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3/16/07 TO 3/24/07

Stolen Norwegian Passports Were Sold to Al Queda, Says Speaker

NORWAY - Falk Rovik, chief spokesperson of the organization called Norwegians Against Terrorism, making a public lecture in Toronto, Canada, said Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam criminals have stolen Norwegian passports and sold them to the Al Queda terrorist organization to earn money. "In this case, it was a police officer who was made use of. Police officer Herman Olav Nyhusmoen was a man of habitual gambling and was always wanting money to pay his debts. So, LTTE cadre Mike Daniel Jeya was easily able to steal the passports using him," the speaker said. He said there are innumerable pieces of evidence to prove that the Norwegian government has contributed to terrorism in Sri Lanka. Due to that, the victims of terrorism in Sri Lanka who have lost their limbs, loved ones and property and suffered mutilations, are able to file class actions against the Norwegian government asking for compensation, under the country's laws, Rovik said. March 2007

Ex-receptionist jailed for 2 years
Woman stole $331,000 to support gambling habit

CANADA - From December 1998 to November 2005 the 45-year-old Debert woman fed her gambling addiction by stealing nearly $220,000 from TA Orthodontics of Truro, and more than $11,000 from Donford Enterprises Ltd. over a shorter period of time. 3-24-07

Man jailed over $64,000 welfare fraud
AUSTRALIA - . . . man has been sent to jail . . . for claiming tens of thousands of dollars in welfare payments that he was not entitled to. . . . money fuelled his gambling and drug addictions. 3/23/07

Chief of Ontario lottery corporation dismissed
CANADA - The head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was dismissed from the scandal-plagued organization on Friday, CBC News has learned. . . . in 2003 alone, the lottery corporation was investigating six lottery claims made by clerks that seemed suspicious. CBC News 3/23/07

Ontario Lottery chief fired
CANADA - The head of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation was dismissed from the scandal-plagued organization on Friday, according to CBC News. The dismissal follows allegations that several lottery clerks stole winning tickets from unsuspecting customers and cashed in millions of dollars in prizes themselves. Lottery retailers in B.C. and Nova Scotia have also come under scrutiny for the amount
of winnings they have claimed. 3/23/07

Police: Pakistan Cricket Coach Strangled
KINGSTON, Jamaica -- Authorities said Thursday that Pakistan's cricket coach was strangled in his hotel room the day after his team suffered a humiliating World Cup loss -- a murder that has shocked the proper world of cricket. An outspoken Pakistani player speculated that gambling interests had it in for Woolmer. He had been South Africa's coach in the 1990s when the team's captain, Hansie Cronje, admitted taking money to fix matches and was banned for life. Woolmer was never implicated. 3/22/07

Saskatchwan gov't nixes more VLTs, but critics say problem gambling issue ignored
CANADA - The province's announcement came after it released a study that suggested a 'strong relationship' between electronic gaming machines and problem gambling. 3/18/07

Gambling addict takes daughter, 5, shoplifting
UK - A father who took his five-year-old daughter shoplifting has been warned he faces jail if he steals again. Steven Etheridge, 36, claims he only resorted to stealing to fund his gambling addiction. 3/16/07