updated 4.2.10
Nick Xenophon - Independent Senator for South Australia

We need stricter measures to curb this gambling

Addicts aren't exercising free will, they are feeding an addiction
created by the very presence of poker machines in our community.
Half of poker machine profits come from problem gamblers.
This is an industry without a sustainable business case.
It's unsustainable unless it is allowed to exploit the addicted.
And for each problem gambler seven others are affected.

American's Gambling $100 Billion in Casino's Like Rats in a Cage
Americans throw away close to $100 billion per year gambling in casinos and playing lotteries. This only includes the amount spent legally. Illegal gambling accounts for billions more.
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Gamblers going for broke
BY MIKE FITZGERALD mfitzgerald@bnd.com
Belleville News-Democrat
This year the Pennsylvannia Legislature
legalized up to 61,000 slot machines
at tracks and slot parlors.

Government and Gambling -- A Bad Marriage
Gambling officials pat each other on the back and
squelch opposition in committee hearing
News Analysis by Harold Hendrick

By Nat Helms, former spokesperson for "Vote Yes Amendment 6 Committee"
(The casino group responsible for spending over $12 Million
to legalize gambling in Missouri) Presented October 27, 1995,
in Orlando, Florida at the annual NCALG meeting

Testimony of Sr. Ruth Speh, SSND
Missouri Gaming Commission - April 25, 2001