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Yes on A Campaign Falsely Using Teacher's Name for Endorsement on Ads

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No on A officially launches its opposition to Prop A
ST LOUIS (10/6/08) - NO on A, organized by Casino Watch Committee, officially launches its campaign to oppose Proposition A in a matter of hours.
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Lawsuit filed today challenges constitutionality of casino-backed
“Yes for Schools First” initiative

JEFFERSON CITY - 8/14/08 - A lawsuit was filed today in Cole County Circuit Court challenging the constitutional validity of the casino-backed ballot initiative, which was certified last week by Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan. The initiative petition seeks to not only remove the $500 loss limit, but it also seeks to place a cap on the number of casino licenses.
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MO Gaming Commission’s Statewide Market Study Reveals Support for Loss Limit –
Survey Question Result Shows Support for $500 Loss Limit. Today the Missouri Gaming Commission released their Statewide market study prepared by the University of Missouri St. Louis entitled, “The Missouri Gaming Market: Gamer Profiles and the Estimated Impact of New Gaming Facilities on the State of Missouri and Missouri’s Gaming Industry.”
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MO House Republican Campaign Committee rejects future contributions from gambling special interests – 11/27/07
The House Republican Campaign Committee (HRCC) has informed Casino Watch that it will no longer accept campaign contributions from gambling special interests.
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Is casino money influencing the legislative process in our state government? Casino Watch research has recently uncovered an alarming trend…many Republican and Democratic candidates, elected officials, and legislative committees have been the recipients of tens of thousands of dollars from gambling special interests. We believe that this amount of special interest influence in our state is inappropriate.
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Compromise offered to save stalled scholarship – 4/10/07
Since the Missouri Senate has reached an impasse concerning SB430 – the Smart Start Scholarship - a compromise has been offered to a Senate leader that would avoid many of the pitfalls that both gambling opponents and proponents articulated during debate on the bill two weeks ago that lasted until 4:00am.
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State Sen. Shields Makes Terrible Deal  - 2/26/07
SB430 was originally opposed by Terrible’s Casino because of the tax increase, but it did not take long for Sen. Shields and Terrible’s to strike a backroom deal to change the legislation in order to exempt Terrible’s from paying the tax.
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State Sen. Shields to massively expand gambling – 2/5/07
Sen. Charlie Shields has introduced legislation (SB430) that would expand gambling in Missouri by removing the $500 loss limit.
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