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Sen. Harry Reid
attaching the Internet Gambling Bill to Tax Cuts


Please call your Senators ~ TODAY ~ Save a life, save a family

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Message: Do not legalize Internet Gambling


• PROBLEM GAMBLING is ten times more common among those who gamble online than among those
who only gamble offline. 2007 British Gambling Prevalence Survey

• The most recent study on college gambling in Connecticut in 2004 surveyed all four Connecticut State
University campuses, and found 11.4 percent of students were either pathological or problem gamblers.
The Daily Campus - UConn slow to respond to growing gambling culture

• Class president, son of a Baptist minister robbed a bank to pay for his internet poker debt. Serving 20
years in prison.

• 7.8 % of college kids became addicted to online gambling, losing their tuition and food money.,CST-NWS-gamble11.article

• Nine year old attempts suicide after losing $10,000 on the internet using his mother's credit card.

• A United Kingdom study found children as young as 11 are gambling on the internet.

• But as former federal prosecutor Michael Fagan told the House panel marking up the bill: “Any parent
who’s puzzled or despaired over their child’s trancelike playing of video games during the past 20 years
can readily see why Internet gambling operators are drooling over the chance to legally expand their
market base into the United States.”
Bill to legalize Internet gambling: No dice -

• A Carlisle woman who worked as a local politician before developing an addiction to online gambling
was jailed today for stealing almost £40,000 to pay her debts. She tried to kill herself.
Former Carlisle mayor jailed for stealing to fund gambling habit | UK news |ª

• A northern Kentucky man remained behind bars on Thursday after police say he went on a rampage
on Tuesday, killing his wife, his daughter and her boyfriend. Edie said that Joyce Richardson told them
her husband was in financial trouble and may have been addicted to online gambling.

• “Online gambling is called the crack cocaine of creating new addicted gamblers. It places gambling at
every school desk, every work desk and in every living room."
Prof. John Kindt, University of Illinois


Senator Reid's staff is circulating legislation that would allow casinos, horse tracks and slot-machine makers to operate online poker websites.

The state’s casino industry was particularly active in turning out the vote and raising money for his campaign. The Culinary Union, which represents card dealers, bellhops and other casino employees, sought to give their members a break on Election Day to cast a vote for Mr. Reid.

• Gambling interests and casino executives gave the senator more than $700,000
• His biggest single benefactor: MGM Resorts International, whose executives and political action committeegave Mr. Reid more than $190,000 in combined campaign donations
• Harrah’s Entertainment ranked fourth, with more than $83,000 in campaign contributions.

Conservatives wanted tax cuts for all extended. Democrats wanted only the middle and lower class incomes to get tax breaks. Nevada casinos wanted the right to operate online poker rooms. Although the three do not sound connected, Reid was sure to piece his legislation with a must pass tax cuts bill.

“The House Republicans will go crazy if this is in the bill,” said one senior congressional aide told Politico, adding that lobbyists for Caesars Entertainment Corp. actually helped write the legislation. “You could call him ‘Harrah Reid’ at this point,” the aide joked.“zero-chance-online-poker-legalization-will-be-part-tax-deal”-120710.html

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