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Casinos Market to the Elderly

Casinos Provide Cheap Buffets, Coupons
and Drug Discounts

Casinos Bus the Elderly from Nursing Homes
and Retirement Centers

Casinos Take the Elderly Homes, Retirement Accounts,
Social Security, Insurance Money, Cash for Food and Medicine
and Their Children's Inheritance

Casinos Cater to Elderly Illnesses and Handicaps

Casinos Make Money off the Very People Who Can
Least Afford It and Who Cannot Gamble Responsibly

Sixty Five Percent of the Revenue at Atlantic City
Casinos, Comes from the Elderly


The Elderly are High Risk for Gambling Addiction

Five to Ten Percent of Elderly Gamblers Will Become
Addicted - Twice as Likely as Younger Gamblers

The Elderly are the Fastest Growing Group of Gamblers

A Study of Elderly Women Revealed That They
Gambled 249 % of Their Monthly Income

The Gambling Addicted Elderly Stop Taking Medications,
Steal Money, Gamble with Credit Cards
Mortgage and Utility Money, or Even Skip Meals

To Cover Gambling Debts - They Commit Crimes

The Elderly Gamble in Wheelchairs, on Gurneys,
with Walkers, Canes and Oxygen Tanks

The Elderly Fall into Financial Ruin and Bankruptcy

The Elderly Cannot Get a Job or Start Over

Gambling is a Hidden Addiction

The Elderly are Reluctant to Seek Help for Addiction

The Family Becomes Responsible for the
Addicted Elderly

The Addicted Elderly Commit Suicide


The Elderly are Victims of Addicted Gamblers

The Elderly are Victims of Lottery Scams


State Governments Have Brought Gambling
Into Nursing Homes

"To create gambling addicts in order to raise state funds is really unethical"
Valerie C. Lorenz, Ph.D of the Compulsive Gambling Center, Inc. of Maryland

Click here for sources and news excerpts on elderly addiction