• St. Louis is the 2nd most dangerous city in the U.S.
    (four casinos in the region)
    Money Today 12.2.03
  • Nearly half of St. Louis City's gambling take goes
    for police protection near the casino
    St. Louis Post 1997
  • MO has a dangerous shortage of State Highway Patrol
    to monitor crime in casinos
    MO Gaming Commission 2002

Pinnacle Casino flew in prostitutes for their hi-rollers

Hells Angels & Mongols motorcycle gangs clashed during annual
visit to casinos, three dead and twelve injured from shooting

7-year-old girl murdered and sexually assaulted in casino

9/11 terrorists visited casinos before hijackings

Drug dealers launder money in casinos

Asian gangs frequent casinos

25 violent robberies in Biloxi casinos in the past year

Gamblers are shot and threatened with knives in casinos

Mobsters gamble in casinos

Gamblers are followed home and murdered for their winnings

Loan sharks, cheats and extortionists work casinos

Three casino workers die in a murder suicide

39 of the 81 people arrested inside a casino were fugitives

Casino workers deal drugs and participate in gang theft

Criminals rob and murder locals for money to gamble

Casinos host the Russian mafia and questionable Colombians

16 year old prostitute murdered in casino hotel

Addicted gamblers, rob banks, stores, charities, employers
and government agencies for more gambling money

"It's a loose money environment. . . It invites prostitution."
Professor Wm. Thompson, University of Nevada

Rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and
auto theft -- increased significantly after casinos open
Professor Earl Grinols, University of Illinois

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