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"The Social costs of casinos often fall hard on
innocent parties that do not gamble."

Gambling in America, Earl L. Grinols

One crime against business
cost the public $100,646
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St. Louis is the 2nd most dangerous city in the U.S (four casinos in the region)
Money Today 12.2.03

Two years after officials noticed that a St. Louis County employee (treasurer) had stolen about $865,445, lawyers are still arguing about exactly whose money was taken. She spent most of the loot gambling, she admitted.
Judge allows 4 counts to stand in title company's suit of county/By WILLIAM C. LHOTKA/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/10.01.03/
C701A5718AB91A4186256DB2001139A9? (21)

She previously pleaded guilty to embezzling that amount from Kemco Machine and Tool Co. Inc. of Fenton, where she was a bookkeeper from 1996 through August 2001. The company claims she really made off with about $2.5 million. Jenkins said his client's gambling habits were extensive.
Embezzler gambled millions at casinos, firm's attorney says/By PETER SHINKLE/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/9.04.03/
DCCE47E8646E609F86256D98001558C2? (24)

A former Southeast Missouri woman was sentenced to prison for negotiating fraudulent checks and false tax returns in a $1.8 million embezzlement scheme. After creating the fraudulent checks, Buchanan then forged the employee's signature, signed her own name as the second endorsee and cashed the checks at a local bank. Buchanan stole these funds to feed her gambling habit," U.S. Attorney James G. Martin, noted.
Woman gets 33 months/8.27.04/ (9)

Detra..., 32, of the 2500 block of Littlefield Drive, was sentenced Thursday to 41 months in prison and ordered to repay $1.2 million she helped take from her employer, SBC Corp. Her husband, Antonio, 32, got a 47-month prison term and was ordered to pay back $426,334. U.S. District Judge E. Richard Webber sentenced the Bradys on a conspiracy charge. ...had used money gamble.
Woman gets 41 months for scheme at SBC/ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH/12.5.03/
St.%2BLouis%2BCity%2B%2F%2BCo%20unty/0FB287FCCAF737C386256DF30016E60E? (18)

A former Stifel Nicolaus securities broker, pleaded guilty of mail fraud for taking more than $400,000 from a retired teacher's account. Similar allegations are in a pending civil suit that contends he gambled away much of Miller's $750,000. Miller was 87 when she died in 1999.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2/16/02

A St. Louis-area woman was sentenced Wednesday to two years and nine months in federal prison on a charge that she diverted $631,000 from her employer to pay her online gambling debts.
Woman ordered imprisoned for defrauding employer/AP & (38)

A Cedar Hill woman is facing felony wire fraud charges after she allegedly stole more than $631,000 from her employer to pay on-line (internet)gambling debts.
Cedar Hill woman indicted on fraud charges/By Kevin Kidd/Of the Suburban Journals/6.29.04/
Neighborhoods/News/672B6470F17FEB0986256EC2004DBF95? (12)

The former chief financial officer of a Crestwood company has been indicted on charges that he embezzled more than $548,000 from his employer.
Executive is charged with embezzlement/ (33)

Deborah..., a compulsive gambler, is "scared to death" of a new temptation she'll face when she gets out of prison and returns to her home in Florissant. It is similar to the keno game in casinos that Deborah played - with about $500,000 she embezzled from her employer.
New game worries some legislators/By Virginia Young/St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jefferson City bureau/2.18.03 (30)

ST. LOUIS - A former employee at Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling nearly $400,000 through false expense reports... Liszewski embezzled money to pay, among other things, gambling debts...
Ex-Brewery Employee Guilty of Embezzling/Associated Press/12.14.04 (36)

A St. Louis County woman was sentenced to a year and a day in prison Friday for bilking her employer out of $385,735, which she used to fuel her gambling habit.
Embezzler is sentenced to a year and a day/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/9.10.04/
stories.nsf/stlouiscitycounty/story/FD92E4343509A2C286256F0C0014448B? (7)

Robert... pleaded guilty Tuesday of fraud in U.S. District Court. He admitted pocketing more than $329,000 owed to about 185 customers. An FBI investigation that began about a year ago concluded that Blackford began withdrawing money from the company's bank account, leaving nothing for clients. Blackford told the Post-Dispatch he dipped into the account in part to pay a gambling addiction.
Would-be siding go-between pleads guilty in Masonite case/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jack Naudi/1.04.05 (34)

The exact number of Blackford's victims probably won't be known for months. One former co-worker estimates that Blackford siphoned money from at least 50 people. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are gone, probably for good. Today, Blackford said he was desperate, and he admits to gambling an untold sum of the company's money. He said he was trying to win back cash to return to company coffers, but losses led to a financial death spiral."I'm gambling more and gambling more and gambling more, and trying to make it up," he said.
Gambling tipped entrepreneur into fall from grace/By Jack Naudi/Post-Dispatch/4.11.04 (13)

EMBEZZLEMENT CHARGE -- An Arnold (Schuler) woman accused of embezzling from a Fenton company allegedly spent thousands of dollars stolen from the firm at St. Louis-area casinos. ...she diverted about $200,000 in company funds between November 2002 and May 31, 2004, while employed as a bookkeeper...

The indictment charged that Schuler embezzled more than $200,000 from First Choice, using some of the money to gamble at casinos in East St. Louis and elsewhere. The Monges started First Choice in 1994 as a business that installed and set up modular homes and mobile homes. Now, the couple have laid off some employees, closed the St. Peters office and struggle to keep the doors of the business open while trying to assess the damage. The couple sold their Corvette and Jaguar and poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the business to keep it afloat. "We were people of substantial worth," Lauren ... said. "We are now destitute."
Couple warn other business owners/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Peter Shinkle/11.28.04 (41)

A former bank vice president from Waterloo accused of embezzlement lost more than $200,000 on gambling, a federal prosecutor revealed in court Friday.
Woman accused of embezzling gambled away more than $200,000, prosecutor says /

A former admissions director at a St. Charles nursing home pleaded guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from a resident after the resident died in 1998, and losing at least $25,000 of the money gambling. The son and police say that Wechling stole at least $200,000.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/2/01

A former Liberty man was sentenced to 57 months in prison Monday for bilking more than $185,000 from Clayco State Bank...(made) trips to casinos..
METRO DIGEST/6.22.04// (15)

Vazzi, 22, of Staunton, pleaded guilty in October of stealing more than $129,000 from Julia ..., 88...But Vazzi used the money to gamble at casinos...
Man gets five years for swindling relative/BY TRISHA L. HOWARD/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/2.25.02 (31)

Robin... was the employee at the juvenile office who embezzled approximately $97,000 that was meant to go to the local schools. She said it was gone, mostly lost at casinos.
Prosecutor answers questions about plea bargain/By Morley Swingle/SE Missourian/8.14.03 (23)

A Kansas City man who romanced almost two dozen women to defraud them was sentenced to five years in federal prison today. Ryan S. Blevins, 29, also was ordered to pay $90,680 in restitution to the women and financial institutions he had defrauded. Blevins asked for a lower sentence, in part, because he has been diagnosed as a gambling addict.
Kansas City man gets five years for defrauding 22 women/By MARK MORRIS/The Kansas City Star/6.21.04/ (10)

SPRINGFIELD -- A former attorney avoided prison when he was sentenced on Wednesday for defrauding insurance companies by embezzling $68,573 from people who were seeking worker's compensation. ...he is recovering from gambling addiction...
Former attorney gets probation for embezzlement/By: Gene Hartley, KY3 News/12.18.03/ (2)

The former chief financial officer for a group that serves disabled veterans was arrested Monday on charges that he stole $64,000 and blew it on a new BMW and gambling. St. Louis Circuit Attorney charged him with 21 felonies and two misdemeanors - nine counts of money laundering, six counts of felony theft and six counts of forgery and two counts of misdemeanor theft. Authorities allege that he spent up to $100,000 at Harrah's Player's Island in Maryland Heights and at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/29/2001

A former lawyer who admitted he stole more than $57,000 from clients must repay the money but will have no criminal conviction if he completes probation, a judge decided. He has admitted using the much of the stolen money to gamble on casino boats.
Ex-lawyer who admitted stealing $57,000 from his clients can avoid criminal record/
St. Louis Post-Dispatch/By TIM BRYANT/3.06.03 (45)

Former branch bank president embezzled $46,139 cash and money orders and has voluntarily placed himself in a treatment program for compulsive gambling and an alcohol problem.
The Topeka Capital-Journal 11/20/2001

But on Friday the former Olathe (Catholic) church pastor made a personal and public statement of contrition for stealing $44,000 in church funds to feed his gambling habit.
Priest gets probation, shock time for stealing church funds/By TONY RIZZO/The Kansas City Star/5.24.03 (26)

A former financial aid officer at Longview Community College pleaded guilty Friday in federal court to embezzling about $30,000 from a student loan program. ...she took the money to feed a gambling addiction, prosecutors said.
Former college official pleads guilty to embezzlement/By MARK MORRIS/The Kansas City Star/2.1.03 (29)

The former director of a home for the developmentally disabled admitted Monday to stealing more than $20,000 from the home. ...she said a lot of the money went to the casino.
Ex-Unity Home director admits she stole thousands /St. Joseph News-Press/8.19.03/ (25)

"Nettie" saved for 30 years for her dream home. Her life savings are gone, gambled away by the builder, who stole her money.
The Kansas City Star 01/14/99

...Richardson, 47, admitted in July that he burglarized and vandalized churches in Independence and Blue Springs, including the burglary and arson that gutted the Colonial Hills Community of Christ church. He pleaded guilty to five counts of burglary and one count of second-degree arson. ...he did it to support a gambling habit.
Church rises from ashes of arson fire/By Dan Curry/The Examiner/12.22.03/ (17)

According to court documents, Richardson is responsible for 27 church burglaries in Blue Springs, Independence and Lee's Summit. ...committed the crimes to support his gambling habit, prosecutors said.
Man broke into 27 churches, prosecutors say/THE ASSOCIATED PRESS/1.26.03 (34)

Man arrested in St. Charles told police he resorted to bank robbery when he failed to win enough money playing Blackjack.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/12/00

FARMINGTON -- A Park Hills woman was placed on five years of supervised probation for stealing from a federally-subsidized apartment complex. Circuit Court Judge Sandra Martinez placed 62-year-old Judith... on probation and ordered her to pay restitution within four years. She told police she needed the money to offset her gambling problem.
Woman gets probation for stealing from apartment complex/By TERESA RESSEL/DailyJournal/3.11.04/ (15)

Tax-fraud sentence - A 54-year-old Kansas City, Kan., man will go to prison for filing a false income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service. Boyce admitted that thousands of dollars of his gross sales were diverted from his business to pay gambling debts.
Metropolitan Digest KANSAS CITY, MO 11/29/02

After deliberating for just over two days, a federal jury agreed and convicted James Nichols, 27, and Robert Gomez, 28, both of California, in the largest car-fraud scheme in Missouri history. He said that Gomez was a professional gambler and that Nichols financially backed his high-stakes poker games.
Jury convicts defendants in 'miracle cars' case/By TANYANIKA SAMUELS/The Kansas City Star/6.7.03 (27)

Ferguson - Michael Anders' gambling problem was so severe that he once stole $300 from a muscular-dystrophy fund to bet on horses at the racetrack.
Brother Boogie can relate to those he helps/By Eric Heisler/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/9.20.04/
business/stories.nsf/workplace/story/DD5BB91485533B0A86256F150006F25E? (8)

Kansas City Municipal Court Judge Deborah A. Neal should step down from the bench. Her acceptance of loans from lawyers, which she has acknowledged, leaves her credibility too damaged for her to continue as a judge. Missouri's code of judicial ethics forbids a judge from accepting a loan from anyone "whose interests have come or are likely to come before that judge." Neal can be commended for acknowledging her personal problems -- depression and a gambling addiction -- and seeking treatment.
Judge should step down/9.26.04/ (6)

FBI officials said the (65 years old, St. Louis County) woman was found wearing clothes and two pieces of jewelry. She had been shot in the chest and wrapped in fishing net. Her body had been weighted with a 40-pound concrete block. Although police here had considered the possibility that her body had gotten into the Mississippi River, they now do not believe it had. Given the weighting and location 20 miles out to sea, investigators think her body was dumped directly into the gulf. ...Stegall's purse turned up in a parking lot at the Casino Queen in East St. Louis.
Case of missing woman is solved/By Heather Ratcliffe/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/10.18.04/ (1)

A judge sentenced Mark Hammond today (Monday) to four consecutive life sentences for the murder of restaurant owner David Yang after Hammond followed Yang from the Casino Queen to his home in Mehlville. Hammond and an accomplice followed David Yang from the Casino Queen to his home in Mehlville and shot him outside his garage, taking about $4,400 from one pocket but overlooking a wallet with $6,900 more.
Man sentenced to life in killing of restaurant owner/By William C. Lhotka St. Louis Post-Dispatch /12.16.02 (33)
Man gets 4 life sentences in gambler's killing/St. Louis Post-Dispatch /By William C. Lhotka/12.17.02 (46)

Authorities have charged a Kansas City man with kidnapping a woman from Harrah's North Kansas City Casino, robbing her at gunpoint and demanding sex.
KC man charged with kidnapping woman from casino/By MIKE RICE/The Kansas City Star/9.12.03/ (22)

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - A young man who had been expected to withdraw his earlier guilty plea in the Christmas Day killing of a lottery winner decided instead to accept the state's plea bargain. Authorities said Williamson and Claypool broke into Hardwick's Springfield home searching for $10,000 they believed he had there.
The Associated Press 5/19/02

"Jefferson County Prosecutor Bob Wilkins says he is considering charges against two women who are accused of helping a Hillsboro man rob a St. Louis-area casino winner outside a bar in Festus. "Jared ..., 23, of Hillsboro is charged with first-degree robbery, armed criminal action and first-degree assault in connection with the Nov. 4 robbery.
Woman Accused of Luring Casino Winner/ (37)

McCarty and another man allegedly hung out at Harrah's casino watching for people who won a large amount of money. The men followed the physician who won about $3,000 at a table from the casino to Ste. Genevieve County where they staged an accident to get him to stop. One of the men hit the doctor, knocking him unconscious, and then stole the winnings.
Man pleads guilty to second-degree robbery/ TERESA RESSEL/11.25.04 (40)

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A man who won money at Harrah's Casino Tuesday night was beaten and robbed after leaving the establishment, KMBC reported.
Casino Winner Beaten, Robbed After Leaving Harrah's Victim Says Man Pulled Knife, Took Cash/2.18.04/ (16)

Four Caruthersville residents were arrested this week in connection with an alleged credit card and identity theft scheme whose victims were patrons of Casino Aztar.
12/21/01 State Gazette

A recent onslaught of car break-ins at Crestview Apartments in St. Charles has some residents feeling blue this holiday season. All of the cars were robbed while parked in the complex's lots, located along Riverbluff Drive near the Ameristar Casino.
Car break-ins plague apartment complex/SUBURBAN JOURNALS/Jason Lee/12.20.04 (35)

Mahmoud..., 42, of Hazelwood, pleaded guilty Monday in St. Charles County Circuit Court on 29 counts of passing bad checks. Investigators said he wrote bad checks totaling about $60,000 to the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles between January and May last year.
Person is reported tohave jumped into river/3.16.04/
698C477DFDFEE09F86256E5900159B92?OpenDocument&Headline=ST.+LOUIS+COUNTY&highlight=2%2Cgambling (14)

Berkeley man is accused in scheme at casino. Maurice..., 50, of Berkeley, was charged this week with receiving stolen property after Maryland Heights police said he was given six Ameristar Casino chips, each worth $500, for "hooking a girl up" with a casino patron.
St.+Charles/58BD5FCAFD04423D86256DC8007D2A60? (20)

A businessman and a former employee of President Casinos Inc. were indicted Wednesday on charges they participated in a kickback scheme that defrauded the company.
Two are indicted on casino fraud charges/St. Louis Post-Dispatch//Peter Shinkle/11.10.04 (42)

A woman from St. Charles was sentenced Tuesday to prison for carrying out a scheme to make more than $7,500 worth of bogus $20 bills. She and Zolotor were arrested in November after they attempted to pass more than $700 of the fake bills at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles.
Woman is sentencedin counterfeit case/5.26.04/
OpenDocument&Headline=ST.+LOUIS&highlight=2%2Ccasino (13)

Two former employees of Station Casino-St. Charles have been sentenced for conspiracy and money laundering charges involving more than $2 million.
Two former casino workers sentenced to jail /9.3.04/St. Louis Business Journal (28)

Law enforcement agents raided a plush house in western Kansas City, Kan., Wednesday afternoon and broke up a high-stakes poker game that allegedly was boosted by professional dealers moonlighting from Missouri casino jobs.
The Kansas City Star 9/15/02*

Three slot department employees of Harrah's Casino in Maryland Heights have been arrested in a theft investigation.
American City Business Journals, Inc. 3/6/02

A man with a pistol, wanted for a holdup at a Citgo service station on west Clay Street in St. Charles County about 10 a.m. Friday, became the subject of a disruptive manhunt a little later at the Harrah's Casino in Maryland Heights.
Manhunt for robber leads to Harrah's Casino/By Heather Ratcliffe/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/9.24.04/
64E0F7D4518A108386256F190067E7F1?OpenDocument&Headline=Manhunt+for+robber+leads+to+Harrah's+Casino (5)

Station Casinos agreed to pay $38 million earlier this year to settle a lawsuit alleging it parlayed improper contacts into approval for a Missouri gaming license in 1997. In November 2000, it was fined $1 million by the Missouri Gaming Commission after questions surfaced about a $500,000 bonus to a Station lawyer (Lazaroff) and his contacts with the commission's chairman.
Casino foes say hefty fine should serve as warning/By Ted Roelofs/The Grand Rapids Press/6.18.04 (11)

Lazaroff was sentenced in October 2000 on federal felony mail fraud charges for defrauding his law partners and clients, including Station Casinos. Las Vegas Review-Journal 11/27/01

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. - Argosy Gaming Co. has agreed to pay a $200,000 fine stemming from its relationship with a company whose investors included convicted criminals with alleged mob ties.
Argosy agrees to reduced fine totaling $200,000 over 'due diligence'/AP & (43)

Argosy Gaming Co. will fight a $250,000 fine by the Missouri Gaming Commission over a failed Wisconsin tribal casino deal that exposed what Missouri regulators called Argosy's "unsavory" business associations.
The Kansas City Star 10/03/02

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A suburban riverboat casino faces a $100,000 fine from the Missouri Gaming Commission for failing to keep track of an estimated $32,000 in slot tokens. The commission, meeting Wednesday in St. Louis, also fined the Isle of Capri Casino in Kansas City $50,000 for failing to catch an alleged bet capper.
The Associated Press 2/28/02

Sloppy financial housekeeping could cost the Isle of Capri Casino in Kansas City $25,000. The Missouri Gaming Commission recommended that fine Wednesday after hearing an enforcement agent's report that the casino failed four times in recent months to e-mail its daily tax report to the commission by a noon deadline. Casino officials also failed for three months to remove and properly account for cash in three video poker machines, the commission was told.
The Kansas City Star 4/25/02

The St. Jo Frontier Casino faces $10,000 in penalties for four alleged violations of state gambling regulations.
St. Joseph News-Press Thursday, November 21, 2002

Last year, Missouri -- which boasts of having the nation's most stringent gambling laws -- imposed fines of $5,000 to $250,000. That included fines against casino owners for making illegal campaign contributions. 6/22/02

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Harrah's casino will pay $40,000 in state fines for marketing violations, including mailing promotional materials to problem gamblers who had voluntarily banned themselves from Missouri casinos.
Casino to pay fine for marketing to problem gamblers/AP & A. Lieb/8.25.04 (44)

The commission also:
• Fined the Mark Twain Casino in LaGrange, Mo., $10,000 for allowing a 20-year-old man using false identification to gamble at the boat.
• Fined Harrah's North Kansas City Casino & Hotel $30,000 for allowing several slot machines to be placed into service without the proper checks by state gaming agents.
• Fined Harrah's casino in Maryland Heights, Mo., $18,000 for improper handling of slot machine tokens.
Suspended the bingo licenses of charitable organizations in Wayne County, Mo., for operating four illegal slot machines, and in Rolla, Mo., for using convicted felons to help run the games.
The Kansas City Star 1/31/02

According to preliminary FBI figures, The city of St. Louis reported double-digit increases in robbery, arson and stolen cars in 2000. Reported robberies were up 15 percent.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/2/01

The former owner of three St. Louis sports radio stations agreed Friday to pay almost $159,000 to settle a federal criminal investigation into the company's receipt of money for advertising from illegal offshore gambling operations.
KFNS settles with government over betting ads/By Peter Shinkle/St. LouisPost-Dispatch/9.25.04/

The Missouri State Highway Patrol would like to warn citizens of possible scams involving investment opportunities, internet purchases and alleged lottery winnings.
Patrol warns citizens of possible scams/10.06.04 (3)


In 1997 There were 2,103 arrests on 11 gambling boats.
MO State Highway Patrol

Nearly half of the St. Louis city treasury's $5.6 million gambling take must go to pay for police protection near the President Casino.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/22/97

A secretary for the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension Council is accused of stealing more than $10,000 from the council by forging checks to herself. She told detectives she was using the funds to gamble at casino boats.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch/St. Charles Zone 6/18/01

According to preliminary FBI figures, The city of St. Louis reported double-digit increases in robbery, arson and stolen cars in 2000. Reported robberies were up 15 percent.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/2/01

A husband, wife and two adult children were found guilty of multiple felonies for taking $600,000 from an elderly Overland Park woman they befriended in 1999. Area casino records show the guilty couple had lost about $40,000 at the casinos.
The Kansas City Star 5/26/01

A New York man was arrested at the Ameristar Casino in St. Charles. He was accused of cheating on slot machines by altering tokens.
St. Peters Journal 5/25/01

Man is charged with one count of first-degree murder, one count of first-degree robbery and one count of armed criminal action in the shooting death of an Oakville man. St. Louis County police believe the victim was followed home from the casino and robbery was the motive in the killing. The victim had been gambling at the Casino Queen and President casinos.
South County Journal 5/20/01

The Missouri Gaming Commission fined the President Casino in St. Louis $107,000 for giving illegal campaign contribution to city officials. Contributions were given to the city mayor, comptroller and two alderman. An independent investigator has been looking into where the officials should be punished for accepting the contributions. All returned the money after being asked about the contributions.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 4/26/01

Mom lost eleven children in a deadly house fire in 1981. She had left the children home alone (10 months to 11 years old) while she was out gambling with their father in St. Louis. In the two decades since the fire, she has had six more children. Gambling lies near the center of most of the mom's problems. She loses consistently and often uses her children's public assistance money and checks for their various medical disorders to gamble, her children said. Consequently, she and her children have frequently been homeless.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/26/01 By Denise Hollinshed

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) -- A southwest Missouri woman was sentenced to probation for escorting her 16-year-old daughter to a Kansas City casino and allowing her to gamble. Station Casino and Harrah's have been fined $250,000 by the Missouri Gaming Commission for allegedly not preventing the daughter from gambling.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/28/00

Kan. (AP) -- Gambling debts of more than $100,000 prompted a woman's botched bank robbery attempt that led to an eight-hour hostage situation on New Year's Eve, her attorney said. A 23 year old woman was ordered held without bond on charges of attempting to rob the Bank of America in Olathe, using a firearm in a crime of violence and taking hostages.
St. Louis Post- Dispatch Post Net 1/6/00

LIBERTY, Mo. -- An Overland Park, Kan., woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison after she admitted to stabbing her husband 75 times for not giving her more gambling money. Prosecutors said the crime occurred on Aug. 22, 1997, after the Knapps and a friend had left Harrah's casino. The woman allegedly was angry because her husband would not give her any more money. She kicked him out of the car, then stabbed him and drove off.
12/27/99 The Associated Press

A gambler who was robbed of his winnings from the Casino Queen riverboat while staying at the Marriott Hotel in St. Louis has filed a lawsuit against the casino and the hotel for failing to protect him. He says he incurred large medical bills because of the attack.
2/7/99 The Associated Press

Hilton executives resign over a $1,000,000 bribe of the Kansas City Port Authority. (The Port Authority official was convicted on bribery in another case, but faces no charges over the Hilton bribery.) Federal investigators had a very "indictable" case against the $11 billion company but Hilton was only fined $655.000 and required to teach their executives "ethics" in exchange for the government closing the investigation.
AP 8/12/98 Las Vegas Journal Review 8/13/98

(Belleville), -- A PTA mother and 25-year church member went every day to floating casinos, and embezzled. Husband put the money back from savings, but she embezzled again. This time a family member paid the debt to keep her out of jail.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/9/98

The Circuit Attorney believes that the man charged with stealing $50,620 from the St. Louis Midnight Basketball program for teenagers, lost it gambling on a boat.
St. Louis Post -Dispatch 5/30/98

Four of the eight people who were charged with cheating at the Station Casino St. Charles have agreed to plead guilty. After a 2 1/2-week investigation in January, six casino employees and two patrons were each charged with cheating at gambling.
5/9/98 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Two men who once had ties to organized crime, were arrested for trying to cheat Players Casino.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/12/98

Gunman robs cash drawer at Kansas City Flamingo Hilton Casino.
Kansas City Star 02/23/98

A 64 year old restaurant owner, was murdered and robbed Nov. 27 in the garage of his home. He had just left K.C. Harrahs after cashing out $3,000.
Kansas City Star 12/18/97

The Missouri Gaming Commission also regularly reports crimes and other incidents at casinos involving action taken by Highway Patrol gaming agents. Between May 1, 1996, and April 30, 1997:

Harrah's experienced 276 incidents. Forty-four of those involved a felony crime, including 18 cases of stealing, eight forgeries and one arrest involving drugs.

Argosy Riverside Casino had 172 incidents, including 22 involving felonies; seven cases of stealing and four forgeries.

Flamingo Hilton Casino, which opened in October 1996, had 126 incidents; nine felonies, including five cases of fraud.

Sam's Town had 189 incidents, including 24 felonies, including five for stealing, four involving drugs and five connected to fraud.

Station Casino Kansas City., which opened in January, had 104 incidents, including five felonies

By RICK ALM, Kansas City Star 12/09/97

Kivenas robbed seven St. Louis-area banks and was arrested at Stations Casino in St. Charles.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/19/97

A 53 year old compulsive gambler who lost so much money at Station Casino, St. Charles, that she arranged to be legally barred from casinos and taken off the mailing list. The casino continues to send her solicitations--it is now exhorting her to commit an act of criminal trespass.
TIME Magazine 11/17/97

Insurance agent scammed $500,000 from the elderly, gambled away the money on MO riverboats, then abandoned his wife and three children. His method was to gain the trust of elderly clients and then con them out of their money through phony investments or bad loans. He scammed $130,000 from a couple where the husband suffers from Alzheimer's. The $140,000 he got from a 76-year-old woman 'wiped her out'.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/17 & 10/18/97

A former St. Charles city councilwoman gambled away money she embezzled from her employer at local casinos. She is accused of stealing $367,000. The cash was withdrawn from those accounts and used to gamble at the Station Casino and the Casino Queen . . . .
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/17/97

"A former St. Charles city councilwoman gambled away money she embezzled from her employer at three local casinos, according to court documents. A federal grand jury in St. Louis indicted Marianne Yarolimek, 59, Wednesday on charges of embezzlement and bank fraud. Yarolimek is accused of stealing more than $367,000 . . . . According to court documents, Yarolimek withdrew cash from those accounts and used it to gamble at the Station Casino and the Casino Queen . . . . "
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 10/17/97

Man gets 35 years for murdering his wife during an argument after leaving a casino.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 5/3/97

Station Casino St. Charles got slapped with a $250,000 fine for permitting a 12-year-old to gamble.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/12/97

The man stole $100,000 from the Eagles Club. He acknowledged he had a gambling problem.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/10/96

A Kansas City woman murders her husband for life insurance money to cover her blackjack debt.
Kansas City Star 3/10/97

A $3,000 winner at Harrah's North Kansas City Casino was shot in his garage. The police believe the assailant followed him home. A man whose father has been identified as one of Kansas City's top mob leaders was seen leaving the casino the same time as the victim. The 3rd man leaving later committed suicide.
The Kansas City Star Jan 13, 1997 and The Associated Press 07/02/97

Christian County Treasurer stole $650,000 from the county's building fund. He lost more than $65,000 at casinos in three months.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 12/29/96

Wilson robbed and murdered a 21-year-old convenience store clerk on his way to Las Vegas.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 6/9/96

A nationwide network of thieves believed to use a high-tech gadget to fool slot machines into big payoffs are believed to have hit three St. Louis casinos.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 3/30/96

A Florissant woman and Ferguson man face felony charges in a botched arson scheme they claim was spurred by the woman's gambling.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2/25/96

Kansas City's three casinos have each been fined $25,000 for doing business with a convicted felon.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch 11/18/95

A patron at the Casinos Aztar gambling boat was shot in the stomach during an attempted robbery on the parking lot.
Daily American Republic (Poplar Bluff) 1/18/95

The president of a sports league for youths ages 5-17 stole $26,000 to bankroll gambling on riverboats and a drinking problem.
North County Suburban Journal 8/7/94