downtown. The move would appear to prevent a high-stakes scrum for the President's valuable gaming license. But in August, the Missouri Gaming Commission ruled that any move - even on to a new boat at the same site - would require Pinnacle to re-apply for its license, something that would likely invite competing applications from would-be casino builders in Kansas City, Cape Girardeau and north St. Louis County. In its ruling, the commission rejected "all plans & regarding the repair, relocation or replacement of the President." / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Tim Logan / 10/30/2009

Smoking Ban Goes Before Voters

MO - More formally known as the "Indoor Clean Air Code," the Nov. 3 ballot proposition would ban smoking in all enclosed public places throughout St. Louis County and its 91 municipalities. There are however, some exceptions to the proposed rule - casino gaming floors; / By Steve Birmingham / 10/30/2009

The Weatherbird previews St. Louis County smoking ban vote / St. Louis Post-Dispatch / By Ron Wade / 10.27.2009

Two sides differ on funding, not need for St. Louis County emergency radio system

MO - Both sides in the debate over a sales tax for a new emergency communications system in St. Louis County agree that such an upgrade is needed. Opponents say other sources should foot the bill, namely the federal government and the new casino in Lemay. / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Paul Hampel / 10/28/2009

Mohegan Sun plugs jobs for proposed Mass. casino

MA - Mohegan Sun promised thousands of new jobs if it's proposed casino for western Massachusetts is approved, but residents gave the idea mixed reviews over whether it would rejuvenate the area or harm its small town charm. Angela Miguel, a 32-year-old Palmer resident who works in mall security, said she worries about the traffic impact in a town that still has horse carriage rides. She also expressed concerns that outsiders would take advantage of the small town. Emmaladd Shepherd, co-president of Quaboag Valley Against Casinos, said the Palmer project would hurt local businesses and lead to more problem gambling. She said casinos make 90 percent of their profits off 10 percent of gamblers."The money they will be making will be on the backs of our neighbors," / Associated Press / By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN / Oct. 28, 2009

Mountaineer, Horsemen at Odds Over Dates Plan

WV - A plan by Mountaineer Casino, Racetrack & Resort to offer the statutory minimum of 210 racing dates but race only eight months instead of year-round has met with opposition from horsemen and others in the community. As for the proposal to not race for four months in the fall and winter, Williams said: "It's economics. (The racing business) is down nationally. It's about economics and trying to remain viable." / By Tom LaMarra / October 28, 2009

New report details Md. slots campaign money

MD - The report, by the National Institute on Money State Politics, includes a section on Maryland, where pro-gambling forces outspent anti-gambling groups about 7 to 1.Of the nearly $8.2 million raised for the campaign, about $7.1 million was contributed by gambling companies, horse-racing interests and other pro-gaming interests. / By John Wagner / October 28, 2009

Norwich, New London top state list of problem gamblers

CT - Norwich and New London lead the list of the top cities in the state that have a higher percentage of problem gamblers who called the state Helpline than would be expected based on their population, according to a Helpline report released Thursday by the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling.

Norwich and New London each had 4.8 times the number expected for their populations, a figure the report attributes to their proximity to two large casinos. / The Norwich Bulletin / By WILLIAM SOKOLIC / Oct 29, 2009

Ohio senators turn attention to casino proposal as possible help with state budget woes

OH - Some Ohio senators were curious Wednesday about the possibility of plugging the state's budget hole with money from casinos, should they be approved by voters next week.Sen. Mark Wagoner, a Toledo Republican, expressed interest in the state using the $200 million from the casino licenses, although the casino amendment says the money must go toward regional work force training. / Associated Press / Stephen Majors / October 29, 2009

Pa. governor to Legislature: Finish table games bill; $723M for 5 universities still in limbo

PA - Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is calling for the Legislature to immediately return to the Capitol to finalize a key piece of the state budget, the legalization of table games in casinos. / By Associated Press / October 30, 2009

Pinnacle Entertainment loses more money in 3rd quarter partly on debt prepayment charge

NV - The casino operator lost $21.9 million, or 37 cents per share, compared with $11.8 million, or 20 cents per share, a year ago.

Pinnacle owns and runs casinos in Nevada, Louisiana, Indiana, Missouri and Argentina. / By Associated Press / October 29, 2009

Problem gambling called a family issue

IN - The most common treatment models for problem gambling are focused on meeting the needs of gamblers but not couples or families, Lee, an assistant professor at the University of Lethbridge in Lethbridge, Alberta, and Sprenkle of Purdue said it is estimated 6-8 million people in the United States have a gambling-related problem. / Oct. 28, 2009

Problem gambling council releases 2008 report

CT - To no one's surprise, the closer the proximity to a casino, the higher the number of calls. Of the top six cities, four have a higher percentage of problem gamblers who called the Helpline than would be expected, based on the city population. Norwich and New London topped the list with 4.8 times the percentage. But the largest gender difference is for slots, where women are almost three times more likely to have a problem with slots than men.Serious consequences of problematic gambling are evident for both genders in the following areas: depression, anxiety, family/spousal conflict, loss of financial resources/debts, and legal issues.Females reported more feelings of anxiety and depression, thoughts of suicide, and physical health problems than males. / For The Norwich Bulletin / By WILLIAM SOKOLIC / Oct 29, 2009

Property taxes seeing no help from gambling

PA - the governor and the Legislature sold the (casino) plan by giving taxpayers every indication that the money generated would go to property tax relief. due to the budget shortfall,all of a sudden the table game money is being misdirected to the state general fund instead of to the property taxpayers. / Jim Gregory / October 28, 2009

Publicly Traded Optimal Agrees To Online Gambling Settlement With US

Optimal Group, Inc., a Canadian company that is publicly traded on the NASDAQ, agreed on Friday to a settlement with the US regarding past processing of online gambling payments to and from US residents. The agreement, which includes no prosecution, will cost Optimal $19.2 million. It further displays what members of the global Internet industry have been saying for years, the US is the biggest online gambling market in the world. / By Terry Goodwin / October 31, 2009

Racetrack developer in bankruptcy court

PA - Centaur LLC, the Indianapolis gambling company seeking to build a $425 million racetrack casino in Lawrence County, has announced that its two Pennsylvania divisions have filed for bankruptcy protection,Centaur PA and Valley View Downs LP both filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Centaur took the bankruptcy action, at least in part, because it needs to reserve $50 million to pay the one-time license fee for a slots license, which it doesn't yet have. / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette / By Bill Toland and Tom Barnes / October 30, 2009

Rendell calls table games delay 'unacceptable'

PA - Gov. Rendell today called it "simply unacceptable" for the General Assembly to be taking so long to hammer out table-games legislation, needed to close the budget gapThe "big holdup," Rendell said, was how much to tax casinos for revenues on table games. Rendell said he will not accept anything less than a 16 percent tax, plus a licensing fee of $15 million. / INQUIRER / by Jennifer Lin / Oct. 30, 2009

Rendell Pushes Lawmakers To Legalize Table Game Gambling

PA - Governor Ed Rendell is holding hostage $700 million in taxpayer dollars that is slated to be given to state universities. The governor on Friday called for lawmakers to return to their jobs at the state Capitol and legalize table game gambling. / / By Terry Goodwin / October 30, 2009

Retired Michigan police officer says Dan Gilbert's 1981 gambling operation was much bigger than Gilbert admits

OH - John Fielder, a retired Michigan police detective, alleged that Dan Gilbert ran an illegal bookmaking operation in 1981 that was far more serious than the Cleveland Cavaliers owner has admitted. Gilbert was convicted of conspiring to violate the state's gambling laws and served three years probation.

"Mr. Gilbert was part of a serious organized bookmaking ring that threatened some of its victims with violence," said retired detective lieutenant John Fielder, who led the organized crime unit for the Michigan Department of State Police when Gilbert was arrested. If approved by voters on Nov. 3, Issue 3 would give Gilbert and Penn National Gaming, of Pennsylvania, exclusive rights to build casinos in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Toledo. / The Plain Dealer / by Reginald Fields / October 30, 2009

Saunders drafts parimutuel bill - and hopes for special session

FL - Saunders, D-Key West, said his proposal would allow the parimutuels to operate as lawmakers have already agreed they should. That will allow them to benefit from approved tax breaks and start on capital projects that can create jobs, he said. / by Shannon Colavecchio / October 29, 2009

School board endorses table games for Charles Town Races, citing prospect of $4M a year

WV - A Web site run by Penn National Gaming Inc., the Pennsylvania-based parent company, says both the Jefferson County school board and the Jefferson County Schools Education Foundation are on board. /BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS / October 29, 2009

Students wager, risk addiction

IL - From online poker to fantasy sports wagers and betting on games, Northwestern students in residential halls across campus have engaged in gambling, which is a violation of both campus rules and Illinois state law. But NU students are not alone, as about 50 percent of college students nationwide report having gambled in the last year, according to Kristy L. Wanner, a doctoral student at the University of Missouri.About 3 percent to 8 percent of college students are considered problem- or pathological-gamblers,

Gamblers are also more likely to develop problems with drugs and alcohol and to engage in risky sexual behavior, because gambling triggers the same chemical rush as alcohol and drugs, / / By Claire Brown / October 30, 2009


PA - When I first began reporting on the ever-growing casino industry and its ever-growing dependence on slot machines for its profits, I encountered horror stories about what happens when casinos extend credit lines to gamblers.Foxwoods' owners, acording to work done by journalist and professor Jeff Benedict, had pursued gambling debts to the point of placing liens on the debtors' houses and appearing as creditors in foreclosure documents. The idea that casinos - which, according to respected studies, make a disproportionately large amont of their profit from problem gamblers - would be acting as mini-banks for those very gamblers seeemed pretty disturbing. / by Isaiah Thompson / October 29th, 2009

Therapist: Risk of gambling addiction on the rise

IA - Cihak, a gambling therapist at River Hills Recovery Center,"Our gambling patients still tend to be in the late 40s or early 50s," he said. "But with an increase of poker on TV and a host of Internet sites available, kids have never been exposed to gambling more than they are now."1 percent of Iowa's adult population struggles with pathological gambling 2 percent of Iowa's adolescent population struggles with pathological gambling.2 percent of the state's population struggles with problem gambling4 percent of adolescents in the state struggle with problem gambling. / By Earl Horlyk / October 29, 2009

Utah Congressman Says Regulated Online Gambling Likely to Pass

UT - A Representative from Utah says the Frank bill proposing regulated online gambling could advance and pass quickly as Congress nears the end of session.Chaffetz is watching to make sure that Utah, one of two US states with no legal gambling, is not forced to allow tribal casinos under the terms of the Frank act. / by Ed Bradley / October 28, 2009

Villa Park joins growing list of towns banning video gambling

IL - Villa Park is the latest on a growing list of communities that don't want video gambling.

Trustees had considered a moratorium until the state issues its regulations, but decided instead on an outright ban.Wheaton and Winfield have already prohibited video gambling, and Warrenville's public safety andlegislative committee has recommended a ban. / Daily Herald / by Anna Madrzyk / 10/27/2009

W.Pa. casino project seeks bankruptcy protection

PA - Thecompany that is hoping to open a casino and racetrack in western Pennsylvania says its two subsidiaries in the state have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.Centaur LLC / The Associated Press / 10.29.09

West Virginia releases data on problem gambler

WV - Newly released data say that slot machines are the biggest source of trouble for problem gamblers in West Virginia.

More than half the callers reported spending all their income on gambling. 9 percent of callers to the hot line report suicidal feelings. / The Associated Press / Oct. 30, 2009

What's casino mogul's interest in Crist and Florida?

FL - Charlie has gone west, racking up cash for his U.S. Senate campaign. The swank affair was held in the Presidential suite of the Palazzo Las Vegas hotel, the new showpiece of Adelson's Sands gambling empire that's next to the Venetian. Maximum contribution: $4,800. Suggested minimum: $1,000. Also co-hosting was Nick Iarossi, a Tallahassee lobbyist who just added Las Vegas Sands to his client list in June. two lobbyists who do work for the Seminoles were at the Las Vegas affair. / by Michael Mayo / October 30, 2009


WV - New Data Release on Traits of State's Gambling Addicts. A married, middle-aged woman, working fulltime in the health care , social work or gaming industry - this is a common profile of a problem gambler in WestVirginia. She may be dealing with stressors like "empty nest syndrome" or death of a loved one. She gambles at neighborhood slot machines. Her gambling debts range between $5,000 to $25,000 and her money problems cause her to (1) borrow money from other people, (2) neglect her bills, and (3) spend all her income at the slots.The Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia has just released a listing of the characteristics of the over 8,000 callers to the 1-800 GAMBLER help-line supported by the Network.The vast majority of callers to the 1-800-GAMBLER help-line are addicted to slot machines, usually those located in neighborhood bars and restaurants About nine percent of people who call us are suicidal. / The Associated Press / OCTOBER 29, 2009

Would-Be Kennedy Replacements Lay Stakes on Gambling Debate

MA - Republican Sen. Scott Brown (candidate for U.S. Senate) supports slot machines at racetracks and is open to other forms of gambling. Fellow Republican Jack E. Robinson also supports casinos. / AP / October 30, 2009

WRAPUP 2-Casino profits disappoint and outlook stirs fears

NV - Weakness in two of the world's largest gambling destinations -- Macau and Las Vegas -- and fears that casino visitors' spending will not bounce back for the rest of this year left shares across the entire sector broadly lower on Tuesday. Harrah's Entertainment he world's largest casino operator and owner of Las Vegas resorts such as Caesars Palace, said its third-quarter revenue fell 13.7 percent and property earnings dropped 12.2 percent. Boyd's shares were down $1.49 at $9.19 on Nasdaq, while Wynn shares were down $7.32 at $55.75. Shares of MGM Miragewere down $1.31, or 12 percent, at $9.69 on the New York Stock Exchange / REUTERS / By Deena Beasley / 10.27.2009

Wyandotte County's casino no sure bet

KS - They are dreaming big in Kansas, hoping for oodles of potential revenues from a proposed casino in Wyandotte County.

The grand projections, of course, may have no basis in reality in these tough economic times. Media are reporting all over the United States the big drops in gambling revenues in Nevada, New Jersey and other gambling hot spots. / Kansas City Star / By Yael T. Abouhalkah / October 26, 2009

Wynn 3Q profit drops as gamblers spend less

KS - Lower spending by leisure travelers and businesses pushed Wynn Resorts Ltd.'s profit down for the second quarter in a row compared with a year earlier, while industry leader Harrah's Entertainment Inc. reported a $1.6 billion loss. Wynn Resorts' stock dropped $7.53, 11.9 percent, to $55.54 in afternoon trading. / Associated Press / By OSKAR GARCIA / Oct. 27, 2009