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10/19/08 TO 10/25/08

Murder trial begins for a family interrupted

MO - Almost immediately after the murder, the police had a suspect. His name was Eric Winfrey. A month after the murder, he was arrested at the Ameristar Casino after exchanging $180 worth of chips for $595 in cash. His girlfriend was the cashier. The prosecutor's office jumped on the case. Winfrey pleaded guilty of attempting to commit a prohibited act on a gambling boat. Because of his criminal record, he was sentenced to seven years. Despite the guilty plea, Winfrey filed an appeal, arguing that the relevant statute had been misapplied. While he was in prison, the police continued to work the murder case. In August 2007, Winfrey was charged with first-degree murder. / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Bill McClellan / 10/22/2008