Baby of Addicted Mother Is Killed for Insurance Money

Casino Watch Newsletter, March, 1999

Further confirmation of the negative impacts of gambling to society is illustrated in the case against an Illinois mother, who has been accused of killing her 7- week-old baby allegedly to collect insurance money for her gambling habit.

Testimony by federal prosecutors attempted to show that Dina Abdelhaq of Hickory Hills, IL because of an insatiable addiction to gambling, suffocated her infant daughter for $200,000 in insurance.

Her court appointed attorneys argued that the casino operators encouraged her addiction. The defense claims Abdelhaq had VIP-type cards that tracked her gambling activities and that the casinos failed to suggest help for the troubled gambler. She allegedly spent as much as $650 in just 9 minutes on slot machines after boarding a Joliet riverboat casino.

There are 17 indictments against Abdelhaq who claims that her daughter died from sudden infant death syndrome. This just 15 months after her other daughter died under similar circumstances.

Source: Chicago Tribune 1/26/99