Vick vows to lead new life
VA - "I offer my deepest apologies to everybody out there in the world who was affected by this whole situation," he [Vick] said. "And if I'm more disappointed with myself than anything, it's because of all the young people, young kids, that I've let down, who look at Michael Vick as a role model. Vick admitted in court papers that he financed an illegal dogfighting operation at a property he owns in Surry, Va., participated in the killing of poor-performing dogs, and funded gambling on the fights. / By Sam Farmer / August 28, 2007

Awaiting Sentence, Vick Speaks of Mistakes
VA - Instead, Vick, who appeared slightly nervous, spoke for several minutes without a prepared text and offered his first full apology for his connection to a dogfighting ring that will probably put him in jail for at least a year and strip him of precious time in the N.F.L. at the height of his career. Im totally responsible, and those things just didnt have to happen, said Vick, who wore a dark suit and a yellow tie. I feel like we all make mistakes. Its just I made a mistake in using bad judgment and making bad decisions. And you know, those things, you know, just cant happen. Vick admitted to financing the dogfighting operation and the gambling associated with it, and to being complicit in the killing of six to eight dogs that underperformed. / By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT and JUDY BATTISTA / August 28, 2007

OPINION SHAPER: It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world
- In a story of horrific animal cruelty and the most base of human callousness, Vick finally agreed to plead guilty to federal charges related to operating a dog-fighting ring in late August. He did so only after being left with no other viable options, as his co-conspirators took whatever deals they could get and left him alone holding the bag. The specifics are disgusting: dogs being electrocuted, hung, beaten or drowned after being subjected to bloodlust battles for the gambling pleasure of degenerates. Vick will lose nearly $85 million in lost bonuses, salary and endorsements. / By Dan Hruskocy / August 28, 2007

NHL boss must see the light
- The party is over. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick indefinitely without pay for his involvement in illegal dog fighting. Vick is facing a lifetime ban. It's now time for NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to step up to the plate. / David Pratt / August 28, 2007

Gambling: A new addiction
- Gambling in America has become an epidemic and the people of this country are becoming addicted. He [Vick] has thrown away a lucrative career and the income he was going to receive from several endorsement deals. However, many people in this country throw away their families and friends to gambling. / Timothy Watkins / 8/28/07

A 2nd chance that should - and will - be a long time coming
- The Falcons will try to recover $22 million of Vick's signing bonus, and as much as $71 million total, from the 10-year, $130 million contract he signed in 2004. A marketing firm recently estimated Vick will sacrifice as much as $50 million in endorsements over the next decade, Goodell made clear that Vick's involvement in illegal gambling could trigger a lifetime ban under the league's personal conduct policy. Help came, anyway, from a well-organized, well-funded animal rights lobby that mobilized protests, demanding zero tolerance for Vick from the NFL and threatening to boycott any company that continues to sponsor him. / By Jim Litke / Aug 27, 2007

Contrite Vick apologizes after entering guilty plea
VA - In a court hearing that lasted just under 20 minutes Monday, Michael Vick entered a guilty plea to a conspiracy charge related to a federal dogfighting investigation that could send the Atlanta Falcons quarterback to prison for a year or more. The maximum possible penalty is five years in prison and $250,000 fine. / By Gary Mihoces / Aug 27, 2007

FOX News Poll: Americans 'Bet' On Shady Dealings in Pro Sports
- NEW YORK Better than 6 in 10 Americans (62 percent) think pro athletes and sports officials gamble on professional sporting events, according to the latest FOX News poll. Just over one-fifth of the national sample (21 percent) believes no such betting takes place, with the remainder undecided.
FOXNEWS.COM / By Ernie Paicopolos / August 27, 2007

Remorseful Vick Cancels Radio Interview
VA - Looking somber and speaking without notes, Vick said Monday he was taking full responsibility for his actions after pleading guilty to a federal dogfighting charge in Richmond, Va. "I offer my deepest apologies to everybody out there in the world who was affected by this whole situation, and if I'm more disappointed with myself than anything it's because of all the young people, young kids that I let down, who look at Michael Vick as a role model," he said. "I've never seen someone who had so much ability and has fallen so far," [Hank, Falcons Board] Aaron said. / By PAUL NEWBERRY / 27 Aug 2007

Timeline of Michael Vick Dogfighting Case
- June 29, 2002 -- Vick pays about $34,000 for the purchase of the property. 2001-02 -- Vick and his co-defendants start acquiring pit bulls for the fighting operation. April 2007 -- Vick, Peace and Phillips conduct additional "testing" sessions, in which six to eight dogs that did not perform well were killed by drowning or hanging. ... / 27 Aug 2007

Blame it on Vick, not on ghetto culture
- Heres a guy who went from being the No. 1 NFL draft pick in 2001 to, six years later, a felony plea and almost certainly prison for his role in a dog-fighting operation called Bad Newz Kennels. True, he did grow up poor, with more day-to-day support from his mother and grandmother than from his father. And football became his ticket out of poverty. It was a drug charge marijuana of a close associate and longtime friend that led authorities to the Vick property and the Bad Newz Kennels. / By MARY SANCHEZ / Aug. 27, 2007

Three Strikes for Professional Sports
- It's been a summer of shame in the sporting world, with athletes and a referee causing headaches for the commissioners of the top three U.S. pro sports leagues. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick's announcement this past week that he would plead guilty to dog-fighting charges came just a week after National Basketball Association referee Tim Donaghy admitted to betting on games he had officiated in the past two years. Nike has suspended its endorsement deal with Mr. Vick, and Reebok, which makes all NFL uniforms, has stopped selling his jerseys. In 2005, Michael Vick ranked 33rd among Forbes's list of the top 100 celebrities. Since then, his endorsement deals with at least six companies, including Coca-Cola and EA Sports, have expired without renewal. / By NICK TIMIRAOS / August 25, 2007

Goodell tells Vick his conduct was 'cruel and reprehensible'
- Text of excerpts of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's letter to Michael Vick. Your admitted conduct was not only illegal, but also cruel and reprehensible. Your team, the NFL, and NFL fans have all been hurt by your actions. You have engaged in conduct detrimental to the welfare of the NFL and have violated the league's Personal Conduct Policy. / 8/24/07

Reports: Vick told to stop dogfighting
VA - Michael Vick's father said he asked his son to give up dogfighting, or to at least put property used in the venture in the names of others to avoid being implicated, according to a report in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In The Journal-Constitution report posted on the newspaper's Web site Thursday night, Michael Boddie, who is estranged from Vick and the quarterback's mother, also said some time around 2001 his son staged dogfights in the garage of the family home in Newport News, Va. / Aug. 24, 2007

NFL Suspends Michael Vick Indefinitely
- No matter how nuanced his confession for involvement in dogfighting, Michael Vick got no leniency Friday from the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended the Atlanta Falcons quarterback indefinitely without pay, Vick acknowledged bankrolling gambling on the dogfights, but denied placing bets himself or taking any of the winnings. The commissioner said Vick's admitted conduct was "not only illegal but also cruel and reprehensible." Even if he didn't personally placed bets, Goodell said, "your actions in funding the betting and your association with illegal gambling both violate the terms of your NFL player contract and expose you to corrupting influences in derogation of one of the most fundamental responsibilities of an NFL player." The case began in April when authorities conducting a drug investigation of Vick's cousin raided a Surry County property owned by Vick and found dozens of dogs, some injured, and equipment commonly used in dogfighting. / By DAVE GOLDBERG and LARRY O'DELL / 8.24.07

NAACP chief criticizes Vick
DC - Falcons quarterback Michael Vick "is not a victim" and should be held responsible for his actions involving a dogfighting ring in Virginia, the national president of the NAACP said today. On Monday, Vick said through a lawyer that he will plead guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.
stltoday / By Ben Evans / 8/23/2007

Jeremiah Dys: Gambling's victories aren't always permanent
WA - WHAT do Michael Vick, Pete Rose, Tim Donaghy and West Virginia have in common?Each has allowed the gambling industry a foothold into their lives. Pete Rose has lost his chance, in all probability, to gain admission to the baseball Hall of Fame. Instead, he is found wanting due to the effects of gambling. As Vick, Rose and Donaghy have discovered, gambling is always a risky business. / Opinion / August 23, 2007

Agent: Pro athletes have too much time
- The question that seems to keep running through everyone's mind: Why would someone like Michael Vick, worth millions of dollars, risk it all on a reckless, penny-ante bloodsport like dogfighting? Richmond-based professional sports agent Joe Sroba, a Neshaminy High School and University of Virginia graduate, suggests today's athlete has too much time on his hands and not enough worthwhile activities to do with it. The growing gambling problem in all professional sports is a good example. / ByWAYNE FISH / Aug 23, 2007

Vick Case Will Test National Football League's Mettle
PA - However, if anyone out there believes that the NFL would be where it is without gambling, then Tim Donaghy has a bridge he'd like to sell you. That's why the Michael Vick saga will be a true test of where the NFL is going. Having Vick never play again won't have a negative effect on the NFL's bottom line. The league is full of stars. But more importantly, it's always promoted teams ahead of the individual players. / By: Sandy Penner / 8/23/2007

History not kind to athletes who invite disgrace on themselves
- About the only sure thing in Michael Vick's life right now is that he's going to prison. In terms of marketability he's done. Finished. Through. No company would risk being associated with a dog killer, and that's just what Vick will be the minute he formally pleads guilty in his dogfighting case. The odds, though, don't favor a comeback. History hasn't proven kind to athletes who invite disgrace upon themselves, with rare exceptions such as Kobe Bryant and Ray Lewis. Art Schlichter: But a bad gambling habit got him in trouble, and he would eventually serve 10 years in more than 40 prisons and jails for conning people out of money. Free now, he lives with his mother and speaks to groups about the evils of gambling. / By Tim Dahlberg / Aug 22, 2007

NAACP urges NFL to let Vick play again
- An NAACP leader said Michael Vick should be allowed to return to the NFL, preferably the Atlanta Falcons, after serving his sentence for his role in a dogfighting operation. "Michael Vick has received more negative press than if he had killed a human being." / By ERRIN HAINES / Aug. 22, 2007

The Gall Of It All
- It looks like Vick will do at least 12 to 18 months in a federal penitentiary for his crimes, after which the admittedly faint hope is that he might emerge a more whole and gentle person, as opposed to a dog slayer and liar... People are angry at Vick because they sense that dogfighting isn't a petty crime, but an underworld pursuit. It lies at a "nexus with other crimes and community violence," and tends to be associated with "a whole host of peripheral criminal activities," including gambling and racketeering, drug trafficking and gang activity, according to the Michigan State College of Law's animal law center. People are angry at Vick because he's a squanderer who criminally abused his opportunities and turned his talents to sleaze. He was on top of the world, and instead of reaching up, reached down. / By Sally Jenkins / August 22, 2007

City Won't Tolerate Dog Fighting
MD - Michael Vick's story has drawn a lot of attention to the cruelty that is illegal dog fighting, and city leaders are working hard to do something to stop it from happening here. It's such a serious problem that the city has now formed its own task force with animal control. / Derek Valcourt / Aug 21, 2007

Vick could face more jail time for dogfighting in state court.
- Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, faces possible prosecution in state court, where punishment might far exceed the maximum five years in prison that could await him in his federal case. Vick said through a lawyer Monday that he will plead guilty to a federal charge of conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiracy to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture. Malone said the state dogfighting charges probably would not be considered duplicative. / Aug. 21, 2007

Vick could face more jail time for dogfighting in state court.
VA - Among the state laws Vick could be charged with violating are those against dogfighting and animal cruelty. Three Vick associates have pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge and said Vick provided virtually all the gambling and operating funds for the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting enterprise. / The Associated Press / Aug. 21, 2007

Will Vick, Donaghy legal woes stifle pro sports' links with gambling?
GA - Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is facing charges that he led a dog fighting ring where thousands of dollars were wagered. To date, some of those indicted with Vick have agreed to plea bargains with the federal government, and Vick was reportedly talking with prosecutores about a plea agreement of his own. / Daniel T. Zanoza / August 18, 2007

Vick must make choice after pals plead guilty
VA - His last two co-defendants pleaded guilty Friday and implicated Vick in bankrolling gambling on dogfights. One of them said Vick, the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, helped drown or hang dogs that didnt do well. As part of his plea agreement, Phillips signed a statement that said Vick joined in executing at least eight dogs that didnt do well in test fights by various methods, including hanging and drowning. / The Associated Press / Aug. 17, 2007

Vick Negotiations Ongoing
VA - Legal experts say the growing parade of prosecution witnesses and the prospect of additional charges increases the pressure on Vick to negotiate a deal. Taylor's statement and the July 17 indictment also linked Vick to betting on the dogfights, which could result in a lifetime ban from the NFL under the league's policy against gambling. The indictment said dogs that lost fights or fared poorly in test fights were sometimes executed by hanging, electrocution or other means. / LARRY O'DELL / August 16, 2007

Greatest Threat to Vick May Be Links to Gambling
GA - The assertion that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick gambled on dogfighting appears to be a more serious threat to his professional football career and freedom than the federal felony charges that he helped organize and run a dogfighting ring. The charges are believed to include counts stemming from gambling that he is suspected of having financed. That is one reason Vicks lawyers are considering a guilty plea that would avoid a new indictment. The N.F.L. prohibits any association with gamblers or with gambling activities. / MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT / August 15, 2007

Report: Vick considering plea bargain
GA - Attorneys for... Vick reportedly are trying to negotiate a plea deal... Vick pleaded innocent to conspiracy to engage in interstate illegal gambling and conspiring to sponsor dog-fighting matches... / August 14, 2007

Vick co-defendants to plead guilty
VA - Vicks remaining two co-defendants, Purnell A. Peace and Quanis Phillips, have set court dates for later this week to change their pleas to guilty in federal conspiracy charges related to dogfighting. But NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told USA Today that the high-stakes gambling associated with dogfighting concerns the NFL as much as the dogfighting charges themselves. / Star News Services / Mon, Aug. 13, 2007

America Weighs In on Vick as Trial Date Nears
And what will the internal investigation find about Vicks involvement in what the indictment alleges was high-stakes gambling on the dog fights? Gambling is a clear violation of the [N.F.L.] personal conduct policy. New York Times / Judy Battista / August 13, 2007

Dogfighting not here now, but officials keep wary eyes open
IN - When Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was charged last month with running a dogfighting enterprise, the barbaric practice made national headlines. The problem hit home for many Hoosiers this week when a Gary firefighter was arrested for running a dogfight ring. Gruesome details from that case revealed electric prods, a treadmill, medications and 16 battered pit bulls. The very thought of dogs being trained to fight and getting seriously injured or killed while people bet money on them makes local animal activist Chris Browder physically ill. Dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states. "Dogfighting also is linked to other crimes, such as auto theft, money laundering, arms smuggling and drug dealing." "When police break up a dogfighting ring, they usually find illegal gambling, prostitution and drug and alcohol abuse," she [animal activist Browder] said. / Ron Hamilton / 8/3/2007

Blowing the whistle on gambling addictions
NY - Dr. Dave [The MacDonald Center addictions at Scripps Memorial Hospital] : Criminal Complaint 274 in the Virginia Federal Court describes in the starkest terms what all addiction professionals know - addiction robs a person of their humanity and shreds the value system of the addict. That indictment, of Pro Bowl football player Michael Vick and his co-defendants, describes a world of sports gambling without any purpose except for problem gamblers, gambling addicts and their "family" to place wagers of tens of thousands of dollars on dogs' abilities to maim and kill one another. The NBA, NFL and our national addiction prevention and treatment systems must shine the light of reality on this disease. This includes prevention through targeting those most at risk, recognizing the warning signs at the earliest possible moment and using accountable treatment processes patterned after our experiences with alcohol and drug addiction. / Addictions & Answers / Dr. David Moore and Bill Manville / August 2, 2007

The Buzz
- Michael Vick lost another sponsor when Rawlings ended its relationship with the embattled Falcons quarterback. Rawlings recognizes that Mr. Vick has not been convicted of the charges stemming from his recent indictment. However, we have determined that ending our relationship with Mr. Vick at this time is necessary, the company said in a statement. / Jul. 31, 2007

Co-defendant says Vick bankrolled dogfighting ring
VA - One of Michael Vick's co-defendants who pleaded guilty Monday to his role in a dogfighting conspiracy says he was financed almost entirely by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback. "The 'Bad Newz Kennels' operation and gambling monies were almost exclusively funded by Vick," The summary of facts signed by Taylor supports the indictment's claims that the dogfighting ring executed underperforming dogs by drowning, hanging and other brutal means. / The Associated Press / LARRY O'DELL / July 31, 2007

Co-Defendant: Michael Vick Provided Gambling Funds for Bad Newz Kennels
GA - Taylor contends that Vick provided most of the gambling funds staked by Bad Newz Kennels when its dogs faced off with other pit bulls in fights in Virginia, New Jersey, and North Carolina. / Michael David Smith / Jul 30th 2007

VA - Shortly after [Quarterback] Vick's house was raided and evidence of a suspected dogfighting operation was found there in April, Goodwin added the NFL star to a massive data base he oversees. The 20,000 names it contains include a rogue's gallery of the nation's most notorious known and suspected dogfighters. "It's clear that when you have dogfighting, drugs and gambling and other criminal subcultures follow," Plowden [spokesman for AG's office} said. The newest craze, he [Kumpf, Animal Resource Center] said, is to broadcast fights on the Web so people can bet on them offshore. Today, if there's a dogfighting capital in the United States, it may be North Carolina. / Virginian-Pilot / BILL BURKE / Jun. 29, 2007

Jeff Simpson on why bad news involving gambling is bad news for Las Vegas, despite all the defenses of legalized sports betting
- First, there was NFL quarterback Michael Vick's alleged involvement in dog fighting and gambling on dog fights. There's no Las Vegas connection, but the vile practice of dog fighting exists as a vehicle for gambling. / July 29, 2007

Don't Forget: Vick's Case Is About Gambling,Too
- I've gotten a lot of e-mails from readers in the past few days regarding my idea that the NFL needs to find a way to keep Michael Vick at arms length until this case is resolved one way or another. If - I said IF - there is credible evidence that Michael Vick bankrolled or participated in a gambling enterprise that was associated with or existed in parallel with the dogfighting enterprise, then the NFL has precedent for a suspension for one year. / The Sports Curmudgeon / July 25, 2007

Sponsors, patrons of dog fights are criminals
But the recent indictment on federal dog fighting charges of a star NFL quarterback has brought the issue of animal cruelty back to the forefront. Dog fighting, in addition to being cruel, vile and disgusting, is illegal. Dog fighting, while illegal in Ohio, is still practiced in our state's seedy underground. While that's bad enough, many of the activities surrounding illegal dog fights include drug trafficking and illegal gambling... / 7/25/07

Vick ordered to stay away from training camp
GA - The NFL on Monday ordered Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick to stay away from the team's training camp until the league reviews the federal dogfighting charges against him. The indictment alleged pit bulls that didn't fare well in fights were executed by hanging, drowning, electrocution, shooting and beating. Vick faces a maximum sentence of six years in prison and $350,000 in fines if convicted. / Lance Pugmire / July 24, 2007

By Sponsoring Dog Fights, Did Falcons' QB Michael Vick Violate NFL Gambling Rules?
GA - The indictment of Falcons quarterback Michael Vick on conspiracy charges related to a dog fighting ring run on his property alleges that Vick provided the "purse" to the owners of the winning dogs. / Michael David Smith / Jul 17th 2007

NFL on Michael Vick: 'We Are Disappointed ... Guilt Has Not Yet Been Proven
- We are disappointed that Michael Vick has put himself in a position where a federal grand jury has returned an indictment against him. The activities alleged are cruel, degrading and illegal. / Michael David Smith / Jul 17th 2007

Sponsors, patrons of dog fights are criminals
OH - But the recent indictment on federal dog fighting charges of a star NFL quarterback has brought the issue of animal cruelty back to the forefront. Dog fighting, in addition to being cruel, vile and disgusting, is illegal. Dog fighting, while illegal in Ohio, is still practiced in our state's seedy underground. While that's bad enough, many of the activities surrounding illegal dog fights include drug trafficking and illegal gambling... / July, 2007

Out of the South: Dogfighting on the rise
VA - In April, Goodwin added the NFL [Vick] star, who denies knowledge of dogfighting, to a huge database he oversees. The 20,000 names in the database include known and suspected dogfighters... Also on the list is "Fat Bill" Reynolds of Virginia, convicted in 2001 of transmitting images of fighting dogs across state lines and sentenced to 30 months after Tant testified against him before a federal grand jury. "It's clear that when you have dogfighting, drugs and gambling and other criminal subcultures follow," Plowden said. "We want to drive it out of South Carolina." In Ohio this year, 28 people were indicted in state and federal court after an inquiry by state investigators and a federal task force. / July 5, 2007

Gambling A 'painless' tax on the foolish
MD - Bill Bennett, the "Book of Virtues" fellow, rationalizes his addiction by saying he can afford it and it doesn't hurt anyone. Pete Rose, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, has a sad chapter to his book because of gambling. Charles Barkley acknowledges that gambling is a problem for him. Michael Vick, and those accusations of gambling on dog fights, also suggests a gambling problem. / June 17, 2007

Animal fighting should be put out of business
OH - Sometimes $50,000 or more is wagered on a dogfight. In just about every large-scale dogfighting bust, says the Toledo Police Department, other felonious acts have been uncovered, including illegal drugs, illegal weapons and racketeering. / Dayton Daily News / Jim Morris / May 30, 2007

Dog-fighting, neglect
VA - Early reports indicate that Vick was allegedly running a dog-fighting and cockfighting operation from the back of the home. The Virginia Animal Fighting Taskforce was on the scene. Authorities report that Vick had been under investigation for several years for illegal animal fighting. Source: WAVY TV - Jul 18, 2007... A federal grand jury indicted NFL quarterback Michael Vick and three others today on dogfighting charges. The outfit conducted dog fights from 2002 to 2007 with people from several other states and sometimes killed the losing dogs by electrocution, shooting, strangulation or drowning, according to the document, which did not name any of the suspected participants. Source: HamptonRoads - July 17, 2007... Dogs seized from fighting ventures often become targets of theft. Some dogs can fetch as much as $30,000, said Alexander Taylor who, as an assistant commonwealth's attorney in Richmond, prosecuted a dog fighting case this year. Source: Virginia Pilot - July 10, 2007... In April, she [Merck,one of the top animal crime investigators] was a part of a team that seized 45 dogs, including 44 pit bulls, in Pass Christian, Miss. and St. Bernard Parish, La. in a dogfighting investigation. Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution - June 11, 2007... In a letter, an inmate in a South Carolina prison claimed that he attended dog fights where Vick also was in attendance and saw Vick bet large amounts of money... Dog fighting is a felony in Virginia. Source: Fox Sports News - June 1, 2007... ESPN's "Outside the Lines" on Sunday interviewed a confidential informant, speaking on camera with his face hidden and his voice disguised, who alleged Vick is a "heavyweight" in dog-fighting circles. He claimed that Vick owned and fought dogs and bet heavily on them. Source: ABC News May 31, 2007... Virginia is a hotbed for dogfighting. There have been recent convictions in Richmond, Chesapeake and Spotsylvania.
Source: Oxford Press - May 17, 2007...

Dog Fighting Is Cruel, and Vick Has Questions to Answer
NY - The evidence is mounting that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is involved in dog fighting. Roger Goodell is probably more concerned about the fact that illegal gambling is a major part of the dog fighting culture... / AOL SPORTS / Michael David Smith / May 15th 2007