Children Abandoned by Parents

Child left alone as man gambles

MI - A 10-year-old boy and his dog were left alone in a vehicle Sunday while his parents gambled at Blue Chip Casino.

By Staff / July 24, 2000

Grandparents left 2 children in car while they went gambling, police say

MO - Casino Queen... Grandparents were inside gambling... 1 a.m. He identified the couple as a 77-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man from St. Louis.

StLToday.com / By WILLIAM LAMB / 02/04/2003

Toddlers left in van for 11 hours

- A licensed day-care provider left three toddlers in a van at Spirit Mountain Casino while she gambled for 11 hours... The two boys and a girl, ages 1, 2 and 3, were found soaked, soiled and dehydrated,

Statesman Journal / BY JODY LAWRENCE-TURNER / September 15, 2001

Woman Gambles 11 Hours While Children Left in Van

OR - Schmid... Allegedly left the children, ages 1, 2, and 3, strapped in their car seats as she gambled at Spirit Mountain casino for nearly 11 hours.


Woman charged after toddlers left alone while she played video poker

- Woman... Left her two toddlers outside a convenience store while she played video gambling machines.

By The Associated Press / December 15, 1998

'Gambling Granny' sentenced to 14 months of house arrest

FL - Judge... Sentenced a grandmother to 14 months of house arrest for leaving her two grandchildren unattended in a car while she gambled at a Hallandale Beach casino... 2-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy...

www.tcpalm.com / Sun Sentinel / BY TONYA ALANEZ / July 21, 2009

2 accused of leaving kids in car at Pa. casino

PA - A man and woman have been arrested after allegedly leaving three young children (3 yrs, 10 yrs and ten months) in a minivan while gambling at a casino.

www.centredaily.com / The Associated Press / October 31, 2010

7th Kid Left in Car Outside Parx Casino

PA - Investigators say the boy spent about 30 minutes in the hot SUV, while his grandfather was inside the gambling hall playing slots.

www.nbcphiladelphia.com / By VINCE LATTANZIO / Sep 3, 2010

Pokie addicts to keep car baby

AUSTRALIA - TWO Thai gambling addicts who left their eight-month-old baby locked in a car while they gambled at Melbourne's Crown Casino have been allowed to keep their child.

townsvillebulletin.news.com.au / By Barclay Crawford / 02 Sep 03

Australia's politicians discover that explosion in popular gambling can prove a bad bet for society

Australia - Woman whose baby, left in a car while she was gambling, died of heatstroke...

news.ft.com / May 7 2004

Casino parents warned

Australia - Screaming baby in a car park at Crown Casino in Melbourne... Eight-month-old boy...

www.theadvertiser.news.com.au / 03sep03

Pokies obsession revealed

AUSTRALIA - The whistleblower, a former manager at pokies venues across Adelaide, has provided disturbing details to the Sunday Mail of the daily misery caused by gambling addiction. His diary of events, witnessed over a decade working in the state's poker machine venues, unmasks the dark and desperate side of the burgeoning $800 million industry. MANY addicts spending $50,000 a year on the machines, losing their jobs, homes and closest relationships in the process. CHILDREN being left in hotel car parks while parents play the machines. PLAYERS remaining at the same machine for up to 12 hours at a time. The former manager said the most disturbing trend was a "second generation" of pokies players - some underage - being introduced to gambling by their addicted parents.

www.news.com.au / KEVIN NAUGHTON / April 20, 2007

As dad plays blackjack, boy is left in brutal cold

MN - Handcuffed and glowering, Kang Sam Choi stood in a locked courtroom Friday afternoon and heard himself accused of endangering the life of his 4-year-old son by leaving the boy in a parked car on a subzero night while he played blackjack in a casino. The boy's core body temperature was measured by paramedics at 94.5 degrees. At the time the boy was found, the temperature was 7 degrees below zero with a 22-below windchill.

www.startribune.com / Star Tribune / By Bob Von Sternberg and Bill McAuliffe / February 10, 2007

Baby left alone in car by casino

WA - A baby left in car outside Freddie's Casino on Thursday night was alone for more than 2-1/2 hours,

seattletimes.com / The Seattle Times / July 20, 2002

Baby left as mom gambles

Canada - Police and child protection workers rescued a six-month-old infant early Thursday after her mother allegedly abandoned her in a car and went "on a roll" gambling at the casino. Discovered the little girl around 12:30 a.m. The CAS took one-year-old, five-year-old and seven-year-old siblings into protective custody after the older child called 911 to say their mother left them at home while she went to play bingo. Two Michigan women abandoned nine children in a car while they gambled at the interim casino. In July 1997, cleaning staff at the Compri Hotel found four children, aged seven, six, four and one, alone in a room while their parents gambled in the casino. Police found a seven-year-old and an infant who was still bottle-fed alone in a car. It was so cold the car windows were frosted over. Scarborough woman left nine- and five-year-old children alone in a room at the Quality Suites Inn while she went to Casino Windsor.

www2.canada.com / The Windsor Star / Trevor Wilhelm / August 07, 2009

Boy Left In Car At Casino For 13 Hours

WA - A woman was arrested Tuesday after police said she left her 3-year-old son in a car for 13 hours while she tried her luck inside a casino, He had nothing to eat at the time, police said, and only had spoiled milk to drink. "He had wet his diaper. His diaper had soaked through into his clothing,"

www.kmbc.com / May 27, 2010

Couple Arrested For Child Endangerment At Casino

CA - Two people were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of leaving a 6-year-old girl and a 7-year-old boy in locked a car while they drunkenly celebrated their winnings at a Palm Springs casino,

cbs2.com / Jul 5, 2006

Baby dies while waiting for mom in casino parking lot

CA - A 1-month-old boy stopped breathing and later died in the parking lot of a tribal casino while he and his sleeping father waited for the infant's mother, who had entered the casino more than six hours earlier,

www.mercurynews.com / Associated Press / ATISH BAIDYA / Feb. 16, 2006


CA - Woman remains in a Placer County jail and her 5-year-old child is in protective custody today after Christina Medina left her girl in an unlocked car for five hours while gambling inside a casino. ``The girl was cold and scared and crying,''

www.mercurynews.com / Mercury News / By Chuck Carroll / Mar. 09, 2005

Oshawa woman charged after child left in car at casino

Canada - Woman playing the slots at the Ajax Downs Casino has been charged after a five-month old baby girl was left alone in a car...

www.680news.com / By: Charlene Close / 4-13-06

Police Say Mom Allegedly Left Children Alone At Foxwoods

CT - State police arrested a mother who allegedly left her 3-month-old and 4-year-old children alone on a concourse at Foxwoods Resort Casino.

TheDay.com / 11/12/2003

Casino pair charged for leaving girl

New Zealand - Two North Canterbury women have been charged with willfully neglecting a child after allegedly leaving a six-year-old girl asleep in a car while they drank and gambled at the Christchurch Casino.

www.stuff.co.nz / By ANNA CLARIDGE / 14 October 2004

Casinos vigilant about children on property

IN - Police arrested a woman after finding three young children and a teen-ager in a car, with Minnesota plates, parked outside the Buffington Harbor Pavilion while she gambled at the Trump Casino. Three young boys, described by one witness as younger than three years, and a 16-year-old boy...

FRANKLIN Times / BY LU ANN / Sept. 14, 2000

Child left alone as man gambles

- A 10-year-old boy and his dog were left alone in a vehicle Sunday while his parents gambled at Blue Chip Casino.

Nixon interactive / July 24, 2000

Children Left Alone In Car While Grandmother Gambles

FL - "We had a 9-year-old and a 2-year-old left unattended in a vehicle while the grandmother was inside the casino,"

www.local10.com / August 19, 2008

Children abandoned in car while woman plays poker

LA - She allegedly left two children in a car with the windows rolled up while she played video poker. Ages 5 and 2...

The Associated Press / 7/26/00

Children being left alone while parents gamble - Indiana casinos report 37 incidents since May 1999

IN - Children have been left unattended at Indiana's riverboat casinos more than three dozen times while their parents or other guardians were gambling during the past 14 months. Records found 37 instances involving an estimated 72 abandoned children since May 1999... A few months later at the same casino, another mother, Larelle Phillips, of Grand Rapids, Mich., was investigated for leaving her daughters, ages 9 and 10, inside a car with the windows rolled up in sweltering heat. A security officer patrolling the parking garage in 90-degree heat spotted the children and quickly moved them to his air-conditioned car. Her four children and their two cousins, ages 1 to 11, were left alone for 25 minutes. Two grandmothers, one from Hammond and the other from Riverdale, Ill., were evicted from Empress Casino in Hammond after they left four children, ages 5 to 11, at a pavilion bench last Oct. 14. Trump Casino security crews saw a man driving into the casino last September with two little girls. The man, who was from Iowa, was told that children aren't allowed inside the casino and shouldn't be left alone on the premises. He was seen leaving, but about 25 minutes later a valet parking attendant spotted the girls, ages 3 and 8, inside the car crying.

The Courier-Journal / By GRACE SCHNEIDER / July 18, 2000

Couple accused of drinking and gambling in bar while kids waited outside in van

ND - Police arrested... Couple... After they allegedly left four children in a van while drinking and gambling...

www.inforum.com / INFORUM / July 13 2009

Couple Who Left Kids In Car While Gambling Wants Them Back

PA - Police said the children, ages 10, 3 and 10 months, were left alone Saturday in the parking garage for about 45 minutes before a concerned passer-by found the kids and alerted casino security.

www.wpxi.com / November 3, 2010

Couple at Joliet casino charged with leaving kids in van

IL - Couple who left their two boys in their van at a Joliet casino were cited...

www.chicagotribune.com / Tribune / August 19, 2009

Dehydrated boy found in car outside casino

- Man allegedly locked the child in his car while he gambled at Caesars Palace on Monday. The 14-year-old child, who has the mental capacity of an eight-year-old, was left in the smothering heat inside the car for three to four hours.

www.iol.co.za / November 13 2003

Boy, 3, found in car at slots park

DE - A Baltimore man was arrested Thursday after his 3-year-old son was left in a parked car in sub-freezing temperatures while the man gambled at Delaware Park...

www.delawareonline.com / The News Journal / By ROBIN BROWN / 03/04/2005

Dad who left child outside casino gets house arrest

Canada - A Calgary father who left his toddler alone in a van outside a casino in March has been sentenced to house arrest. The child was strapped in his car seat, covered in vomit. His feet and hands were cold to the touch and he was only wearing light pajamas, with no shoes or socks. The temperature was -9 C.

www.cbc.ca / October 8, 2009

Deserted boy found at casino

New Zealand - Two grandparents have been banned from SkyCity after abandoning their grandson to gamble. SkyCity security management at first denied a neglected child had been found. A man who said he witnessed the incident said security was lacking. "Security there didn't care. There was no sense of urgency at all," he said. Faumuina who was sentenced to 12 months' supervision in 2001 after leaving her baby in a car for three hours while she played pokies.

www.nzherald.co.nz / By Kieran Nash / May 2, 2010

Expert lauds casinos for caring for kids

South Africa - The child's 47-year-old father had locked him inside the car in unbearably hot conditions while he was inside the casino gambling.

www.thestar.co.za / By Caiphus Kgosana / November 14, 2003

Father arrested in casino after Calgary toddler left in car in -8 C

Canada - A Calgary father has been charged with child abandonment after firefighters rescued a toddler from a locked car parked outside a casino early Monday. 21 months old, was likely in the car for about six hours... The temperature outside was around -8 C. Five people have been charged with child abandonment since 2006, of which three involved children left in vehicles. About once a month, children are left alone in vehicles in B.C. casino parking lots while their parents gamble,

www.cbc.ca / CBC News / March 30, 2009

Father leaves kids in car, plays poker

FL - Authorities say a father was charged with child neglect after leaving his two young sons in a parked car by themselves while he played poker (at Greyhound Park).

www.tampabays10.com / 7/20/2007

Gamblers abandon children in casinos

New Zealand - More than 140 children have been abandoned in New Zealand casinos in the past 2 years... Including a 4-month-old found in a vehicle parked at SkyCity casino... Other children were found alone in hotels, or in the main entry areas of casinos, while their parents gambled.

www.nzherald.co.nz / By Anna Leask / Jun 11, 2011

Gamblers fined for leaving baby

Canada - A couple has been fined $85 for leaving an 11-month-old baby alone in a parked vehicle while they gambled at the Montreal Casino.

By CP / July 22, 2000

Gambling dad left tot in van

Canada - The father of a toddler left in a van outside a casino while his dad gambled inside...

www.edmontonsun.com / By SUN MEDIA / 7th July 2009

Gambling Foundation saddened

New Zealand - Two grandparents chose bingo over the 10-year-old in their care.

home.nzcity.co.nz / 2 May 2010

Greece father pleads guilty and gets son back

Greece - A father who left his son in a freezing cold car while he gambled, gets his son back tonight,

www.whec.com / 06/13/2011

Gamblers charged with abandoning kids

IA - The temperature was in the upper 80s to lower 90s when Isle of Capri Casino security officers found two children alone inside a van in the Bettendorf riverfront complex's parking garage. Ages 2 and 6... "There was another recent case where two small children were left with a 14-year-old sibling,

www.qctimes.com / Quad-City Times / By Rachelle Treiber / July 13th, 2003

Gambling parents plead guilty to child endangerment

IA - The two were accused of leaving their children in the van on June 23 while they gambled at the Isle of Capris Casino in Bettendorf. Police reports said the temperature was near 90 when security officers for the gaming boat found the children, age 2 and 6,

www.lasvegassun.com / ASSOCIATED PRESS / September 15, 2003

Parents arrested for leaving children in van at casino

IA - Two people from Illinois are accused of leaving two children in a van while they went to Isle of Capri Casino...

www.gambletribune.org / The Associated Press / 14.07.2003

Police say McHenry man left kids in van while he gambled at casino

IL - A 36-year-old McHenry man was arrested Tuesday evening after he left his two small children strapped in their car seats in a locked van while he gambled at the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin... 3 1/2 year-old girl and the 20-month-old boy...

www.dailyherald.com / Daily Herald / By Gene Haschak / May 15, 2003

Mother accused of leaving kids in car

IN - A woman faces charges after allegedly leaving her children inside a car at a Casino parking lot. The temperature was nine-degrees when the children were found. The 16-day-old girl was unresponsive, but paramedics were able to revive her.

abclocal.go.com / By Ben Bradley

Infant found in car at casino, Mom charged

Canada - Woman... Charged after... Leaving a five-week-old baby and a nine-year-old boy alone in a car at Casino Rama...

www.orilliapacket.com / 9-17-08

Gambling mom charged with baby's death

Japan - A six-month-old baby died in Japan after her mother left her in a car in the summer heat to play slot games and did not even return during a major earthquake...

www.int.iol.co.za / August 18 2005

Judge gives more time in abandoned baby case

NV - Parents of a 9-month-old boy accused of leaving the child alone in a stroller for more than an hour outside a Las Vegas casino.

www.lasvegassun.com / The Associated Press / Oct 28, 2008

Couple charged over child left in car

NJ - Couple accused of leaving their 3-week-old son alone in a car in a casino parking garage for several hours this weekend...

www.philly.com / Associated Press / Sep. 04, 2006

Kids Left in Car While Mom Allegedly Plays the Slots

CA - While her two children were allegedly left alone in the car, police say Jennifer Lee was busy playing the slots... A 2-year-old and a 10-month-old -- "were crying, screaming, sweating profusely and their skin had turned reddish in color,"

abcnews.go.com / May 15, 2008

Kids left in car as dad plays poker

FL - A Florida man has been charged with child neglect after he allegedly left his two small sons in a parked car while he played several hands of poker. 3-year-old and 7-year-old sons...

www.upi.com / July 20, 2007

Mom faces neglect charges after child hit

LA - A Hancock County woman faces neglect charges after she is accused of going gambling and leaving her 3-year-old son home alone to be hit by a car.

www.clarionledger.com / The Associated Press / August 16, 2004

Opponents: Casino carries untold hidden social costs

ME - In a little more than one year, 72 children were found abandoned on casino premises in Indiana, according to Baxter.

www.timesrecord.com / Times Record / Leslie Talmadge / 10/28/2003

4-year-old left in subzero cold while father gambled at Mystic Lake Casino

MN - A father was jailed after he allegedly left his 4-year-old son out in his vehicle in subzero cold while the man went inside the Mystic Lake Casino to gamble,

www.twincities.com / Associated Press / Feb. 09, 2007

Father sentenced for leaving child in cold car

MN - On Feb. 8, Choi left his 4-year-old son in a car in the Mystic Lake Casino parking lot, 2400 Mystic Lake Blvd., while he man gambled. Emergency Services found the Brooklyn Park boy with symptoms of hypothermia, shivering and not wearing gloves on Feb. 8. The temperature was 7 degrees below zero with a wind chill of negative 22 degrees, according to police.

www.shakopeenews.com / By Shawn Hogendorf / May 22, 2007

Man who left son in car at casino is sentenced

MN - A man convicted of leaving his 4-year-old son in his car in subzero temperatures while he gambled at Mystic Lake Casino was sentenced Monday... When the boy was found wandering in the Mystic Lake parking lot... His body temperature had dropped to a dangerously low 84.5 degrees,

www.startribune.com / Minneapolis Star Tribune / Jill Adams / 5-22-07

Woman admits leaving kids in car while she gambled

MO - Grandmother has pleaded guilty after being accused of leaving her granddaughters in the car while she went into a Missouri casino to gamble. Ages 13 and 6...

www.columbiamissourian.com / BY The Associated Press / August 26, 2008

Couple Allegedly Leaves Baby In Car While Gambling

RI - A patron notified security after watching the mother leave the girl in an SUV in the parking lot Friday night.

www.turnto10.com / July 20, 2004

Toddler left in car while parents are in casino

- Tunica County sheriff's deputies were called to a casino parking lot early Saturday morning, where they found a child locked inside a hot car. It was at least 80 degrees when someone found the child in the car at the Horseshoe Casino in Tunica.

www.wmcstations.com / WMC TV / by: Kristen Eve / 8/16/03

Police: Woman left child in car while she gambled

LA - A Gulfport woman... Allegedly left a 3-year-old relative in her car for about five hours while gambling at a local casino.

www.sunherald.com / THE SUN HERALD / By BETH MUSGRAVE / Nov. 17, 2003

Man Leaves Baby in Cold Car While Gambling

NY - Man was arrested gambling in a Farmington casino while his 7-month old child was alone in the car, 15 degrees...

www.13wham.com / 2-1-11

Man arrested after leaving baby in car while he was gambling

LA - A Houma man was arrested last Wednesday after Lafourche Parish deputies found his three-month-old baby left alone in his car while the man was gambling,

www.wwltv.com / Eyewitness News / Chad Bower / January 12, 2009

Man charged with leaving girl in unheated car outside casino

WI - Man was charged with leaving his 5-year-old daughter alone in an unheated car in 5-degree weather while he gambled at Potawatomi Bingo Casino.

Las Vegas Sun / January 28, 2003

Man gambles with child's life

Australia - A 25-YEAR-OLD man who left his five-year-old son in a car for about two and a half hours has faced court. Proceedings revealed the man then left his son in the car while he entered a licensed establishment about 12.13pm and gambled the money, which was meant to pay for the haircuts.

www.gladstoneobserver.com.au / 6th April 2011

Man who left son in car at casino is sentenced

MN - A man convicted of leaving his 4-year-old son in his car in subzero temperatures while he gambled at Mystic Lake Casino... When the boy was found wandering in the Mystic Lake parking lot... His body temperature had dropped to a dangerously low 84.5 degrees...

www.startribune.com / Minneapolis Star Tribune / 5-22-07

Mom Left Kids in Car While She Gambled: Police

PA - A mother hoping to hit a lucky streak at a Bucks County... Casino is now facing child endangerment charges after she allegedly left her kids in the car while gambling. The 16- and 8-year-old girls sat in the parking lot from 6:30 p.m. Saturday until 12:30 a.m.

www.nbcphiladelphia.com / By VINCE LATTANZIO / Aug 13, 2010

Mom arrested for leaving kids in car while gambling

VA - A Virginia woman left six young children unattended in a sweltering sport-utility vehicle while she and her mother played the slot machines at a riverboat casino, Ages 1 to 11...

Las Vegas SUN / July 12, 2000

Mom busted for leaving kids in car at casino

TX - Texas woman was arrested for leaving two small children in her car in the parking lot of First Council Casino south of Arkansas City for about four hours Monday morning.

www.newscow.net / By Judy Welch / July 16, 2008

Mom charged after leaving infant in car to gamble in Windsor

Canada - Ontario, woman has been charged with abandonment after allegedly leaving her infant daughter in a hot car while gambling at Caesars Windsor Casino. 6-month-old girl...

www.detnews.com / The Detroit News / Christine Ferrett / August 11, 2009

Mom in casino neglect case finally out of jail

KS - Woman who left her children in a car in the parking lot of the First Council Casino last summer...

www.newscow.net / By Judy Welch / October 14, 2008

Police: Mom left child to play slots

NV - A Las Vegas mother allegedly left her 3-year-old daughter in the toy aisle of a grocery store while she gambled Wednesday, then when employees complained, the woman took the child to her car where she left the girl for more than an hour in midday heat while she continued to play slots.

LAS VEGAS SUN / By Jen Lawson / October 07, 2004

Mom who left baby in hot car while at Windsor casino says she was 'on a roll'

Canada - Woman, Is expected to be charged with leaving her 6-month-old child in a hot car while she was visiting Caesars Windsor Casino.

www.mlive.com / MLive.com / by Aaron Foley / August 08, 2009

More Kids Left In Car At Philly-Area Casino

PA - Another parent has been accused of leaving his children in the car while gambling at a suburban Philadelphia casino... 7- and 12-year-old children and a pit bull puppy in the car...

kdka.com / The Associated Press / Aug 28, 2010

Mother accused of leaving kids in car while she played poker in bar is arraigned

WY - A weeping and befuddled Grandville mother was in District Court this morning, where she faces a charge of child neglect for allegedly leaving her three children in her car while she played poker... Ages 5, 10 and 15...

blog.mlive.com / The Grand Rapids Press / by Barton Deiters / April 28, 2008

Mother sentenced in gambling/neglect case

IN - Simac... Recently pleaded guilty in LaPorte Superior Court 3 to class D felony neglect of a dependent in connection with leaving her two children home alone... To gamble at the Blue Chip Casino.

By Lee Schelling / April 05, 2001

Mother who left kids in car while she gambled is released without charges

IN - A day after she left five kids alone in a car in a casino parking lot, Rena Hitchcock walked out of the city jail. Ages 1, 1, 2 and 8, were, she said, left in the care of her 17-year-old son. But casino officials don't think he ever did leave the car the whole afternoon. When he did, it was in the evening, in an attempt to find his mother so they could leave.

By Steve Patterson / September 16, 2000

Women sentenced for child neglect

New Zealand - A six-year-old girl was found distressed and crying in their car while they gambled and drank at the Christchurch Casino.

home.nzcity.co.nz / 23 November 2004

Jail for gambling mum who left kids alone

New Zealand - A woman who was gambling when her two children started a fire in the car in which they were left unsupervised has been jailed... Aged two and nine...

www.stuff.co.nz / 19 March 2005

Sitter gets jail for leaving kids in hot car

NV - Baby sitter was sentenced Tuesday to 15 weekends in jail for leaving her two charges unattended inside a sweltering vehicle while she gambled. 19-month-old boy... And a 5-year-old girl suffering from a bloody nose and crying. Temperature readings of the interior of the GMC Jimmy 20 minutes after the children were removed registered at 133 degrees. Investigators speculated the girl suffered the nose bleed because of the heat.

www.nevadaappeal.com / by F.T. Norton / September 20, 2006

Mom accused of leaving two tots in car

NV - Woman was arrested Wednesday after casino security guards found a 2-month-old baby and his 3-year-old brother locked in a car with the air-conditioning and motor running.

www.nevadaappeal.com / October 20, 2006

Women alleged to have left kids in car while she gambled

NY - A woman is accused of leaving a teen and a toddler in a car for hours outside Finger Lakes Racing while she gambled Friday. 2-year-old grandson...

www.democratandchronicle.com / Staff report / November 4, 2006

Police on trail of woman who left baby in car

New Zealand - Watt tried to free a crying baby locked in a boiling hot car last week... The woman responsible for the baby was reported by bar staff to have been playing the pokie machines...

times-age.co.nz / 31.01.2006

Help offered to neglectful pokies player

New Zealand - GAMBLING counsellors are desperate to get in touch with a woman who left a small baby sweltering in a parked car last week while she played the pokies at the Stellar bar...

times-age.co.nz / 30.01.2006

Mother played poker machines for three hours

New Zealand - A mother who left her two young children locked in a car in central Rotorua while she played poker machines for nearly three hours... 3-year-old and 18-month-old... Left without food or water.

www.odt.co.nz / 28-May 2003

Gambling grandma got off light

OK - She had already lost custody of the granddaughter, who last August spent about 45 minutes in a locked pickup while Webb played the slot machines inside the Creek Nation Travel Plaza...

www.muskogeephoenix.com / Muskogee Daily Phoenix / June 27, 2006

Gambling grandma should know better

OK - Webb, 43, went to the Creek Nation Travel Plaza in Muskogee and left her 23-month-old granddaughter... Locked in a pickup with outside temperatures reaching 88 degrees.

www.muskogeephoenix.com / August 26, 2005

Woman pleads guilty to leaving child in truck while gambling

OK - Woman is being given probation after pleading guilty to leaving her 2-year-old granddaughter locked in a pickup truck... While she gambled inside a casino.

www.kten.com / 6-21-06

Officers find three children in a vehicle in the parking lot

IA - Woman left her three children alone in a car on New Year's Eve while she was inside Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino... Ages 3, 10 and 21 months...

The Des Moines Register / By TOM ALEX / 01/09/2002

Ontario mom 'on roll' in casino leaves infant in car

Canada - Ontario woman is facing charges of criminal negligence and child abandonment after leaving her six-month-old daughter alone in a car while gambling at the casino...

www.vancouversun.com / Windsor Star / By Trevor Wilhelm / August 6, 2009

Our view on legalized gambling: Cash-strapped states bet on a bad hand

- A 28-year-old mother played video poker for seven hours while her forgotten 10-day-old baby suffocated to death in the hot car.

blogs.usatoday.com / USA Today / 8-21-09

Owner says abandoned kids all too common

Canada - But that the most famous retired casino owner in Calgary says "not unusual" when describing parents leaving children outside in cars during all-night gambling sessions? A 21-month-old baby left inside a car for six shivering hours Sunday night, while the dad gambled inside Sisson's former casino, the Silver Dollar.

cnews.canoe.ca / The Calgary Sun / By MICHAEL PLATT / March 31, 2009

PA Casinos and Politicians Own Gambling Addict Problems

PA - They are the ones who are responsible for creating the conditions that have resulted in 10 individuals getting arrested in the last 17 months for leaving kids in cars at Parx. A 29-year-old Huntingdon Valley man was charged with child abandonment after leaving his six-year-old daughter in his car outside Parx on a steamy day. A 39-year-old Abington woman was charged after she left two nephews, ages one and two, and a nine-year-old niece in her car outside Park on July 16th. A couple left three kids--a 10-month-old girl, a three-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy--in a minivan while they gambled in the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. It is probably just a matter of time before a child gets injured or dies outside a Pennsylvania casino, while the guardian is inside gambling. To be sure, any adult who abandons a child should be prosecuted, but the casinos and the lawmakers who legalized gambling remain the co-conspirators.

blogs.phillymag.com / 8/10/2011

Pa. mom admits leaving kids in car outside casino

PA - Balek admitted leaving her daughters, and 8-year-old and a teenager, in the car for about six hours as she played slot machines inside the Parx Casino...

www.ldnews.com / The Associated Press / 04/26/2011

Parents gamble by leaving kids in car

PA - Authorities reported seven cases involving 12 children abandoned in vehicles this summer at a Bucks County casino. Similar incidents have happened at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course in East Hanover Twp.

www.pennlive.com / September 27, 2010

Pokie ban for child neglect

Australia - A new Government report says there were 14 instances where patrons' children were found either in cars or in casino surroundings last financial year. A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl contacting casino staff at the main entrance in July last year after being left in a car... TWO CHILDREN aged six and 14 who were observed unattended in Marble Hall... THREE CHILDREN aged two, nine and 12 left outside a hotel in Adelaide's northern suburbs while their mother played the pokies. TWO CHILDREN aged seven and 11 left outside a hotel in the western suburbs while their mother played the pokies. A NINE-YEAR-OLD boy left outside a hotel in the western suburbs while his mother played the pokies. TWO CHILDREN aged nine and 11 left outside a hotel in the northern suburbs while both parents played the pokies.

www.theadvertiser.news.com.au / 20 Nov 05

Police allege mom left kids in car at casino

IA - Woman left her three children alone in a car on New Year's Eve while she was inside Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino... Ages 3, 10 and 21 months...

The Des Moines Register / By TOM ALEX / 01/09/2002

Police called over baby in pub carpark

New Zealand - A 21-year-old Whangarei woman has been reported to Child Youth and Family after leaving her 1-year-old daughter in a pub carpark while she was inside playing pokies.

www.northernadvocate.co.nz / by Abi Thomas / 22.04.2009

Police investigate sexual assault

Canada - A woman who allegedly left two children in her car while she gambled in Casino Rama made her first appearance in Orillia provincial court Tuesday.

www.orilliapacket.com / 11-5-08

Police say man left daughter in car while gambling

IA - Man faces child endangerment charges after police said he left his 10-year-old daughter locked in a car while he gambled at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino.

www.lasvegassun.com / ASSOCIATED PRESS / December 24, 2002

Police: Mom Hits Slots With Son In Car, Woman Tells Police She Wanted To Win Movie Money

DE - Delaware woman faces charges for leaving her 12-year-old son alone in a car in the parking lot of a casino... "She said that she was short on some cash and wanted to win some money to take her son to the movies,"

www.myfoxphilly.com / 10/12/2009

Police: 2 children left in car while parents gambled

NV - Two parents have been charged with child endangerment after authorities said they left their children inside a vehicle while gambling at a casino.

www.lasvegassun.com / By Tim Richardson / Mon, Nov 10, 2008

Police: 2 kids left in car with meth

NV - Social workers took custody of two young boys after police said their father left them in a stolen car with methamphetamine inside. He allegedly was involved in drug activity in a casino parking lot.

news.rgj.com / RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL / JACLYN O'MALLEY / 9/5/2007

Police: Gambling mom left girl, 3, alone in motel

WA - A 3-year-old girl was left alone at in a Washington state motel room while her mother gambled at a casino.

www.cfnews13.com / June 20, 2011

Police: Reno couple left boy in car at casino

NV - Police have arrested a couple accused of leaving a 5-year-old boy alone in their car while they gambled inside a casino for about two hours.

www.lasvegassun.com / The Associated Press / Mar 10, 2009

Police: Two who left kids in car ID'd

NV - The parents arrested this weekend for leaving two of their children in a car for 30 minutes while they gambled at the Tuscany... The children inside the car were ages 1 and 11... The parents of a 9-month-old boy left him in a stroller outside the Imperial Palace while they gambled,

www.lvrj.com / Las Vegas Review-Journal / By ANTONIO PLANAS / Nov. 11, 2008

Puao Faumuina was forced to confront her gambling problem after she left her tiny baby in the Sky City casino carpark

New Zealand - Left her baby in her car at Sky City Casino's underground carpark and took a lift up to the gaming floor... More than three hours later she was still gambling and 7-week-old Neva - left unchecked in the suffocating heat of the car - was severely dehydrated. Ms Faumuina later tried to kill herself. Then a security guard approached her after Neva was discovered screaming, red hot and, according to one police officer, looking as though she was "cooking".

New Zealand Herald / By TONY WALL / December 22, 2001

Reno couple arrested on suspicion of leaving child in car while they gambled

NV - Sometime after 3 a.m. security noticed the boy (5-year-old) standing in the car, crying and pounding on the windows. The couple had been inside gambling.

www.rgj.com / By Jaclyn OMalley / March 10, 2009

Gambling pair gets bail after locking child in car

SA - Charged with child neglect after leaving their 22-month-old daughter in the car while gambling... The child was discovered locked in a white Fiat Uno in the parking lot of the Windmill Casino just before midnight...

www.sabcnews.com / February 02, 2007

Parents leave daughter outside casino

South Africa - A neatly dressed eight-year-old girl left at the entrance of a Durban casino for seven hours while her parents gambled the night away,

www.int.iol.co.za / Independent Online / By Rivonia Naidu / March 01 2007

OTHER VOICES: Gambling's social ills outweigh its benefits

SC - At least one infant died as a result of being left in a sun-baked car in Jasper County while the mother played video poker.

www.myrtlebeachonline.com / Jul. 14, 2005

Thanks to locals, Pa. slots rack up impressive $300M in 6 months

PA - "We're nowhere near a place where we have enough machines right now," said Dave Jonas, the president of Philadelphia Park Casino, which is adding 320 machines to the nearly 2,100 there now, but will have to build a bigger facility to reach beyond 3,000. One woman was arrested gambling at Harrah's Chester on April 9 after being accused of leaving her four children in a car outside. And customers in Pennsylvania say the perks are better at casinos in other states, particularly destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas. "Free rooms, free meals and free shows," said Daniel Jones, an Englewood, Fla., resident... "When you gamble a lot, they fly you out and fly you back." Comps at Pennsylvania's slots parlors are minimal by comparison. Not all even offer free drinks,

www.philly.com / The Associated Press / MARC LEVY / May. 13, 2007

Tot intentionally left home alone overnight

Canada - The mother of a three-year-old girl found wandering alone in Vancouver's roughest neighbourhood intentionally left the tot at home by herself, police said... Another couple in the building said the woman had a gambling problem and had left her child on her own in the past. The couple said the child would sometimes come over to their apartment and tell them her mother had gone gambling.

www.ctv.ca / ctvbc.ca / Darcy Wintonyk / May. 21 2010

'I borrowed #21,000 and lost it all in three weeks'

UK - When my son was six or seven months old, I went into the betting shop, leaving him in the car. I swore I'd be five minutes at most. I left him alone in the car for an hour and a half, I'm ashamed to say.

sport.independent.co.uk / 12 April 2006

Infant left in car outside La Center cardroom; parents arrested

WA - A 4-month-old girl sat alone in her car seat, locked in a Ford sedan behind the Palace Casino, while her parents gambled inside, The temperature outside was about 35 degrees.

www.columbian.com / By JOHN BRANTON / March 22, 2007

Prosecutors: Neenah woman left baby in car while gambling

WI - Prosecutors have charged a Neenah woman with a misdemeanor count of child neglect after they say she left her nine-month-old child in her car while she gambled at a casino,

www.postcrescent.com / Appleton Post Crescent / October 31, 2006

Woman Charged With Leaving Kids In Car By Casino

IN - A 24-year-old woman has been charged with neglect of a dependent for leaving her 16-day-old infant in a car outside an East Chicago casino.

cbs2chicago.com / The Associated Press / Feb 22, 2006

Woman Leaves Toddler In Car While Spending Nine Hours In Casino

- While the child was left in the car for the nine-hour period, she (mother) was inside the casino participating in gambling and drinking.

www.usaplayers.com / By Bryan Cross / May 28th, 2010