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National Gambling Crimes

American Legion Post Raided

OH - Agents said they conducted the raid on reports that the post was selling alcohol without a license and illegal gambling. / October 16, 2009

Bogus lawyer stole $1.7M, gets 7 years

PA - A con man who passed himself off as an attorney was sentenced in federal district court yesterday to 7 1/2 years behind bars in connection with a scheme to bilk homeowners, lenders, title-insurance companies and the city of Philadelphia of $1.7 million. Defense attorney Jeffrey A. Sigman argued that Bloom's misdeeds resulted, in part, from numerous illnesses he suffered, including depression, bipolar disorder and an addiction to gambling. / Philadelphia Daily News / By MICHAEL HINKELMAN / Oct. 15, 2009

Deputies investigating possible robbery, kidnapping at the Commerce Casino

CA - Reports of a possible robbery and kidnapping, authorities said. / Robert J. Lopez / October 15, 2009

Edgewater may halt adult arcades

FL - The City Council is scheduled to vote Monday on a moratorium for future adult arcades, such as game rooms and Internet sweepstakes cafes. "These activities may harm the city's economic and redevelopment activities and otherwise significantly and adversely affect the public health, safety, morals and welfare. Said activities may include forms of gaming or gambling that could lead to illegal activities." / By KELLY CUCULIANSKY / October 17, 2009

Fort Myers Beach man gripes after bad illegal gambling deal

FL - According to Weller, the bartender told him he could get into the football pool running at several of the Fort Myers Beach bars. For a $10 entry fee, Weller and other players picked the winner in 16 professional football games. That weekend Weller watched as 13 of the teams he picked won. When Weller went to the Beached Whale... He asked the bartender the outcome of the pool. Shouldn't he have won? That manager, Eric Beck, said he wasn't on duty when Weller placed his bet, but he tried to calm him down when he was in the Beached Whale complaining to the bartender. "I just want the money from the pool," Weller said. "It's the principle. Gambling is a second- degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in county jail. / Melanie Payne / October 15, 2009

Gambling Card Game Ruled Illegal By Kansas Judge

KS - The state has continually dropped the ball when it comes to developing the casinos, so some residents have moved on to another form of gambling. The "Kandu Challenge" game that has become popular at the Highlands Gastropub and Cardroom in Wichita has become a favorite for some Kansas residents who are waiting on the casino. Now, they will not be able to enjoy that game either after a judge ruled it illegal. / / By April Gardner / October 11, 2009

Government casts Gotti as evil killer in new trial

US - As his sister Victoria Gotti began a book tour like a celebrity author, John "Junior" Gotti sat in court, portrayed as a merciless killer by federal prosecutors who want to show he was far different from his entrepreneurial sister. Last week, the government used its star witness - childhood friend John Alite - to convince a Manhattan jury that Gotti was as lethal a threat to society as anyone else in the Gambino crime family once led by his late father, John Gotti Sr. Alite, a 47-year-old muscular man who was born in Queens, said he was introduced to organized crime at age 6 when his uncle took him to a Bronx gambling den with a member of the Gambino family. He said men there gave him $20, $50 and $100 bills. / Associated Press / By LARRY NEUMEISTER / Oct. 11, 2009

Insurance agent sentenced to 13 years in prison

CA - A former Sacramento life insurance agent has been sentenced to 13 years in prison and ordered to pay $434,000 in restitution for stealing from her clients to fund her gambling habit. Flora convinced at least a dozen retirees... To invest between $5,000 and $88,000 with her, Ranged in age from 67 to 92 years old... / Sacramento Business Journal / by Kelly Johnson / October 12, 2009

Key Largo SunCruz Casino Shut Down

FL - Disgraced former Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff was a partner in a deal to purchase the SunCruz Cainos fleet of gambling boats. His partner, Adam Kidan, went to jail... Kidan provided testimony in the 2001 murder of SunCruz founder Konstantinos "Gus" Boulis, / Oct 16, 2009

Lake Wales Man Charged in RV Fraud Sales Case

FL - A Lake Wales man has been arrested on charges that he took more than $90,000 from customers by selling their campers and recreational vehicles on consignment and pocketing the cash, Once the items sold, Rodriguez failed to pay the original owners, He went to the Hard Rock Casino frequently, and records showed he had lost more than $400,000 there from 2005 to 2008, / October 13, 2009

Local raid yields 28 gambling machines

OK - Enid police and Garfield County law enforcement confiscated nearly 30 gambling machines in the county late Friday during a raid of local establishments. In response to an attorney general's opinion stating machines that issue phone cards are illegal. The devices were taken mostly from bars and convenience stores. / By Robert Barron / October 13, 2009

Mafia Membership Back in Fashion

FL - A tell-all book, a Gotti Jr. trial, and Bonanno crime family members in a South Florida courtroom. Mafia madness is in the air, and I smell a rat. The men from Broward and Palm Beach counties went turncoat, admitting to taking part in drug trafficking, illegal high-stakes gambling, counterfeit checks, insurance fraud, arson, and identity theft. Gotti, who allegedly ran the Gambino dynasty after his father's demise, is facing murder conspiracy charges for allegedly ordering the whacking of two men associated with a drug ring he operated out of Florida. / By Nicole Rodriguez / Oct. 15 2009

Man convicted for swindling Ramah elder

NM - A McKinely County District Court judge has ordered an Albuquerque man to serve five years of probation and repay his elderly victim after he pled guilty to three felony counts of securities fraud and embezzlement charges. He said he took money from an 82-year-old man from Ramah and instead of investing the funds as promised, lost it gambling. / October 15, 2009

Maryland man sentenced to 16 years for casino robbery

MD - "A Maryland man was sentenced yesterday to 16 years in prison for robbing an elderly Vineland man who had just won $10,000 in an Atlantic City casino. "Vastardis {72} suffered a broken hip, cuts and bruises in the attack, / 16 October 2009

Motorcycle club president pleads not guilty, held

WV - A federal judge on Thursday ordered the indicted national president of the Pagans Motorcycle Club held without bond pending trial on racketeering charges. The charges include two murder conspiracies, kidnapping, weapons violations and drug dealing. Barbeito pleaded not guilty to one charge stemming the 2003 confrontation and three gambling counts. / Associated Press / By TIM HUBER / 10.15.09

Police say drunken patron pushed security guard

PA - A casino patron shoved a security officer at Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem... State police investigated another early-morning incident at the casino: the theft of a purse, A woman walked by the slot machine and took the purse, police said. / Kevin Amerman / October 12, 2009

Police: Mom Hits Slots With Son In Car Woman Tells Police She Wanted To Win Movie Money

DE - A Delaware woman faces charges for leaving her 12-year-old son alone in a car in the parking lot of a casino, "She said that she was short on some cash and wanted to win some money to take her son to the movies," / 10/12/2009

Police: Man kicks police car before arrest at casino

FL - A Brandon man who became belligerent at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Sunday was arrested - but not before be wrestled with officers and kicked a police car, He is being held in jail with bail set at $10,250. / October 11, 2009

Sissten-Wahpeton tribe, gambling official disagree on firing

ND/SD - Roberts was suspended without pay... Two days after he alleged that the manager of Dakota Magic Casino near the... North Dakota town of Hankinson wrote a series of bad checks. Roberts was fired less than two weeks later, and he says it was retaliation. / Associated Press / October 13 2009

Tigard store owners say they were betrayed by embezzling employee

OR - Klingman of Canby pleaded guilty in Washington County Circuit Court this week to aggravated theft for stealing $519,149 from the store over the last two years. Prosecutors said she apologized and that she was supporting a gambling habit at casinos. / The Oregonian / By Lisa Lednicer / October 15, 2009

Trio of Murder Indictments in Tallahassee

TN - Deputies say the shooting on Cathedral Drive was the result of a gambling dispute. / Julie Montanaro / Oct 13, 2009

Two Internet cafe owners file suit against Sheriff's Office

FL - Two area Internet cafe owners who were allegedly threatened by law enforcement officers to either close their business or face arrest for gambling violations are now striking back against the Sheriff's Office in a new lawsuit. Both Breech and Gary Reynolds, the owner of Internet Access Depot, allege they used a computer sweepstakes software that is "specifically designed to comply with the requirements of Florida law" upon offering paying customers a chance to earn sweepstakes money. / By Suevon Lee / October 13, 2009

Warrant alleges drug money stolen from 73-year-old's life savings

CT - A Torrington woman reportedly admitted to police she stole an elderly woman's money to fund tattoo parties, drugs and gambling. $47,370 was missing. It's the second time Curtis has been arrested for stealing from an estate. Taking $35,650... / / By TRACY KENNEDY / October 16, 2009

Woman accused of embezzling from elderly parents

MI - Authorities have charged a west Michigan woman with embezzling at least $100,000 from her parents' life savings of $275,000. Russo is accused of taking the money to pay for gambling losses [etc.], / Associated Press / October 15, 2009

International Gambling Crimes

'Final roll of the dice' for Green Lanes anti-gambling campaigners

UK - A FIGHT to bring 24-hour gambling to Haringey is underway as a Green Lanes betting shop lodges an appeal against a decision refusing permission. Angry residents who fear the round-the-clock opening hours will entice criminal activity to the area... Ian Sygrove, chairman of the Ladder Community Safety Partnership, said: "There is overwhelming concern in the community that a 24-hour adult gaming centre will attract crime and antisocial behaviour and tempt those who are struggling a gambling addiction by dangling an opportunity to indulge 24 hours a day in front of them. / By Elizabeth Pears / 15th October 2009


UK - A BANBRIDGE woman was bundled into the back of her own car with her hands bound as a robber stole a substantial amount of cash from a business in the town. The man, whose weapon of choice is thought to have been a handgun, forced the woman to return to the gambling establishment and collect the entire takings from the business, which hosts slot machines as well as casino tables. / By AINE FOX / 15th October 2009

Aberdeen store sues manager who stole #112,000

UK - SUPERMARKET bosses have successfully sued a former manager who stole #112,000... Larisa Baxter, 38, gambled away the money at casinos in Aberdeen but came clean to bosses when they found financial anomalies at the Lang Stracht Lidl supermarket. / 17/10/2009

Alberta Casino Gamblers Responsible For Self-Exclusion Compliance

Canada - The Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission will begin making problem gamblers responsible for their own actions on November 1st. On that day, and any after, if a problem gambler is on the self-exclusion list and shows up at a casino, the gamblers risks a fine of $250. As of now, over 1,500 gamblers have signed up for the program in Alberta. / / By Terry Goodwin / October 11, 2009

BetAfterBet scam drags Malta's Gaming Authority credibility to the ground

Malta - Scam bookmaker BetAfterBet is stiffing all its customers dragging the Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority credibility to the ground. The online bookmaker lured in several hundred punters offering matching bonuses up to #100 over the course of the past months. Everything went fine until bettors started requesting payouts. M.D. requested his payout on September 14th 2009. Needless to say M.D. was still waiting on his payout 14 days after his original request. He once again contacted BetAfterBet to be told the following pathetic story. Several dozen bettors currently share M.D.'s misery. urges all owed punters owed to urgently contact the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and ask them to immediately suspend Bonobet Ltd's gaming license. / By Roberto Castiglioni / October 14, 2009

Employee Stole Soju Worth $260,000

South Korea - Kim sold the liquor to clients for a cheap price and spent the money at casinos abroad. / 10-12-2009

Ex-world champion Magee so broke he barely has bus fare

UK - Troubled boxing idol Eamonn Magee has admitted blowing hundreds of thousands of pounds at the bookies. The former WBU world welterweight champion says he has no idea how much cash he has lost but reckons it could be as much as #500,000. "I've gambled all my life, I am a compulsive gambler," Magee told Sunday Life. "I've been going to the bookies since I was 16, Magee, 38, raked in a fortune from prime-time fights... Was charged last month with beating up his ex-girlfriend... Magee says his gambling problems began as a teenager. Magee admits he had a bet on the Rogan fight -- but says his money was firmly on his man. / By Ciaran Barnes / 11 October 2009

Gambler jailed over $16 million investment scam

Australia - A "compulsive" gambler whose high-risk, unregistered investment scheme left mum and dad investors $16 million out of pocket has been jailed for 13 years. The Brisbane District Court yesterday heard the promoter of the money-losing scheme, Brett Tony Best of Middle Park, had also faked loan applications to borrow $4.3 million as he fed his gambling addiction. / DANIEL HURST / October 17, 2009

Govt moves to update gambling laws

Australia - The ACT Government has tabled a bill in the Legislative Assembly which it says will better control and regulate gambling. "It makes all gambling unlawful, unless permitted under the bill or another gaming law." / Oct 15, 2009

I need help, exchange bandit says

Canada - The bank thief known as the "exchange bandit" told a sentencing hearing Tuesday he was "truly sorry" for the series of robberies he committed over a six-year period, and that he is determined to use his time in prison to seek treatment for the gambling addiction that fuelled his crimes. Pinto's compulsive gambling addiction maxed out his credit cards and left him more than $100,000 in debt, according to his lawyer, Calvin Barry. / / Oct 13 2009

Jail for driver, Simon Powell, who stole steel from Triplex Components in Hereford

UK - A LORRY driver stole steel worth more than #46,000 from a Hereford <> firm after an accomplice opened a padlocked gate. Simon Powell went to Triplex Components in Staniers Way to finance a gambling habit, I'm addicted to gambling." / By Ian Morgan / 12th October 2009

Kids raiding houses to feed online habit

New Zealand - Young people are being driven to break into neighbours' houses or stack up bills on their parents' credit cards so they can gamble online, says the Problem Gambling Foundation. Dr Townshend said the service was also seeing rising numbers of parents seeking help for children addicted to online gaming... Rossen said the problem would get worse as children were "groomed" for online gambling by internet gaming sites. / The Dominion Post / By KIRAN CHUG / 15/10/2009

Luring gamblers with new games

Malaysia - Police have uncovered new gambling video games introduced by syndicates to lure customers. Games with fancy names such as Tarzan, Happy India Boy, Circus Clown Fever, Jurassic 3 and Crown Golden Bell have been attracting customers to gamble in outlets using the facade of Internet cafes. A team of policemen from Dang Wangi raided an outlet in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman following a tip-off that it had become a haven for gamblers. / News Straits Times / Oct 13, 2009

Seven bandit robbers caught

Australia - Gang had broken into stores and inns... And emptied automated gambling machines of cash. / By Lisa Chapman / 14. 10. 09

Stolen benefit blown on booze and betting

UK - AN UNEMPLOYED man stole his friend's benefit money to go on a gambling spree and drinking bender, a court has heard. While his friend recovered from a hip replacement. / by SAMERA KHATOON / 10-15-09

Store boss stole to feed gambling habit

UK - THE FORMER manager of a Plymouth surfwear shop stole more than #10,000 in cash from his employers to feed a gambling addiction, a court heard. Judge Gilbert said that because Hawke had no previous convictions for dishonesty, the loss would be compensated, and he had expressed remorse and taken steps to stop gambling, the six-month prison sentences imposed for each of the three counts of theft would be suspended for two years. / October 17, 2009

Trial of 22 opens in SW China on organized crime, gambling charges

China - Twenty-two people went on trial Wednesday in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on charges related to running an organized crime ring and illegal gambling dens. The alleged ringleader, Xie Caiping, was charged with organizing and leading an organized crime gang, running illegal gambling dens, and harboring people taking illegal narcotics, illegal imprisonment and giving bribes to officials. The group also illegally imprisoned gamblers and policemen and offered 180,000 yuan in bribes to local police officers, / / 2009-10-14

UK Hedge Fund Manager Sought

UK - The London Metropolitan police are considering launching an investigation into the whereabouts of Nicholas Levene, who is being accused by investors of disappearing with their money. A spread betting firm also alleges that Levene has racked up gambling debts. / / Alex Akesson / October 15, 2009

Victorian gambling board probes suspicious bets on Roosters game

Australia - The NRL has been issued with a ''please explain'' in relation to the suspicious betting surrounding the final home-and-away game between the Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys. The Herald revealed last month there was bitter division within the Roosters team because of fears a small group of players had manipulated the result of the match against the Cowboys on September 6 to extend their loss beyond 13 points. Sources close to the club claimed that there had been an arrangement in place for several years involving a Roosters scout who offered to supplement the wages of younger players with bonus payments in order to aid exotic bets. / Jacquelin Magnay and Jason Dowling / October 14, 2009