Economic and Social Costs of Gambling:
Poverty, Bankruptcy, Homelessness

Cost Of Gambling In Missouri
Dollar cost per pathological gambler per year is $13,586.
In 2001, MO taxpayers subsidized gambling to the tune of
Understanding the Economic Impact
of Casinos in Missouri

A Review of the Leven-Phares Study
Prepared for the
by Robert Goodman and Edward Feser
October 14, 1998
Casinos in Florida
An analysis of the Economic and Social Impacts
Prepared by:
The Executive Office of the Governor
Office of Planning and Budgeting
Timothy A. Kelly, Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Gambling Impact Study Commission
Gambling Backlash: Four Reasons for a Moratorium
Nashville, TN
September 28, 2001
The Social Costs of Gambling in Wisconsin
William N. Thompson, PH.D.,
Ricardo Gazel, PH.D., and
Dan Rickman, PH.D.
What Payoff can You Expect From Gambling?
Focus on the Family
Legalized gambling makes poor people poorer.
It also adds individuals and families to the poverty rolls.
Over $638 billion was gambled in the US in 1997.
GAMBLING: Is it worth it?
Gambling Increases Homelessness
Gambling Increases Bankruptcy
Gambling Increases Suicide
Gambling Increases Divorce
Gambling Increases Addiction
Gambling Increases Crime