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June 18, 2010

Casino Video Captures Meeting of Van Der Sloot, Peruvian 'Victim'
A security camera in a Peru casino has captured the moment Joran Van der Sloot met the young woman who he has confessed to killing her in a fit of rage. The video shows the 22-year-old Van der Sloot sitting at a card table at the Atlantic City Casino in Lima as Stephany Flores approaches, and the two shake hands.  The casino is owned by Flores’ father, an influential politician and former race car driver,. . .  A wrapper from a date-rape pill later was found in her abandoned car, according to Flores' father.  Van der Sloot got up and went out to a nearby restaurant to buy some cakes and two espressos.  When he returned, he discovered Flores looked at his laptop and learned of his ties to Holloway. Van der Sloot told cops he grabbed Flores by the neck and began a beating that ended with her death.  6.10.10

Dutchman to do crime scene walk-through in Peru
The newspaper La Republica said Van der Sloot tearfully confessed, in the presence of a prosecutor and a state-appointed attorney, to grabbing Flores by the neck and hitting her because she had viewed images about the Aruba case on his computer while he was out buying coffee.  Flores, the daughter of a Peruvian circus empresario and former race car driver, was found beaten to death, her neck broken, in the 22-year-old Dutchman's hotel room. Police said the two met playing poker at a casino.  Van der Sloot remains the key suspect in Aruba for the 2005 disappearance of Holloway, an 18-year-old from Alabama who was on the resort island celebrating her high school graduation.  Van der Sloot is an avid gambler and was known to frequent Aruba's casino hotels, one of which was where Holloway stayed.  In a lengthy 2006 interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News, Van der Sloot described drinking shots of rum with Holloway, whom he said he met while playing poker at a casino . . .  BY Franklin Briceno / 6.9.10

Natalee Holloway suspect arrested in Chile over Peru murder
Van der Sloot, 22, was in Peru for a poker tournament and met Flores at a casino. She was found with a broken neck in a hotel room registered to him. He was arrested for Flores's murder on the same day he was charged in the US with attempting to extort $250,000 (£172,000) over the presumed death of 18-year-old Holloway in Aruba in 2005, for which he remains the primary suspect.  Prosecutors have accused Van der Sloot of demanding money in return for revealing the location of Holloway's body and how she died. / BY Chris McGreal / 10.4.10

Exclusive: Van der Sloot Talks About Night Out
Holloway, who was visiting Aruba on a school trip, met van der Sloot at a casino the night she disappeared.  Holloway sat at a blackjack table with van der Sloot in a casino the night she disappeared, according to a videotape obtained exclusively by ABC News from a confidential source.. . . at the Excelsior Casino.  Van der Sloot -- along with Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe -- was arrested June 9 on suspicion of involvement in Holloway's disappearance.  All were released after a court ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to hold them.  / 2.22.06

Joran van der Sloot Goes 'On the Record' with New Natalee Holloway Story
VAN SUSTEREN: Joran van der Sloot continues his story explaining what he says happened to Natalee Holloway. The last night Natalee was seen alive, earlier in the day, Van der Sloot met up with Natalee and her friends at the Excelsior casino in the Holiday Inn beach hotel. Later, he met the American girls at a bar called Carlos 'n Charlie's. Van Der Sloot was at the bar with two of his friends, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe.
Joran van der Sloot Goes 'On the Record' with New Natalee Holloway Story - Greta Van Susteren | On The Record With Greta - <,2933,457144,00.html>   / 11.25.08

Aruban casino boss had ties to Chicago mob
Authorities on the island of Aruba have not been able to solve the mystery of what happened to Alabama teenager Natalie Holloway.  The ABC7 I-Team has learned new details about the casino where Holloway was last seen, an Aruba casino run by a convicted high-ranking Chicago mobster. According to federal law enforcement, Michael Posner's most recent mob assignment was boss of illegal rackets in the north suburbs. Posner was convicted in 1987 of threatening wayward gamblers with death and running prostitutes out of this Lake County strip club.  / By Chuck Goudie / 2.23.06

Joran van der Sloot’s ex-girlfriend speaks out about him, Natalee Holloway, Stephany Flores
Melody Granadillo, the ex-girlfriend of accused killer Joran van der Sloot
spoke to ‘20/20’ Friday night about their relationship and how he went from a hopeless romantic to a conniving, lying, young man.
Granadillo believes van der Sloot’s gambling addiction, combined with what happened to Natalee consumed him and led to Stephany’s death.
Granadillo continued to stay in contact with van der Sloot over the years and recently received a text from Peru asking her for money for a ticket home. She refused to send van der Sloot the money thinking he would likely use it on gambling. Now Granadillo thinks if she’d complied, Stephany may be alive today, since van der Sloot met her the very same day he sent Granadillo the text. / By Cindy Adams / 6.19.10

Van der Sloot, Should Have Used Casino Software
Now days, you have to be very careful of everything you do, anywhere and all the time. Even at the casino, and it looks like basically you have to be careful who sits next to you at the poker table, like Stephany Flores did in Lima, Peru, this past May 30th, sitting next to a Mr. Joran van der Sloot.
Stephany then made another and perhaps the biggest mistake of her life, she went with Van der Sloot to his hotel, where, for reasons only known to him now, he killed her and left town in a hurry. By Paul Watson / 6.19.10


Murder suspect in casino(1:15)
June 10 - New video shows murder suspect Joran Van der Sloot in a casino with Stephany Flores, who died hours later.
Murder suspect in casino | Video | <>

Natalee/Joran in casino (from Sam Redman)
September 09, 2006 — This a montage of several clips from the Excelsior Casino security camera in Aruba. Joran van der Sloot plays blackjack with several of Natalee Holloways classmates. Natalee sits at the same table, but not by Joran. Natalee appears to use a telephone in one clip.

Joran van der Sloot is scared and depressed in jail
June 13, 2010 —
<> van der Sloot all not well in prison. The confessed murderer of Stephany Flores is depressed and scared and slept on a mattress on the floor during his first night at the Miguel Castro Castro prison in San Juan de Lurigancho.;feature=player_embedded