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10/12/08 TO 10/18/08

2 sent to prison for credit card fraud

MO - Two northern Illinois men have been sentenced to federal prison for using counterfeit credit cards to rip off St. Louis-area casino ATMs, prosecutors said Friday. / ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH / By Robert Patrick / 10/17/2008

KC riverboat casinos caught in grim economic tide

MO - Down, sharply. That's where the U.S. economic outlook and Kansas City's riverboat gambling market headed in September. Local boats' $54.5 million month was their smallest haul since early 2005. Former Lehman Brothers gaming analyst and now industry consultant Jane Pedreira pins a lot of the decline on worried baby boomers "who have seen their net worth evaporate." "The casinos are almost a victim of their own success," she said, "by going after younger clientele and boomers who were benefiting by the growth in the stock market." That strategy has been turned on its head. Casinos elsewhere also limped through September, none more so than those in Illinois. A state smoking ban already had business down by double-digit percentages; September revenues were down 26.6 percent from a year ago. / The Kansas City Star / By RICK ALM / Oct 15, 2008

KC-area casinos' revenue falls

MO - The Kansas City-area's four riverboat casinos reported lower combined revenue and fewer customers in September compared with last year, according to the Missouri Gaming Commission. / Kansas City Business Journal / October 13, 2008

Two men sentenced for credit card fraud

MO - Two men from the Chicago area were sentenced on charges of using counterfeit credit cards to get cash from St. Louis-area casinos, U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway said Friday. / St. Louis Business Journal / October 17, 2008